Bugs Over Two Years Old

Report date: Sun Apr 20 07:48:19 UTC 2014
Number of bugs: 48611

Package: xterm
2297 upstream/xterm: xterm sometimes gets mouse-paste and RETURN keypress in wrong order
243598 upstream/xterm: stops responding to window delete events after -e su logs in
271968 xterm: Cutting and pasting 4000 characters leaves some off the end
319390 moreinfo unreproducible/xterm: chinese fonts can not be displayed in color
334505 (u)xterm crashes if started during session start, runs ok if session opened for several minutes
370747 Command-line options should override Xresources
389476 xterm: ansi color slows scrolling down
449480 some common Chinese characters missing
461773 fluxbox: "xterm -e mc" results in maximized xterm window but not maximized mc
463784 xterm: rendering glitch, some characters aren't properly erased
495435 xterm: Window resize race condition
611487 xterm: immediately exits upon running: exec login USER
633364 xterm: wrong popup menu placement when screen activating twinview
638694 xterm: alt-<arrow> == <arrow>
645736 Please hide xterm and uxterm icons from the GNOME menu
675432 xterm scrolling is very slow
675433 xterm: terminal bell randomly stops and requires a reboot to get back
687699 xterm: screen output is cut off
690835 xterm: Sometimes xterm does not show last lines of the output when xft font is used
707746 no Chinese when pick Huge Fonts
711758 buffers not cleaned before creating full screen
721523 xterm: XIM preview position incorrect
738794 xterm: the right part of the window is not always erased
741178 xterm mis-sets terminal size (again)

Package: xless
3773 patch/xless default window too thin and won't go away when asked nicely

Package: nvi
5946 wontfix/nvi +cmd has changed behavior
98407 wontfix/nvi init script runs before NIS is up
497342 confirmed upstream/keeps files open for writing, making their execution fail with ETXTBSY
548330 nvi: '#[#+-]' command no longer incrementing integers
551148 nvi segfaults on problem with stat
551150 lfs/nvi should be compiled using -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
593773 nvi: crashes when saving file when locale does not exist
595226 nvi: global und substitute commands fail
664579 nvi: versioned backups are broken for vi
672887 arrow keys interfere with escape
701083 nvi: 27support_C_locale.dpatch broke command history. please revert
710472 nvi :file command gives nonsensical percentages
723989 intermittent spurious NUL
729334 nvi escapetime option undocumented
735673 patch/nvi: large tabstop causes segmentation fault
742271 c% mangles insertion point

Package: update-inetd
8927 wontfix/netstd: update-inetd don't update xinetd.conf
10059 wontfix/xinetd: inetd.conf changes don't auto-propagate to xinetd.conf
24043 ipv6/netbase: update-inetd can only add one entry for a service
33797 netbase: DebianNet::remove_service don't understand midentd entry
64874 netbase: update-inetd: does not honor user comments in `etc/inetd.conf'
161532 exim update script doesn't parse inetd.conf line correctly
168847 ftpd-ssl.postinst should not reenable ftp service
179318 netbase: update-inetd breaks if entry is already there
212540 netbase: update-inetd --disable nosuchservice "succeeds"
245517 proftpd: Should not keep re-creating /etc/inetd.conf with xinetd
261711 Confusing configuration choice in tftpd-ha (0.28-2)
311111 netbase: [update-inetd] Clarify manual page and options --remove
344139 samba: security upgrade fails when executed in a cronjob: Couldn't reopen stdin(/dev/tty)
374542 netbase: [manual] update-inetd: Please document that --group is accepted with --remove
430849 proftpd: Problems with host address specifiers in inetd.conf
638791 warns and wants to disable tcp4+tcp6 entries as duplicate lines
665898 moreinfo/update-inetd may hang if db_stop was called before running it

Package: emacs23
9741 Emacs save and auto-save not reliable
21818 tar-mode: badly handles compressed files inside tarball
54659 ncurses no longer preserves cursor state
114849 patch/Emacs and VM can lose mail if sendmail fails !
335052 Included docbook schema is outdated
513660 emacs22: segfaults while dump-emacs
539919 emacs23-gtk: font fixed (emacs -fn fixed) broken
540151 emacs23: gnus doesn't see any new messages after upgrade
540397 emacs23-gtk: Emacs don't properly start in fullscreen mode
540451 emacs23: hangs for 1 minute when going to end of particular eps file
541393 emacs23-gtk: Gnus don't read from imap server via "nnimap-stream shell"
541983 emacs-snapshot ruins w3m-el-snapshot tables
543370 emacs23-gtk: ecb-activate breaks customize-group
546209 nxml-mode: user-defined schema locating no longer works with Emacs 23
547538 Text is repainted twice when window is exposed
549708 emacs23: Error in help-mode from electric-buffer-list
552981 emacs23: toplevel interaction is extremely slow
552983 emacs23: empty tool bar in ProofGeneral mode
556405 emacs23: vc-hg barfs on file load/save if .hg exists but is not a repository
557572 emacs23: eshell-list-files-after-cd reports error "no catch for tag"
557804 unreproducible moreinfo/vm: does not conform to RFC 822 skipping
561635 emacs23: easypg does not work
563314 emacs23: Font rendering inconsistent with GNOME.
564670 emacs23: selecting directory via GUI does not work
565315 /usr/bin/emacs23-x: C-l makes scroll bars disappear
567934 emacs23: segmentation fault in gtk libraries after closing emacsclient -c frame
569295 emacs23 does not support XIM
569573 emacs23: LC_CTYPE decides language for tutorial
577630 emacs23: Please document how to disable gpm-mouse-mode
578985 emacs23: Cuts off bottom part of window
580198 unreproducible/Segfault on opening an Org file
581648 emacs23: broken package
582141 emacs23: Font picker doesn't remember last chosen font settings
582233 Crash in long-running (well, over a day) emacs23.2
584673 emacs23: Emacs as a remote X client produces gconf errors
588450 [emacs23] M-x semantic-mode gives "Failed to find version for newly installed cedet"
588527 emacs23: todo-mode: add category menu item missing
592854 emacs23: second question for a buffer opened from emacsclient -t is asked after the terminal frame is already closed
594319 Xresources instructions in man page are wrong
594346 emacs23 shouldn't depend on gconf and dbus
606805 emacs overinterprets ..
609752 gnus: sieve-manage.el still using old sieve port
611428 emacs23: should depend on install-info
614752 emacs23: crashes sporadically when using haskell-latex mode
618453 emacs23: nxml-dynamic-markup-word misplaces closing tag
623624 emacs23.3: RMAIL doesn't recognise MIME messages
623758 emacs23: edt-find-next is unreliable on rare occasions
624584 After moving with metacity's move_to_side_* shortcuts, emacs moves itself back
627375 emacs23: ediff-buffers error when one buffer does not end with newline AND locale is not standard
628043 Broken glyphs im proofgeneral emacs mode.
630079 emacs23: <file> locked by <user>@<hostname> (pid <this-emacs-process>): (s, q, p, ?)?
630741 emacs23: Emacs icon and gnome-shell
634911 emacs23: Flymake depends on locale
639335 emacs23: Cannot turn off font-lock mode in gnus/message
642595 emacs23: upgrade fails on removing ‘/usr/share/emacs23/site-lisp/emacs-calfw’
643334 emacs23: viper-save-setting produces invalid configuration file
646205 emacs.bug: tool bar extension items are invisible
647242 emacs23: Starttls times out with gnutls-cli
650502 upstream/emacs23: php-elisp crashes emacs
650526 emacs23: Arrow keys are not always recognized
651051 emacs23: display corruption
655073 emacs23: M-x repeat in large file -> segfault
655161 emacs23: gconf error on startup
663129 emacs23: Emacs unresponsive after resuming from suspend-frame
663499 emacs23: Can't find the Info directory node
664988 emacs23 failed on update due to missing library libpcre.so.3
665955 emacs23: X protocol error: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) on protocol request 140
667744 emacs23: fails to upgrade or install
668164 emacs crashes when opening a UTF-8 file
669405 Wrong font-substitution
669592 GNUS assumes sendmail fails if sendmail prints on stderr but returns with 0
671535 emacs23: emacsclient -c fails silently when started with --daemon option, but -t works as expected.
674699 Suspending emacsclient with C-z puts emacs in unrecoverable state
680211 emacs svn support is broken
680981 emacs23: doesn't deal well with the future
681100 patch/emacs23: switch to libtiff5-dev
687170 upstream/emacs23: emacs cannot be started if the current directory has been removed
689164 emacs23: fails to find an upgrade path from squeeze
693168 vc-git-grep output not "clickable"
697120 Problems when starting emacs from a ssh session: why gconf ?
698235 Segfault running ERC
701944 moreinfo/emacs23 fails to install due to /etc/emacs23 does exist for byte-compilingclone -1 ccrypt
702913 emacs23: gtk toolbar not visible to accessibility clients
705330 gnus: missing signature information when reading encrypted & signed PGP/MIME mail
706589 emacs23: fails to start oxygen-gtk
707708 Desktop lazy initialisation trashes the X selection
724511 emacs23: Find file autocomplete not working for files with suffix .mo
724737 emacs23: help page not properly displayed
730784 /usr/bin/emacs23-x: starting emacs stops mouse wheel and shortcuts reaching window manager
735193 emacs23: With scim installed, Multi_key does not work
738638 emacs23: needs Breaks: vm-bonus-el (<< 35.8)
739479 please don't bug me with the startup screen

Package: smartlist
10044 smartlist does not follow FHS yet
148747 messages
670263 smartlist: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8): /var/list/.etc/*
700216 patch upstream/smartlist: Confirmation mechanism fails with gpg signatures

Package: sendmail
10860 sendmail: Configuration file problems
123698 sendmail: sendmailconfig: the "## Custom configurations" section is in the wrong place
128782 sendmail: glitch in Makefile
290741 Debian configuration breaks m4
293017 MAILER before FEATURE in sendmail.mc generated by sendmailconfig
343614 sendmail: Sendmail configuration is a pile of evil: Bootup hangs for ages if clock on computer is wrong
354055 sendmail.mc: sendmail
428933 /usr/share/sendmail/Parse_mc.pm fails for SOCKETMAP
483930 sendmailconfig asks for 'Mail name' but ignores it; errors when generating config
531472 moreinfo/sendmail: makemap segfaults on MIPS
572349 unconditional makemap calls e.g. on upgrades are evil
584678 sendmail: lines of base64-encoded message in a MIME multipart/signed message are lost
614035 what does sendmail all the time, hacker?
618570 sendmail-cf/feature/block_bad_helo.m4 doesn't handle IPv6:::1
619164 sendmail: No longer relays
685350 Sendmail failing to authenticate correctly to remote smarthost (starttls + sasl)
698006 sendmail: Makefile fails to update submit.mc on starttls.m4 change
703334 sm-mta: DIGEST-MD5 common mech free
725873 sendmail: auxprop errors in auth.info
737799 STARTTLS fails with 8192-bit keys
740070 Updating the sendmail Maintainer field

Package: glibc-doc-reference
12411 patch/example directory lister ignores errors
115298 glibc-doc: gconv modules description confuses source and destination.
129550 patch/glibc-doc: umount() description does not match real behaviour
151101 LC_ALL: environment variable or not?
166404 glibc-doc: reference to sysctl.h
188677 glibc-doc should describe iconv outbuf == NULL case
225569 glibc-doc: memory leak in scanf %a[...] example
227554 glibc-doc: glibc-doc: GLOB_PERIOD incorrectly documented
231384 glibc-doc: description of madvise says what msync returns
238169 pthread_attr_setATTR info page (libc.info-50.gz): wrong function signature
262104 info: misleading description in "FP Exceptions" node
265245 glibc-doc: htonl/ntohl belong in arpa/inet.h
281903 glibc-doc: mallopt documentation is lacking
284988 glibc-doc: CLK_TCK not same as CLOCKS_PER_SEC
284989 glibc-doc: _SC_CLK_TCK corresponds to CLK_TCK
286137 glibc-doc: times return vs clock return
293043 glibc-doc: TZ variable zoneinfo directory
308341 glibc-doc: SO_RCVBUF documented as size_t, but is int in Linux.
326249 Documentation and behavior of sigwait disagree
328898 glibc-doc: DECIMAL_POINT needing _GNU_SOURCE
335171 glibc-doc: getsubopt() has different interface with #define _GNU_SOURCE
337013 glibc-doc: not documented: ENOTSUP == EOPNOTSUPP
339572 patch/glibc-doc: please document that setlocale sets errno
350055 glibc-doc: nanosleep documentation misleading about second (output) argument behavior
357051 glibc-doc: libc.info s9.4 qsort example uses wrong datatypes in function declaration
364964 glibc-doc: futimes() fd parameter
364966 glibc-doc: st_atime_usec field only for hurd
364969 glibc-doc: sbrk {void *} grouping
454545 readdir_r documentation does not describe observed behavior
469540 glibc-doc: Documentation of umount() and umount2() wrong
475693 glibc-doc-reference: Please document getaddrinfo
501435 glibc-doc-reference: socket connection server example segfaults on 64bits due to missing arpa/inet.h header
538646 glibc-doc-reference: Thread specific data(tsd) destructor function not called
554857 glibc-doc-reference: typo "nl_type" under nl_langinfo
554858 glibc-doc-reference: nl_item in Type Index
581239 glibc-doc-reference: error_print_progname index entry
593361 upstream wontfix/glibc-doc-reference: The manual is obsolete (for version 2.8 whereas Debian has libc 2.11)
593532 Incorrect doc: finite(NAN) does not return nonzero

Package: tkdesk
18024 tkdesk app bar defaults could fit Debian better
55689 tkdesk: Clicking on third-deep folder in browser fails.
58040 tkdesk crashes if a directory is owned by user not in /etc/passwd
99121 tkdesk loses options
449841 confirmed/tkdesk: debian/watch fails to report upstream's version
498085 tkdesk: dsk_exec shortcuts conflict with date command's options
545161 patch/tkdesk: Broken because of Itcl and Itk migration to Tcl/Tk 8.5
599381 tkdesk: Tkdesk "Help/ User Guide" option attempts to access the wrong location.
630770 tkdesk: special:date text border too tall

Package: dpkg
18567 wontfix/dpkg: clean environment (PATH, etc) for maintainer scripts
20471 dpkg: check rdepends on unpack
21183 dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any (#2)
25759 [U-A] dpkg: overwrites "alternatives" symlinks without warning
52087 [ASSERT] main/processarc.c:814: process_archive: Assertion `otherpkg->clientdata->istobe == itb_normal || otherpkg->clientdata->istobe == itb_deconfigure' failed.
55364 'dpkg --no-act -i <package>' doesn't find all dependencies
64669 [ASSERT] main/filesdb.c:684: findnamenode_high: Assertion (*pointerp)->name[0] == '/'' failed.
66801 [ASSERT] main/packages.c:292: deppossi_ok_found: Assertion `checkversion->verrel != dvr_none' failed.
71333 dpkg --merge-avail ignores architecture while reading Packages
74259 dpkg: cache Section strings when parsing
76687 [ASSERT] lib/dump.c:180: w_dependency: Assertion `dyp->up == pigp' failed.
78015 [ASSERT] lib/dump.c:180: w_dependency: Assertion `yp->up == pigp' failed.
79513 [ASSERT] dpkg: Assertion `dyp->up == pigp' failed.
89337 during installation of xlibs, xkb/symbols are removed
93527 [ASSERT] main/archives.c:589: check_conflict: Assertion `fixbyrm->clientdata->istobe == itb_normal' failed.
108587 [CONFFILE] dpkg: a conffile that vanishes across an upgrade can fool dpkg
121813 dpkg: Should run _all_ prerms, then all postrms
122255 dpkg: does not collapse // in pathname arguments
134475 dpkg: --no-act -i package don't show problems with dependencies
134591 wontfix/dpkg: unable to lock dpkg status database: No locks available
148258 [CONFFILE] dpkg: those old conffile/directory/symlink blues
157145 dpkg-deb -b spews out binary garbage when filesystem is full
163183 [CONFFILE] dpkg: Conflicting package should not silently take over conffiles
175370 Use UTF-8 internally, convert to locale's encoding for output
178735 dpkg: broken debs can easily be installed
179296 [PERF] patch: database speedup using flex
181491 dpkg: Dpkg unpacks files before checking dependencies when dpkg -i is used
197188 [ASSERT] lib/dump.c:180: varbufdependency: Assertion `dop->up == dep' failed.
202719 [S-S-D] start-stop-daemon: --exec should also check the first argument of /proc/PID/cmdline
222047 --configure should process essential packages first
227444 moreinfo unreproducible/dpkg: [ASSERT] lib/dump.c:147: w_priority: Assertion `pigp->priority <= pri_unknown' failed
233723 dpkg: it leaves xfonts-base.alias.dpkg-new file.
235408 debconf: fails to upgrade from 1.3.19 (circular dependency?)
242193 dpkg asks about one file but acts on another one/or a missing mesage.
245970 dpkg: [PERF] unpacking packages extremely slow on systems with <= 64 MB memory
247035 [DPKG-DEB] fails to -I files when control.tar.gz > 2GB
273088 dpkg: dpkg messes up combinations of file diversions and Replaces
303030 "parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/available'" after update
312846 dpkg: Does not correctly purge symlink conffiles
316521 dpkg: incomplete cleanup of empty directories
316935 dpkg doesn't properly apply symlink changes
330256 delete obsolescent not-locally-changed conffiles
343578 dpkg: delete available-new when 'No space left on device'
351573 dpkg: "trying script from the new package instead" actually runs old script again
363524 Problem diverting conffile
365921 dpkg.log: doubled lines
368033 dpkg: [S-S-D]: --oknodo should exit unsuccessfully if there was stuff to do, but it failed
376165 wontfix/start-stop-daemon: should use PAM in --chuid setting
377860 Conflicts is not always checked appropriately
378009 auto-deconfigure is not transitive
382760 dpkg reports wrong package version and status on failed upgrade of setuid file
399829 iceweasel: Bogus conffile questions
406715 dpkg should warn the user when there's a dir/symlink mismatch between the package and the system
410419 confile prompts should use debconf
410894 dpkg-divert should be able to divert symlinks to directories
416179 start-stop-daemon --background returns with ppid != 1
416706 dpkg fails to clean up the maintainer scripts from the previous package
421344 dpkg: does not gracefully handle symlink conffiles
432893 patch/dpkg: Failed install followed by failed remove results in installed state
448632 force_depends abuse
471669 d-i/dpkg: Keeps retrying after package configuration failure
487108 dpkg-divert: does not support --root
492222 dpkg-divert: renaming doesn't work sometimes when diverting a conffile in preinst
501866 dependencies not always installed correctly in prerm/upgrade phase
514702 dpkg - packages with symlinks to dirs (libc6) can lead to writes outside of the --root argument
515211 wontfix/dpkg: modes of directories are not changed to match the mode of the directory in the tar file in a package
517235 patch/s-s-d: Add support for capability dropping
539133 dpkg: --predep-package doesn't handle dependencies of pre-dependencies
551323 dpkg-repack: eats an epoch from version number in the name of result file
555824 dpkg removed a package when told to upgrade it
556637 dpkg: support for getting architecture from DEB_HOST_ARCH
563307 dpkg-statoverride fails if wrong group in /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride
574656 dpkg: [CONFFILE] upgrade changing conffile replaced by symlink gives no prompt at all
574658 dpkg: [CONFFILE] purging conffile replaced by symlink removes target, not symlink
576338 [dpkg] --purge not well described in manual page dpkg.1
578860 dpkg treats Breaks just like Conflicts
578872 --auto-deconfigure makes dpkg think a package is unpacked twice
584185 dpkg-maintscript-helper: rm_conffile doesn't work when removing last file in directory
588505 dpkg-query -W fails for packages appearing multiple times on the command line
601472 dpkg: Program argument parsing is suboptimal
613428 wontfix/dpkg --force-unsafe-io still calls fsync()
617299 dpkg-deb: should give a hint when it fails due to filling /tmp
620958 dpkg outputs tons of new warning messages with no obvious way to fix them
633410 dpkg-trigger.1: does not explain <trigger-name> and <command> arguments
635993 wontfix/dpkg is very slow with btrfs filesystem
651152 documented oneliner to restore /etc/alternatives symlinks does not work
656447 dpkg with --root writes log file outside of install root
666147 set UCF_FORCE_CONFFMISS when force-confmiss option is set
671711 dpkg: runs trigger processing even if depedencies are not satisfied
675098 dpkg: fails to autoprocess triggers (mawk/gawk case)
686420 patch/dpkg: Race condition in start-stop-daemon when using the --background and --make-pidfile options
688550 dpkg: "version number does not start with digit" from old packages in "available" file
694980 s-s-d: Race condition when finding pid and checking it's still running
699208 start-stop-daemon on kFreeBSD fails to stop mpd on upgrade
711598 dpkg-mainscript-helper mv_conffile does not prompt user about changed conffile
720163 start-stop-daemon should clean up environment
720761 Please be consistant about file with newline inside
735159 dpkg: install-info fallout
736585 dpkg: trigger problem
736717 dpkg: OpenRISC (or1k) is not listed as a supported CPU.
737784 Wrong kernel installed after upgrade
738957 patch/dpkg-maintscript-helper: prepare_dir_to_symlink can never succeed
739388 dpkg: how to use dpkg-maintscript-helper symlink_to_dir/dir_to_symlink "too late"?
739634 "dpkg-maintscript-helper supports" always returns 1
743687 dpkg: dpkg-deb creates tar files with -T and without --no-unquote
744780 dpkg: allows breaking dependencies on a:foo M-A:same by replacing it with a:bar M-A:none

Package: par
18583 par is too greedy
615256 par: please use Homepage field to point to upstream homepage
694587 par crashes
738479 Updating the par Uploaders list

Package: emacsen-common
18612 emacsen-common: no way to install info pages
36319 infos are installed outside the standard info-path
70739 Need a policy for having multiple versions of info documents
127267 gnus: gnus badly overrides emacs21 gnus
130653 gnus: info is not accessible from menu
149924 emacsen-common: emacsen-common should create /etc/mailname if it is not there
159276 patch/sawfish: package depends on emacsen-common incorrectly
193439 emacsen-common: debian-emacs-policy and package setup in conffile
193573 emacsen-common: policy on startup/config files is problematic (with solution)
277818 Installs info/dir entry after default gnus
381516 patch/emacsen-common: Should not install packages for old emacs flavours.
674181 emacsen-common: emacs policy refers to non-existant calc package
692938 emacsen-common: emacsen-common can get confused, uninstallable during its install
719219 moreinfo/upgrade to wheezy failed due to xemacs21 not available anymore
730329 haskell-mode: fails to load; not byte compiled for emacs flavors
733061 emacsen-common: emacsen-common installed file doesn't always get made
736062 emacsen-common: emacs-package-install --preinst displays incorrect error message
736705 emacsen-common: Too many symbolic links
737389 emacsen-common: incorrectly handles dependencies during emacsXX upgrade

Package: hylafax-client
20392 moreinfo unreproducible/sendpage MaxMsgLenth
369759 wontfix/sendfax: sendfax: wrong kill time computation
404922 hylafax-client: no version info from most (all?) programs in pkg
727608 patch/hylafax-client: jpg conversion fail, -dpi with float

Package: dselect
21134 dselect misuses ti/te
21758 Dselect doesn't report an error when it doesn't find a package
23322 absolute path not accepted (dpkg-ftp|http?)
23839 installed packages info set to <none>
27284 nfs access method can't be interrupted
31569 dselect complained that all files had a wrong size
31878 dselect attempts to enforce Suggests:
32595 remove obsolete and confusing acquisition methods: harddisk, mounted, cdrom, nfs
33994 [DSELECT] clears screen on 'fg' if apt method suspended
55097 dselect with scan is confused if 2 version of same pkg exist
58107 dselect: can't change mark of an installed package from purge to remove
60165 multi-cd/NFS methods install more packages than asked (not a bug?)
65318 cdrom method doesn't work if cdrom is mounted
77123 [DSELECT] suspending during upgrade causes staircasing
79273 [DSELECT] suspending during upgrade causes staircasing
89655 [DSELECT] messed up terminal after suspending and resuming
106033 dselect: successful search "/<foo>" blinks screen, simulates bouncing return key
115445 Dselect cleans up screen incorrectly
117783 long Depends: lines are badly split in dselect's information screen
119326 dselect says: 'dselect: failed to getch in main menu: Success' and exits, in screen re-attaching
120086 there's only only room for 12 characters in the package name on 80x25
121722 Dselect: keys 'o' and 'O' (ordering) don't work in a sub-list page
157210 dselect: info lacking in conflict-resolution lists
193934 dselect: error while merging information after "update"
202247 Error parsing /var/cache/apt/available
208992 l10n/dselect: help text broken in UTF-8 locales
211886 dselect: should exit with nonzero status when receiving SIGINT
232253 dselect selection screen updates twice
242803 [DSELECT] corruption of the available file
269168 dselect doesn't show "new" packages any more when update of some source fails
269589 conflict resolution in endless loop
307248 egroupware goes into dependancy loop on this upgrade
331204 dselect: display re-drawing after page down badly covers previous content.
382307 dselect: SIGWINCH ignored in help screens
477551 dselect: Removes packages not marked for removal
510874 dselect makes system very 'swappy'
533639 dselect: beeps on window resize
551638 dselect: track seen packages in a new frontend-unified state file
664893 dselect: no support for multi-arch
665464 dselect: jump to next !(remove|purge) on Tab key
698624 dselect tries to install packages that are clearly marked as underscore

Package: vlock
21419 help moreinfo/vlock does not work properly on Sparc
478252 vlock: refuses to unlock when no password is set
496087 wontfix/'vlock -n' requires user to be root
520737 vlock: Does not remove stat overrides when removed
529552 patch/vlock: too restrictive file permissions on statoverrides
573718 patch/vlock: Does not purge dpkg-statoverride
698860 vlock: unnecessary use of dpkg-statoverride
702705 patch/vlock: sometimes does not exit therefore xautolock does not lock screen again after idle time

Package: trn
23024 trn: Unexpected close of server socket.
23410 trn: Large headers won't page properly
50527 trn: bug in the % interpolation code...
54198 trn spits gibberish into terminal on receiving 's^[['
131271 trn 3.6 coredump on article selector
140420 trn: SIGSEGV in article selector, possibly related to #131271
161232 moreinfo/trn depends on inews, conflicts with leafnode
188763 trn 3.6 no longer executes Pnews via the path

Package: joe
23574 moreinfo/joe sometimes mucks up the terminal when scrolling [rare, has workarounds]
32202 Joe doesn't redraw screen correctly on VT100 terminal
274395 joe: unable to ctrl+kb ctrl+kk backward
379769 joe: Non-robust input behaviour
435178 joe: Position with reading from pipe
488118 joe: php syntax highlighting of variables fails in string constants
549276 joe: horrible performance of reformatting a long word
586304 joe: "error reading file" for command line arg DIRECTORY
588525 upstream/joe: php syntax highlighting misunderstands characters immediately after question marks
660787 joe: hardlocks running in mrxvt; had to kill -9 it and then ctrl-c the console tab
671875 joe: "/"-character at line start causes next lines to start with "/" too
698077 Syntax highlighting for shell scripts broken with left bit shift

Package: xgammon
23807 xgammon: -otherdisplay causes segfault
94997 upstream confirmed/Dice rolled, but not visible after computer resigns
118633 xgammon: computer resigns after accepting human resignation
153508 XGammon failing with SIGFPE
153510 XGammon failing w/ SIGSEGV
160173 xgammon stuck in loop (rare)
219315 wontfix/Updated email for upstream author
299418 unreproducible/xgammon exits with a BadCursor error immediately after starting
564655 patch/xgammon fails with SIGSEGV in AppendDialogText in diawin.c line 165

Package: chimera2
24509 chimera2: core dump
696604 chimera2: assert fail on certain png image

Package: base-passwd
25882 base-passwd: avoid uid/gid 100
52214 base-passwd: removes local users/groups from reserved id space
63909 base-files: Base Files does not ensure the utmp group exists before trying to use it
246563 Group `users' not needed
250802 mailman: Home directory missing from package
288676 update-passwd segmentation fault on woody (HPPA)
444370 moreinfo/ntp won't reconfigure (ntp group gone)
471691 d-i/base-passwd: update-passwd leaves account files in inconsistent state according to pwck (should remove user with low UID from shadow, too)
501852 base-passwd: No syslog / klogd user on Debian
513964 please add netdev and powerdev groups to group.master
593737 mailman: user list does not have a home directory (/var/list)
600700 base-passwd: sudo group's documented semantics don't match the sudo package
615259 base-passwd: [users-and-groups] /var/spool/cups no longer owned by group sys
661445 system account (uid < 100) for virtual users/mailboxes?
722296 base-passwd: update-passwd adds gnats to passwd but not shadow
734946 base-passwd: block from testing until all shell-fallout bugs are fixed
737735 /usr/sbin/nologin shell change breaks SSH authentication in amanda

Package: mgetty
26372 help/mgetty: AutoPPP should not set utmp entry
32583 mgetty: mgetty writing to wtmp non-usefull info if modem missing
512004 mgetty: Symlinked devices cause problems for getlogin() and utmp/wtmp records
532452 mgetty: missing informations in debian/copyright

Package: coreutils
26766 wontfix/cp: does not preserve timestamps of dangling symlinks [no support in Linux for setting timestamp on symlinks]
107309 upstream wontfix/'dircolors' and 'ls --color=auto' doesn't work well with Emacs/XEmacs [workaround provided]
116358 ls: --block-size needs a better description
139861 upstream confirmed/tr: no UTF-8 support
166155 coreutils: stat doesn't display device nodes properly
194556 wontfix/new dd verbosity can be harmful
217165 wontfix/coreutils: mv foo FOO: `foo' and `FOO' are the same file
249832 upstream/coreutils should use IEEE standard prefixes to denote powers of 1024
261552 wontfix/df: breaks lines even when output is not a tty
282202 wontfix/df -F undocumented
289407 wontfix//bin/cp: [cp documentation] man page for cp does not mention -- flag
293587 upstream wontfix/df: -m option undocumented
296510 wontfix/coreutils: cp -sR doesnt link files in subdirectories when relative path is used
296836 wontfix/chmod does not change permissions but gives no error message on VFAT
301972 upstream wontfix/date -d 'mar 29 2005 - 1 month' prints no diagnostic
303948 unlink: coreutils should have a soft dependancy on glibc-doc
305398 gnome-terminal and ls -color = asumed backgound is black
306868 sid jessie wontfix/coreutils: "," isn't a word delimiter when counting words with wc -w
322581 wontfix/coreutils: /usr/bin/join missed its '-n' option. (Version 2.0 had it).
340386 wontfix/coreutils: cp -r 1/ 2/ no longer works
347299 wontfix upstream/Wishlist: od should have tcpdump-like output
353100 fixed-upstream/coreutils: du's -B option should be better documented.
354799 coreutils: date --iso-8601 not mentioned in the man page
356656 md5sum: documentation does not match behavior
358134 dd: manpage does not list possible args for "conv="
361787 ls -h uses wrong specifiers
369822 ls -i stats unnecessarily
373736 dd oflag=append : imply notrunc, or improve documentation
383618 upstream/misleading error message when moving directories
396106 /bin/df: alignment differences in df
399486 coreutils build depends on groff-base not groff
401939 wontfix upstream/od needs better default description
403005 coreutils: stat man page refers to "backslash escapes" but never describes them
404497 coreutils: stty reports bogus error.
410209 conv=noerror poorly documented
410270 coreutils: join outputs wrong field order for -v option
421491 Possible fileutils regression in debian 4
425032 coreutils: 'man sort': '-t' description confusing.
436338 /bin/df: df rounds sizes incorrectly
441805 coreutils: Clarification of sort -u -c
442808 "ls --dereference $directory" and the names of dangling symlinks
455522 [cp] -i -l asks for permission to overwrite then fails to do so
460689 coreutils: when sorting a large file: ignores mmap(2) failure, segfaults
461049 coreutils: dd no longer reports "xx+yy records in|out" after sigpipe.
464118 wontfix/rm -r broken: Function not implemented (using coreutils 6.10 with a pre-etch kernel)
471973 coreutils: seq gets konfused if FIRST=LAST>>INCREMENT
474436 coreutils: "ls --time-style=locale" no longer works
475790 coreutils: touch -d fails to parse ISO timestamps correctly
476107 coreutils: nohup error message misleading
481044 ls: -b + -F options cause unexpected escaping of output when used together
491038 coreutils: shred 'CAUTION' section regarding flash memory wear leveling
491392 coreutils: mention "date %D considered harmful" in manpage
503063 unreproducible moreinfo/coreutils: df shows negative used space
506274 strange cp preserve mode behaviour
508410 sort always assumes -d option
511112 fmt: undocumented arbitrary limit for --width parameter
513028 coreutils: expand is not wide-character aware
515764 coreutils: date's -d option misbehaves if parameters like "+N hours"/"+N secs" provided with base date
518279 /usr/bin/id: id <username> show current users' security context on SELinux, not username's
532814 coreutils: cp -aL creates hardlinks where none were present before
542199 unreproducible/coreutils: mv segfaults when moving files out of /tmp
545142 coreutils: ls -v sorts foo.z before foo.x-y
546061 tail -f FILE to a pipe hangs until the first change to FILE
548375 coreutils: install -s doesn't strip comment section
549147 patch/coreutils: shred aborts if given a shorter random source than the destination (patch included)
552195 dircolors: Please match extensions case-insensitively
560845 [coreutils] df: misaligned columns for disks > 1TB
562485 /bin/date: "a fortnight ago" is an hour off
563254 du: bind mount causes corrupted filesystem warning (despite -x !)
566645 /usr/bin/uniq: uniq tells 2 lines with different invalid utf-8 characters are duplicate
569310 coreutils: 'info tsort' examples: 1st vague, 2nd too specialized
582067 fold: not working with russian
583198 coreutils: tail does not obey --sleep-interval option
583838 localized date in ls -l is wrong for Romanian
585008 unreproducible squeeze wontfix/coreutils: ln -f silently fails to remove former link
586581 coreutils: comm - Slight formatting error in manual page
589970 /bin/cp: cp -al does not hardlink symlinks
594666 fixed-upstream//usr/bin/tac: tac aborts
595790 upstream/hostid: useless unless fixed
602175 patch/coreutils: Patch fixes wrong order of manpages in rm
605639 fixed-upstream/deal better with different filesystem timestamp resolutions
608039 broken man page for 'tr -s'?
612400 upstream/coreutils: timeout command does not work with read command anymore
613629 cleanup following cp --reflink=always failure
621094 squeeze/coreutils: user that is logged onto the desktop environment is not listed when use /usr/bin/who or /usr/bin/w
623468 cp: cp -Ll behaves like cp -l
626296 coreutils: chown/chgrp -c/-v does not report resetting setuid bits
628618 l10n/ls -la: dates and filenames are unaligned under fi_FI locale
628815 ipv6/coreutils: pinky makes crazy DNS queries
630944 dd can't seek and read in /proc/self/mem
635765 /bin/dd: dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile_4G bs=4G count=1 produces a 2G file
636082 /usr/bin/timeout: coreutils: timeout doesn't seem to work on kfreebsd
637522 coreutils: [rm] symlinks - cannot remove `<dir>/': Is a directory
638304 install: The selinux options are confusing and not all useful cases are covered
639912 ENVIRONMENT should be described for ls in man page
641166 coreutils: 'man sort': '--random-sort' misleading
642557 upstream/coreutils: "sort -g" hangs when fed large numbers of nans ("not a number").
642758 [coreutils] chmod manual page wrong about effect on directories special bits when OCTAL-MODE is given
642761 [coreutils] chmod: manual page confusing about difference between MODE and OCTAL-MODE
646174 coreutils: date prints wrong time zone for UTC+/-x and GMT+/-x
649045 cp -fv: File is removed before it is copied upon
649913 Please use posix_fallocate
650381 fmt: incorrect formatting of UTF-8 text
655660 cut: Undocumented special case for empty output delimiter
657289 /usr/bina/tty
661035 manual of "rm", unneccesary escapes for "="
662909 ls: highlight good symlink in 'or' color with -d or -F
663251 patch/rm(1): Unnecessary escape before "=" in the manual
667503 patch/reverting timeout workaround
668323 Bugs in coreutils 8.13-3.1 (German localization)
675076 unreproducible moreinfo/dd ignores SIGUSR1 to output statistics
676998 date: Date calculations may be wrong on 32 bit systems while 64 bit is correct
679997 coreutils: 'cp infile outfile' fill up all mem with 180gb sparse infile on xfs
682969 timeout 20 /usr/sbin/ntpd -g -q gives wrong return code
684866 coreutils: 64-bit arithmetic overflow in expr(1)
685231 df returns wrong values for btrfs raid1 volume
688770 coreutils: date --date=YYYY is incorrect
693853 df: don't report duplicate entries
694444 /bin/pwd doesn't use getcwd(3)
695005 date: invalid date '1954-05-23'
695489 sort -u and uniq losing data with pt_BR.UTF-8
696115 /bin/date: date man page doesn't mention @
696490 l10n/uniq: french translation mistakes
701162 moreinfo//usr/bin/test: documentation: "test --help"
703172 coreutils: ls --color=never omits trailing slashes from symlinks with -pl but shows them with -Fl
703511 coreutils: split does not accept --number -n option
704082 upstream confirmed/coreutils: wrong exit statuses and messages with --ignore-fail-on-non-empty
705566 l10n/date does not read the timezone from the environment variable TZ, and there is no other way to view from the CLI times in other timezones.
706097 upstream/coreutils: chmod --recursive --changes fails to stat items in subdirectories
713996 /usr/bin/stat: man page: german translation of %Y and %y is wrong
714232 patch/tsort manual page does not describe input format
714352 [coreutils] seq -s not working
715477 coreutils: man sort - --key option should refer reader to POS pattern later on.
717494 coreutils: "du -s" error when displaying dir and subdir
721118 patch/coreutils: Missing mandatory build-arch and build-indep targets with Standards-Version 3.9.4
721324 [coreutils] fold: no UTF-8 support
725342 coreutils: df reports nonexistent device as mounted
729952 /bin/date: date parsing inconsistencies
730779 please include coreutils realpath
737399 coreutils: The command "df" lists not lle NFS mounted file systems
739752 coreutils: ln segfaults when run with --relative and an empty target
741390 [coreutils] cp does not copy directories by default
743955 coreutils: corrupted files on heavily fragmented ext3 and ext4 partitions

Package: scsitools
27003 unreproducible/Error in scsi-config
65956 unreproducible/hwtools: scsiinfo hangs the system
287837 scsitools: scsiinfo and scsi-config cannot write any paramters to drive
439891 Unable to read grown defect data.
540350 scsitools: scsi-spin -d forces udevd to spin up drive again
686881 patch/scsitools fails to install under debootstrap --variant=fakechroot
700972 Outdated check for version of sg_inq ("/sbin/rescan-scsi-bus: line 592: [: 1.03...")

Package: debhelper
35733 patch/debhelper: dh_strip, dh_fixperms, dh_shlibdeps don't recognize all shared libs
133092 debhelper: dh_shlibdeps fails on non native libs
139020 gzipped man page link correction code fails if the links are in a different package than the man pages
188028 dh_installinit's postinst snippet lacks test $1 = configure
198507 patch/dh_install: fails if filenames have an embedded space
204975 patch/cdbs: postrm and postinst have useless call to ldconfig
234124 debhelper: Breaks builds that happen to sit in any dir whose parent is in DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE
315518 dh_movefiles claims dh_install to be "a much better program that can do everything this can and more"
350570 dh_install -X behaviour is strange and ill-documented
364643 wontfix/.pyc and .pyo files not removed if package was only unpacked
374467 debhelper: should implement dpkg rollback functionality
384424 debhelper: dh_makeshlibs confused by foo-bar.so plugin SONAMEs
384807 FWD: Patch Submission for Debhelper
386246 debhelper: scripts silently succeed on nonexisting package build dir
415396 "dh_install --list-missing" should ignore manpages and other installed files
421346 debhelper: should automatically mark symlinks in /etc as conffiles
429510 debhelper: inconsistant dh_installdocs behavior with NEWS|README|TODO
438930 FWD: Re: debhelper and install
453693 dh_install: Keep track of installed files over binary-indep and binary-arch
459548 patch/dh_fixperms should chmod 755 /usr/share/bug/*/script
462389 debhelper: 'dh_installinit --name foobar ' should fail if package.foobar.init does not exist
468333 add a "--include" option to dh_strip
478719 debhelper: Debhelper::Dh_Lib breaks scripts unless script calls &inhibit_log
509931 patch/debhelper: match dpkg-shlibdeps parsing of versions from SONAMEs
534639 dh_installinfo should not add call to install-info in postinsts
539520 dh_auto_configure should either append --disable-rpath or provide a way to
552276 dh: print full valid command line of each executed dh_* command
566861 patch/dh_clean breaks mercurial
567178 debhelper: directory traversal when processing debian/control
568033 debhelper distutils support should not call setup.py install with --no-compile
584462 lenny patch/lenny dh_auto_* break with make-initiated builds
584528 dh_compress: Optionally optimise PNG, SVG and XML files
586365 parallel builds via MAKEFLAGS=-j2 broken, even if --parallel is given
592958 debhelper: dh_gconf add superfluous dependency to gconf2
593382 dh_compress: please do not compress Python source files in doc dir
595810 please provide a way to dh_strip with --strip-debug instead of --strip-unneeded
597342 debhelper: building and installing with all python versions should not be done for arch: all packages
604565 debhelper: Please provide a way to get a list of packages without DH_INTERNAL_OPTIONS complicating things
607313 Bad interraction between dh-make-perl, debhelper, and personal .modulebuildrc files
614605 [debhelper] dh_fixperms should fix permissions in exemple directory
615854 debhelper: Maintainer scripts get too verbose comments with $package.maintscript
622327 debhelper: please document workaround for mixed-arch packaged with dh_auto_install
626685 debhelper: dh_makeshlibs assumes that tmpdir (usually debian/<pkg>) exists
628564 debhelper: dh_installmenu should no longer add the postinst/postrm snippet for registering menu entries
639168 dh_auto_configure/dh_auto_build should not hide the options on the buildds
641051 dh_auto_configure does not pass multiarch paths to cmake
650129 Make --list-missing switch of dh_install the default for multiple-binary source packages
653640 dh_makeshlibs generates symbols files for objects excluded from shlibs
671032 dh_strip should handle both host and target objects
672282 udebs are build with the wrong version
676168 debhelper: dh_shlibdeps uses DEBIAN/shlibs (from dh_makeshlibs) instead of $package.shlibs (from maintainer)
677353 patch/Debhelper picks the wrong filename for udebs
677876 valgrind ignores compressed debug sections (default for -dbg in compat v9)
679864 leaves behind unnecessary empty folders when using
680472 debhelper: dh_auto_clean does not make clean in sourcedirectory
680686 sid wheezy jessie patch/pass --disable-silent-rules to configure by default
680687 sid wheezy jessie/debhelper should output the calls into the upstream build system by default
681510 debhelper: dh_install --fail-missing defaults to . as sourcedir even when install itself uses debian/tmp
683533 patch/debhelper: makefile target causes dh-make-perl to generate perllocal.pod = conflict for all resulting debs
683557 python_distutils.pm: should check if /usr/lib/python2.X/distutils/__init__.py exists
685683 debhelper: dh_installdocs --link-doc produces empty directories, rather than symbolic links
695668 dh_installchangelogs doesn't honor -O--sourcedirectory= option
697136 debhelper: Remote code execution, shell expansion through well-crafted source packages
698054 debhelper: dh_install seems to call all executable debian/*.install files even with -p<package>
698500 debhelper: dh_lintian does not seem to execute package.lintian-overrides with x-bit set
705141 patch/debhelper: perl modules using MakeMaker get non-empty INSTALL_BASE
709975 Add set_sourcedir to Debian::Debhelper::Buildsystem
711750 dh_strip: allow to disable compression of debug info files
712001 debhelper: dh_strip wants non-existent i486-linux-gnu-strip tool
714614 debhelper: A better way to check for make targets
717302 creates code for upstart-only jobs which triggers lintian warnings/errors
717592 dh_installinit: Please do not pass through start and stop parameters to update-rc.d
719148 patch/debhelper: cmake.pm should define CMAKE_INSTALL_SYSCONFDIR
719350 debhelper: Cross compilation fails
721896 debhelper: dh_installxfonts should not add a hard dependency on xfonts-utils
726967 dh_auto_test should *not* be automatically skipped for cross-building
734531 dh_installemacsen: can create incorrect "hybrid" packages.
734592 patch/makefile.pm: make output parsing a bit less strict
737388 debhelper: update dh_installemacsen postinst etc. scripts to newest emacs policy
739971 dh_link: support .links being executable
740405 patch/dh_compress: skip xhtml compression
741144 patch/typo in changelog.gz: propagating, not propigating
744176 patch/debhelper: Typo in man page of debhelper(7)
744932 debhelper: document compat level at which debug packages use build-id debug symbols

Package: libc6
38468 rcmd does not understand RCMD_CMD
63392 ctime() doesn't respond to time zone changes in running program
65041 glibc does not allow numeric hostnames
129774 wontfix/STT_SECTION symbols do not match section table
162917 wontfix/libc6: strftime crashes with invalid input
175025 dev_t problems with non-gcc compilers
192876 libc6: getaddrinfo() does not detect invalid numeric services
207167 glibc: profiling threads gives wrong results
216244 [libc6] Incomplete interaction with nscd
223384 libc6: Global constructors from shared objects are sometimes run in the wrong order
227906 libc6: Failed assertion in ld.so
230050 getcontext doesn't report alternate stack correctly
231461 libc6: iconv skips unconvertible character when converting from windows-1258
234139 manpages-dev: RLIMIT_RSS description error in setrlimit(2)
240836 libc6: Duplicated group-id's breaks NFS-access
244198 libc6: mb[r]towc should return -1 if buffer length is 0
253990 l10n/"!" in a string beginning wrongly ignored in sorting collation - l10n RU
279722 libc6: application sometimes crashes, valgrind shows error in gconv_db.c
296367 patch/argp_*(): OPTION_DOC should imply OPTION_NO_USAGE
305831 mbrtowc() fails for vi_VN.tcvn
310445 please document that static linking is unsupported
310532 nfs-kernel-server: rpc.mountd dies
313175 argp option OPTION_ARG_OPTIONAL not documented correctly
315481 iconv: had to convert indirectly
318244 libc6: glob.3 segfaults on reiserfs with many files
324075 libc6: putwchar() returns WEOF without setting errno to EILSEQ
328303 iconv breaks on piped input, because it tries to read whole input into a buffer
328396 moreinfo/pthread_rwlock_wrlock() hangs even after all locks should be unlocked!
330122 /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Argument list too long
336843 wontfix/getgrnam returns trailing ":" in user name
339555 regexec(): Latin chars segfault in Chinese locales
340531 libc6: freopen() function closes unrelated streams.
342132 upstream/iconv: incomplete -f utf-8 -t gb2312 mappings etc.
343084 wontfix/uxterm: unclear error message
343853 Bug in glibc: setrlimit
345342 libc6: getopt doesn't support utf-8
352597 locale.1.gz: remove quote marks
355510 Dynamic module loading fails
360933 libc6: calling chroot breaks pthread_exit/pthread_cancel
365048 libc6 does not respect STATUS and ACTION options in nsswitch.conf
368461 libc6: malloc_stats sets stderr NOTCANCEL flag, but doesn't clear it
369255 libc6: inconsistent argp_parse environment variables can cause crashes
369388 /usr/bin/locale: misleading error: locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory
373781 resolver fails if CNAME points to A record in non-authoritative domain
377205 l10n/libc6: pthread_setcanceltype() hangs intermittent after setlocale().
379938 help moreinfo/free() in dlerror() if library is not present
387553 glibc nscd client code fails intermittently
403124 fgetws chokes on input chars > 0x80 in C locale
403709 nss_compat: infinite retrying of read errors
404205 libc6: readdir() return value is not always as documented
410899 libc6: _IO_stdfile_0_lock deadlock in printf cancellation
411635 libc6-i686: getopt_long_only: short vs long option ambiguity
421375 wontfix/libc6: "No route to host" does not describe EHOSTUNREACH properly
430732 dlvsym() returns NULL on failure, but does not let dlerror() do the work on failure
432616 wontfix/libc6: ldconfig gives lots of Xen errors on Unstable.
439165 libc6: LD_DEBUG segfaults on a program looking for versioned symbols but finding unversioned ones
444589 strftime("%Y") may produce negative year for positive tm_year
454262 libc6: getpwnam(3) should distinguish between NIS errors and user not found
458611 strtoul("i", &endptr, 36) under tr_TR locale.
465427 libc6: strftime gets confused by the invalid format specifier "%20#%"
468378 libc6: functions that require *errnop, shouldn't receive it as &errno (e.g. _nss_*_getgrnam_r)
472269 libc6: res_query makes assumptions about the alignment of the answer argument
473812 libc6: calloc returns non-zero memory areas when mlockall is being used
477314 Segfault (sig11) in libnss_compat-2.3.6.so with KDE 3.5.5a and kdm
481862 libc6: glob(3) broken again
482973 libc6: gethostbyname() fails on IPv4 addresses with hex components
491686 help/base: the command "groups" doesn't shows local groups using pam_winbind.so authentication module
491809 security/DNS stub resolver could be hardened.
492856 help unreproducible/Panic or segfault in Samba
495351 ecl: does not install on armel (illegal instruction)
496494 [libc6] gdb fail to debug with a dlopen() call
497525 libc6: fgetws treats C locale wrongly
505168 fakechroot: libc nameservice calls not properly faked on systems running nscd
507845 moreinfo unreproducible/Dedibox server with VIA C7 cpu freeze with the last libc6
510819 libc6: printf incorrectly shows argument with value 0 on conversion %#04hhx and related
512525 regexp: missing support for non-localized but utf8 environment
514979 aklog executable built under etch segfaults under lenny
516455 moreinfo/segfault in ptmalloc_unlock_all
523280 localtime doesn't count leap seconds near 2038
524720 libc6: ldconfig SIGSEGV in insert_to_aux_cache
528316 Why does iconv choose Private Use Area? (big5->katakana)
531188 iconvconfig has a misaligned pointer access on arm
537280 SIGSEG in libm:my_log2()
537369 libc6: Theoretically possible malloc failure causing the only arena to remain locked
542510 libc6: getrusage with RUSAGE_CHILDREN gets 0 memory always (after waitpid)
547567 segfault due to corrupted locale archive
550428 getaddrinfo: AI_CANNONAME should not do PTR lookups
550840 getaddrinfo hangs in __pthread_mutex_lock
553344 libc6: getgrent() should not pass ERANGE from NSS module with NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN
555540 [s390] synchronization/locking issues
555922 libc6: UTF-8 decoding is not conforming to the Unicode standard
557880 libc6: nl_langinfo ALT_DIGITS and ERA not posix compliant
563987 wontfix//lib/libnss_hesiod.so.2: hesiod users not fully supported
565149 libc6: getpwent cannot enumerate users from netgroups with libnss_compat
565951 moreinfo wontfix/libc6 weird memory corruption error while using custom module in apache2-mpm-prefork
566508 unreproducible moreinfo/libc6: error inside of python since last security upgrade
572746 libm: sinf/cosf performance is awful on amd64
578316 libc6: tanh(50000+50000i) gives invalid result
582916 libc6: getaddrinfo() returns EAI_NONAME for temporary problem.
584914 libc6: compat in nsswitch.conf not getting nis groups
585430 Problem of performance of pow operator in libm library on x86_64 architecture (etch or lenny)
588004 libc6: abort segfaults under race condition with bsd_signal
590099 man page not consistent with --help
590577 upstream/libc6: argp looks strings from libc gettext text domain in default text domain
596990 __pthread_mutex_lock: Assertion `mutex->__data.__owner == 0' failed. (Bug 479952)
599488 upstream/libc6: NSS hosts fails to resolve names specified relatively in /etc/hosts but absolute in library call
605611 upstream/libc: backtrace_symbols wrong when in unexpected_handler
607277 moreinfo/iceweasel: segfault in idle
609527 /lib/libc.so.6: Parallel gethostbyname2_r() fails if DNS server answers the first query when receiving the second.
616171 libc6: Multiple calls to getgrouplist give different answers with/without nscd running
626001 moreinfo/[powerpc] sigsegv in memset called by calloc
626472 libc6: gethostbyname fails if label ends with dash
627531 ipv6 confirmed pending/mishandles 'options rotate' if only one IPv6 nameserver is given
632798 libc6: broken LANGUAGE design
634007 libc6: strftime %s wrong result when struct tm is from gmtime_r() and timezone is non UTC
634261 upstream/libc6: Bus Error in setbuf() only on sparc
642955 general: strptime pars not week number
645592 libc6: 2.11 (maybe?) breaks backwards (binary) compatibility
663948 ipv6/Wrong resolver behavior (ipv6) after squeeze point release
665408 tzdata: San Luis and Cairo wrongly show UTC
669154 upstream/freopen() can crash due to incomplete stream version detection
682972 ttyname() (and /bin/tty) on /dev/tty return "/dev/tty"
683826 cfsetspeed, real baud rates, custom baud rates (BOTHER)
685519 [libc6] /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu should be in ldconfig list
687545 libc6: Incorrect decimal printf output of tiny long double values on PowerPC
691371 Broken COPY relocation with UNIQUE symbols (upstream #12510)
692783 security/libc6: fcloseall() doesn't close any streams
693848 libc6: ld.so: LD_DEBUG=libs doesn't do what help says
694964 libc6:amd64: binary debian target fails - /usr/include/locale.h cannot be removed
699089 nss: compat does not handle gshadow
699321 libc6: statvfs() calling stat() unnecessarily (2.6.36)
702617 confirmed/. fails to match certian characters
704033 libpthread: libpthread-2.13.so segfault
709756 libc6 2.17 performance slowdown
709867 libc6: sometimes cannot resolve hostname
710521 "ldd -r /usr/bin/go" segfaults
710810 libc6: segfault in ld-2.17.so
714219 libc6: crypt(3) returns NULL with EINVAL instead of falling back to DES, breaking lots of software
718577 upstream patch/libc6: Libc6/libm-2.17 almost two times slower than 2.13 in trigonometric calculations
720352 confirmed/tr: crash upon failed write(2)
720780 libc6:amd64: /usr/local/lib64 (required by FHS) doesn't exist
721383 libc6: Debug information for ld*.so routines are not available even if I install libc6-dbg.
722075 libc6: getaddrinfo() sends DNS queries to random file descriptors
727658 libc6: Upgrade from squeeze to wheezy causes ethernet to fail
728113 sid jessie/_dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!
728240 libc6: S_IFMT constants not included when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined as 200112L
728703 ipv6/libc6: DNS resolution fails for domains without an ipv6 address if the DNS server doesn't send the "ra" flag
729514 libc6: fwprintf() doesn't print "(nil)" for NULL pointer and L"%p" format string
730744 wheezy/libc must use socketcall for accept4 in wheezy
731082 confirmed/ld.so.cache parsing code does not deal with mixed endianess multiarch, causing segfaults
731457 ipv6/libc: resolver doesn't fall back to secondary dns-server or retry, when first is ipv6 and unreachable
735090 libc6: makecontext leads to partially wrong backtrace on i386
737588 libc6: Missing a static /etc/ld.so.conf makes life difficult for multistrap users
738575 pthread: segfault in libpthread on Intel Galileo board
738652 ipv6/libc6: libnss_files behavior changed beetween 2.13-38 and 2.13-38+deb7u1
741031 libc6: cannot upgrade from 2.17-97 to 2.18-4
741482 libc6: ptsname_r() can use uninitialized memory
743866 getaddrinfo(3) failure for zeroconf (avahi)

Package: pointerize
38529 patch/Memory leak in pointerize (was: Problem #4)
53981 language-chooser
62003 gen-header segfaults on file system errors
125258 patch/pointerize: Spelling error in description

Package: mgp
40383 mgp2ps can write outside paper
51707 mgp: bar underlining title moves between slides
52112 mgp: %filter does not allow quoting
52697 mgp: no syntax to output a % as first char in a line
52881 moreinfo/mgp: Fails to proceed to next page
62812 MagicPoint should properly use the colormap
64053 MagicPoint to PostScript needs X
88036 mgp: Trouble with PNGs, transparent images
95380 MagicPoint doesn't handle .EPS properly
125805 mgp doesn't re-read source file (fix included)
129516 rakugaki mode enhancements (fix included)
144441 mgp: emacs MagicPoint mode clobbers keymaps reserved for the user
150721 unreproducible/mgp: SEGV on repeated back & forwards
153655 mgp: can't print '#' or '%' as the first char of a text line
198994 mgp: Example does not work because of changed font usage
207061 magicpoint upgrade breaks usability
371199 mgp: documentation links to dead url
377422 Crashes if %page added to file whilst mgp running
388461 segmentation fault (fixed by just rebuilding mgp from source)
481437 [mgp] mgp2ps not UTF-aware
597948 pending/Tag update
713034 mgp: 50mgp.el mgp-mode autoload interactive
713036 mgp: 50mgp.el debian-pkg-add-load-path-item

Package: xfonts-utils
40453 xbase-clients: update-fonts-alias should not write into /usr [waiting on FHS awareness upstream]
344776 Incorrect Speedo/fonts.dir leads to incorrect font selection
542900 warning: /etc/X11/fonts/X11R7/Type1 does not exist or is not a directory
682981 update-fonts-dir removes /u/s/f/X11/encodings/encodings.dir
706114 xfonts-utils: insufficient zlib1g dependency

Package: emacs21
40474 general: Emacs packages should use --no-site-file --no-init-file for compilation
46612 Keyboard fix for emacs20*.deb
48864 automatic site-specific subdirs in load-path not added
48987 Bug or incompatibility with previous face.el version?
109145 supercite does not honour sc-nested-citation-p for blank lines with sc-cite-blank-lines-p set to `t'
115440 vc: Buffers important messages from cvs
117371 emacs21: toolbar disabling decreases window height
117502 emacs21: ange-ftp doesn't save correctly
117956 emacs21: select-tags-table, tags-reset-tags-tables don't work right
118197 Menubar steals focus from main window
119174 emacs21: cannot set visible/ignored-headers in .gnus
119516 emacs21: vc-comment-search-* behave oddly: delete contents of current source buffer and show comment instead
121441 elisp mode shading errors
121553 incorrect shading of quotes in latex mode
121573 incorrect indentation due to open brace in latex mode
125960 emacs20: garbage with font -misc-fixed-17
127198 emacs21: gnus can no longer read nndraft:drafts
128385 emacs21: background colors are wrong in -nw mode
128610 emacs21: Dead key (^) not working in emacs21
131449 emacs21: contains disallowed emacs/XY.Z/site-lisp directory.
131862 emacs21: vc-next-action is very poor at detecting current version is not the newest
132910 emacs21: Sgml-mode C-c C-n can't take composed characters.
134403 emacs21: Please consider naming features in the description
136078 auto-revert-mode corrupting files with cvs checkin
144806 emacs21: Cut-and-paste under X is not i18n-aware
150138 emacs21: query-replace non-intuitive on overlapping matches
150422 moreinfo/emacs21: other-frame requires wm to give focus to 'primary' frame
152044 emacs21: ps-print globally sets ps-left-header in Gnus
157227 emacs20: X selection misbehavior
162322 emacs21: emacs segfaults under X on mips
166193 emacs: SEGVs
167141 emacs loses track of line numbers
167820 emacs21: load-path incorrectly initialized
170794 emacs21: vc-next-action-on-file fails to handle RCS owner changes
171011 emacs21: More scrolling problems
171461 emacs21: scroll-margin & show-trailing-whitespace conflict
176322 dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage confused by compliant version number
180960 emacs21: upgrade breaks running gnusae
184030 upstream/emacs21: MULE refuses to save file in UTF-8 when it should have no trouble
186137 emacs21: mouse-1 in vertical scroll bar has changed
192684 emacs21 and c-comment-start-regexp
197558 corrupts terminal if tcgetpgrp != getpgrp
201972 emacs21: cyrillic-beylorussian input method is incorrect
203005 emacs21: Emacs21 does not honor customized default font across frames.
205122 emacs21: compose-mail improperly handles attachments
211381 emacs21: Big fonts and widgets after upgrade from woody to sid
213683 emacs21: delete large block of text -> timed out waiting for property-notify event
216396 emacs21: Emacs crash on forwarding spam in vm
216609 bury-buffer inconsistent: won't display unburied *Man xxx* buffers; breaks buffer stacking/popping
220810 emacs21: skeleton-pair not defined in sh-script-mode
222215 emacs21: source package patch - misc-unseparated.dpatch uses absolute instead of relative paths
222725 emacs21: Hidden text (with allout.el or folding.el) garbled on save when LANG=en_US.UTF-8
225411 Info-goto-node appears to be case insensitive
232368 emacs21: shell-script bug with 'case'
237200 random freeze issue
237412 emacs21: emacs enters debugger at end of buffer when in LaTeX mode
238811 emacs21: inappropriately complains 'Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p'
240917 SIGSEGV on installation of dictionaries-common
254620 emacs21: server for emacsclient dies every few minutes
256191 emacs21: emacs installed and configured succesfully in spite of lack of disk space, causing problems in other places
258114 emacs21: cut-and-paste problem
262574 emacs21: minor display bug in emacs top level info display (dir)
266336 xterm changes meta-X to meta-8 in en_US.UTF-8 locale
267903 rmail-resend drops MIME headers
272492 /usr/bin/emacs21-x: emacs quits if display becomes unavailable
288222 emacs21: `browse-url-galeon' misleading description
291017 unreproducible/${$ret->{foo}} breaks indentation in perl mode
291549 during latex compilation, the interstices of emacs flash
291564 /usr/bin/emacs21-x: man pages not formatted quite right
295739 handle-switch-frame: Symbol's function definition is void: nil
297156 Changing the font size interacts badly with the ion window manager
298641 emacs21: seen on installation
298925 emacs20: manpage naming system confuses man
300934 Frames opened after changing the font size get the original font size.
307307 emacs21: symlinks for /usr/share/doc/emacs21{,-nox,-bin-common}
322035 emacs21: iso8859-1 font problem
345555 Ctrl-L changes position in other windows
365515 emacs21: refcard formatted incorrectly with 2 or 3 columns/page [patch]
366638 patch/dpkg --set-selections for emacs
372837 /usr/bin/emacs21-x: Scrolling problems
377768 emacs: Shell completion features search wrong directory for in-directory word completion
389978 emacs21: Cut and pasting text containing Danish characters into Firefox doesn't work
394439 emacs21: emacs under X mode fails to start over a VNC session
397159 emacs21: non-bmp unicode broken
399114 emacs21: rare gnus bug, intern ( ) broken?
399156 emacs21: Choosing from *Completions* buffer fails if insert-default-directory is nil
401792 emacs21: docstring for c-indent-region is incorrect
401915 emacs21: often hangs on startup
416462 emacs21: x-select-enable-clipboard broken
418198 emacs21: emacs freezes for 5s on startup
422550 emacs21: CVS mode doesn't work for me
422608 incorrect font metrics with truetype font
528363 Emacs freezing (most likely due to malloc hooks).

Package: dante
42198 dante: Dante and `accept any` address problem
716681 dante: patches generated configure file without corresponding patches to true source; incredibly confusing build system
740749 ipv6/dante: new release available with ipv6 support

Package: set6x86
43204 default set6x86 config causing crash in X
482840 set6x86: Please add hurd-i386 arch

Package: libc0.3
44039 libc0.3: nice changes priority of parent shell
127980 libc0.3: NSS and static binaries do not work on hurd
190581 libc-0.3: nice() doesn't work
551470 Processes hang after signal handler return

Package: powstatd
47454 powstatd: won't reboot if power restored after halt initiated
603535 missing LSB header information

Package: autoconf2.13
48123 confirmed/AC_FUNC_GETPGRP macro is broken with C++
100150 unreproducible/autoconf2.13 breaks on previously-working configure.in
107440 wontfix/autoconf: autoconf-wrapper does not check aclocal.m4 and acsite.m4
135964 unreproducible/autoconf clobbers autoconf files in /usr/bin
179201 wontfix/autoconf2.13: autocong badly declares 'exit(int);' prototype for C++

Package: jargon
48599 missing node in jargon file
528875 please add info-dir-section to your info files

Package: magicfilter
50196 magicfilterconfig problems
62411 magicfilter: If filter does not exist, magicfilter does not exit with error
81564 magicfilter: PostScript 300 text default for Printer Works SP-29000
84059 magicfilter: magicfilterconfig doesn't seem to work for networked printers
106304 ljet4ml driver issues an extra blank page after every job
135616 Magicfilter error behaviour
151855 wontfix/Problems with Samba and Ghostscript
307654 doesn't handle UTF-8
434147 Please upgrade to magicfilter2

Package: xmille
50235 xmille: perverse play confuses xmille -- no such card
508608 xmille: Fix onecard crash
697517 xmille: Typo in package description: "Bournes"

Package: debconf
50595 wontfix/debconf: Use of confmodule interface in postinsts is borked
101800 text frontend doesn't pause at end
142944 sid jessie patch wontfix/debconf: db_stop isn't enough to let apacheconfig run
169868 debconf: Choices field may sometimes be sorted according to translated values
174130 patch/debconf: allow empty variable substitutions in Choices field
175636 configuration problem during installation
179865 patch/dialog frontend does not have inter-block navigation controls, as readline frontend does
183361 debconf: v1.2.31 822.pm script errors during apt-get install
189026 patch/debconf protocol gobbles whitespace
192889 debconf: Should not be possible to set non-choice as select value
199722 note should be named 'warning'
201703 debconf: Configure fails due to unitialized variable
214916 It should be possible to attach longer descriptions to long selections lists
218182 debconf truncated config.dat
223039 debconf: Default location of config.dat is not FHS compliant?
223683 confirmed/useless noexec option broken further by debconf
232296 debconf: encoding of English text is not specified
235444 base-config loops over the same questions
243219 debconf: Initialises frontend even when not using it
247134 debconf: #226078 revived (was: /var/cache vs. /var/lib)
249351 flashplugin-nonfree 6.0.81-2 installation error
250751 sarge/GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_set_valist: construct property "sm-connect" for object `GnomeProgram' can't be set
260189 Debconf complains about unitialized values
264021 man page of dpkg-reconfigure needs to be clarify (--frontend option)
265109 debconf: error message suggesting broken templates database
265233 ideas for improved newt ui
269598 debconf should have versioned dependancy to debconf-i18n
270532 upgrade of debconf breaks dialog interface
272587 debconf gnome frontend needs scrollbar
273435 dpkg-reconfigure: spelling of noninteractive
285172 ssh: Mail problem during install, should depend on mail-transport-agent?
292207 mysql-server: problem installing the software
294032 debconf: Cannot install/update packages via cfrun/cfengine2
297540 Error message: Can't call method "description"...
298398 debconf: dpkg-reconfigure doesn't reconfigure dependent packages
299213 please document that ~/.debconfrc doesn't use $HOME to determine ~
304572 debconf.py:runFrontEnd() bug in execv of frontend
309968 debconf: KDE fronted resets apache-modconf settings
312248 debconf doesn't notice when child process segfaults
312251 debconf: METAGET doesn't report when field doesn't exist
316226 debconf: Debconf::Db::shutdown do not save all drivers
319177 some patchs
319458 Db->save do not shutdown all drivers
320201 debconf: should fallback to teletype frontend if TERM does not have correct value
321290 debconf-copydb spews lots of errors on templates files
337364 debconf: Separate stdout/stderr in maintainer scripts using debconf
357118 patch/debconf: exposes passwords in debug messages
368532 debconf's debconf for priority level should be rephrased for newbies
376688 debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Readline
379474 debconf-copydb: fails, "source does not exist"
387895 SUBST command return message does not have proper format
389156 debconf: "Wrong" logo installed at /usr/share/pixmaps/debian-logo.png
399215 libapache2-mod-php4: Emacs readline problem "What would you like to do about php.ini?"
405659 "Kde" should be capitalized in Template: debconf/frontend
414440 Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib ...
422473 debconf takes a long time when displaying large notes
427062 debconf: dpkg-reconfigure: should set package to "failed-config" if postinst fails
439763 debconf: hangs on puppet installs on preseed install
443753 /usr/share/debconf/frontend segfaults
445286 Readline frontend does not display default / already configured value
457271 debconf sometimes fails because of uninitialized value in Template.pm
460916 moreinfo/libsensors4: on upgrade, side-by-side comparison hangs up
463920 Client/ConfModule.pm calls cdebconf parameters in wrong order
465537 Debconf fails to initialise when /bin/sh is zsh
469354 patch/debconf: dpkg-reconfigure should acquire dpkg lock
474225 ucf: side-by-side diff is almost unreadable in gtk debconf frontend
478207 d-i/debconf: Use of uninitialized value in join or string
478281 an error in displaying of multiselect dialogues in text form
480015 KDE frontend does not show package name
486094 debconf: hangs on selecting "show a side-by-side difference between the versions"
487300 debconf: purging a package doesn't always purge the template space if d-s-s is run after package installation
493321 patch/No space between error title and error text in web frontend
493324 patch/Web frontend should really be styled
495217 patch/debconf: LDAP driver improvements (PATCH)
495319 debconf: uses first choice for select if old choice doesn't exist anymore
495592 debconf: confmodule: _db_cmd joins args with "I" instead of space
499902 debconf: one more problem while running inside Emacs' shell buffer
501767 [patch] hide cancel and close in the gnome frontend
501794 /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: --frontend should override DEBIAN_FRONTEND setting from environment
502228 [INTL:de] German Manpages final
502308 patch/debconf-set-selections does not handle superfluous whitespace
510876 debconf should reject problematic passwords
518322 debconf: db_register broken in corner case.
534180 Cannot use variable in Default field for multiselect
545324 dovecot: Config mechanism horribly broken
546051 debconf should offer to email or save displayed information
555052 debconf can not initialize frontends Gnome and kde, only Dialog works
563572 dpkg-reconfigure: exposes error message from dpkg --status
573244 uninitialized values logged during d-i install
577699 cannot reliably be used by non-root users
584413 cannot remove xdm: /usr/share/debconf/confmodule: Bad file descriptor
589519 squeeze patch/debconf-set-selections does not work with values containing '#'
593800 linux-image-2.6.26-2-amd64: Install error (failed to preconfigure) with /tmp mounted noexec
600491 Template libpam-runtime/profiles with text frontend proposes a "none of the above" choice which is bogus
601763 debconf: Debconf::ConfModule::communicate hangs on $_=<$r> || return $this->finish
604114 debconf gets confused by "postinst triggered"
606850 libqtgui4-perl: debconf fails package installations
608648 security/dpkg-reconfigure should chdir("/") before running maintainer scripts
616059 /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: should use dpkg-query --control-path to find path for templates/config files
620150 dpkg-reconfigure breaks trigger invokation
628595 /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: Swedish translation shown instead of Norwegian.
633748 debconf: (Can't locate Term/ReadLine.pm in @INC
635032 debconf: question data loss in some frontends (teletype, readline, at least)
641957 Infinite loop in /usr/share/debconf/frontend because of unitialized value in WrapI18N.pm
657626 pending patch/debconf: Does not show "unsupported command" error in DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer output
657630 debconf: Silently fails on multi-line values in db_set
663545 debconf: Should the obsolete modules be removed?
665901 debconf: Hangs if programs try to use if after db_stop was called.
668129 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get + quiet + ouput to non-terminal = control characters
670654 debconf: Missing dependency? Couldn't recognize the image file format
681893 debconf should create /var/cache/debconf if it doesn't exist
682508 debconf-apt-progress does not exit when it fails to run aptitude
688806 Crufty stdout fd3 comment in debconf/confmodule
699388 frontend segfaults right after perl update
701740 debconf: move debconf-utils from Suggested to Recommended dep
708650 debconf-show failed
709198 debconf: should not use python in maintainer scripts
723843 debconf: uninitialized value on "EOF" (^D)
726148 Subroutine Debconf::FrontEnd::Editor::SUPER::screenwidth redefined
729699 d-i/debian-installer: apt-setup/multiarch argument amd64 isn't numeric in multiplication debconf-apt-progress
737392 patch/Document --terse in dpkg-reconfigure(8)
738956 debconf: Specifying `Frontend` in `debconf.conf` fails
740378 dpkg-reconfigure -a -u doesn't work anymore

Package: x11-xserver-utils
50842 upstream/xbase-clients: [xset] led # option doesn't (re)set LEDs as documented
118171 upstream/xbase-clients: [xrdb] needs better error message when asked to process a directory instead of a file
201884 upstream/xbase-clients: [xmodmap] document that Unicode keysyms are available by codepoint
236200 upstream/xmodmap -pk makes trailing whitespace
387422 xbase-clients: xrdb no longer works after NFS server restart
443537 xrdb: an apostrophe in a comment causes cpp warning
451315 x11-xserver-utils: [xset] cant set the acceleration parameters of second mouse
486383 --dryrun in usage but not on man page
495267 upstream/xrandr fails to recognize certain CRTC configurations
496004 /usr/bin/xmodmap: xmodmap fails to properly map e key
503617 x11-xserver-utils: xset man page needs to fix open single quotes
509966 patch upstream/x11-xserver-utils: iceauth fails with non-ASCII characters in hostname
523441 x11-xserver-utils: Using xmodmap stops the left cursor key from working
538800 /usr/bin/xrandr: setting non-existent output as primary resets screen ordering
549064 x11-xserver-utils: xmodmap hangs X for several minutes
551610 moreinfo/[xrandr] problems with 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 external monitor
555648 x11-xserver-utils: xrandr -o left: starts up with squished fonts; aspect ratio not adjusted ?
575023 /usr/bin/xset: [xset] setting beep duration no longer works
575832 /usr/bin/xrandr: xrandr: Configure crtc 1 invalid time
579185 x11-xserver-utils: weird xkeystone executable
583321 Xrandr fails to enable external monitor connected after boot
591233 /usr/bin/xset: After 5-10 minutes the monitors gets into standby FOREVER; cold power to reboot
606332 /usr/bin/xset: [xset] Mouse acceleration below 1 (= slowing down) does not work
619532 xvidtune fails with Intel video
621835 xmodmap -e 'remove lock = Caps_Lock' no longer works.
623108 x11-xserver-utils: [xmodmap] reassigning AltGr no longer works
623109 x11-xserver-utils: [xmodmap] reassigning AltGr no longer works
629447 /usr/bin/xmodmap: accept GNU-style options
629488 x11-xserver-utils: xsetroot man page -cursor_name cross ref
636223 x11-xserver-utils: xrandr --scale doesn't work together with --panning
642510 moreinfo/mouse cursor starts jumping 5px when panning is enabled
673169 /usr/bin/xset: cannot set keyclick
673582 x11-xserver-utils: xsetroot -def doesn't
683806 /usr/bin/xmodmap: resuming from sleep (and possibly hibernation) - xmodmap settings are lost sometimes
709112 sessreg: creates/deletes bogus wtmp/utmp entries
731754 xmodmap: Does not honour my .Xmodmap at login / gkrellm crashes when xmodmap is executed

Package: xfstt
50860 xfstt runs as root
79303 xfstt: serving some TrueType fonts makes X crash
85017 xfstt uses lots of swap.
104464 upstream/xserver-xfree86: [truetype] SEGV when rasterizing 4485-point font on MGA G400 AGP rev 4
150180 xfstt: serving some TrueType fonts makes X crash
267687 xfstt won't serve fonts cross-endian
303828 patch/Hangs application if asked for FS_ListFontsWithXInfo

Package: mpage
51054 confirmed/mpage switches pages
671841 l10n/mpage presumes input to be ISO-8859-1

Package: automake1.4
52707 automake: WISH: when found C++ sources, add --c++ to tags generation
98063 aclocal fails when required macros are already defined in aclocal.m4
107851 automake: "make dist" fails by creating bad relative symlinks in "distdir"
235467 pdns: FTBFS
240210 tar: does not store full path of files in archive when -o is specified
291381 Does not honour minimum-version requirement
344436 wontfix/automake1.4: broken version of texinfo.tex creates PDF instead of DVI
373669 aclocal grabs unneeded/unwanted macros
386683 unreproducible moreinfo/automake1.4: aclocal link to /etc/alternatives/aclocal missing
692549 patch wontfix/automake: patch for debian/control: Add ${misc:Depends} depends

Package: apsfilter
53024 Printer doesn't print when using apsfilter as if
75197 apsfilter package bugs, wishes, and improvements
83053 apsfilter does not gracefully upgrade
86754 pending upstream/SMB shares with spaces in them
89903 Apsfilterconfig -->execstackoverflow (fresh Deb2.2r2 install)
103128 upstream/should be able to specify gs device name not listed in devices.txt
103462 apsfilter problem with redir_gs_msg.ps
132422 apsfilter: apsfilterconfig installs acct and log files in peculiar places
153645 upstream/apsfilter: Low quality output on c40ux squashed (stp driver)
155199 wontfix/apsfilter: Apsfilter 7.2.2-3 unable to print test page
157276 moreinfo/Apsfilter does not filter PostScript files
168827 apsfilter setup can't locate pips/sc60s driver
169852 moreinfo/apsfilter: only prints blank pages on dj500
194048 apsfilter: pdfwrite printer type generates invalid PDF files
246034 upstream/Can not handle CaPSL
250166 moreinfo upstream sarge woody/Printer control for some Epson printers is wrong
252144 upstream/apsfilter: apsfilter doesn't provide the proper driver
323407 apsfilter Gimp-Print support is broken; it must now support Gutenprint
424133 IMO apsfilter should be moved to non-free until postcardware issue is resolved; what do you think?
433163 [lp@rocky: apsfilter: error creating directory for temporary files]
625833 read: read error: 0: Is a directory
659606 apsfilter suggests inexistant pnm2ppa

Package: gpm
53150 gpm gets screen size confused
53437 gpm: Lock keyboard on laptop with psaux mouse
113663 repeater overflow
121741 gpm: connect attempt failed
122203 gpm: Complete operational failure with synaptics touchpad
129215 "gpm: spews noise to /dev/input/mice"
136669 gpm: A \ at the end of line is changed into \ \n during paste
138288 upstream/gpm: in raw mode, does not forward the data of 4. button of MouseManPlus correctly
143832 gpm does not start at all
147916 gpm: multiple mode does not work with devfs
152669 gpm-1.19.6-12 goes crazy on a Dell Inspiron 4100
153858 gpm_1.19.6-12 doesn't work for SHARP PC-9800T GlidePoint mouse
154499 gpm and USB mouse via PS/2 adaptor
158693 gpm: Scroll wheel repeat problem
160528 gpm: sample_rate undocumented and strangely behaving
163688 gpm: Problems with "Logitech Optical (dual sensor)" mouse
168561 gpm: libc6 upgrade makes gpm choppy
171872 gpm: gpm fails with cordless imps2 mouse
177191 gpm: Error with Logitech mice
178723 patch upstream/gpm fails on host connected to iogear kvm switch
182118 mouse becomming choppy on upgrade to libc6
184677 gpm: ps2_rework_mice_c patch fails to wait for ACK
203711 gpm: Error with Logitech MouseWare 9.24 - M 3.5.1
214643 sid jessie/gpm: freezes the machine when there is a lot of disk i/o
214868 upstream moreinfo/xserver-xfree86: keyboard doesn't work at X server first start
219974 sid jessie moreinfo/Kernel 2.6 and gpm does not function
222803 gpm: Inverted -B values?
234476 wontfix upstream/document that use of ImPS/2+gpmdata with imps2+raw causes pauses
254320 gpm: joystick does not move the cursor
284064 links: segfault if devices aren't available
288610 gpm: improve command line handling (inconsistent)
289165 gpm: Unnecessary question about X
289987 wrong device setting when installing gpm
291155 dpkg-reconfigure gpm doesn't work with read-only /usr
301897 kernel 2.6.11: gpm stops working after a while
305025 kerlnel-image-2.6.11-1-686: psmouse.c: Explorer mouse lost synchronization
306950 patch/gpm: incorrect mouse setup/detection
308087 gpm: oops() invoked from gpn.c(205) on 'gpm -k' when gpm's not running
309396 gpm: mouse leaves black trails over console rendering it unreadable
321845 Alps touchpad tapping remap fails in gpm
326709 patch/libgpm can bomb the stack hooking to its own signal handlers
326838 kernel 2.6.13 and /dev/gpmdata are not friends
352497 gpm: repeating broken since X.org 6.9 entered Testing
378590 gpm: GPM init.d script should modprobe mousedev in case no mouse is plugged in.
384503 gpm: oops() invoked from gpn.c(454)
397595 gpm crashed by start
415356 gpm: Copy and paste in UTF8/PPC framebuffer in vim broken
468674 Clicking in gpm 1.20.3~pre3 doesn't work
479047 htop 0.7-1 does not like new libgpmg1 (1.20.3~pre3-3) htop exits after any key press
496868 Missing manpage for gpm-microtouch-setup(8)
520896 unchecked deps of gpm-microtouch-setup to tclsh or wish
532137 /etc/init.d/gpm strace uses unsupported parameter -e
532377 gpm: Reopening bug #474516
540364 gpm: source code is not chroot-friendly
579976 gpm: Double klicking marks quation marks as well
596374 gpm: dpkg-reconfigure fails
610881 gpm: Upstream contacts are broken
610882 gpm: Unclear messages in syslog
677418 security upstream/gpm shares its clipboard among different users
722928 gpm does not support clickpad

Package: playmidi
53390 upstream/playmidi: distortion in output to external keyboard
191775 wontfix/playmidi no worky
339825 playmidi: playback too fast by factor 10
493467 playmidi needs better short description
723501 playmidi link with -L/usr/lib

Package: rcs
53434 wontfix upstream/rcs: Unstable operation on vfat partition

Package: xloadimage
53721 xloadimage: Display problem of TIFF image
131423 xloadimage background
149347 xloadimage -default -tile my.image does not work
186690 xloadimage: xview messes up X display on certain .gif files
188365 xloadimage doesn't grok PPMRAWBITS files with maxval >255
316029 xloadimage: -global -shrink does not work right
349102 xloadimage: JPEG image colors are badly quantized
379910 xloadimage: xview displays PNGs wrongly
384841 xloadimage segfaults with corrupt gif
387030 -onroot uses up all Xlibs connections
394366 int/long confusion causes xsetbg segfault on AMD64
394380 int/long confusion causes xsetbg segfault on AMD64
451255 xloadimage misrenders png files
491707 xloadimage 4.1-16: LP64 bugs
585586 xloadimage: BMP format not supported
677041 xloadimage: Error (FPE) when trying to clip an image

Package: jade
53914 morerows and colname fail in print
104193 jade: assertion failed compiling to TeX
148410 jade: problem with "-t tex", .tex isn't written in the right directory
187560 jade: should be priority "extra"
198919 jade: PostScript output fails to handle morerows in docbook
206707 wontfix upstream/sgml-data: Warning in /usr/lib/sgml/declaration/xml.dcl
210619 jade: unicode catalog causes errors
212249 docbook2html: not accepting \n as whitespace
395437 jade: spelling errors
531286 unowned files after purge (policy 6.8)
615341 jade: please use Homepage field to point to upstream homepage
708414 jade linked to system's libsp but not the generated one

Package: doc-base
53956 wontfix/mapping sections according dhelp's standard
60981 [doc] docid field must match document field
481801 doc-base: does not register translations of documents
560792 doc-base: Plese add section for Network/Servers
627076 doc-base: Byte order is not compatible at ../../lib/Storable.pm
706927 moreinfo/redundant Index/Files fields in case of one HTML file
708465 doc-base: Error in `/usr/share/doc-base/elib' line 12: all `Format' sections are invalid.
709912 Error while merging foo-xx with foo-en: format html already defined
730240 doc-base: request for epub format support
737172 doc-base: if old package version installed duplicate doc-base files, upgrades fail

Package: fte-terminal
54765 sfte displaying wrong characters
282093 fte-terminal: F1-F4 do not work in an xterm
561534 fte-terminal: FTE displays garbage on Sparc
716307 [Mayhem] Bug report on fte-terminal: sfte crashes with exit status 139

Package: memtest86
54780 hwtools: memtest in real mode on 2GB RAM: nothing happens
56661 memtest86 doesn't display on mono screen
254215 patch/memtest86: Memtest86 incorrectly generates BadRAM-patch location information
295531 memtest86: does not ask all questions before installation
403142 patch/memtest86: no serial console in/out
528371 make-memtest86-boot-floppy fails to copy grub files
540972 patch/After moving to grub-pc memtest86+ does not launch.
563095 memtest86: does not install in chroot/debian-live
572810 memtest86 3.5 unexpected interrupt in Acer Travelmate 220
578028 memtest86: "unexpected interrupt" on two different identical notebooks
659410 [memtest86] Ignores keyboard input in certain (most) parts, such as keypress on c (configuration)

Package: x2x
54988 x2x: warping cursor in 'to' screen doesn't work
158181 wontfix upstream/x2x: X cut&paste mucks up unless -nosel is used
167839 x2x: dragging a URL from Galeon confuses X server
191350 x2x: Can't move pointer beyond 1st head in multiheaded "to" display
203027 upstream/x2x: Focus with focus-follows-mouse
236657 x2x: with multihead "from" display full to display not accesable (invers of 191350)
256857 patch/x2x: shift and caps are faked (except for cygwin)
286644 x2x: AltGr characters not getting through
476960 x2x: crashes when on -to monitor and network goes down
600936 x2x: special chars (strictly speaking the german umlauts) are not send to remote host
671909 x2x: ssh -X to root doesn't work with non-root X logins.
709424 x2x: multihead 'from' with vertical secondary screen: cannot reach right margin on 'to' and return to 'from'

Package: whiptail
55182 upstream/whiptail: --infobox doesn't work well in an xterm
86133 debconf: dialog: TERM variable is not being used, neither is user's xterm default colors
136030 upstream help/whiptail: resets cursor attributes on exit
265785 dpkg-reconfigure: users are not allowed to interrupt or suspend
303642 whiptail eats CPU when it becomes non-interactive
320078 whiptail is unable to handle special characters not present in current locale
324901 Documentation is not sufficent for whiptail verions 0.51.6-20 (Debian Sarge)
364739 Display problems with serial console
406278 whiptail manpage issues
557019 Problems with ANSI-colors
640749 debconf: Does not display correctly in non 80x24/5 terminal
733298 whiptail: Typo in manpage
745238 patch/whiptail: unreal exit code presented in the manpage

Package: iputils-ping
55727 unreproducible/netbase: -v returns error packet too short
146162 ipv6/ping6: please document lack of Record Route option
146247 man page should have a RETURN VALUE section
175855 ping6: document -r (DONTROUTE) option breakage
304505 ping error messages "Frag needed and DF set" loops too fast
438727 ping does not recognize interface name lo correctly
456191 ping -w -c counts error responses towards exiting
456192 ping -w -c and error responses weird output
458662 iputils-ping: To much space in usage message
477569 iputils-ping: mdev is not documented
495724 netkit-ping: ping man page should mention similar programs
498429 sid squeeze ipv6 wheezy jessie/ping to multicast yields DUP! replies
502659 iputils-ping: should display the time since last response when there is no response
504047 [iputils-ping] Ignores SIGINT and SIGTERM when dns doesn't work
553193 iputils-ping: ping -U doesn't do what it says it does
556642 Spelling error in rdisc.c error message
578472 iputils-ping: please parse csfailed to gather_statistics() in ping.c
611976 Ping run takes zero time.
612232 ping6: do not correctly retrive hosts with CNAME
628511 iputils-ping: Ping unlawfully convert wrong or incomplete ip addresses
650478 iputils-ping: ping very slow on some non-numeric destinations due to timeout on avahi-daemon socket
650479 iputils-ping: ping on an IP address doesn't do reverse DNS lookups
653476 ipv6/ping6 -I option needs better documentation
655345 iputils-ping: Malformed IP header: ID field always 0x00
673366 iputils-ping: ping6 can display wrong from ip address
703216 iputils-ping: ping preload doesn't appear to work as advertised in the man page, works fine when strace'ing it
711492 iputils-ping: /bin/ping6 depends on shared libraries in /usr
732565 Ping manpage mixes ping and ping6 options

Package: htdig
55940 htdig: default install daily error emails
57282 /usr/share/htdig/parse_doc.pl doesn't work with certain converters
59482 htdig: exclude_urls default not sufficient (should include .pl and ?)
63406 htdig builds index as root
84761 DB2 problem: ... write failed...
89041 htdig 3.1.5 external_parser problem
96745 rundig isn't aware about locale settings in /etc/htdig/htdig.conf
100309 htdig does not like paranoid umask
102981 htdig: htdig hangs when parsing PDF
104607 htdig use his own dictionary located in /etc/htdig/english.* (why not the system wide)
111418 htdig: cron script says cannot open /var/..../db.wordlist.work
162423 htdig: error with gs 7
165420 upstream/wwwoffle: no htdig searching instructions appear on search page
165971 htdig doesn't handle external parser options
168623 htdig: parse_doc.pl does not redirect enough error output to /dev/null, annoys root
181559 htdig sends daily error messages about ghostscript not being able to read files
230826 daily cron run of htdig aborts on htnotify
234614 htdig: DB2 problem in open/create document database
236561 htdig via wwwoffle doesn't work anymore
242108 htmerge.1.gz: way behind html version
269831 htdig: htdig blows out building large db.word files
339055 htdig missing regex documentation
354129 unreproducible moreinfo/htdig: /usr/bin/htfuzzy segfault
379892 wontfix upstream/default config crawls the htdig.org website
383681 htdig: does not suggest to change /etc/default/htdig
420670 (Errors in daily htdig script; in debian etch) Installed htdig as required from apt-get upgrad due to kde file upgrades, but get errors daily in Debian v4.
435242 patch/rundig: don't force "initial" database rebuild on every run
465540 post-installation script doesn't work in zsh
494961 htdig: htdig caches its database under /var/lib
500588 htdig: bad log message
506448 patch/htdig: every day I receive error messages
560315 patch/htdig: Use db_settitle instead of deprecated db_title
563260 patch//etc/cron.daily/htdig generates lock-related error message
564205 patch/htdig: always rebuild endings and synonyms databases
564213 patch/htdig: error when building endings and synonyms databases
613269 htdig -v <metaphone|soundex> return a Segmentation fault
620416 htdig: Consistently creates corrupt database db.words.db.
621713 htdig: makes cron noise

Package: gmemusage
55977 Threads mess up the statistics
112917 gmemusage: Default window width too small.
219570 gmemusage: on highmem window too small
392368 gmemusage: new upstream (kinda)
413621 gmemusage: aborts with X error
541870 fails on system with large memory
608643 gmemusage: aborts with "cannot stat /proc/kcore"

Package: isdnutils
56000 isdnutils: number selection is overly simple
108141 confirmed/whatis parse for .isdnctrl_conf.8.gz fails
674452 isdnutils: please enable hardened build flags
725000 sid jessie patch/isdnutils: FTBFS after upgrade tcl-dev to 8.6

Package: vtwm
57067 upstream/vtwm: during f.movescreen, virtual desktop gets messed up
112525 upstream/vtwm: TitlePadding does not work properly
113327 upstream/vtwm: focus does not reliably follow mouse pointer under X 4.1.0
120259 moreinfo/vtwm: Keystrokes vanish with Mozilla, some KDE apps
290884 title w/o buttons breaks vtwm
393145 vtwm: strange behaviour under fr_FR.UTF-8 locale
414540 Vtwm Debian menu' dont' work
427623 vtwm dies on C-z
427788 vtwm: managed windows (under certain conditions) don't repaint on exposure
545376 vtwm is not in the gdm menu session, and flag alt F4 from tutorial crashes vtwm
545378 vtwm: button 1 = : window : f.raise is not working for clicking anymore
692233 vtwm: 100% cpu on SIGTERM

Package: adduser
57280 base-config: Should ask if the admin wants to use user groups or a `users' group
110516 adduser: bad interaction with NIS
143432 adduser: does not correctly support NIS
152195 wontfix moreinfo/passwd: useradd lists home directory in /etc/passwd even when it doesn't create it.
202943 wontfix/adduser: Default for DIR_MODE should be rather 700 than 755
214546 adduser complains about insecure PATH setting when running setuid
398793 adduser: Non system wide readable (home) directories should not be 751
398802 Preseeding adduser/homedir-permission doesn't appear to work
432562 wontfix/--system should allow uppercase in usernames without --force-badname
440801 adduser: Option --firstuid no longer applied to GID's of new users' user group
473379 deluser incorrectly warns that a group has no more members
486585 adduser/homedir-permission isn't set the first time running debconf
486877 translated prompt does not accept proper answers
496683 wontfix/adduser assigns wrong group if setgid=set in parent
503153 adduser: manpage confusing
508740 adduser: confusing message regarding format of group names
516285 help/It seems to accept anything for 'yes'
541620 no conffile handling for /etc/adduser.conf - use ucf?
545714 deluser does not remove empty main group when the user is member of it
547911 adduser: option --add_extra_groups not mentioned in --help overview, but mentioned in manpage
558260 --quiet doesn't make adduser $user $group quiet
559423 delgroup: incorrect exit status
573155 usage suggests "adduser --group [--gid ID] GROUP" which doesn't work
583976 alligning UID==GID for user private groups
611898 adduser: manpage mentions nonexistent possibility to run custom scripts
625758 patch/'adduser --disabled-login' does not behave as documented.
630643 adduser: Cancelling with Ctrl+C still adds entries to /etc/{passwd,group}
630750 patch/default NAME_REGEX value in /etc/adduser.conf is incorrect
643561 adduser with personal groups produces non-matching gids
664869 /usr/sbin/addgroup: syntax `adduser user group' not mentioned
666435 invalid error message when subprocess killed by signal
669979 adduser: Please drop unused lintian-overrides
675804 some adduser/addgroup warnings don't show the process name (please use warnf)
678615 "users" group is empty
682156 delgroup I/O requirements are O(n^2) with regards to number of configured users
685529 adduser: translation error in german manpage
685532 adduser: deluser still does not delete named pipes
695997 patch/adduser: Minor error in Norwegian Bokml debconf translation
701110 patch/adduser removes cloned-uid usernames, during gpasswd -M ... (get_group_members() bug)
708073 Recreating a system user fails when its UID is out of range
722583 delgroup --only-if-empty is undocumented in manpage
723572 adduser: Invoking adduser twice with the same parameters yields exit status 1 for non system users.
728311 patch/Enable support for autopkgtest
730107 adduser --system and addgroup --system should ignore remote directory services
744142 adduser: /etc/adduser.conf has incorrect NAME_REGEX string

Package: perl
58326 Perl_my_setenv() problem
161507 perl-doc: section 1 manpages for non-commands should move to section 7
190887 upstream confirmed/perl: Incorrect ioctl values from ioctl.ph
203297 wontfix/perl: don't say to look for continue
205002 upstream confirmed//usr/bin/find2perl: one can get away with e.g. find2perl file -mtime
206211 confirmed/perl-doc: doesn't fall back to -t if no groff is present
334030 wontfix/perl: t/op/rand.t bogus failures
361992 a2p % modulus very different than awk
393577 a2p: problems and solution for translating `chem.awk'
410083 upstream confirmed/perl: cpan should use locales at run time for output
410086 perl: cpan should migrate old config
496739 wontfix/rename: man page should include "--" option
503993 clarify readline() docs about $!
522827 wontfix/perl: policy violation with the current /usr/share/doc symlinks
549932 upstream confirmed/ExtUtils::LibList unconditionally chooses libfoo_s.a over libfoo.a
582525 confirmed/called to early to check prototype but no warning, docs vague
604128 unreproducible//usr/bin/perl: corrupted double-linked list on s390
618524 confirmed/incomplete documentation for abs_path
624689 unreproducible/perl: segfaults (dereferencing a null pointer) while evaluating a pattern match
630779 perl: wrong default installsite path for man pages
648623 confirmed/Tests skipped on GNU/Hurd
656242 wontfix/perl: .packlist file missing
663544 use warnings FATAL => 'all' should either print all or none of the warnings, not half!
688974 perl: Ambiguous use of operator warning when requiring sys/cdefs.ph
690773 confirmed/perl: Module::Build creates non group-writable site directories
706749 confirmed fixed-upstream/perldoc: Minor bug in fileno example
717433 debian cross build produces a unusable perl-dev package
718611 moreinfo/Encode.pm: Cannot decode string with wide characters.
720872 confirmed/perl: Perl 5.18 "randomly" loses active references under "use threads"
731570 confirmed pending/debian/t/copyright.t failing
735134 perl: rename(1) is ancient
743184 perl: SpamAssassin spamd segfaults since updating servers to Debian wheezy
744751 perl -i ignores errors (!)

Package: cvs
58378 unreproducible moreinfo/cvs: cvs admin -sfoo fails silenty for files in the Attic
58743 upstream confirmed help/cvs: problem resurrecting files on trunk
61666 unreproducible moreinfo/cvs vi ssh doesn't always restore tty mode
67895 wontfix/cvs: cvs update on existing checkout sets mtime to new for all changed files
110920 moreinfo/cvs watch on . doesn't set watch for new files
117118 unreproducible moreinfo/cvs: If repository path ends with /, checkout with double -j fails
120400 moreinfo/cvs: CVS not smart enough to propogate module definitions (when using virtual modules)
149973 moreinfo/cvs: cannot merge a branch to trunk through ssh
150581 moreinfo/cvs: cvs init causes hang when used with -d :ext:
160009 moreinfo/cvs: ampersand module brings in whole tree
160011 upstream/cvs: modules documentation needs expansion
161597 moreinfo/cvs update reports stdio_buffer_shutdown Assertion failure
166254 moreinfo/cvs: cygwin client to debian server hangs when compression enabled.
182866 moreinfo/cvs uses 181m memory!
186100 moreinfo/cvs: Can't checkout from pserver
189083 confirmed/cvs: cvs add creates dir/CVS for a directory on failure
195083 unreproducible moreinfo/cvs login writes duff record into ~/.cvspass
201863 upstream help/cvs: asserts and leaves repo inconsistent when out of disc space
269917 moreinfo/cvs up -P gives error in a single directory repository
274089 moreinfo/some cvs errors leave stuck processes at other end of ssh
274094 unreproducible moreinfo/docs disagree with program about KeywordExpand option
280174 upstream help sarge/cvs: repo corruption on large-scale tags on hppa
282735 upstream confirmed/cvs: manpage incomplete because generated from parts of (complete) texinfo docs
284993 moreinfo/cvs up -A -C can fail
290531 moreinfo/cvs: (maybe) don't add new files to MAIN when importing on a branch
292202 moreinfo/cvs add fails to resurrect removed files
292729 moreinfo/cvs dates are not consistent
298577 unreproducible moreinfo/cvs: ':ext:user@cvs.example.com:/' in CVS/Root is not acceptable on cvs update
307265 upstream wontfix/cvs: man page includes too many blank lines
369870 upstream moreinfo/cvs: phantom revisions with bogus date on branch on file resurection
459641 moreinfo/cvs no longer works on an nfs mounted cvs checkout
469523 wontfix/cvs: docs should live in separate package
471677 moreinfo/cvs marks a release tag as a branch tag under CVS/Tag
500772 moreinfo/cvs: duplicate logHistory warning in multi-root pserver
522337 moreinfo/cvs ignores /etc/gai.conf and prefers ipv6 addresses
528478 moreinfo/cvs: received broken pipe signal
610539 upstream moreinfo/if i hit Ctrl-C at the password prompt during cvs operation, the typed characters at the command prompt are invisible
659861 squeeze/cvs contains /usr/share/info/dir.gz

Package: xvt
59045 confirmed/xvt/ncurses-base: New "xterm" terminfo breaks xvt
121880 confirmed/xvt: Home/End/Delete keys NonFunctionallyGood
151863 confirmed/xvt: backspace does not work in zsh
391572 xvt 2.1-18 buffer overflow
647389 mass bug filling for package depending on menu
681246 patch upstream/xvt: segfault on 64 bits architectures

Package: ncurses-bin
60377 "reset" broken for dumb terminals
239205 "reset changes a unicode console to non-unicode"

Package: libglide2
61094 libglide2-v3: "Funky" colours in low-res modes
61263 mesag3-glide2: Fails to display fullscreen with voodoo 3 hardware
66812 libglide2-v3: X corrupt after running 3D program
69169 libglide2-v2: Using Voodoo2 cards from different vendors in SLI causes the screen to freeze
72861 Voodoo2 - none detected
74547 libglide2: libglide2 fails 3dfx detection if xfree modeline is missing
115179 libglide2: libglide2 not usable with 3dfx voodoo1

Package: dupload
61324 dupload -q should pass -q to scp with the scpb method, too
140820 dupload: race with NI
181476 dupload scp tells that upload succeeded, even before asking for password
215559 dupload: visiblename and visibleuser fields aren't used
294144 dupload: rsync doesn#t upload changes file last
326947 dupload: No way to disable gpg check
328070 dinstall 0 does not send email with exim
355474 'dupload --to anonymous-ftp-master' fails
479831 patch/Please make UNRELEASED distro check disabable
489966 dupload: upload of .changes file results in a 0 sized file
505611 dupload should add verbosity
528269 should protect against outdated .upload files
532205 patch/dupload fails to upload when "options inet6" in resolv.conf
639802 patch upstream/dupload: should upload the .changes file as the last file
661376 dupload: please drop the volatile queue entry

Package: ispell
61956 ispell don't recognizes and caracters, prints =M instead.
136620 moreinfo/Swedish: Fails to recognize words with initial hyphen
151397 ibritish&iamerican: doesn't know some words
182865 breaks symbolic and hard links on spelling
273060 ispell: doesn't detect misplaced double letters
301205 ispell: munchlist should exit non-zero on out-of-tmpspace
310844 Fails with strings starting by \sp (e.g., \spanish, \special)
372192 ispell does not check html
469016 l10n/ispell: Should handle charsets
509988 ispell: English text with Chinese chars, problematic spellchecking
561089 ispell: segfaults on checking any file

Package: gmod
62622 help wontfix/gmod: not i386-only

Package: logrotate
63196 duplicate entries in config files
87515 patch/logrotate never trims its state file
159088 help/logrotate: glob doesn't follow symlinks under 2.4 kernels
159916 bad year 1934 for file /var/log/wtmp
326028 wontfix//etc/logrotate.conf: should /var/log/btmp really be world-readable?
397944 consider default (system wide) configuration /etc/logrotate.conf in each section
400198 unreproducible wontfix/logrotate: race condition when creating new log file
431601 incorporate log file timestamp into subject line when mailing log
431603 subject header inconsistent on mailed logs when using dateext
449259 moreinfo/erroneous error messages when option delaycompress is used
460542 wontfix/logrotate spins out of control when files are missing
504333 logrotate ignores files with date 1904-1-1 in /var/lib/logrotate/status
580069 patch/logrotate: Logs are never rotated on the first run (when using datebased criteria)
582630 upstream/logrotate fails on missing logfiles even when it shouldn't
590833 logrotate: Squid is not notified of log file rotation
611238 moreinfo/logrotate: wrong order of compression and script execution
635533 moreinfo/logrotate: Zombie process
691407 logrotate(8) does not mention all reasons for ignoring included files
701695 moreinfo/logrotate: Return code in firstaction is not honoured
712559 logrotate: sharedscripts not executed for cups
716649 logrotate: default taboo extension list does not include .dpkg-bak
717726 logrotate doesn't recreate logfiles with the previous permissions
734688 Logs are not rotated for a month
736838 moreinfo/logrotate: Won't rotate Xorg log files
737188 logrotate: doesn't report permission errors unless run with -v
738549 logrotate truncates logs when rule matches a directory and a path with a symlink to this directory
738559 logrotate: Wildcard match first directory only

Package: openssh-server
63460 ssh calls pam_open_session in defferent process than setuid
73611 sshd segfault if the pam_issue module is used
109846 ssh: SSH uses PAM password authentication in SSH2 even if disabled in sshd_config
117318 ssh: Enabling IPv6 in sshd breaks IPv4 tunnels
125171 moreinfo/ssh: strange behavior with the HostbasedAuthentication opption in sshd_config
140963 patch/ssh should start if I launch /etc/init.d/ssh start
147201 ssh: superfluous default settings in sshd_config
151102 moreinfo/3.3 seems to fail on the aoutomounted nfs home directory.
172951 sid jessie upstream/ssh: using [action=N] syntax in pam config breaks, but other apps handle it fine
187558 ssh: non root users are unable to connect
208252 ssh 3.6 and pam_safeword.so.1 (incompatibility)
212787 sshd hangs on NIS account when using authorized_keys
224405 sshd hang when problem allocating pty
236306 Segmentation fault during keyboard-interactive authentication in sshd
237272 sid jessie/ssh: PAM session optional modules are not called if UsePrivilegeSeparation is off
240506 New update breaks login with ldap
241496 moreinfo/sshd_config overwritten during upgrade
242236 sshd eats 100% CPU after logout when X11 forwarding was used (UsePam related)
265348 unreproducible moreinfo/Segmentation fault in 'sshd'
283528 fixed-in-experimental/sshd is being started despite configuration setting
286844 moreinfo/sshd segmentation fault (sparc64)
298427 sshd on user-mode-linux segfaults with "UsePAM yes"
313382 openssh-server: sshd re-exec requires execution with an absolute path
314289 sid jessie/ssh: unable to login after upgrade to 4.1p1-3 (with some PAM configurations?)
315040 openssh-server: Problem with pam_setcred() call
316086 openssh-server: fails silently when -6 given but no IPv6 support in kernel
342137 openssh-server: Script on login never displays last window, other inconsistencies
342157 openssh-server: calls PAM auth and setcred in different contexts
352508 patch upstream/authorized_keys handling doesn't canonicalise IP address
360525 openssh-server: specified Port values ignored when additional ListenAddress enabled
361663 openssh-server: accounts with empty password accessable after upgrade
367993 ssh: fails to show any error when start/stop as normal user fails
368034 ssh: immediate failure of a child process doesn't cause an unsuccessful exit.
373006 patch upstream/logic error in sshd(8) manpage/known_hosts file format
392856 openssh-server: Default locale ignored on ssh logins
395535 openssh-server does not seem to care about libwrap
406987 authorized_keys from="" syntax doesn't support multiple hosts
407754 openssh-server: GSSAPICleanupCredentials doesn't, unless PrivilegeSeparation is enabled
417136 openssh-server: nothing logged for failed pubkey auth for valid users at default loglevel
419574 openssh-server: Doesn't update sshd_config on upgrade
421993 fish + big archive ( + 2GB)= file nonconcluded
422327 openssh-server: Fails to bind port for X11 forwarding, ipv4/ipv6 mess
436111 openssh-server: password-less login doesn't work for normal user under Hurd
439058 GSSAPICleanupCredentials doesn't work for root
481860 security/openssh-server upgrade didn't remove all compromised keys from /etc/ssh
482568 openssh-server: sshd disconnects client with exit 0 when symbolic links are met
483838 openssh-server: odd RSA key sizes fail cross-architecture
491550 sshd does not log login attempts using invalid public keys
492024 openssh-server: Doesn't support authorized_keys with user/role logins
494311 openssh-server: Can no longer scp from D-I session running in VirtualBox VM on same machine
496547 openssh-server: command in authorize_keys not executed
500121 openssh-server: Adjusted OOM killer is inherited by all child processes
503880 openssh bug 5.1p1-3: logs flooded with errors
505995 openssh-server: openssh server fails on reboot
510951 segfaults after PAM thread exits unexpectedly
512209 Please don't touch sshd from interfaces-up
514523 ListenAddress :: does not allow IPv4 connections
519990 openssh-server: login with domain/user not working
522745 [security] debian/openssh-server.postinst improved sshd_config
524329 openssh-server: regression - .Xauthority corrupted on systems with shared $HOME in Lenny
525335 No way to reenable Nagle's algorithm (opposite of TCP_NODELAY)
525435 X11 forwarding points $DISPLAY at reusable resource
532754 sshd should not setup MAIL environment variable
533398 bad display name "unix:10.0" in "add" command
559869 openssh-server looses connectivity on high load after upgrade
562593 moreinfo/openssh-server fails to install - hangs at generating DSA2 key (Debian MIPS on SGI Indy R5000)
566831 sshd started after upgrade even if not running and disabled
574035 openssh-server: sshd_config(5) should mention that the server needs xauth for X11 forwarding
580919 During upgrade niceness of server-process is inherited from mother-process.
590578 openssh-server: exits if ListenAddress is not available for binding
595014 openssh-server: X11Forwarding does not work when net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1
599399 Incorrect effective groups when logging in with NIS and pubkey auth
601864 openssh-server: Environment variable defaults in PAM act as overrides
607238 openssh-server: Unsupported option KerberosGetAFSToken
607369 authorized_keys: key options on items preceding match key generates false log output
607602 fixed-upstream/openssh-server: Bogus warning, "Authentication tried for XXX with correct key but not from a permitted host"
609546 possibel bug in sshd: pubkey auth does not more work if ${HOME} is NFS
610044 openssh-server: SSH into OpenVZ container results in "error writing /proc/self/oom_adj: Operation not permitted" in /var/log/auth.log
611218 squeeze/openssh-server: "PermitRootLogin no" doesn't prevent Root from logging in over ssh
612413 openssh-server: Kerberos cred cache not cleaned up after failed authorisation by PAM
623403 openssh-server: sshd doesn't kill spawned remote process
623570 openssh-server: ssh -X user@server hangs after logout
624425 openssh-server: strange segfaults in logs and posssibility of successfull remote command execution
626112 security/openssh-server: ssh doesn't log some failed authentications to auth.log anymore
626679 openssh-server: sshd (<pid>): /proc/<pid>/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/<pid>/oom_score_adj instead.
627050 wheezy/openssh-server: sftp server crashes
628579 openssh-server: sshd duplicate syslog messages
629853 openssh-server: sshd_config 'Match' specification's arguments are not terminated by beginning of next 'Match' block
631708 openssh-server: ssh hangs on exit if X11 forwarding has been used
639330 openssh-server doesn't check if user's shell is listed in /etc/shells
644130 openssh-server: Sets DISPLAY to wrong value
645788 openssh-server: /run on tmpfs breaks sshd started from inetd
646596 /usr/sbin/sshd: ssh connection is broken with "Disconnecting: Bad packet length 3369506166" message
650982 openssh-server: sftp server should not seek just after opening a file
652622 patch upstream/openssh-server: Match block should allow PrintMotd and PrintLastlog
668195 openssh-server: Forwarded Kerberos ticket has the wrong filename
671367 openssh-server - AuthorizedKeysFile2 only gives deprecation warning
691004 openssh-server: example sshd_config should contain a valid path for sftp subsystem
695734 upstream/Log IP instead of hostname
710755 openssh-server: LSB: Should-Start: network-manager
711716 patch/openssh-server: generated config file differs from reality
712289 security/openssh-server: invalid user logging skipped if username is capitalized version of a valid name
712859 openssh-server: generate ssh-keys on demand if not avail
722476 sshd dies with SIGBUS on logout (at least on kBSD)
725169 patch//etc/init.d/ssh: Init script doesn't check for root privileges
726579 Missing IP address in log "fatal: no hostkey alg"
726661 Does not permit login as root from version 1:6.2p2-6
730176 Increase MaxStartups to 20
730479 openssh-server: Typing error in manpage of sshd_config
732109 l10n/base: /etc/pam.d/sshd overides setting up LANG from a ssh sessions.
734174 openssh-server: SELinux errors in syslog
742486 the sshd sandbox complains about socketcall(2)

Package: mawk
63843 upstream fixed-upstream/mawk: random numbers are not always the same (as in C)
65617 fixed-upstream/mawk: please implement POSIX-style character classes
100808 upstream/gsub doesn't respect ^ when the pattern matches the empty string
111763 upstream/mawk: stack overflow from infinite recursion in script
127293 fixed-upstream/mawk does not understand unescaped '/' in character classes
158481 upstream/mawk: Crash when using gsub
173664 fixed-upstream/mawk crashes
189078 fixed-upstream/mawk: configure options --prefix and --exec-prefix do nothing
203115 unreproducible patch/mawk: starts eating memory when processing large files
303825 fixed-upstream/mawk: printf %x clamps numbers to signed range rather than unsigned range
355442 fixed-upstream/mawk: missing Posix ERE curly braces
355966 fixed-upstream patch/mawk: segfault setting RS to invalid regexp
485898 fixed-upstream/mawk: seems to have trouble with some RE expressions
656026 fixed-upstream patch/Hardened build flags not fully enabled
691684 mawk: gsub does not substitute '\' correctly
699632 upstream fixed-upstream/Mawk eats RAM with .+* regex

Package: lynx
63997 lynx: i18n [lynx wrapper]
74358 lynx: novice info wrong [delete key usage]
77909 unreproducible moreinfo upstream/lynx: problem with WinRoute Pro proxy
138241 upstream/lynx can not hide hidden <link href="..."> tags
161344 upstream/lynx: no matter how much i blockquote, pre stuff is stuck on left margin
167941 upstream/lynx cannot log in if username is null
172919 unreproducible/lynx: downloads fail with weird "desc=compiled" problem
173851 upstream/lynx: asks me about cookie again when wanting to see source
196390 Please create a dummy lynx-ssl for smooth upgrades
204970 lynx: div inside of anchor is interpreted as a hidden link
212903 lynx-ssl: passing .wav files from within lynx/lynx-ssl had strange tic, brp sound at the end
230332 unreproducible/lynx-ssl: Occasionally, /usr/bin/lynx will spin uselessly after receiving a 200 response.
240768 some disorder of alternatives
245666 lynx: renders h1 as h2 when inside div
263138 Missing manpage for lynx.stable (easy to fix, just symlink it)
271834 lynx: mailcap text-formatting entry neither honors file charset nor recognizes locale
276650 unreproducible upstream/lynx may add spurious .gz to URLs shown in the download dialog
277848 unreproducible moreinfo/lynx's p)rint option 2)mail the file, NO LONGER works
303058 upgrade from lynx-ssl to lynx loses file lynx.cfg
344598 lynx: Doesn't follow page navigation links in multipage display of lists.debian.org
356122 unreproducible/lynx is unusable in sid
365827 "apt-get dist-upgrade" reinstalls lynx_2.8.5-2sarge1_amd64.deb on every call
393526 On some webmail sites, <Left> then "Compose" causes data loss
429606 must ~/.mailcap be a plain file with only one link?
450886 unreproducible/lynx gets "network read error" at some https sites
477760 unreproducible/lynx: crashes on one particular link, multiple times
484250 l10n/Wrong keybindings for languages other than english
487305 /usr/share/applications/lynx.desktop refers to a not-existing icon
487424 lynx: Diff for NMU 2.8.6-2.1
532759 unnecessarily strict dependency on lynx-cur
563869 lynx: colorfull mess on some pages
648750 settings not saved
668208 lynx: Support for TLS server name indication (http, ftp)
699068 lynx: Cannot Type a Page-Number more than 999

Package: net-tools
64458 ifconfig downs and ups aliases too!
90031 ifconfig doesn't report PROMISCuous status of network interface
96282 netstat -t -o sometimes reports "unkn-4" TCP timer
108974 wontfix/net-tools: no configuration file for nameif
151292 [gbledsoe@knology.net: Possible bug in route display of mss]
163117 patch upstream/net-tools doesn't support newer 128Kbps ricochet modems
178275 man pages do not contain return values
197282 net-tools: --numeric-ports implies --numeric-hosts
222676 net-tools: ifconfig doesn't report PROMISC status of network interface
223967 netstat man page does not mention certain columns
241500 [linux_4ever@yahoo.com: net-tools-1.60 Buf Overflow]
241501 [petri.koistinen@iki.fi: Patch for net-tools-1.60]
243290 wontfix patch/net-tools: nameif manual page update
251770 net-tools: netstat -p shows incorrect program name for dictd
253590 net-tools: ifconfig eth0 inet ... adds non-working IPv6 addresses
260587 /bin/netstat: netstat -e is missing a space to separate columns of output
267919 netstat print error
268844 net-tools: 'man 8 oute' does not agrees with 'route --help'
270354 patch/net-tools: can't delete route.
278439 net-tools: 32-bit wrapping of traffic counters
289659 net-tools: Impossible to use the interface name ``--help''
301240 net-tools: does not know about Gigabit Ethernet
312002 net-tools: route command fails with 2.6 kernel
319508 mii-tool watch generates unexpected amount of log in ksymoops
322654 ifconfig not really shutdown interface
323261 ifconfig unit display - use a B when bytes are between 0 and 1024
337567 net-tools: netstat does not flush stdout when it is running with -c and outputs to a pipe
390623 netstat.8.gz: missing section "Timer"
391495 fixed-upstream/net-tools: missing comma in long description can cause some confusion
411083 net-tools: [GNU/kFreeBSD kfreebsd-i386] default route is not deleted
416695 Wrong URI in rarp man page
426523 Confusing Net-tools Oct error in Sarge and Etch
444115 general: network interface (eth0) gets undetected after restrat checked using ifconfig -a
453901 [esr@thyrsus.com: problems in netstat.8]
465791 netstat -l looks up DNS for all connections
482389 route.8.gz: incorrect description for irtt
486448 arp.8.gz: Mispelled EXAMPLES section heading
495926 net-tools: ifconfig listing contains trailing EOL whitespace
496351 net-tools: mii-tool - EXAMPLES section is missing from manual page
508110 patch/netstat: -W/--wide without -n prints random digits at end of IPv6 addresses without PTR
511395 patch/mii-tool: link parter capabilities wrong
514600 net-tools: plipconfig have outdated man-page
520072 net-tools: ifconfig eth0:1 up <ip> netmask <netmask> does not work first time
522759 netstat: -W truncates long udp and udp6 socket addresses
525012 ifconfig fails to initialize a virtual interface with a zero IP address
534289 ifconfig: use strtol() instead of atol() to catch errors
535186 neighbor vs. neighbour output confusing
538433 Obsolete ifconfig and related tools
541172 patch/netstat -s returns a hardcoded non-zero exit value
545328 netstat: fix typo in udp display
545330 slattach should use fchown() rather than chown()
549397 patch/mii-tool decodes MII vendor ids wrongly
561161 netstat -s -t reports negative octet counts
561851 mii-tool: Reports Half Duplex for Full Duplex on gigabit
570965 net-tools: ifconfig(8) suggests webpage for units, but a manpage is available
570973 /sbin/ifconfig: TX Bytes loop back to zero if amount of sended bytes steps over 4, 2 GB
574409 net-tools: netstat uses hard-coded display width
575444 net-tools: Typo when setting default gateway with 'route' results in extraneous routes being added
576730 net-tools: route gives incomprehensible error message for non-existing routes
576750 Problem with NFS and virtual IPs
590056 netstat: -W has no effect in case of udp6 sockets
595800 net-tools: mii-tool generate a kernel crash
597182 Foreign addresses are truncated by netstat
598140 ifconfig: ifdown,pause,ifup causes page allocation failure
600858 patch/add netstat(8) support for RcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors
602442 patch//sbin/route: route --x25 is broken due to bad path in lib/pathnames.h
607657 l10n/net-tools: Mispelles "az" in Hungarian package description
609073 net-tools is unable to configure a virtual interface - SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address
612582 ipv6 upstream/netstat: misleading info on dual stack hosts for sockets without IPV6_V6ONLY
615981 net-tools: Wrong pt_BR translation breaks unrelated software
621752 l10n patch/net-tools: Japanese translation uses a wrong Kanji character
628005 netstat -p parses commandline wrong
628627 Wrong MSS value listed via -ne options
629132 ifconfig: shortened numbers in output are not rounded off
632660 net-tools: netstat still chopping IPv6 addresses for udp6 entries
638717 moreinfo//sbin/ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable
640480 patch/net-tools: netstat -s truncates 64bit counters, producing bogus output
642994 net-tools: Cannot delet ipv6 route
653117 l10n patch/net-tools: Japanese translation: ifconfig: wrong indentation for "collisions"
653118 l10n patch/net-tools: translations.patch should be split for each .po
656921 patch/net-tools: erroneous program name output from netstat -p
668571 arp manpage typo and bad author email
673074 net-tools: slattach -c options doesn'T seem to do anything
675426 mii-tool: can not show link status and speed (SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth1' failed) (ethtool norm)
675427 mii-tool: can not show link status and speed (SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth1' failed) (ethtool norm)
706268 net-tools: ifconfig does not detect interfaces at boot even after Required-Start: $network network-manager
730002 netstat: fails to detect open socket

Package: cook
64897 upstream wontfix/cook: make2cook: patsubst translation wrong
65424 upstream wontfix/cook: make2cook: doesn't double `%'

Package: tgif
65117 tgif; does not work with -print -tiffepsi
71783 eps files are improperly scaled
112765 Font problems in tgif with cyrillic fonts installed
215737 tgif: crashes at startup
630210 tgif: default-file constantly growing
668249 tgif is not DFSG-Free
670998 tgif: missing support for i18n
711825 tgif: Japanese fonts are broken in the exported EPS
716388 [Mayhem] Bug report on tgif: tgif crashes with exit status 139

Package: ftp-proxy
65211 moreinfo/ftp-proxy doesn't listen on TranslatedAddress
441101 ftp-proxy: DestinationAddress should be optional if ForceMagicUser is set
485932 ftp-proxy: missing documentation files
715925 [Mayhem] Bug report on ftp-proxy: ftp-proxy crashes with exit status 139

Package: ytalk
65285 wontfix/ytalk: Ytalk - strange behaviour with talkd
482538 security/ytalk: unsafe use of getenv
550768 ytalk: debian/watch proposal
705082 refuses to do anything except print usage
732630 patch/ytalk: Ytalk doesn't work when username is more than 8 characters

Package: lpr
65491 unreproducible/lpd generates unaligned traps
178231 lpr: printing problem with netatalk: multiple copies
270525 lpr does not print anymore on SID
305951 wontfix/lpr: fails to start on read-only root
390721 lpr: Inconsistent naming
426342 lpr fails to modprobe the parallel port
531133 pending/unowned files after purge (policy 6.8)
601355 lpr: Suggests obsolete package gs
602022 lprm: SIGSEGV signal with "-w" option
657482 input filter is ignored for remote machine printers
719254 CUPS/HPLIP: looses its settings after several reboot

Package: base-files
65611 general: setting `global' env. variables, esp. PATH
444678 /etc/lsb_release
459664 host.conf: "multi on" appears to be default
621757 base-files: /etc/issue still reflects 6.0 after the 6.0.1 point release
693423 base-files: Packaging rules do not work well enough for derivatives
698479 /etc/profile needs to read /etc/bash.bashrc after /etc/profile.d/*.sh, not before
699090 patch/base-files: nsswitch.conf does not include gshadow entry
716786 base-files: comments in /etc/nsswitch.conf don't match docs
723195 patch/base-files: Update FAQ with info about licenses
740278 patch/base-files should be compressed with gzip for debootstrap

Package: mingetty
65665 mingetty should redraw if it receives a SIGWINCH
96129 moreinfo unreproducible/--long-hostname not supported
297325 mingetty: Will reset terminal's Unicode mode when started
381701 mingetty: resets console out of UTF-8 mode
566878 mingetty: Does not support UTF-8 completely

Package: snmpd
66684 wontfix/snmpd: TCP wrappers not working correctly
103408 wontfix/snmpd: snmpd's init.d script requires snmpd.conf to be present.
243438 unreproducible/snmpd causes kernel oops when poled
249904 upstream patch/Illegal modification of LM-SENSORS MIB
261701 snmpd weirdos with interface binding
267290 upstream/snmpd - Counter32 returns more then 32bit.
271330 wontfix/cyrmaster does not register with snmpd on Alpha
282024 snmpd: huge load caused by snmp
304269 snmpd: host mib incorrectly classifies some storage types
308804 snmptrapd doesn't commit enterprise ID on enterprise specific traps
314901 snmpd: provides world wide ro access with public community by default
315341 snmpd: stops responding on 2.6 kernel with heavy disk activity
316993 snmpd seems to be broken
338381 snmpd: Interface statistics not incrementing on amd64
339051 snmpd: snmptrapd.conf doesn't parse booleans
339315 snmpd: problem with large number of interfaces
366174 Getting HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageAllocationFailures.2 causes snmpd to spin-lock
415459 snmpd: truncating value to 32 bits when reading lmsensors table
420876 memory leaks with snmpd on amd64/xen
421524 upstream/snmpd uses 100% cpu
447953 snmpd not reporting interfaces on x86_64
452595 upstream/agentXPerms configuration directive is ignored
462365 snmpd: error : c64 32 bit check failed looks like a 64bit wrap, but prev!=new
475158 snmpd: keeps complaining on missing /proc/ stats inside vserver flooding syslog
475366 snmpd silently fails to start if unable to bind to default interfaces
497927 snmpd: Send answers on wrong interface/ip
504701 logmatch not working in SNMP agent (debian etch)
505063 snmpd: truncating value to 32 bits when reading UCD-SNMP-MIB::ssCpu*
506896 upstream/snmpd gives ioctl 35123 returned -1 on long interfaces names
508220 snmpd: change in option parsing
510495 patch/default install of snmpd leaks memory when VLAN interfaces present
516166 etch->lenny regression: snmptrapd doesn't hand over arguments to traphandle programs anymore
527237 snmpd: hrPartitionTable doesn't work
530291 patch/snmpd: Broken execFix - No matching exec entry
565635 upstream confirmed/Crashes when queried
569009 snmpd: error on a system without swap
578060 snmpd* segfaults
585521 SYSLOG-Message: error getting netmask for interface x
587460 snmpd should not bind to localhost by default
593197 snmpd segfaults randomly on amd64 xen domU
596339 Snmpd returns hrStorageUsed and hrStorageSize for cached memory and both are same size
597024 patch/snmpd reports "truncating integer value > 32 bits" at ERROR loglevel, should be DEBUG
603943 snmpd: Speed Ethernet interfaces is zero after the update from 5.4.1~dfsg-7.1 to 5.4.3~dfsg-1
605769 unknown monitor OID
609226 snmpd: wrong speed-values for network interfaces
638686 snmpd: -Lf/-LF option with facility level creates socket file instead of logging at facility
649120 lmsensors module makes snmpd choke and eventually die
667605 upstream/snmpd: The CPU Raw usage reports less than no. cores * 100 percent
684721 snmpd: Lots of errors in syslog : error on subcontainer 'ia_addr' insert (-1)
698361 Net-snmp reports incorrect disk usage for large disk
699479 snmpd: In the SNMP run name table process names are truncated to 15 chars
717033 snmpd: TimeInterval intepreted as 0.001 seconds instead of 0.01 seconds
721224 pending/snmpd: produces error if the Executables/scripts entries in snmpd.conf is over 50
724898 snmpd: PPP interfaces cause SNMP to eats 100% CPU
732224 snmpd error message does not identify file which contains invalid content

Package: netatalk
66875 confirmed/netatalk: psorder uses /tmp at any time
86185 confirmed/man pages missing
141405 confirmed/netatalk: need to restart netatalk a second time to get papd working
171355 confirmed/netatalk: MacOS client hangs with '/home/$u/$u $u-Linux' in AppleVolumes.default
182440 confirmed/netatalk: .AppleD* directories cannot be moved from a x86 to ppc server
185685 sid jessie confirmed/netatalk: Write access required to .AppleDB even for read-only connections
187512 confirmed/netatalk: getzones fails
190417 confirmed wontfix/netatalk: afppasswd -a depends on cracklib-runtime
199340 netatalk: Mac OS 9.1 incorrectly shows directories as empty
201649 cannot access hidden files/folders via afp
282156 netatalk: uams_randnum.so not built?
315610 netatalk fails to start if domain resolution is impossible
316563 netatalk: Runaway papd processes busy-loop using 100% CPU
319814 use of DBD CNID backend fails with error "Unable to get stamp value from CNID backend"
336495 netatalk: spool directory not created during installation
449606 netatalk: truncated directory display when a ._ resource fork is unreadable
459459 netatalk: fails to build with libdb4.2-dev (which provides libdb-dev)
460678 netatalk: cnid_dbd broke pipe
462898 netatalk: Netatalk install half-configured if it fails to start during install
467513 netatalk: Syslog filled with errors when two interfaces are routed in atalkd.conf
467514 Syslog filled with errors after any interface goes down and back up
489800 netatalk: Syslog spam with unconnected interface
525216 netatalk: Broken directory symlink handling in afpd
568601 netatalk: PAM DHX2: libgcrypt versions mismatch
581127 netatalk: bashism in /bin/sh script
589071 upstream/netatalk: Fails to serve root volume.
599402 netatalk: afpd segfaults randomly
607045 netatalk: please package development files
629340 patch pending/netatalk: diff for NMU version 2.1.4-1.1
652825 netatalk: afpd segmentation fault when trying to connect with MacOS over AppleTalk
660768 Atalkd fails in Xen DomU - "Can't configure multicast"
685162 /usr/sbin/afpd: Typo in syslog messages
703426 OSX Time Machine client marks a sparsebundle as damaged if the CNID daemon cannot be contacted
716165 [Mayhem] Bug report on netatalk: psorder crashes with exit status 139
740352 patch/netatalk: macusers script fails to account for usernames with non-word characters
742002 netatalk: Issue with deleting files over AFP when POSIX ACLs are present

Package: ircii
67182 ircii: switched off ctrl codes -> next line is bold
69037 ircii: encription mode can be segfaulted easily
75483 ircii: xterm is vexed when connecting to dalnet server
82780 ircii color problem
152984 ircii: missing ircbug script
167296 ircii: ircii sometimes gets confused about your nick.
169095 'Nickname in use' message not handled properly
204207 unable to cope with encodings
224785 ircii: irc gets confused when window size changes
320340 wrong default bindings of some characters
377988 dcc send doesn't work correctly in ircii
393254 ircii: oper prompt does not hide password
721391 patch/ircii: new watch location
721958 ircii: missing man pages for ircflush ircio wserv
723376 ircii link with -L/usr/lib

Package: nis
67972 upstream/printcap scripts don't handle names with embedded spaces
113082 upstream//var/yp/Makefile puts expired passwords in passwd map when MERGE_PASSWD=true
118023 unreproducible moreinfo/nis: Cannot restart nis on master without rebooting -> breaks postinst
126177 upstream/securenets and ypbind broadcasting don't play well
213733 unreproducible moreinfo/nis: ypbind fails to restart when upgrading
251108 upstream/ypbind does not rebind if server dies with -noping
265495 No trivial way to use NFS mounted ~ with NIS names
273511 l10n/nis: domainname(8) french translation
324996 nis: error messages in syslog: ypbind[16494]: broadcast: RPC: Can't encode arguments
326762 ypserv segfaults at startup on sparc
348842 nis: ypbind(8) man page doesn't document the -p option
568518 Aix 5.3 nis-client crashs ypserv[2358]: segfault
589821 Kills systems ypbind when installing in chroot
623215 nis startup script gets stuck if network-manager is running
631628 fixed-upstream patch/nis: Please support ld --as-needed
645307 nis: rpc.yppasswdd rejects NIS password change
652333 "nis stop" should trigger unscd
678141 nis: group.bygid generation's duplicate handling differs from getgrgid()
701483 Typo in /etc/init.d/nis, do_stop(): "ypppasswdd" should be "yppasswdd"
701484 reportbug: "/usr/share/bug/nis/script: 7: yesno: not found"
703667 When installing the nis package for a new domain, install script hangs and dpkg gives error message
705577 patch/nis: rpc.yppasswdd check for shadow password inconsistent with yppasswd's check
705721 patch/nis: missing -r option to makedbm for netgrp targets
706594 patch/nis: hardcoded UID limit in mknetid
716626 [Mayhem] Bug report on nis: revnetgroup crashes with exit status 139
721737 patch/nis: segfault in yppasswd when using shadow
721739 nis: yesno does not exist on my system, referenced from /usr/share/bug/nis/script

Package: jvim-canna
68213 jvim on Alpha/AXP responds only once per 4 key strokes
218539 sid jessie/jvim-canna: symbol relocation error on newer libc6
231289 jvim-canna: BS key deletes a character on the cursor on command line.

Package: apt
68585 confirmed/apt-get wants to remove a package while installing none.
76591 [dselect/install] return code is not informative enough for dselect
81175 wontfix/aptitude: aptitude sometimes reinstalls up-to-date packages
104323 [methods/cdrom] Download-only shouldn't ask for a cdrom
111589 confirmed/apt: tries to install new packages for no reason
115899 [tagfile] apt needs to be more verbose when errors occur parsing files
155915 patch/apt-get should be smarter if package is given multiple times on command line
172050 confirmed/Replaces/Provides/Conflicts package still not installed after dist-upgrade
173257 wontfix/kpat installs repeatedly
184627 [apt-get] dselect-upgrade does not list kept-back packages
194272 [libapt-pkg] May display wrong release name when more than one release contains the same version
195014 apt: duplicated downloads (one failed download, pinning?)
211075 [libapt-pkg] Better error message for "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration"?
214141 moreinfo/[dpkgpm] Should restore signal mask before executing pre/post hooks
216768 wontfix/[apt] apt mixes essential flag from all sources
216951 confirmed/Apt-get update fail to check if the http server supports pipelining
217081 [apt-get] No status for virtual packages in "unmet dependencies" message
218605 Error messages for broken packages are not always enlightening
218995 confirmed//usr/bin/apt-cache: apt-cache depends should display version information
229775 [apt-get] build-dep can fail if policy selects candidate version that does not satisfy a versioned dependency
229897 tasksel: check for size of installs
237470 Can't reinstall coreutils and debianutils at the same time.
252758 apt-get upgrade segfaults after entering an infinite loop
254560 [apt-get] doesn't ask for extra package install if one package mentioned twice in commandline
254820 confirmed/"apt-cache policy foo" wrong on priorities
255577 patch/XSI:isms in several scripts
260130 apt-cache: showpkg: differentiate Depends and Suggests, etc.
260446 patch/[libapt-pkg] No way to escape quotes in configuration files
264175 patch/why should apt-get -qq update be dangerous?
265641 moreinfo/apt: uninstalled, pinned packages hide packages from available list
269500 dpkg: dselect's 'delete downloaded .debs ?' has wrong default
270865 wontfix/prompt to apply conf file changes when run with assume yes switch
271213 apt-get moo works, apt-get moo -v does something else
272798 apt should realize when an installed package does have fewer dependencies than the one in the archive
274241 aptitude: download progress bar cannot handle variable throughput
274288 Purging apt won't delete all configuration files.
274978 apt: Problems decoding chunked encoding
277964 apt: claims "unmet dependencies" when it should remove the package (lots of them)
282278 apt: please clarify warning about removing packages that are essential in another suite
283718 apt does not (always) honor the no_proxy environment variable
290907 apt-get can't handle a very-large dependency list
292345 wontfix moreinfo/apt: apt-get [manual] Add SEE ALSO debget(1)
293897 "kB" should be "Kb"
294895 a2ps passed to dpkg before its dependency, emacsen-common
295818 apt: relative path problem with apt-cdrom
297668 'apt-cache search': returns 'true' exit code when target not found
299307 apt-cache eat up all the memory and SWAP
301464 /usr/bin/apt-cache: apt-cache policy output should be documented
303512 Confusing "Correcting dependencies" message from apt-get check
307942 apt-get autoclean removes valid cache members
315872 Reason for requiring --force-yes is sometimes non-obvious
316915 [libapt-pkg] Suggests running apt-get update as a solution to any error
317576 display full url and path, not only url
317852 'apt-get update' reports wrong final download size
320209 confirmed/--trivial-only is confused by duplicate package names on the command line
323716 apt uses wrong prototype for getsockopt
325009 Error handling bugs
325010 fileutl.cc error handling necessarily broken
328876 apt-get claims that it failed to get Packages.gz but it was trying to get Packages.bz2 (which does not exist)
329253 apt-cache rdepends --recurse does not always recurse far enough
330393 apt: Errors on Release download failure are baffling
333618 apt: --no-download: please zero out download totals
334602 experimental/FetchedBytes is misleading.
334792 apt-get dselect-upgrade should show holds
335925 confirmed/apt-cache rdepends shows duplicated reverse dependencies/dependants
336266 [doc] apt: docs haven't quite caught up with authentication
337157 apt-get update package list files deleted
338687 bzip2 method spews junk to stderr
338809 apt-get autoclean keeps old versions when still provided by some source
338889 Overzealously prefers signed packages to identical unsigned ones
342565 apt: spurious unmet dependencies for scim-m17n
344857 apt-get update error downloading from http servers
346138 apt: Weird stuff happening with cached index files
349910 confirmed/apt-cache rdepends, showpkg call Suggests "Depends"
351174 debconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Bad file descriptor
352896 confirmed/apt-get update: the following signatures couldn't be verified
353800 apt: Apt refuses to authenticate any package from verified sources
354609 parse error with package file /var/lib/dpkg/status
355284 apt-get don't adhere the order from sources.list
358931 Invalid entries in sources.list not recognized
359989 apt: [apt-get source] fails if dpkg-source is not installed
360853 spurious signature failure errors on update
364225 apt: Holding back, then saying "0 not upgraded"
365432 apt-cdrom gets confused by /dev entries on CDROMs
369437 "However the following packages replace it" is simple-minded
369781 apt: fails to install packages from cdrom in presence of pre-depends
370702 apt: Change transfer rate units from KB/MB => KiB/MiB (IEC standard 60027-2)
379861 apt: typo in progress message?
384559 apt-get host resolves to
385577 apt: indicate the ip address of the server used when fetching operations fail
385670 resolver should prefer upgrading one alternative in an OR to installing a new package.
387218 confirmed/apt-get install does upgrade for Priority -1 package.
387650 query options fail when dependencies cannot be fulfilled
389646 wontfix/apt should try to import a key if a package was signed by a unknown key
396210 apt: Problem with Default-Release option
397702 confirmed/Shouldn't suggest running 'apt-get update' to fix NO_PUBKEY
399939 apt-get ( : incorrect dependencies resolution
405279 apt: can't get preferences to work correctly
405621 apt-get update fails with "gpgv unknown error" when system date is too old
409904 apt: --ignore-missing doesn't work for source command
410409 extends Provides to older releases of providing package
410695 zope2.7 causqe upgrade failure
411081 d-i/should have an option to make authentication errors fail w/o asking
413044 apt-get source does not respect pinning
413226 apt: Wrong (and bizarre) explanation for failure to install package
414138 apt: fails to install dependencies from non-default release
414848 patch/use '[Enter]' rather than 'enter'
416707 apt-get remove tries to upgrade before it removes the package?
416963 patch/should use "min" rather than "m" for referring to minutes
419174 synaptic: Dependency resolver: wants to remove 3 packages, instead of upgrading 1 package
419669 apt-cache enters infinite loop on SIGPIPE/EPIPE
420940 patch/apt-get can't enter passive mode
430174 apt-cdrom fails to pick up the Release files from "cdrom:" repositories
435069 http method doesn't cleanly handle out-of-space errors
435403 aptitude: Fails to upgrade the bulk of packages because of a single broken package
436246 apt-get source fails when there is one failuer in apt-get update
438999 apt-get source does not respect APT::Default-Release if the source package doesn't have a binary package of the same name
439023 confirmed/python-apt: apt_inst.debExtractArchive doesn't handle links.
439031 apt: Release: Unknown error executing gpgv
441178 confirmed/apt-get source needs deb and deb-src entries to fetch by --target-release
441469 [methods/ftp] attempts to download known-nonexistent files?
441980 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get update segfaults at pkgCacheGenerator::NewFileDesc
442189 infinite(?) loop during update, possible race condition
444244 please default to epiphany-gecko
444930 apt-get build-dep reports "Installed package too new"
446456 apt: needless "Suggested packages:" prompt; ignores already installed Provider package
447212 libgcj-doc: Uses lots of additional disk space when installing
448665 apt - methods needs to return hash, undocumented change and regression
449600 packages that fail to configure prevent totally unrelated packages from installing.
450510 "HASH SUM MISMATCH" errors in apt, versions > 0.7.6
451369 apt: ignores installed packages when architecture is not in APT::Architectures (for Conflicts, etc.)
454631 apt-get ignores already installed packages when trying to satisfy dependancy
458029 [doc] package descriptions are unclear
462866 apt-get stalls on large packages using ftp
462916 apt-get changes dumb terminal parity
463868 Get/Hit messages ambiguous without directory
464846 problem with apt and bash completition
464899 apt-cdrom incompatible with desktop automount
465572 patch/apt: http acquire method misbehaves on 404 from non-keepalive Server
466988 apt-cdrom lacks an option to remove CDROMs from a repository
471083 moreinfo/apt.conf(5) referes to dpkg(8) instead of dpkg(1)
471713 apt-get: when run from crontab, apt-get upgrade -y fails
473623 [doc] sources.list(5) unclear about where $(ARCH) works
473632 patch/periodic jobs miss a day on daylight-saving time spring change
473863 autoremove needs two runs when one would suffice
476817 apt: doesn't remove unused packages if they have priority required
477166 wontfix/apt: autoremoval keeps all branches of an OR on the system even if I don't want one
478340 [doc] doc/method.sgml is out of date
478904 patch/cron script for apt needs improvement
479365 apt eats up all my memory doing a simple apt-get install reportbug or apt-cache show apt
481129 Insufficient apt repository documentation
483515 ruby: Failed to fetch http://ftp.it.debian.org/debian/pool/main/r/ruby-defaults/ruby_1.8.2-1_all.deb Size mismatch
485881 apt-get --no-install-recommends does not override APT::Install-Recommends-Sections
487946 apt-get source only downloads from first mirror
488147 [apt] tesseract-ocr do not depend by tesseract-ocr-deu but install it
489896 confirmed/"apt-get -f install" should not install Recommends packages
489911 'apt-get build-dep' fails to use an alternative build-dep
490000 apt-cache: should search also in non-translated short description
494085 apt-get install removes packages instead of upgrading
494964 confirmed/apt: /var/lib/apt/lists should be under /var/cache
495321 Strange output when run through 'tee'
495906 patch/apt: End of message missed when "\n\n" spans two reads in ReadMessages
495954 slapd: Upgrade to Lenny failed: libldap_r-2.3.so.0 missing
502318 confirmed/apt: test for locked cache not quite right
502393 /etc/apt/preferences not read?
504106 confirmed/etc/cron.daily/apt gives an error on daylight saving change
505016 patch/apt sometimes hangs after downloading
505092 unreproducible/"apt-get update" stuck at "99% [5 Packages gzip 0]"
506629 unreproducible/apt: Apparently incorrect decision or error description
507175 Downgrade refused despite Pin-Piriority > 1000
507426 aptitude: resume failing on http sites
507600 bug script not ready for scripts
509541 confirmed/[doc] apt_preferences(5) default priority assignments confusing
512305 Doesn't ignore removed but installed packages on reinstall
513157 apt: files in directory /var/lib/apt/lists/partial
513864 apt: false "Package is not available" message
517202 apt-get: installs an unrequested package and suggest removing it.
517986 After change sources.list to debian mirror can't use aptitude
518939 apt: fails to resolve dependency on provided package
520652 apt: [apt-cache] trailing whitespace in 'showpkg' output
521386 Upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze with problems
522276 apt-get dist-upgrade ignores some downgrades when pinning
522665 upgrading too far borks a second system
523795 apt: chokes on "proxy-connection: keep-alive" header from transparent proxy
523986 patch/apt: Confusing "malformed Release file" error for nonexistent repository components
524555 apt-get install virtualbox-ose gets wrong kernel module!
525210 fails to consider phonon acceptable
526624 Maybe bug in apt-get with --no-install-recommends
526661 Instantiating pkgSrcRecords with no deb-src lines emits a user-level error regardless of whether it's appropriate for the client code to emit an error in this case.
530881 apt: --quiet emits progress indicators
531559 apt: cannot upgrade, "pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks"
532203 apt-get update blocks on nfs mounted mirror
535285 apt: should suggest apt-listchanges
535321 apt-get --no-download disables --list-cleanup
535443 ia32-libs breaks apt-get autoremove
535595 apt-config: Can't return array values in shell mode
537333 aptitude: Option -q doesn't turn off progress indicator
538568 apt: apt-get incorrect remaining time
539434 moreinfo/apt: does not report properly perform unit conversions
540127 cron-apt: cron.daily sends email errors
540728 apt: Need verbosity level that shows stderr/stdout without trace
543425 apt-get silently ignores typo'd flag -o Dir::Etc:Preferences (should be -o Dir::Etc::Preferences)
543816 apt-get update tries to chdir $PWD
545469 apt: dist-upgrade / autoremove fight over a package
545474 python-apt: Updating cache doesn't fail if host names cannot be resolved
546382 /usr/bin/apt-get: cannot install mysql and mantis in one go.
546911 apt-extracttemplates should extract to /var/lib/apt/tmp and not /tmp so that /tmp can be mounted noexec
547627 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get does clearly the wrong thing
548013 apt: Claim optional dependency of required package is a hard dependency
548501 apt: undocumented feature: autoremove works like remove --autoremove
548858 apt fails to upgrade
554449 [aptitude] aptitude fails to update from SID
554773 cupt: Wrong computation of preferences/pinning
555499 Residual lock file after running aptitude
555661 apt: binary packages downloaded multiple times
555674 apt: Failure to update (with network down) marks all packages untrusted
556463 xulrunner-1.9.1: unstable package does not handle correctly dependencies
556869 apt-get: unable to install a package
557328 apt: autoremove / build-dep interaction broken by virtual packages
557570 On Sid PowerPC aptitude unable to upgrade esound-clients and other packages
557637 patch/[doc] apt_preferences(5) does not clearly states that a single version gets several priorities
557975 apt: Satisfy virtual dependencies in a second pass
561270 apt: APT::Status-Fd=1 causes problems
561522 apt: term.log file incomplete.
563771 apt: method http has failed unexpectedly on a virtual machine
569514 configure-index.gz never reflects the whole variables picture
570396 apt: Apt fails to choose a virtual package provider in a complex dependency tree
571304 apt keeps trying to add packages that not selected for installation
571601 confirmed/python-apt: unexpected behaviour of TagFile.offset TagFile.jump skips sections
571660 /usr/bin/apt-get: could not lock /var.../lib/apt/lists/volatile... ("Impossible de verrouiller /var...")
574939 apt_preferences(5): effect of ", " in "Pin: release a=stable, v=3.0" undocumented
574956 libconfigreader-simple-perl: keeps upgrading - to the same version!
576649 [apt]: Very slow apt-get update
578540 APT::Authentication::TrustCDROM "false"; is not working
579790 apt: should use selections instead of --force-* options
580152 dpkg: trigger - W: Unable to read /etc/apt/preferences.d/ - FileExists (2: No such file or directory)
582352 dak/apt: deficiencies at handling out-of-sync metadata
583914 apt: "apt-get build-dep" does not handle "Provides:" correctly
584531 apt: pkgAcquire::Clean error if cwd inaccessible
591270 apt: not accepting sources using SSH keys without a passphrase
591882 confirmed/apt: fails to upgrade some packages properly
592575 patch/`yes '' | apt-get dist-upgrade' hangs
593562 apt: the automatic tag is too strong when dependencies with "logical or" are involved
594813 apt: ListUpdate does return True in the case of network errors
595139 wontfix/apt: multiarch installation chokes on binNMUs
597124 update-notifier: "There is an error.." message and icon
597803 (fwd) DUH - Re: Bug#595801: same thing in upgraded vm
598235 regression: synaptic no longer preserves "auto" flag on upgrade
599007 apt-get can't be interrupted with Ctrl+C nor Ctrl-\ anymore
600057 apt: sources.list(5) does not document sources.list URI format
600483 apt ignores dselect's package (de)selections
602306 update-notifier-common: segmentation fault
603680 libnautilus-extension1: breaks nautilus-share upgrade from lenny
605608 nvidia-kernel-195.36.31: Apt is attempting to install nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5.486 on a amchine with kernel for 686.
606930 apt CDROM method fails if more than one package is required from a CDROM
607135 GzipIndexes not working anymore with the default compression order
607625 apt: no way to verify an individual downloaded
607999 'apt-get source $src' fails
608234 apt: displays usage instructions on syntax errors on stdout and returns with exit code 0
613068 unreproducible moreinfo/Could not connect, passive socket
616064 moreinfo/Hash Sum mismatch even DOSes apt-cache
618017 patch/"apt-cache search --names-only" also searchs for "Provides", man page should be updated
618334 security/apt: ignores all repositories if only one is expired
618445 patch/apt: Please downgrade "There is no public key available ..." to a notice
618892 runs mercurial's prerm script without python present
619586 apt: [apt-transport-mirror] what(): std::bad_alloc (was: Re: cdn.debian.net as a project service?)
620249 apt: specific+general pin chooses wrong package version
621009 apt: "apt-get remove libdb4.8" disgnostics became worse
621091 apt-get: fails with munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001516be8 *** under fakechroot
621491 apt dont download the reposity-information during the installation
622237 apt-get incorrectly proposes to downgrade a package that is not pinned above 1000
623443 Please do not use $http_proxy if its protocol part is nonsense
623706 possible mistakes in apt_preferences(5)
624363 patch/apt: should remove its log files on purge
624727 patch/apt's ssh method does not honor a specified port number
625845 apt: Cron job doesn't correctly handle removal by archive size.
626026 Please provide an option to disable use of InRelease files, for use with mirrors using older mirroring scripts
626251 apt-get source gets confused by multiple versions in a list
626599 Use --no-triggers by default and let dpkg find out the configuration order
626968 apt-get update prints extra 's' in end of line.
627188 patch/apt-listchanges et al: please document VERSION 2 hook interface
629098 apt-get update hangs on "Waiting for headers"
631103 /usr/bin/apt-get: [multiarch] apt-get update probably shouldn't complain about missing files for non-native arch
634246 apt: PATH not propagated down to maintainer scripts
634669 apt: unable to determine failed source from update messages
635681 apt: Segmentation fault on manual upgrade
636912 file backend sometimes runs without progress output
637225 patch/URL encoding of some RFC3986 unreserved characters (e.g., tilde) can be a problem for some webservers
637586 upgradeing: gpg failure
637853 apt: Why is the removal of an unknown package an error?
638024 [apt] APT::Default-Release considers equivalent suite names differently ("testing" != "wheezy")
638188 apt: misleading error about 'unmet dependencies' and 'is not going to be installed', actually Breaks a Provides
639964 apt: regression from sources with no component give error processing Release file
641769 [apt] fetches InRelease file, problematic on several mirrors (aka "Packages Hash Sum mismatch")
642480 security/cryptographic verification code in apt-key net-update utterly broken
644610 patch/apt: Erroneous warning on signed snapshots
644817 debian-archive-keyring: misses a call to `apt-key update' as a postrm script
647001 apt: trusted.gpg and trustdb.gpg should be world-readable
647803 Neither aptitude nor apt-get doesn't show license information.
649588 apt: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'perl-modules'
649782 /usr/bin/apt-get: Wishlist: block - temporary pinning
650851 Encountered a section with no Package: header (main_binary-i386_Packages)
651054 apt: apt-get source strange behavior regarding selected version
651910 Rejected recommendations can result in insane suggestions for removal
652465 apt: --fix-policy not documented in man page
653623 ipv6/apt: DNS resolution fails on IPv6-only systems (Something wicked happened resolving 'ftp.us.debian.org:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)
654698 [apt-get] extremely cryptic "unmet dependencies" message
655322 apt: debdelta-upgrade not working in APT::Periodic
657085 Please increase the size of APT::Cache-Limit. Current value: 25165824. -- but ignores setting
657561 apt-get chokes on bad files, needs manual intervention to fix the situation
659387 patch/[PATCH] "apt-get -o RootDir=/foo install ..." fails if /foo/foo doesn't exists
660817 apt: Got "The following packages have unmet dependencies" error when trying to remove packages
660851 apt: "apt-cache -f search" shows only package name and description
660889 apt: apt-cache -- Does not return correct status code
660890 apt: apt-cache - Messages are not sent to pipe
661502 apt: "apt-cache search" segfaults if "apt-get update" encountered "a section with no Package: header"
661508 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt crashes system not able to update
661848 please respect sys admin set perms in /var/log/apt
661947 apt-get clean deletes /var/cache/apt/*.bin
663174 [apt] Documentation (apt.conf manual) refers to protocol internals ("Translation" files)
663290 /etc/cron.daily/apt delays others for 1800 seconds
663337 apt: Upgrade to generates untrusted packages warning.
663423 don't remove extended_states even on purge
665920 security/apt: failed secure APT checks don't give errors and non-zero exit statuses in all cases
666772 patch/apt cross-build-dep handling should be liberal with Arch: all packages
668135 apt: cdebootstrap Debian Sid failed due to apt_0.8.15.10_i386.deb containing apt pre-dependency problem
668305 apt: Silently installed cron job deletes files (despite comments to the contrary)
668407 please mention 20archive in /etc/cron.daily/apt
668408 please review 20archive (incorrect references)
668569 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get/aptitude reinstall option is broken
670920 apt: E: Internal Error, No file name for gcc-4.7-base
670954 [apt] MultiArch: apt-get -f install doesn't see correct dependency of package
673583 apt-pkg/contrib/strutl.cc: ReadMessages() deadlocks if message is split badly
673760 apt: Some apt-get update failures result in apt ignoring apt_preferences
674423 apt-get: --solver dump leads to "double free or corruption" message
674523 apt-get manpage: please document option --solver
675748 dselect no longer shows package descriptions, /var/lib/dpkg/available no longer contains them
677330 rred crashes in apt-get update
677871 patch/RFE - allow PreInvoke scripts to modify sources.list
678125 [apt] [apt-get] --force-yes should imply/set --yes (but currently does not)
678990 does not state URL of unauthenticated/unsigned packages
679419 apt: Funny time overflow when clock is set during apt-get update
679580 Uri specification fails to explain the mirror method
680268 apt: [apt-cdrom] mount point should default to /media/cdrom0
680330 apt: Should more prominently show when installing a non-free package
680474 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get autoremove remove gdm3 & python
681103 apt post upgrade hooks
681106 E: Internal Error, AutoRemover broke stuff
681193 apt doesn't check/verify file sizes in Release file
682365 dpkg: native package in rc state prevents installation of m-a:foreign counterpart
683172 `aptitude dist-upgrade` fails when upgrading from squeeze to wheezy
683917 apt-get build-dep ignores source package architecture restrictions
684249 [apt] apt-cdrom add; mounts OD (despite --no-mount)
684407 ipv6/apt: connection to Debian mirror with both A and AAAA records fails if client has no routable IPv6 address
685215 confirmed/Apt pinning is broken
687147 apt: man page not clear on which changelog is the default
687255 patch/apt_preferences(5) support for pinning by architecture
690950 apt-get dumpavail does not print all versions
691281 apt-cache man page mentions wrong information
695352 apt: incorrect behavior/documentation concerning foreign architectures for sources.list / apt-get update
695546 apt: can't download source package when same-name binary pkg from different-name src pkg exists
696234 apt: Signed Debian control block parsing can be fooled
696335 exit-code 0 when apt-get update fails
698675 apt: suggested change to man page description of apt-get dist-upgrade
699298 apt: pkgProblemResolver::ShowScores does not list packages with a score of 0
699310 apt: mirror method doesn't seem to work
699896 apt: prefers to keep old db4.X-util installed instead upgrading it which Breaks+Replaces libdb4.X
700733 'apt-cache show --no-all-versions 0ad' does not display any package
701069 apt: Segfault in pkgDepCache::IsModeChangeOk (libapt-pkg.so.4.12.0)
701147 apt: add experimental - 500 priority on the translation part
701564 apt: when some mirror are unavailable, apt pinning failed
701778 apt: /etc/cron.daily/apt suggests creating 02periodic while a similar file is already installed by another package
701808 apt: does not solve libjpeg-dev transition on squeeze -> wheezy upgrades
703427 segfault in rred
704230 apt considers packages with Architecture: all as being of the native architecture
705541 apt connects to a download server, but then bails out on error 104: Connection reset by peer
706359 apt-get download --no-act does not honor --no-act
708300 apt: Failed to upgrade in pbuilder: mktemp: failed to create file via template `/tmp/user/0/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX': No such file or directory
709092 patch upstream/Suggestion to "apt-get -f" is unclear (fix-broken vs force)
709209 apt: "apt-get install texlive-full" wants to remove dblatex and texlive
709236 /usr/bin/apt-cdrom: Replaces tabs with spaces in /etc/apt/sources.list
709597 apt-mark -h only mentions "auto", "manual" commands
709675 /etc/cron.daily/apt is holding memory while "sleep"
710229 apt: garbage in Release (in presence of a captive portal) results in empty Packages
711128 apt: todays dist-upgrade fails (Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks)
711456 apt-cdrom: MultiArch support with a single CD-ROM drive
712635 [apt] apt-cache show $packagename spits error on telepathy packages
712957 --print-uris autoclean should print file paths
715494 apt-pkg: out-of-date pkgcache.bin: /var/lib/dpkg/status updated more than once in one second
716763 apt: Man page of apt-cache dont mentions regex on operations with pkg argument , except from 'search'
717679 apt-cache search results broken while apt-get update running
718334 apt: "apt-get install libmpfr-dev:i386" wants to remove gcc
720345 'apt-get update' considers connection failures non-transient
721301 apt-get install option "--no-install-recommends" in conjunction with "--" failed
721476 apt: Simulation not working
721732 apt-cache segfault in pkgCache::FindGrp
722473 apt-get blocks upgrade, thinking that package context is not installed
722880 apt: Apt fails to solve some dependencies in a multiarch scenario.
723636 [apt] apt segfault in pkgDepCache::SetCandidateVersion(pkgCache::VerIterator) ()
726174 apt: APT::Get::Upgrade-Allow-New installs new packages when depending package isn't upgraded
727082 apt: dist-upgrade says "no longer required" and "will be installed" for the same packages
727120 apt: add name/path to "could not lock the cache file"
727680 l10n patch/apt: [l10n-fr] "Confirmation" sentence for replacing essential packages contains unidentifiable character
727799 apt-get not marking manual correctly and apt-mark showmanual also wrong
728317 apt ignores build-conflicts on virtual package
728572 python-apt: string to float conversion exception
728775 apt-get unwarrantedly consumes input
730005 apt: duplicate cdrom entries in sources.list after clean install
730237 apt-get update reports spurious failures (Unable to connect to ...)
730362 /usr/bin/apt-get: simulate option does not work any more
731997 Fix missing /usr/bin/apt for Debian package
732937 dpkg: fails somewhat regularly on kfreebsd-amd64
733028 apt: Secure apt runs into gpg "resource limit".
734296 apt: Downloading packages freezes
734922 apt-cache showsrc shows duplicate entries
735929 apt: cdrom method download shouldn't do anything
736710 apt: sources.list(5) manpage: confusing RFC-822 format documentation
737085 apt: Apt downloads arch all packages from wrong repo/checks wrong checksum
738909 unreproducible moreinfo/[apt] Package System Broken, libc6 etc
740480 apt: "apt-get update" gives bad error when /tmp/ is full
741728 /usr/bin/apt-get: apt-get fails to upgrade package without error message
742361 /etc/cron.daily/apt: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory
742611 patch/apt-cache: showsrc non-existent returning 0
742835 apt: Garbage on apt-cache dumpavail with Acquire::GzipIndexes
742882 apt: Does not support LFS .deb packages on 32-bit systems
743064 apt-autoremove
743311 /etc/cron.daily/apt: should export LC_CTYPE
743386 apt: "apt list" lists uptodate packages as upgradable to the installed version
743595 patch/apt: Please consider adding information vandor for blankon
744297 apt: doesn't reset colors after Ctrl+C
744940 std::out_of_range upon apt-get install ""
745036 moreinfo/apt: supposedly broken Pre-Depends on multiarch-support from foreign arch
745046 apt: Fails to report dependency problems for /experimental package
745130 apt should tell if updates are available

Package: fmtools
69117 fmtools: fm on and fm off dont turn the radio on and off
264500 fmtools: fmscan patch to allow choice of threshold signal strength (attached)
527041 fmtools: cannot tune to frequency

Package: links
69747 links: links freaks out on my plain old terminal
103758 Form handling incorrect
103759 Is it right to cache POST operations
135172 links: links doesn't call 'run-mailcap' for image files other than image/gif
164097 confirmed/links: <sup> is not properly supported
198588 upstream/links: format of user config file
242600 does not support application/xhtml+xml
268661 wontfix/links: User agent string should contain Debian tag (like mozilla, galeon)
295113 links improperly renders the em-dash entity as a hyphen
332838 upstream confirmed/links: Does not render <q> tag in text-mode
602228 links: correct links2 references in manual page

Package: tmpreaper
71251 tmpreaper: why have we forked this package?
78791 tmpreaper: tmpreaper deletes in-use sockets
206123 tmpreaper: deleting an empty directory hierarchy requires (N-1) * TMPREAPER_TIME
330667 tmpreaper: add *.lock to default ignore list
364624 tmpreaper: use most recent of mtime, ctime and atime
551171 tmpreaper: debconf security question not accurate anymore
581777 tmpreaper: Add emacs[0-9]* to default ignore list
583299 TMPREAPER_TIME= in /etc/tmpreaper.conf should override TMPTIME in /etc/default/rcS
583344 tmpreaper: Add /tmp/hsperfdata_* to default ignore list
636459 patch/tmpreaper: protect on directory fails. Invalid process order.
673149 tmpreaper: protect on directory fails. Invalid process order.
728309 patch/Should be more verbose

Package: distmp3
71272 unreproducible/distmp3: lame called by distmp3host hangs consistantly if not run as root
668736 distmp3: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8): etc/default/distmp3
689887 patch/Ships a folder in /var/run or /var/lock (Policy Manual section 9.3.2)

Package: ncftp
71766 moreinfo/opening the data port fails under the hurd
181504 ncftpget seems not to correctly resolve the localhost name
181638 ncftp: the ETA is capped at 999:59 instead of calculating it in hours
182670 ncftp: in recursive mode, trailing slash on source directory sucks up virtual memory, aborts
240452 /usr/bin/ncftpput: ncftpput can't handle bookmarks
253122 ncftp: sends empty password if using proxy server
261923 ncftp: after backgrounding, input frozen during connection attempt
272803 ncftp: [ncftpput] Options in manual page are not in alphabetical order
336209 ncftpget output to STOUT (option -c) adds metainformation to output
352425 upstream patch/ncftp: rmdir fails on trailing slash added by tab completion
395559 ncftp: slightly broken ncftpspooler man page
412827 ncftp: [manual] syntax of $HOME/.ncftp/prefs is not explained
444130 ncftp: Some important keyboardkeys aren't working
444971 ncftpput does not accept documented options with -C
554523 ncftp cannot resolve hostnames
561197 ncftpput upload always append
570654 kfreebsd-i386: Could not read reply from control connection -- timed out.
617770 ncftpput logs in as anonymous despite -u (username) and -p (password) being specified

Package: mpg123
73681 strange timer bug in mpg123

Package: rolldice
74583 rolldice: dice attributes limited to MAXSHORT
672418 upstream/rolldice: new repository for the upstream
716255 [Mayhem] Bug report on rolldice: rolldice crashes with exit status 139

Package: xauth
75344 upstream security/xbase-clients: [xauth] needs to way to identify and remove stale xauth cookies
252477 upstream/xbase-clients: [xauth] says it's creating a new authority file even when it doesn't
595676 xauth doesn't accept display (host) names containing a hyphen
596630 disk full leads to xauth nulling out the Xauthority file completely instead of just failing to create entry
635109 patch security/xauth: needs cookie handling warnings in man page
642374 xauth: Doesn't seem to handle concurrency [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
684723 xauth: Some times corrupts my .Xauthority file when disk quota is exceeded
691844 upstream fixed-upstream patch/xauth: Failed X11 forwarding when using GDM via XDMCP

Package: ssh
75419 ssh: X11-Forwarding is buggy and crashes connections
76056 wontfix upstream/scp: shoulf have a "force" option ala "cp -f"
79795 patch/ssh: the scp manpage doesn't say which parameter is the source and which is the target
81619 ssh: ssh tcp port forwarding (other than X) doesn't work across socks firewalls
96709 X forwarding over ssh stopped working
102743 ssh: ssh "waiting for forwarded connections to terminate" is delayed
109103 ssh: [bug compat] missing channel output with protocol 2 and 2.3.0p1 server
109717 moreinfo/ssh: scripted ssh sessions tend to hang
116879 ssh-keygen -d undocumented switch
122599 ssh: Listen on multiple ports when misconfigured / bad logging
123373 Resolver doesnt work properly
127835 moreinfo/ssh; Can't use RSA to login my machine anymore
131600 ssh: connection locks up when exiting after su.
132002 moreinfo/ssh: Problems connecting FreeBSD 4.5 (no password authentication mode is done)
152250 ssh: Forwarding sets wrong display
157138 ssh asks for pass phrase if identity file is not readable
157705 wontfix upstream/ssh: scp man page lacks -f, nor --help
163202 ssh: ssh with public key authentication seems paranoid about home dir permissions
164325 ssh: RhostsRSAAuthentication needs a setuid ssh
164866 ssh: scp a b c should fail if c does not exist
170628 ssh freezes when used over slow connection (e.g. modem)
176225 upstream/ssh: man page needs examples of source files and directories usage
187105 moreinfo/ssh fails during long rsync file transfers with: Corrupted MAC on input.
189920 ssh: MAIL not set according to /etc/login.defs
196126 unreproducible moreinfo/scp: bizarre new output format
197037 please remove rlogin/rsh/rcp alternatives
197198 scp and sftp fail on large files
199861 ssh: Deny/AllowUsers directive do not complain about ','
202868 ssh: ClientAlive not working
203700 ssh: WIth many public keys provided by ssh-agent, connection fail
204546 scp: be more helpful when shell startup produces output?
211305 unreproducible/ssh: "Bad packet length" errors
218098 libpam-modules: pam_nologin w/ openssh (handles /etc/nologin internally)
220662 ssh no longer takes into account the KeepAlive option
221849 ClientAliveInterval option emits error to screen
226349 ssh should not be started on upgrade if not running before
228064 ssh: remote port forwarding (-R) binds always to localhost (ignores -g)
236814 ssh: MOTD isn't printed anymore
237392 moreinfo/sshd priv. seperated process get in infinite loop on logout
237955 mysterious newline before shell prompt in remote login
243012 Confusing error message when the server closed the connection
243832 ssh: connection closed after 10 minutes
244924 sid jessie/ssh: scp only prints file modes and exits with status 1
253743 wontfix//usr/bin/scp: scp foiled when input file grows during transfer
254909 /usr/bin/ssh: ssh -f needs a command?!
259780 ssh: ClientAliveInterval does not work together with -N
265501 ssh: ProtocolKeepAlives is applied for host * even if defined for one host
271714 ssh: enabling X11Forward yes fails mysteriously unless xauth is installed
272653 ssh: option -l of scp (bandwidth limit) should apply to compressed data
275458 ssh: nothing is logged when MaxStartups limit reached
276455 ssh does not terminate on logout
280610 ssh-agent man page insufficient for novices
289592 upstream/a BindAddress6 option is needed
296231 cvs: symlink /usr/bin/rsh -> /etc/alternatives rsh missing
296547 security/ssh: [CAN-2004-1653] default configuration for OpenSSH enables AllowTcpForwarding
296811 ssh: SSH hangs right after successful login
307755 /usr/sbin/sshd: ssh: [manual] /etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run is not documented
309780 "ssh -N -X -A" doesn't set up X11 or agent forwarding
310431 sshd_config should warn about GatewayPorts workaround
314645 unreproducible moreinfo security//usr/sbin/sshd: time delay of password check proves account existence to attackers
327019 wontfix/ssh: scp allows remote execution of shell commands when semicolon is used in filename
327358 ssh: can't handle more than 35 groups?
327443 ipv6/X Forwarding broken on IPv6 systems without X11UseLocalhost
338325 ssh: client segv with gssapi
342154 ssh: Certain chars in password break logins
344020 ssh client segmentation fault (sparc64)
350128 AllowUsers prevents showing IP in syslog rejection messages
350208 sshd can't keep track of which DISPLAYs are in use
352962 ssh: scp fails to copy to IPv6 addresses like ::ffff:ac10:0101
354088 sshd: ctrl+C on ssh login creates defunct sshd processes
355694 scp: Terminal stops echoing characters after cancelling transfer at password stage
364634 ssh: Weird behavior with broken key
366096 ssh: Incompatible with lbxproxy
392428 ssh: OpenSSH Duplicated Block Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability (CVE-2006-4924)
406137 moreinfo/ssh: upgrade causes etch dpkg to segv
407866 ssh tries to access /dev/tty even with -T, and when no tty available
415693 ssh hangs during fast dataflow
492781 ssh hangs after upgrades
516441 ssh: port forwarding broken?
596087 experimental/'Bad packet length' error when using ControlPersist in a 'ssh -W' ProxyCommand
621044 ssh -i id_file doesn't use encrypted pubkey file
729526 patch/ssh.deb: somewhat misleading description

Package: ppp
76084 upstream help confirmed/pppd does not kill ip-up scripts when it is killed
78251 upstream help/ppp: pppstats produces 4G as number of packets
86076 help upstream/poff doesn't read final `OK' from modem -> pon confused
88535 upstream help confirmed/ppp: race condition: ip-up is not run if another instance of ip-up is still running
100028 upstream help/pppd with "persist" and "holdoff 0" options does not exit on a SIGTERM received prior to connection
141466 upstream help/ppp: pty + ssh hangs
150348 upstream help/ppp: debug logging should use unsigned chars
191689 upstream wontfix/pppd runs at priority 0 and so do the ip-up & ip-down scripts
202735 upstream help/PPP: stops auth negotiation on a NAK
203620 upstream help/ppp: pppstats returns 0 for IN (incoming bytes) after a while
219650 help upstream/pppd can't tell time, hangsup really early
238840 wontfix upstream woody/ppp: line disconnect leads to ppp crash and d-o-s
260602 help upstream/ppp hangs when run from under poptop versus pptp-linux/ppp
308383 upstream help/Not work PPPoE server with recent version of ppp
314608 ppp packaging bug
325746 pppd 2.4.3 (+pptpd) bug - error count recive and transmit bytes
330973 help upstream/ppp: possible MTU problem when using mppe
360952 pppd does not accept ms-dns options from command line
367715 ppp: overwrites /etc/resolv.conf despite "usepeerdns" being unset
374698 pppd exits despite 'persist' option
378363 /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/0000usepeerdns bug?
384998 rp-pppoe plugin and MLPPP don't play well together - tiny fragments are sent
394052 ppp: report mtu value used
432728 ppp: ipv6+demand - bug in previous LL if address removal
444180 ppp: Automatically installed route causes packet loop on some VPNs (workaround)
445668 Improve error message for unknown device
451363 ppp: radius plugin stops talking to radius server
453758 pppd creates world-readable pppd2.tdb file
489243 ppp: -chap + configured chap-secrets --> NAK chap and offer chap at the same time
502340 pty: device name may not be given, but needed anyway
514274 Bad ppp frames for certain TCP package lengths
515480 Internet connection active during installation, but fails to work upon reboot
518624 /usr/sbin/pppd: ppp authentication mschapv2 doesn't work after upgrading winbind to 2:3.2.5-4
555477 /usr/sbin/pppd: ppp with persist does not redial after error
613931 Missing `-t mangle` in README.pppoe
627088 ppp: reconnect after hangup fails with many Protocol-Reject messages
639368 ppp: debug mode do not show any message
650634 pppd eats all cpu in tdb_allocate()
653242 squeeze/ppp: strange problem with Class C subnet being dropped
692909 ppp: rp-pppoe stop sending discovery packets in some cases
704661 ppp: Radius plugin binding address not working. Useful when you have multipe interfaces.
706918 pppd stopped passing ipparam value to /etc/ppp/ip-up after an upgrade to Wheezy
710946 Fwd: Re: ipv6-up fails to log anything
736851 pending/ppp: Please ship logcheck rules

Package: bplay
77341 wontfix/bplay: brec generates very bad sound
228833 moreinfo/bplay: does not release allocated shared memory
273557 bplay does not honor -t or -T options
275166 bplay: brec wrongly returns error code to Linux
293531 moreinfo/bplay: brec segfaults on big endian architecture
332651 moreinfo unreproducible/Problem when you don't specify a filename
383436 bplay: Can't play back WAV file
405790 help wontfix/the site from which bplay was downloaded (according to the
498084 patch/bplay: spelling-error-in-copyright Debian/GNU Linux Debian GNU/Linux
546067 bplay: will not allow sharing /dev/dsp with other programs

Package: nscd
78920 wontfix/nscd: nscd goes infinitely slow with heavy DNS traffic
279001 nscd problems with GETHOSTBYNAME and GETHOSTBYADDR
324900 wontfix/nscd: umount /var fails (unclean shutdowns)
344563 nscd: cache.c:335: prune_cache: Assertion `dh->usable' failed.
362966 nscd aborts
420604 nscd: coredumps (ldap related?)
431243 wontfix/nscd: no more memory for database 'hosts'
443475 nscd assertion (crash) on debian etch
480896 nscd crashes with capital letters and ldap
485282 patch/nscd: Allow install time configuration of disconnected operation
496165 [nscd] has a problem with case sensitivity - caches wrong result
501945 nscd runs out of filehandles opening multiple instances of /var/run/nscd/socket and uses 100% CPU
503669 nscd: caching is really working?
513635 nscd: uses 100% CPU
549236 nscd: runs away with memory, gradually
574990 squeeze-ignore/nscd crashes after moderate use
575413 nscd crash when running in paranoia mode with restart-interval
592850 nscd fortget about users in nss:files or hangs
700385 Either fix automatic hosts cache invalidation or add resolvconf update script to invalidate the hosts cache
705433 nscd crashed with SIGABRT in __GI___assert_fail()
707717 nscd hangs, block whole network stack
737079 nscd crashes on netgroup lookups
742588 patch/stop action of init script on the host system kills nscd daemons in linux containers

Package: wvdial
82094 wvdial goes into a busy loop
198724 wontfix/Misleading error message in wvdial
246698 wvdial.conf(5): Poor description of "new PPPD"
249563 patch/wvdial: fails to detect carrier signal
298272 bad parameters in wvdial.conf
300647 wvdial>1.54.0-1 doesn't work with slmodem* any more
316575 unreproducible moreinfo/defaultroute should be default when using wvdial.
322982 upstream/wvdial.conf.5: mention comment syntax
369326 erroneous messages from pppd when wvdial started
413143 wvdial asks for password again on upgrade
420151 wvdial: breaks are sent to serial ports without asking
444714 wvdial doesn't completely ignore comment lines
647044 It is impossible to use wvdial with UMTS/GSM provider not using user/password
660120 wvdial doesn't work on armel / armhf platforms
680340 wvdial: fails at assert
744215 wvdial: Segmentation fault during modem initialization

Package: menu
82104 confirmed/[hints] menu: can produce submenus with only 1 item
246224 [hints] menu: does not create Apps/Science although no hint appears to prevent it
257223 menu should use en_US's name when other locale
292504 [hints] menu: fails to create entry if hint is the same as a package
484561 Undocumented command line option --trigger in update-menus
628574 patch/menu should not ignore menu entries for packages that were configured once
669943 menu: Please clarify supported icon types (3.7)
695882 upstream/menu: su-to-root runs root applications using user's HOME, when SU_TO_ROOT_X=sux
707888 patch/Please remove mention of postinst in /usr/share/menu/README.
742490 menufile: clarification of using the absolute icon path in menu files
743789 menu: su-to-root fails to execute calls with multiple commands in one line

Package: device3dfx-source
83312 device3dfx-source: Module doesn't appear to work with 2.4.0 kernels. Glide examples give a card not found error, and the module gets a negative usage counter. Works fine with 2.2 kernels, however.

Package: libsmpeg0
84691 smpeg doesn't fill in time information when using SMPEG_playAudio
90941 smpeg crashes on bad mp3 files
92741 Doesn't handle id3v2 tags correctly.
141237 please rename the library packages after woody
319199 libsmpeg0 trashes the first frame of mp3 files

Package: knews
84731 upstream/knews: doesn't update display properly in very long threads
129956 upstream/knews seems to have problems with iso8859-15 messages
291278 problems when sensible-editor is non-X app

Package: at
84790 confirmed/Starting too many batch jobs
238548 confirmed/should generate MIME Content-Type header with charset info
327871 clean atd environment
337132 at-3.1.9: atd fails to start with permission denied error for /var/spool/cron/atjobs
364975 confirmed patch/at command ignores savings time when given UTC time
375799 at: /var/spool/cron/atjobs/.SEQ disturbs cron purging
419547 at: batch no longer accepts parameters
510466 patch/at: Needs SE Linux support
519716 patch/at: use nice levels starting from 0
528671 patch/bad mtime handling of atjobs dir causes delayed execution of jobs
559886 upstream confirmed patch/Parallel build is broken
577017 upstream confirmed/Bad day_of_week date interpretation.
624506 patch/atd delays jobs after suspend to ram/disk
632382 moreinfo/atd sometimes doesnt send email
638256 patch/race condition causes many syslog messages: File a[[:xdigit:]]{13} is in wrong format - aborting
639900 at(1) man page does not describe behavior when passed explicit date in past
712185 moreinfo patch/at: add upstart init support

Package: slang2
84930 upstream/mc disables ^S/^Q flow.
275077 help/slang1: cursor disappears when on white space

Package: x11-apps
85086 wontfix upstream/xbase-clients: [xcalc] not _exactly_ like HP-10C
97955 upstream/xbase-clients: [oclock] -transparent option renders color options ineffectual
127060 upstream/xbase-clients: [xclipboard] sizes the 'Save' dialog box incorrectly
173433 upstream/xbase-clients: [xcalc] RPN stack behaviour is wrong
224353 upstream/xbase-clients: [xclock] manpage does not document Xft-related options
352967 wontfix/xbase-clients: xclock -digital does not take -twentyfour into account and uses asctime() to get the string
416315 unreproducible moreinfo/xbase-clients: xwd does not work
461786 xconsole vs. UTF-8
550308 [xedit] missing deps on xbitmaps
560037 xclock -d puts a large blank space to the left of the time
564064 x11-apps: xclock -digital text is now displayed very far from the left border since last update
595508 xconsole uses a very weird, ugly, large font after upgrade to lenny
599026 xclock: -padding doesn't take effect
609222 x11-apps: [xeyes] New xeyes produces RenderBadPicture error
640011 x11-apps: xclock option -twentyfour doesn't work
659936 x11-apps: xload does not always start
698682 /usr/bin/xwd: -screen is always in effect - cannot capture content of obscured window
720266 x11-apps: xman aborts closing search window

Package: wmppp.app
85212 suppresses eg, pon errors
208986 wmppp.app: the start and stop buttons and speed, don't show in windowmaker
716472 [Mayhem] Bug report on wmppp.app: wmppp crashes with exit status 139

Package: adns-tools
85854 patch/No manual pages
681242 adns-tools: adnshost should say what is inconsistent about resource records

Package: dante-client
85911 couldn't resolv by getaddrinfo(AF_INET) on dante-client
152449 dante-client: socksify doesn't work unless used with strace
168183 socksify problems with dns servers
223459 dante-client: socksify doesn't work with ncftp
656096 dante-client: socksify preloads libdl.so.2 from an incorrect path

Package: netkit-ping
86104 Upgrade netkit-ping/inetd 0.17 avail, possible security problems?
104398 ping: insecure signal handling
132362 netkit-ping: ping on local segment reply's instantly but prints huge reply time

Package: guile-1.8
87095 guile-common: missing manpage for guile-wm-menu-launch
696584 upstream/guile-1.8: Infinite loop with readline if pressing Ctrl-C.
702446 automake failed with exit status: 1
722775 guile-1.8 link with -L/usr/lib

Package: popularity-contest
87619 popularity-contest should use alternate method if /usr is mounted readonly
292163 Wrong permissions on /etc/popularity-contest.conf
496831 popularity-contest: Does not send votes for non-program packages
522023 popularity-contest: popcon should be run/offered to be run once while installation
574743 popularity-contest: all-popcon-results.txt.gz contains bogus data
709892 popularity-contest: Unable to submit report
722228 popularity-contest may send mail with a wrong domain by default
741104 d-i/popcon does not detect that the MTA is unable to send email.

Package: binutils
87733 confirmed upstream/binutils: as: funky error message (Subtraction of two symbols in different sections)
95397 upstream/binutils: Incorrect disassembly for segment register moves in code32 segments
125916 upstream/binutils: Global & Static initializers ignored in archives
166330 binutils: Please include shared libiberty
169356 confirmed upstream/hppa toolchain causes binary-compiled-with-profiling-enabled on everything
195847 binutils: hidden symbol `lstat' in /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a(lstat.oS) is referenced by DSO
201592 upstream/binutils: objcopy on sparc: BFD internal error when -B is not provided
215797 objcopy --only-keep-debug can generate executable files
236816 unreproducible/binutils: ld sometimes crashes on multiprocessor machines
244523 Strip doesn't support Minix-386 on amd64?
262232 ld: warnings referring two archives sometimes wrong
262710 gcc-3.3: [sparc] -frename-registers produces wrong code
274929 binutils: ld segfaults, BFD 2.15 assertion fail
281289 amd64 kernel build: ld: BFD 2.15 assertion fail ../../bfd/linker.c:619
281551 binutils: objdump: "File format not recognized" on Windows executables
283140 'strings(1)' does not process large files any more
285868 x86_64 linux kernel 2.6.9 assembler errors
303574 BFD 2.15 internal error, aborting at ../../bfd/tekhex.c line 516 in pass_over
306392 enumerated list broken in objcopy manpage and two typos
322478 ld screws up relocation in some cases
327604 error building kernel-source-2.6.11 with binutils 2.16.1cvs20050902-1
328756 /usr/bin/ld: ld: BFD 2.16.1 Debian GNU/Linux internal error, aborting at ../../bfd/cache.c line 496
329945 kernel-source- 2.6.8 fails to compile with current binutils
338820 confirmed/[amd64] ld: BFD assertion failure (elflink.c:6081)
338907 binutils: shared libopcodes should depend on shared libbfd
343097 unreproducible moreinfo/binutils: hidden symbol `__fini_array_end' in bitmap_test is referenced by DSO
344227 IA64 AS syntax changed...
345378 glibc: __libc_atexit section disappears with --gc-sections, breaking exit-flushing
347297 binutils: [powerpc] seems to add pseudo-random dependencies
347670 binutils: fails with gcc-3.3 on building seamonkey
350072 binutils: fails to link with -O2 option
350239 [hppa] ld doesn't like outputting to /dev/null
371181 binutils: as gives poor error reports when fed from stdin
372528 as/i386: reverses fdivp and fdivrp
374613 moreinfo/ld: Segmentation fault on AMD64 Debian
378458 l10n/ld: localized messages not converted as needed
379596 Problems linking 32bit libraries on AMD64
380370 as: arm segmentation fault in low memory situations with large C++
386176 moreinfo/binutils: gprof --file-ordering /dev/null segfaults
391971 binutils: ld uses wrong default dynamic-linker
397545 binutils: incorrect fpu opcodes in Intel syntax disassembly
407045 binutils: nm exhausts memory with corrupted binary file
435712 binutils: gprof reports wrong times (for SMP?)
443252 d-i/strange behavior with -u and versioned symbols
463379 objdump -d generates invalid assembler for ARM instruction stmia
471731 memory leak during linking in /usr/lib/libbfd-
487213 Library search path for -m32 differs between amd64 and i386
495292 binutils: Move strings to another package
503052 binutils: ld default "relax" option causes relocation errors on Alpha
511774 binutils: objdump can't recognize DWARF debugging symbols in ELF object
513636 moreinfo/binutils: ld 2.19 segfaults on spf4.o (while 2.18 works correctly)
517875 gcc-4.3: [arm] bad assembly for blx from thumb mode
530009 as: '\0' interpreted as '0'
530790 upstream help moreinfo/ld in hppa reports "no .eh_frame_hdr table will be created"
544053 strip: Document default behaviour
546929 binutils: unrecognised emulation mode: elf_x86_64
547660 binutils: Static linking uses much more memory with recent ld versions than before
551466 can't prelink new binutils, section file offsets not monotonically increasing
556969 binutils: ld takes much memory on C programs with large arrays
563481 binutils: error message about /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/crt1.o when linking executable without main
571143 binutils: readelf Segmentation fault
575182 binutils: objdump wrongly disassembles "call *c125d2b0(,%eax,4)"
577691 binutils: Segfault on amd-64 when compiling kernel with make-kpkg
603603 parallel safe /usr/bin/ar
607220 gcc-4.4: collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]
610609 gcc: Internal error: Erreur de segmentation when compiling linux kernel 2.6.37
610745 patch/binutils-multiarch target list update
617878 ".size expression does not evaluate to a constant" reported at wrong line
620448 upstream wontfix/binutils: Please make --size-check=warning the default, to avoid widespread breakage
625267 binutils: Relocation problem when building a shared library on an Alpha
625712 ld: --no-allow-shlib-undefined confused by libraries
629498 upstream/ld.bfd: "could not read symbols: Invalid operation" after indirect reference is unhelpful
633699 binutils: extern int errno = ld terminated with signal 11
635022 binutils: bad binary with -fPIC and -pie
642549 arm-as: IT-instruction related warnings/errors issued incorrectly
644856 gcc -mcpu=v8 generates asm code which latest as cannot grok
649241 binutils: Either gas or ld is doing the wrong thing with R_SPARC_WDISP22 relocations on sparc
663128 upstream wontfix/binutils: manual of odjdump: fixing too long lines without space
663246 upstream wontfix/readelf(1): Too long lines in the manual
711873 synergy test suite segfaults on mips/mipsel w/ relro hardening flags
717032 changed behaviour of _end symbol
718357 binutils-gold: generated .o file is not recognized by the lastest version of binutils
742546 ld.bfd: assertion failure on -pie -static
744810 binutils: ld not finding core gnu libc libraries
745116 binutils-hppa64 not created for TARGET=hppa

Package: sgml-base
88008 update-catalog should change its name
607913 mutter-common: Errors while installing
674898 patch pending/diff for NMU version 1.26+nmu4
678127 should sgml-base be orphaned?

Package: openssl
88728 openssl: usage of /dev/random should be possible
115767 upstream/openssh: Couldn't obtain random bytes (error 604389476)
194133 openssl: Revoking of certificates is not possible
198746 "bad record MAC" error when forward different protocols over SSL
212410 libapache-mod-ssl: Bad Record MAC
215765 libssl0.9.7: apt-build and dpkg-buildpackage both fail on sparc32
218370 upstream/kdelibs4: https kio_slave loops forever accessing /dev/urandom
291095 openssl: [manual page] Command line options are not documented
303145 patch/CA.pl: -signcert reports success when failing
327739 patch/libssl0.9.7: missing idea support
351684 upstream/libssl0.9.8: Please free remaining memory blocks
375834 openssl: CRL verification regression
385907 wontfix/openssl: missing purging at remove-time
397507 Weird defaults for country and state
402870 openssl: option -out does not recognize de facto STDOUT marker '-'
422882 patch/openssl: mistake in note on x509v3_config manual page
431918 libssl0.9.8 - unable to load crypto engines
463240 no backspace support in openssl interactive input
487792 openssl: output cert silently not written or 0 bytes if quota overrun
501145 Please clearify license issue openssl vs. gpl
511727 "padding too short" error message
514694 openssl: "sslv3 alert unexpected message" error while connecting via TLS to Java ssl sockets
520021 libpam0g.postinst uses /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh
524082 openssl: s_client ignores depth if certificate chain is valid
524682 libssl0.9.8: libssl uses unnecessarily /bin/bash in its installation scripts
528804 dgst, ca, x509, req, ... man pages in 1ssl should mention all supported digests
532229 bind9-host: Failure to run host as normal user
534534 libssl0.9.8: valgrind/helgrind reports Possible data race during write
534656 libssl0.9.8: Another valgring/helgrind error Possible data race
534683 libssl0.9.8: IMPL_CHECK gives a helgrind error
534685 libssl0.9.8: EX_DATA_CHECK macro gives helgrind errors
534687 libssl0.9.8: lh_retrieve modifies global data, bug in valgrind or OpenSSL?
534699 libssl0.9.8: likely race condition in int_new_ex_data()
534706 libssl0.9.8: OPENSSL_cleanse() is reported as being thread-unsafe by helgrind
534889 libssl0.9.8: int_free_ex_data() is reported as having a race condition
534892 libssl0.9.8: err_fns_check() has a race if a pointer assignment is not atomic
536229 Core-Dump / Segementation fault DBD::Oracle together with SSL connections
545670 wontfix/openssl speed: "The 'numbers' are in 1000s of bytes" abiguous
546521 libssl0.9.8: Please ensure that daemons loading libssl0.9.8 are restarted on upgrade of libssl0.9.8
546802 openssl: missing documentation for sha256 support
554157 wontfix/openssl: openssl req fails to create certificate eith UTF8 emailAddress
584911 unreadable /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf file breaks OPENSSL_config
588267 openssl randomly get into endless loop when using pipe output and limited read in sub process
602346 'openssl rsa -pubout' is not RFC 3447 compliant
607914 please enable padlock engine for 1.0.0 version of openssl
611054 /usr/bin/openssl without gost engine
611667 patch/openssl: clean-after-build fails due to wrong Makefile rule
611743 openssl smime -verify can't verify binary messages without CRLF
616352 openssl pkcs12 emits and requires DER-encded data; man page says PEM-encoded
618590 dgst(1ssl) page mentions md2, but "openssl dgst -md2" fails
622387 Padlock support missing in Openssl 0.9.8o in Squeeze AMD64
632833 openssl: OCSP responder 1.x listening on localhost ipv6
642419 [openssl] issues in descriptions (no manual pages in libssl-dev)
644420 openssl md5, changed a output format
648114 openssl: speed can't decide what RC4 options are in use
648285 lenny/fails to verify client certificates
650332 -extensions XXX can be specified on command line and openssl will silently ignore it
659251 patch/openssl: enc: Bad compression ration with -z (zlib compression)
659253 openssl: enc: duplicated option documentation for -salt and -nosalt
672456 security/CVE-2011-1473: SSL/TLS DoS via repeated SSL session renegotiations
675436 security/openssl: Buffer overflow vulnerability
683158 several openssl commands claim ssl2 is supported
683159 [openssl] can't connect to hosts which allow only SSLv3
686056 openssl: Date after back to 1906, after y generate a certificate changing the years to 10 via /usr/lib/ssl/misc/CA.pl with option -newca
689490 openssl: using openssl from maintainer scripts creates /root/.rnd
692736 s_client: misleading manpage for -starttls
694667 Partial solution for OpenSSL 1.0.1 bugs #665452, #666051, #2771
694696 OpenSSL: TLS 1.1 and 1.2 client - invalid Client Hello during renegotiation
700265 x509 manpage: example incorrectly imply that MD5 is default digest
705218 Segfault in libcrypto.so.1.0.0
705513 upstream wontfix/openssl 1.0.1e-2 throws SIGKILL on Debian 7.0 sparc
729009 openssl: no man page for "srp" command
731947 genrsa manpage talks about 512 bits default key size
736186 openssl: enc: zlib support now missing
736772 patch/openssl: Add OpenRISC to Configure
739960 openssl req creates PEM key file in semi-unsupported format
740178 openssl(1) refers to incorrect sections for subcommands
742145 security/openssl: uses only 32 bytes (256 bit) for key generation
742152 _ssl.c:1415: error:1408F119:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:decryption failed or bad record mac
742553 upstream/tsget: call undefined subroutine &WWW::Curl::Easy::global_cleanup

Package: xevil
89319 help upstream confirmed/xevil networking code is buggy

Package: mdetect
90430 moreinfo/mdetect: made PS/2 mouse go completely mad
99420 mdetect: keyboard stops responding when mouse is autodetected
211776 /usr/share/man/man1/mdetect.1.gz: warn not to use inside xwindows
225132 /usr/share/man/man1/mdetect.1.gz: say how much of X can be running before use
252835 moreinfo/mdetect: misdetects non-existent PS/2 mouse
323997 mdetect: running autodetection kills mouse (gpm)
391316 mdetect needs -v for -x to work
544541 patch/mdetect SEGV with -vvv option

Package: x11-utils
90714 wontfix upstream/xbase-clients: [xlsfonts] (xlsfonts | wc -l) != (xlsfonts | sort | uniq | wc -l)
378779 upstream/xmessage -default ignores -print
471126 xlsclients doesn't list some ghost windows that xrestop shows
493614 x11-utils needs better short description
505893 l10n/x11-utils: xmessage ignores locale encoding
519451 /usr/bin/xmessage: fails when button do not fit on screen in a single line
571234 X11 resource warning
587932 editres: can't take focus with WindowMaker or Openbox
609748 l10n//usr/bin/xprop: Error activating XKB configuration.
641214 x11-utils: xcalc takes a long time to open searching for fonts.
699746 x11-utils: xprop assumes that WM_ICON_NAME and WM_NAME are encoded in ISO-8859-1
726235 fixed-upstream patch/editres(1): Undefined macro 'TA' in the manual and some formatting improvements
730241 unlisted xmessage -font option

Package: libc6-dev
91311 wontfix/semid_ds conflicts with SUSv2
155835 upstream/libc6-dev: scanf a flag conflicts with C99
162612 upstream/libc6-dev: telling gcc to optimize causes C99 violations, thanks to endian.h
192178 libc6-dev: linking with libmcheck makes output of malloc_usable_size() garbage
203014 wontfix/libc6-dev: Missing libnss_{db,dns,files,compat}.a files in libc6-dev, just add --enable-static-nss to configure params
215923 libc6-dev: [sparc] fails to compile with bits/fenv.h and -pedantic-errors
317849 brittle recursion in limits.h
320630 libc6-dev: /usr/include/sys/socket.h broken with g++ 4.x
326719 libc6-dev problem (libdl.so)
331064 Compilation fails with sys/mman.h mmap with -std=c89 on GCC 4.0.1
373555 Can't use pthread_cleanup_push with non-GCC compiler
414795 libpthread/NPTL: static linking seems to break raise(3), abort(3)
475839 patch wontfix/libc6-dev: pthread_mutex_t definition contains a nameless union
499801 sprof fails to load shared object
514917 libc6-dev: CMSG_NXTHDR can't be used to construct new control messages, due to its payload length validation
516992 libc6-dev: [mips] Compile error/warning in bits/siginfo.h with -pedantic
517625 libc6-dev: compile() in obsolete <regexp.h> returns incorrect values wrt SUSv2
582698 libc6-dev: INTMAX_MAX definition yields build failure in 32-bit C90 mode though intmax_t is supported
586971 upstream/libc6-dev: REG_NOSUB prevents storing location of entire regex match
639697 libc6-dev: missing file "lowlevellock.h"
688357 sys/cdefs.h #defines __attribute__ to nothing without __GNUC__
697456 libc6-dev: Missing personality enum values in sys/personality.h
703559 libc6-dev: sparc: no prototype for prlimit
729436 [libc6-dev] strcasecmp declared twice
730092 Missing EFD_SEMAPHORE in bits/eventfd.h for sparc
737697 Missing EFD_SEMAPHORE in <bits/eventfd.h> on sparc

Package: petsc2.3.2-doc
91322 petsc2.0.29-examples: Test errors on PPC

Package: fbset
93991 fbset: fbset no longer works with xfree-4.0.2
114184 fbset: on boot -a only affects first console
315933 'fbset -a' only affects the current console
356035 fbset ignore -fb description

Package: pyopengl
94610 python-opengl demos fail with nvidia-glx, nv-glx does not implement glPolygonOffsetEXT
483043 unreproducible/python2.5: Segfault in ctypes using opengl (backtrace included)
703585 [pyopengl] run-time warning: "No Numeric module present: No module named Numeric"

Package: sgmltools-lite
94649 sgmltools-lite doesn't move tmp with custom stylesheet
106028 sgmltools-2: cannot use nochunks
168573 help/sgmltools-lite: Docbook Style Sheet for HTML not found
191881 sgmltools-lite: sgmltools --backend html fails with openjade
380949 Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !

Package: util-linux
95378 util-linux: [hwclock] /etc/adjtime not fully compatible with clock(8)
97349 util-linux: [hwclock] conflict between clock drift and correction
127601 moreinfo/util-linux: [more] can't underline multibyte characters
156489 wontfix/util-linux: [hwclock] adjtime should be moved to /var/lib/hwclock/ (FHS 2.2)
161222 moreinfo unreproducible/util-linux: [getty] respawns too quickly on empty port
163205 wontfix woody/util-linux: [fdisk] help for fdisk in Woody MIPS installer missing options
171281 util-linux: [hwclock] a swath of typos and minor issues
195542 util-linux: [hwclock] hwclockfirst.sh should refer to "info libc" for the syntax of TZ
195720 squeeze-ignore patch/util-linux: rc.d entries clobbered
250831 util-linux: sfdisk -uM does not work with reporting options
259048 util-linux: [sfdisk] message re: "expected"/"found" has user worried
263116 util-linux: hwclock documentation misleading
277298 moreinfo patch sarge/Kernel 2.6.x real time clock hang on Dell
283356 util-linux: sfdisk: Important information missing from man page
297543 wontfix/hwclock needs kernel module
304391 wontfix/getty echos partial passwords of fast typists
309163 moreinfo/util-linux: [fdisk] on x86_64 does not recognize BSD Disklabels made on alpha
316433 patch/patch to fall back to adb on powerpc if no /dev/rtc
321861 hwclock.8.gz: hwclock not UTC nor local time
324525 util-linux: cfdisk, fdisk and sfdisk fails with > 2TB
325231 getty.8.gz: say where errors go
345485 hwclock scripts don't support adjust time
348555 moreinfo/hwclock and chrony not coordinated
350545 hwclock: screen output improvements
354076 fixed-upstream/fdisk: incorrect/inconsistant display of partitions
368499 util-linux: please (properly) document ddisk / fdisk[-mac] on ppc
382485 mount man page omissions...
383846 moreinfo/util-linux: hwclock w/ libc6-i686: segmentation fault on reboot
387863 moreinfo/util-linux: Small issue with clockless systems
399370 wontfix/util-linux: split system time utilites (collect all bugs, wish to maintain (help))
407532 l10n/cfdisk: locale es_ES.UTF8 asks for "s" but impossible to type tilde
411468 util-linux: [more] option -num is not well documented at all
411888 hwclock can't read/set hardware clock
431295 /usr/bin/setterm: buffer overflow in parse_snapfile()
431954 fixed-upstream/Sfdisk calls BLKRRPART on file that is not a block device
435102 util-linux: hwclock.sh does not work on Thinkpad R60
435955 fixed-upstream/hwclock: Man page out of date?
450686 util-linux: manual page incorrectly says that hwclock will use --directisa when nessecary
452531 fixed-upstream/util-linux: Ambiguity in fdisk(8)
484816 util-linux: ionice manpage unclear about the meaning of "class data"
491021 fixed-upstream/util-linux: mkswap should not give "will not try to make swapdevice" for /dev/hdb
492709 hwclock.sh: support for RTC wakeup alarm
495881 patch/util-linux: setsid masks return code of child process when invoked as process group leader
499947 patch l10n/util-linux: several strings without gettext calls
507094 moreinfo/Login, and the shell presented after login, are in all caps when an arrow key ([A, [D, [B, [C) is typed as a login name
509188 package util-linux doesn't install fdisk on powerpc
513878 pending/util-linux: Fails to set hardware clock
514209 fsck and mount handle backslashes differently in /etc/fstab
514629 /sbin/cfdisk: crash with big partitions
518454 moreinfo/more doesn't work in live systems
518532 fixed-upstream/script does not search PATH for shell
520606 hwclock init script should check for ! -L /etc/adjtime
524100 fixed-upstream/util-linux: [fdisk] Fails on ordinary files or loop device
528968 patch/hwclock: pay attention to ongoing correction
530011 util-linux: setarch man page is deficient
536560 [login] username with accentued characters cannot login
539111 Columns do not line-up - adjust output lengths
539347 util-linux: rtcwake reads rtc time 1 hour ahead (delta=-3600)
545812 util-linux: unclear man page and error message
554439 util-linux: [sfdisk] no way to get rid of dos/linux warning
561209 util-linux: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
561281 /lib/udev/rules.d/85-hwclock.rules screws up time on udevadm trigger if hw clock is not UTC
565124 util-linux: blkid man pages description lacks mention of UUIDs
568204 hwclock should not try to calculate the drift if rtc time is invalid [was: Re: Bug#542275: kernel error message for #542275 + patch]
568709 fixed-upstream/util-linux: rev manpage should refer to tac
572435 util-linux: blkid should never report LABEL=""
574009 fixed-upstream patch l10n/util-linux: [l10n pt_BR] fdisk has little mistakes in translation
580558 fixed-upstream/util-linux: mkswap treats swap files like a "whole disk"
581675 moreinfo/util-linux: blkid keeps on respawning after a failed DVD burning attempt
583503 fixed-upstream l10n/ddate: this useless joke program has no place in a base debian install
585108 util-linux: cfdisk is broken in UTF-8 locales
586179 util-linux: blkid - trailing spaces in output
588183 moreinfo/Wrong shlibs information
591495 cfdisk: partition types not rendered ok in es_ES locale
593118 [chrt] a failed conversion to a number is not 0
594005 fdisk: Size suffixes are not documented correctly
614584 fixed-upstream/fdisk: cannot handle sector numbers of 2^31 and above
614632 fdisk: error message about cylinder alignment confuses people into thinking the partitioner is wrong
620306 wontfix/getopt: Optional argument parsing buggy
630854 util-linux: umount - missing option required to 'fusermount -u'
636907 /sbin/cfdisk: program segfaults in SLcurses_waddnstr when writing partition table
638032 util-linux: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
645724 wontfix/util-linux: lscpu errors out with 486 CPU
648449 util-linux: rtcwake with -m off options fails due to wrong shutdown parameters
651676 util-linux: debian/copyright refers to non-existing URL ftp://ftp.us.kernel.org/...
653414 pending/util-linux: /usr/bin/line is missing
656228 util-linux: please ship all the release notes
657757 util-linux: Homepage: http://userweb.kernel.org/~kzak/util-linux/ - URL does not exist
665431 patch upstream/Fix roff syntax and spurious paragraph in flock.1 and blkid.8
666163 util-linux: /etc/fstab.d does not work
668906 moreinfo/util-linux: fdisk fails on kfreebsd
669288 cal: missing options
669407 fixed-upstream/util-linux: blkid does not identify label on UDF partitions with block size 512 or 1024
670231 util-linux: lscpu misses second CPU on some sparc64 boxes
671134 util-linux: 'whereis' package diversion output inconsistent
671187 fixed-upstream patch/util-linux: mkfs.minix -3 creates incorrect and limited filesystem
672665 setterm -help | tail -1 refer to lsblk. Should it?
674209 fixed-upstream patch/fsck(8): Unnecessary escapes for tabs in the manual
678364 upstream fixed-upstream patch/util-linux: [PATCH] mount.8 references "reatime"
679901 moreinfo/util-linux: postinst edits localy modified configuration file
680302 login: arrow keys at tty* login screen move cursor instead of output ^[[A
682778 util-linux: wall truncates hostname in banner
684264 patch/logger: sending syslog messages to remote host fails due to incomplete handling
687502 upstream/lscpu: SIGFPE with some kernel configurations
689534 patch/hwclock: sometimes one day lasts 23 hours.
694047 fixed-upstream/util-linux: addpart fails with larger partition lengths or start positions
694926 hwclock --systohc at shutdown makes battery drain when laptop is off
695473 fixed-upstream patch/gnome-disk-utility: Not possible to format disk
696005 util-linux: outdated Vcs-* fields?
697002 patch/jessie: -R skips check of /etc and /usr in addition to /
697881 upstream patch/Manpage for mount list different options in same paragraph (keybits, nofail, iversion)
699554 util-linux: default /etc/adjtime as written by /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh is missing a newline
702952 sfdisk: broken markup in manpage
703597 patch/util-linux: Fix check for systemd
703827 patch/mount: report wrong error string for EPERM
706693 hwclock.sh creates incorrect /etc/adjtime
712042 patch/util-linux: hwclock add upstart init support
714931 fixed-upstream/util-linux: mount sizelimit HFSPLUS
716930 sid/Fail to create pbuilder env of unstable using cowbuilder
721431 util-linux failed to cross build with selinux
722010 fixed-upstream/util-linux: missing two manpages for cramfs
726952 patch/rev(1): Macro '.El' is missing in the manual
731749 moreinfo/util-linux: blockdev --setrw doesn't inside a VM
735926 util-linux: agetty doesnt read terminfo file spec'd on start correctly
736400 util-linux: hwclock.sh init script should depend on umountfs directly instead of $local_fs
745215 /sbin/cfdisk: Installation doesn't correctly detect disks

Package: manpages-dev
95444 upstream/strcasecmp(3) is locale-dependent
309599 upstream/res_search(3): Return value of res_search and friends
364847 moreinfo help upstream/manpages-dev: includes material copied verbatim from the gfdl glibc manual
368059 manpages-dev: updates to fts.3
432785 manpages-dev: /usr/share/man/man2/path_resolution.2.gz is a dangling symlink with manpages 2.49-1
461549 settimeofday(2): manpage is misleading
506653 man undocumented SEE ALSO
511318 upstream/manpages-dev: scanf(3) man page: incorrect sentences in Section RETURN VALUE
520571 upstream/manpages-dev: incorrect strtod(3) documentation for NAN(...)
527136 upstream confirmed/manpages-dev: resolver(3) undocumented bits of _res.options
528915 upstream moreinfo/tcp.7: TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT description
563612 upstream/strchr(3): wrong return type for strchr
567094 manpages-dev: recvmsg(2) doesn't mention that MSG_CTRUNC can be set due to permissions errors
574041 upstream confirmed/write(2) clarification
609991 upstream/manpages-dev: regexec(3) silent about pmatch[0] and fails to refer to manpages-posix-dev
626983 fclose.3: please clarify stream state after fclose
628099 upstream patch/manpages-dev: Missing description in xdr(3) fails XDR codec API in some cases
630029 upstream lfs/read/write/readv/writev/sendfile.2: undocumented cap on number of bytes read/written
662046 upstream/manpages-dev: mbsrtowcs(3) (et al.) is an accident waiting to happen (mbstate_t)
679323 upstream/manpages-dev: clearenv(3) implies that it's a security tool
686623 upstream/manpages-dev: The sprintf(3) man page is misleading
708394 upstream confirmed/manpages-dev: connect(2) does not documment EPROTOTYPE
708949 upstream/manpages-dev: iopl(2): ports above 0x3ff
715261 upstream/manpages-dev: readdir_r should be strongly discouraged due to security reasons, in readdir(3)/readdir_r(3)
728213 upstream/clock(3) describes that POSIX requires CLOCKS_PER_SEC is 1000000.

Package: debbugs
96134 patch/Mail to -submitter addresses does not get copied to debian-bugs-dist
143381 patch/quick start
242823 [debbugs packages] unused config options (?)
364803 [service.in] reassign doesn't work with multiple packages+versions.
376291 wontfix/debbugs: List commands in alphabetic order in www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control
433120 BTS allows bogus character in version line
435458 ignore null control operations
440134 usertag queries shouldn't show archived bugs
440135 usertags should be able to be changed even on archived bugs
441956 [documantation] how to assign a bug to two packages is not documented
464602 debbugs: bug-closed emails could be better worded
464955 verfiy package names against regex in control
508043 help/Underscore overlaps with underline in some configurations
517668 run dist option through distribution alias table
539167 Please add supported dataexport for bts.turmzimmer.net
540925 indicate that no maintianer means that the package doesn't exist anymore
542449 make sure strings sent to control have the utf8 flag on
545945 process does not properly fold multi-line subjects or remove \r
546248 Bogus complains: `Failed to clear fixed versions and reopen.... limit failed...'
549439 more informative error messages for invalid urls
549631 propogate users= cgi option to further queries in pkgreport.cgi
549632 some include options screw up the summary counts in pkgreport.cgi
555023 debbugs: src: bugs should be displayed on the binary package of the same name
566974 bugs.debian.org: using "Package: src:foo" makes the BTS ignore the "Version:" header
575653 bugs.debian.org: cannot change usertags for archived bugs
580406 Handle binary-only bugs properly
584922 return 400 when the client sends a malformed request
589104 merging a bug with itself should be treated as a null-op
592117 patch/debbugsconfig fails due to missing /etc/debbugs/indices/ directory
592891 debbugs: Document summary command's 0 arg (add new summary instead of refering to existing one)
600234 control message footer includes negative-number bugs
610703 use pre-wrap for broken mailers as identified by X-Mailer (Apple Mail, FE)
614351 Do not Cc local-part only e-mail addresses
615483 debbugs: Colin Watson's name misspelled in copyright notice
622691 debbugs: Display affects information
626564 Source package renames cause strangeness in version graph and possibly found-ness
644242 debbugs pkg: debbugs-upgradestatus does not work
657945 wontfix/bugs.debian.org: send fault on get_bugs request in SOAP interface
665001 patch/debbugs: depends-on-obsolete-package libmime-perl
666202 pending/bugs.debian.org: double-converts to utf8 when Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit, corrupting special characters
670411 pending/missing space after owner block
670555 pending patch/debbugs: Vcs-* fields for source package
670556 pending patch/debbugs: Homepage field
670568 pending patch/debbugs: mark up 'Added indication that bug 2 blocks 10'
680493 keep all References in messages
686928 pending/templates missing in bin:packages
686943 pending patch/Rewrite rule that does no packagename rewriting if any of the help pages is requested
688109 unreproducible pending moreinfo patch/Setup debbugs with postfix MTA
688344 pending patch/Handling of gSubscriptionDomain and gBugSubscriptionDomain
688345 pending patch/Add gStrongList to configuration file
688745 pending experimental patch/Set LC_TIME=C for process script
690408 pending/bugs.debian.org: strips [.*] from subject
693862 unarchive doesn't output a useful error if the bug isn't archived
698283 add lynx to Recommends: (or Depends:) of debbugs
703300 pending/bugs.debian.org: (Binary) attachments get changed by the bts
704821 debbugs: bug submission does not accept "Version: package/1.2-3" pseudo header
704984 Make sure new and old maintainers are Cc'ed when reassigning bugs
708170 clone doesn't properly handle blocked-by [only uses blocks]
709175 Mailing list name in Subject: field of processed mails (please revert commit c05083e5394af9c9cad1cfe84e188b9f82e2d2b4)
711869 "limit source" broken for postgresql-*
722420 debbugs: control phrases error out if they start with whitespace
728034 pending patch/Bugreport.pm: doesn't uri_encode email addresses before querying libravatar.cgi
742084 debbugs should look for a bug in the non-archived location first

Package: gsfonts
97307 gsfonts: gsfonts should 'Provide:' itself under the former name "gsfonts-x11"
266107 Enlarged lines after upgrade from gsfonts_8.14-3
266914 gsfonts: ps2pdf size problem with Courier fonts
272415 URW fonts' "eng" characters are missing hooks
294286 gsfonts: Greek capital delta and small mu are missing
546469 [CTAN announcements (Jim Hefferon, tug.ctan.org)] URW++ original 35 fonts available under LPPL
549977 patch/gsfonts: out-of-date package description
618635 patch/gsfonts: Typo in debian/postrm (s/udpate/update/)
694320 squeeze-ignore wheezy-ignore/[gsfonts] Fonts include copyrighted adobe fragment all right reserved

Package: xkeycaps
99142 xkeycaps always closes with X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Package: solfege
99746 dictation : notes played on very first beat sound only a 1/8

Package: pgpgpg
100071 moreinfo/Does not understand -v option, needed by sendfile.
237216 sid jessie/dpkg-dev: dpkg-genchanges can't PGP sign anymore
439430 patch/pgpgpg: debian/rules should generate md5sums control file

Package: courier-base
100646 patch/Courier and exim use an incompatible db library
238236 courier-base: directory prompt unclear
273259 confirmed/courier-base: maildrop -q happily overflows a signed integer somewhere
278499 courier-base: vchkpw2userdb don't work with a lot of domains
465738 /etc/courier/authmodulelist not removed on purge
578937 courier-base: Emits "Filesystem notification initialization error" to client software

Package: man2html
101146 Spacing and links issues with man2html output
173021 upstream/man2html: Tabs with \t are not properly escaped into an HTML spacing entity
285402 man2html: no way to turn off hyperlinks

Package: rblcheck
101607 help upstream/rblcheck should follow CNAMEs to TXT

Package: mp3blaster
101735 mp3blaster unusable under virtual console, works ok in x-terminal
115522 mp3blaster: Incompatable with original Sound Blaster
150271 mp3blaster: Please adjust default colors for monochrome displays
150323 mp3blaster: next song not displayes correctly, when cycling through songs backward
220633 mp3blaster: segfault if /dev/dsp is already used by another process
244473 mp3blaster should convert UTF-8 into the local charset
276635 mp3blaster can't play http://streams
282392 patch/mp3blaster doesn't honor terminals transparency
289549 patch/[patch] mp3blaster: accepts invalid values for yesno configs
317848 mp3blaster: Timer display not properly bounds-checked/programmed?
321443 mp3blaster: using artsdsp: doesn't play songs after pause
392551 mp3blaster: segfaults with aoss after pausing
407381 mp3blaster: outputs noise on powerpc when playing wav
515034 crashes on saving playlist with shuffle
515320 Doesn't close the playlist file
516499 says "Failed to open sound device." instead of entertaining
565595 mp3blaster: compiled without SDL support - but manpages, examples etc. mention it
678437 mp3blaster: Help file /usr/share/doc/mp3blaster/commands.txt is compressed

Package: pccts
101819 pccts lacks 2 manpages
119640 pccts: Non-functional example makefiles
715828 [Mayhem] Bug report on pccts: dlg crashes with exit status 139
716343 [Mayhem] Bug report on pccts: sor crashes with exit status 139

Package: checksecurity
102186 checksecurity doesn't handle networked drives properly
388874 checksecurity: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)
714152 checksecurity: warning when using find with option -ignore_readdir_race
724687 checksecurity: buggy check-setuid default settings produce an empty list
731944 checksecurity: find: invalid mode ‘+06000’

Package: xlassie
102612 security/xlassie shouldn't echo the password to the screen
716520 [Mayhem] Bug report on xlassie: xlassie crashes with exit status 139

Package: aptitude
103416 Section description should be a separate column
121313 d-i confirmed/aptitude: Seems to hide package manager errors and fails to install packages mysteriously
137771 confirmed help/aptitude: holds should take effect in /var/lib/dpkg/status as well
141718 aptitude: display-width calculation in command-line mode seems backwards
142699 confirmed/aptitude: [cmdline] 'hold', 'mark', etc. should be just that, not include install processing and status
148673 aptitude: resets console cursor to blinking line
149049 warning for annoying dependencies
153572 aptitude: once asked for disks, no getting out
173277 aptitude: -s asks me if I want to continue
174820 confirmed/aptitude: I hit '+' on a virtual package, and nothing happens
188894 Can't select [Cancel]
190784 aptitude: When suing to root umask is not set to root's umask
201841 aptitude: doesn't check modification dates of Packages files
204708 aptitude: an installed package (but pinned to stable in an unstable system) appears in Not Installed group
213263 aptitude marks package w/ circular dependency as broken instead of upgrading
221650 aptitude: Does not know about disappearing packages.
231410 aptitude: wait -- press return -- wait
234516 Aptitude seemingly cannot handle an "undo" of the "Install Recommended packages automatically" option
240451 aptitude: waits till package is downloaded before displaying source
247487 aptitude: Better description text for 'g' in the title bar
248443 aptitude: Incorrectly marks legit configuration as broken
250121 aptitude: predepends makes reinstall inconvenient
251915 aptitude: refuses to upgrade gthumb, insists on uninstalling it
252264 aptitude: explicit selection of less-scored version is sticky
255089 aptitude: Menu accelerators conflict with vi-style keybindings
263524 aptitude fails to report that a package will get installed because of provided virtual package
265013 Unnecessary computations on some key combinations
266061 Reason inference for unused removals is confused by ORed/virtual dependencies
267161 aptitude: failure to fetch message lost in debugging info
268698 aptitude.8.gz: clarify 'abort'
268776 aptitude: "will not be removed" to broad to use in all cases
269101 aptitude.8.gz: detail "treat"
269276 aptitude: spurious arguments produce no error messages
270033 aptitude: no confirmation message upon hold
271465 confirmed/aptitude: lists some packages multiply in relationship lists
277523 confirmed/'plus' on numeric keyboard does not work in gnome-terminal
282408 d-i confirmed/aptitude: should exit with error status (with --visual-preview)
289071 endwin doesn't do what it should (maybe PuTTY related?)
299009 aptitude: Different package status results from command line vs. interactive use
302784 confirmed/aptitude: md5 check not caught
304177 aptitude ignores/messes "provide" description
312920 confirmed/writes when nothing should be written
317928 confirmed/aptitude: visual mode does not check terminal capabilities
319575 aptitude: Must show one package per line, when sowing what a virtual package provides
319782 aptitude: error on purge aptitude
320089 %r: count reverse virtual dependencies
320267 aptitude: user must press 'g' after becoming root
323371 experimental/please display a message before starting install
325160 aptitude: Dependency resolution has problems with alternatives
328616 Add "revision" information to the dpkg database?
328620 aptitude: Status grouppolicy miscategorizes security updates retrieved from apt-proxy
330131 aptitude: appears to ignore unmarkauto
330503 aptitude: wrong dependency resolution, cannot update one package
338386 Resolving broken dependencies is not fully working
341963 aptitude: Too low penalty for not honoring user request
342835 aptitude: "X will be automatically removed because of dependency errors:" then no errors shown
344700 downgrading impossible
346321 aptitude: offers upgrade to exp version (pri -10) instead of unst version (990)
348679 confirmed/aptitude: doesn't do downgrade for packages pinned high
349413 aptitude: format string %t is not coherent with what is displayed in dependency solver
351239 confirmed/aptitude: should re-fetch package list if gzip fails
357542 moreinfo/changelog display does not work on recent uploads
357828 confirmed/logging should be locale-independent
359171 aptitude: suggest removal for upgrade
360202 confirmed/misaligned output of aptitude show in ru_RU.UTF-8 locale
361829 l10n/Aptitude does not recognize translated Y/N input
365298 confirmed/aptitude: Obsolete keybind in figures of the document
365644 Aptitude tries to upgrade emacs21-common by (indirectly) removing emacs21-common
367648 aptitude: Can't "Hold" a Package Being Removed Automatically
368037 Purging kdebase does not appear to purge all automatically installed packages
369231 confirmed/aptitude far too big a memory hog
373846 aptitude: Resolving dependencies uses all system memory
379456 aptitude: description of --with-recommends should be more precise.
381702 aptitude: A few suspected typos and comments
385784 moreinfo/aptitude: crash with basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid
391377 tetex-extra: aptitude wants to remove tetex-extra upon dist-upgrade to etch
394772 aptitude: TUI preview does not dynamically update when package states are changed during the preview
397728 aptitude should purge deleted packages only at the end
398583 aptitude: Displays "some files could not be downloaded" even if all files download ok
398956 confirmed/aptitude: forgets purge action(s) when propting for root password
401835 wontfix/aptitude: installed packages depend on order of commandline
402454 confirmed/aptitude: Definition of ~O should mention virtual and configured but removed packages
405970 aptitude: Empty group not saved
406976 aptitude: source-strictness is not strict enough
411979 unreproducible confirmed/aptitude: can't suspend
412830 confirmed/Ctrl-Z + fg confuses aptitude: down arrow runs reportbug
419501 aptitude: Strange conflict resolution
421469 should explicitly mention when a package is already installed
428825 aptitude: Seems to install *only* new packages upon dist-upgrade
434502 confirmed/aptitude: No info or error will be shown when using --purge
437291 aptitude: system upgrade more and more complicated
438495 Cannot interrupt changelog download
439258 confirmed/forbid doesn't advance selection
444831 aptitude: weirdness with lincity-ng
445034 confirmed/ignores version specification in "install pkg=ver"
446085 confirmed/Show "real" DL size
446265 confirmed/aptitude -d (--download-only) should not claim that it is going to install or remove packages
446298 pbuilder-satisfydepends remove existing packages: openoffice, kde, etc
448697 aptitude: display not correctly updated
453853 Shift-D should hide descriptions in the preferences and conflict-resolution views
453935 aptitude: weird conflict resolution scoring
456822 confirmed/aptitude incorecctly reports that packages are not a Debian package
457188 aptitude: unexpected empty solution error
466594 unreproducible/Uncaught exception: Unable to read from stdin: Success
472701 aptitude: wipes some of config file on error
474256 aptitude: %r misses revdeps for packages being upgraded
474876 confirmed/aptitude: selections lost by package reconfiguration
475802 confirmed l10n/aptitude: [i18n] usability deficiency in Yes/No prompts, others
476596 aptitude: reason not displayed for package removed because of recommends->suggests dep. downgrade
477122 aptitude: installs recommended package even when option is to NOT install them
478116 aptitude: doesn't remove xbitmaps automatically when purge xterm
480743 aptitude's resolver shouldn't suggest to install packages marked to remove/purge in command line
482365 aptitude proceeds with install without permission to do so
485008 aptitude: 'why' doesn't seem to work
485832 confirmed/aptitude: doesn't re-read apt.conf after dpkg run
486454 Does not remove automatically installed packages with remove/purge
487887 confirmed/Aptitude command line "remove" no longer respects packages marked to keep
488081 aptitude: prefers to take from experimental than unstable
489150 aptitude: broken vertical alignment of line ends if there are umlauts in changelogs
490547 confirmed/safe-upgrade selectively clears 'automatic' flags
490593 aptitude: -F %t seems to act strange
493322 aptitude: pressing 'escape' in search/tree limit dialog should cancel
494506 Aptitude could expose 'replaces' rules to operator
495326 aptitude: Misleading description of purge
495711 confirmed/aptitude: doesn't remove automatically installed packages
497129 confirmed/Uncaught exception if -F contains a newline
497137 confirmed/"download" command ignores cache and directly goes to HTTP!
497297 aptitude pulls in recommends even if dependency met elsewhere
497968 confirmed/purge ~apurge must be written purge $(aptitude -F %p search ~apurge)
498061 confirmed/Some commands like "show" needn't lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock
498239 confirmed/warnings, status printed twice
498800 apt: Etch -> Lenny upgrade fails with unmet dependencies
499872 aptitude: autoclean calculate wrong freeed disk space
501588 aptitude should remove/purge packages before any upgrades/installs
501732 pending/debtags not shown
502285 aptitude: full-upgrade from etch wants to remove xserver-xorg-video-all
502617 confirmed/Writes out ~/.aptitude/config even if unchanged
502766 aptitude: Does not resolve dependency correctly for hplip.
504152 confirmed/aptitude: leaves empty ~/.aptitude/config on exit
504153 pending/aptitude: leaves empty ~/.debtags/ dir on exit
506780 preventing replay attacks against the security archive
508428 aptitude: “keep at current version” clears auto-installed
509100 aptitude: build-dep fails when a virtual package is needed
511086 "aptitude hold" doesn't work in Lenny
511230 "why" doesn't read candidate dependencies
511366 full-upgrade requires its piece of meat
514348 aptitude fails to detect if a package is installable
514540 aptitude: Option:Aptitude::UI::Minibuf-Prompts and limits not playing nice together
514541 help: "l" Limit display to this search pattern
515916 is secure-apt used in really ALL places?
516131 aptitude: unmarkauto not working?
516517 aptitude: downgrade does not display ``action'' flag but changes color
516823 Upgrading from Etch to Lenny - aptitude, or apt error
516854 aptitude: Wrong error message when root login is disabled
518591 aptitude: Please create search shorthand with semantics of "apt-cache search"
519425 aptitude: man page refers to Apt:: configuration, should be APT::
521190 aptitude state-bundle command man pages should be informative
528623 wontfix/aptitude: displays "<" instead of "<<" in package dependencies
535863 aptitude: Reports Hash Sum mismatch on valid packages
536869 aptitude: confused by versioned conflicts
537571 [aptitude] aptitude don't update
537735 aptitude: (Actions -> Cancel pending actions) clears the Auto flag of all affected packages
538307 moreinfo/aptitude: package view doesn't show description for some packages
539978 confirmed/[cmdline] "show UPGRADE" misleads by reporting "not installed"
540081 aptitude full-upgrade -V output should be one-item-per-line
540411 no way to turn off search -F %D "kB", "MB" abbreviations
540978 aptitude: Aptitude makes the wrong choice when resolving conflict with alternative package
542264 aptitude: Strange messages from dependency resolver
548505 aptitude: considers apt essential
553577 aptitude: Not upgraded packages are not listed anymore.
555014 "w" command can't show dependencies while "aptitude why" can
555896 confirmed/aptitude: dist-upgrade doesn't install new essential pkgs from non-default release
556881 apt-get: unable to install a package
557183 aptitude: insists on installing gawk when other awks are present
559431 cannot upgrade bind9-host with aptitude
560991 confirmed/aptitude: Error in Manpage: "safe-upgrade command never uses the full resolver" is not true
562053 segfault in aptitude::why::target::generate_successors()
562595 moreinfo/downloads some packages twice
563877 second instance of --schedule-only ruins automatic flags
565760 aptitude: wants to remove packages recommended by a package marked as hold
566343 aptitude constantly switches between console-setup and console-setup-mini
567079 confirmed/aptitude: holding a package runs DPkg::Pre-Invoke while apt-mark does not
567545 aptitude: inifinite cycle resolving conflicts
568876 confirmed/aptitude: problem resolver ignores Purge-Unused
569315 aptitude: can't upgrade serna from the visual interface
569759 use consistent units
570377 aptitude chooses to remove packages instead of upgrading
570492 confirmed/aptitude: TUI reselects just removed packages for installation
573517 aptitude u crashes after editing /etc/apt/sources.list in kfreebsd-amd64
574132 aptitude needlessly upgrades/downgrades packages when resolving dependencies
575062 confirmed/aptitude: file descriptor leak of debtags related files
576212 confirmed/aptitude: continues without prompt when installing non-existent packages
576319 aptitude: "Cancel pending actions" erase "h - hold" state
578412 aptitude: can not disable auto-expansion of format strings
579384 unused package removal ignores and clears the hold flag
579756 In the resolver command-line help, warn the user that installing and upgrading will toast their resolver session.
582064 aptitude: unsigned package warning should show repository name
585182 aptitude: colon-key (":") to revert package state does not work at all places
586486 dpkg: status database area is locked by another process. Is there a race condition?
587087 aptitude: Internal error: found 2 (choice -> promotion) mappings for a single choice.
587671 confirmed/aptitude: cmdline actions ignoring -o options
587676 confirmed pending/--give-me-the-same-output-even-though-you-think-i-am-not-on-a-terminal
588665 moreinfo/Impossible update (I think that aptitude can't find dependencys)
590470 aptitude runs out of time to calculate lenny -> squeeze full-upgrade
590604 aptitude: dist-upgrading Lenny/Gnome to squeeze causes failure while apt-get work
591892 aptitude: Removed ppp which is recommended by installed network-manager
593248 aptitude: pkg info view header shows misleading version numbers
594237 aptitude: inconsistent dependencies behaviour
597549 aptitude: Please skip "more than 40 packages match pattern" when using ":" to resolve an upgrade (interactive mode)
598428 aptitude: broken release file for one source completely breaks updates
598485 moreinfo/aptitude suggests to remove unrelated packages to resolve dependencies
599790 Adding entries to /etc/apt/preferences "unholds" packages
600600 squeeze/upgrade-reports: lenny->squeeze and libuuid-perl (and apt-get vs aptitude)
602746 Exception: ../../src/ui.cc:1389: void auto_fix_broken(): Assertion "resman->resolver_exists()" failed.
607118 aptitude: after 'q' is cancelled with ctrl-q, it doesn't work again
607765 aptitude: doesn't delete temporary directories
610845 aptitude: "install" removes a package instead of upgrading it
610955 aptitude: Russian translation cannot show the missing PGP key
613276 aptitude didn't mark an automatically installed package as automatically installed
613775 confirmed/MarkInstall calls with FromUser set to false
615481 Package flags handling broken
618342 aptitude: inconsistent behaviour with apt-cache on non-readable sources.list file
619575 aptitude not upgrading kernel correctly
619811 updates silently ignored
620782 Confused by EOF on stdin.
622715 aptitude does not give any idea which package is responsible for a library removal
624527 aptitude: confusing message on upgrade (it is being removed because...)
624706 aptitude: Wrongly shows packages to be non-free in interactive mode
628596 aptitude: Assertion failure
629449 Stops after first outdated release file
629590 aptitude: Fails to obey '-o "#clear DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs;"'
631071 aptitude hangs while loading cache
631525 aptitude dependency display for PreDepends seems to disregard pin choice
632125 aptitude fails to resolve dependencies for safe-upgrade
632227 aptitude crashed during safe-upgrade operation
637237 aptitude crashed on exit (segmentation fault)
637257 aptitude: switched auto flag disturbs remove of dependent packages
638049 confirmed/aptitude forgets which packages were installed automatically
639789 confirmed/aptitude: Should pause and ask user before continuing when some downloads failed
640731 confirmed/aptitude: wrong priority shown for versions
642030 aptitude: cannot forbid more than 1 version of a package
642800 show old and new dependencies on upgrade conflict
643997 aptitude: user-requested downgrade should not cause (so much of a) downgrade penalty for conflict resolution
644544 aptitude does not fully update suggest/recommend dependency changes on conflict resolution
648313 aptitude: wants to reinstall recommended package purged by apt-get before
649857 aptitude: Allow CLI install action flags in TUI
650880 aptitude segfaults with malformed Packages file
651410 aptitude: in dependency resolutions, aptitude should favor library removal
651947 aptitude has buggy dependency resolution.
652603 confirmed/aptitude: calls pkgInitSystem before processing cmdline options
653284 unreasonable "Do not install"
654938 aptitude gets uncaught exception by keypress in search box
655483 aptitude: Packages with circular depends/recommends stay automatically installed
656944 confirmed/aptitude: [cmdline] impossible to select versions with search patterns
658271 confirmed/"Quitting" from curses interface has no effect.
658635 Resolver extremely reluctant to upgrade packages to experimental, even as dependencies of packages in experimental
658640 aptitude automatically re-installs packages purged using other tools.
659341 aptitude: loops while resolving dependencies
661678 Command-line install conflicts cause incorrect resolution attempts
663134 aptitude: safe-upgrade fails on libgcc1 version skew
663699 confirmed/aptitude: always sets a package to "remove" which had been marked as "install"
665794 moreinfo/aptitude: safe-upgrade dies on out of memory
666130 aptitude: locks dpkg status while running APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success
670153 aptitude: markauto did not apply to all packages
670479 moreinfo/[aptitude] 'aptitude update' stucks at communication with /usr/lib/apt/methods/http
670673 aptitude: problem with dependencies and foreign archs
671486 aptitude: does not select prefered alternative on alternative replacement
675833 confirmed/aptitude changelog command returns exit code 0 on errors
676365 iceweasel: Cannot install: depends on libnspr4
677551 confirmed pending/Let's get rid of libept
678832 aptitude full-upgrade installs unnecessary packages
680334 confirmed/aptitude: dpkg* calls ignoring DPkg::Options
680822 sid wheezy jessie moreinfo/aptitude fails to install libphonon-dev and phonon-backend-gstreamer
683915 moreinfo/aptitude-curses crashed with SIGSEGV
685731 confirmed/aptitude: "⁓ install PATTERN" without ~r installs package for all architectures
686124 confirmed/aptitude segfaults when trying to use a new categorical package browser
686142 confirmed/aptitude: categorical browser does not display arch on foreign-arch package names
686573 aptitude: abort at apt-listchanges prompt clears auto-installed on packages marked for removal
686626 confirmed/aptitude: Should not arch-qualfy arch-less packages on dpkg calls
686646 aptitude: Invisible hierachy or improperly ordered package sets in categorical browser
687474 confirmed/aptitude: [cmdline] package, version selection is ad hoc, inconsistent
687678 confirmed/aptitude: ignores setting of pkgCacheFile::Generate
687684 sid wheezy jessie confirmed help/aptitude: needs updating for apt changes in Wheezy
687686 aptitude: review changes in apt 0.8 series
687688 aptitude: review changes in apt 0.9 series
687700 confirmed/aptitude returns some reverse-recommends when searching for reverse-depends
688931 non-uniform treatment of self-conflicts for real/virtual "M-A: same" packages
689238 aptitude calls localepurge even if the invocation installed no package(s)
691370 W: Operation was interrupted before it could finish
691531 confirmed/aptitude: search query ?any-version(~Atesting) doesn't work as expected
691874 confirmed fixed-in-experimental/aptitude: "versions" treats barewords as ?name instead of ?exact-name
693684 confirmed/aptitude: man page mentions old “-t” exceptions
693847 confirmed/aptitude: Repeated "Downloaded" lines w/ http.debian.net
696568 aptitude: &BD override specifier not mentioned in man page
697401 aptitude: Clarify precedence between action suffix and package name ("aptitude remove memtest86+")
697724 aptitude: selecting packages in the curses interface slow iff Acquire::GzipIndexes="true"
698768 aptitude: "versions" incorrectly reports status of package as "purged" when it is "config-files"
699191 confirmed/aptitude: [curses] no warning when auto-removing apt
701946 aptitude: Internal error: no filename for <package>:amd64 after a failed install
705534 upstream/aptitude: displays blank list of packages when theme changed to pre-defined (Dselect or Vertical-Split)
705612 aptitude: /var/log/aptitude does not distinguish between remove and purge
709305 l10n/aptitude: Incorrect Italian translation of -aptitude update- output
709432 aptitude not able to mount cdrom in hurd
710587 confirmed/aptitude: unable to purge a package
713909 wontfix/aptitude: [cmdline] no syntax to select version by component (section)
714429 confirmed/search for explicitly downgraded packages
717580 seconds remaining methods differ update vs. upgrade
718243 aptitude: complains about supposedly untrusted packages at _every_ install attempt
718802 aptitude clears automatic flags when an upgrade is aborted (ctrl-C)
718881 aptitude mishandles ':any' dpendencies on virtual packages
719893 moreinfo/aptitude: Colour problem in xterminal
720386 aptitude: Upgrade marks newly installed packages as manually installed
721426 aptitude: packages are sometimes selected for upgrade by default just after aptitude is started
721753 multiarch: "ambigous package name '$x' with more than one installed instance"
722158 aptitude frequently forgets "hold" state
724887 confirmed/dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove iproute which isn't installed
725272 aptitude: add-user-tag/remove-user-tag does not report errors when runs by not root
728577 E: Unable to stat <filename>. - stat (2: no such file or directory)
728603 aptitude: does not remove pulled in dependencies along with packages, when uninstalling them
729095 aptitude: 'Modified configuration file' choices
731318 aptitude: keeps switching a package between architectures on safe-upgrade
733858 aptitude crashes when installing systemd-sysvinit and upgrading sysvinit at the same time
734801 moreinfo l10n/aptitude: Wrong greek translation
736934 aptitude: Minesweeper: Saving/Loading keybindings documented wrongly
738345 confirmed/aptitude: [I18N] Use only original terms for command line options, arguments, etc. (do not accept translated terms)
738350 "Reconfiguring" and "Report Bug" missing in menu
738517 install then purge still leaves packages behind
738785 aptitude: (remote) changelogs is broken after packages.d.o move to https
740009 aptitude: auto-installed package, depended on by non-installed virtual package provider, not removed
743625 aptitude: internal error
744090 aptitude: Crashes occassionally in TUI if /sys is not mounted: Uncaught exception: Unable to read from stdin: No such file or directory
744255 aptitude has issues installing or purging a specific package - gfxboot-themes Package: aptitude

Package: makedev
104254 MAKEDEV is confused because of special formated entries in /proc/devices
185141 libraw1394-5: problem during installing (MAKEDEV/probably shell)
224507 wontfix/makedev: MAKEDEV goes into recursive loop with update on 2.6.0 kernel
268843 makedev: DEVICES missing, and some manpages bugs
269854 wontfix/Lots of "don't know what XXX is" bugs
328374 generate more event devices?
350256 makedev: please add support for slamr/slusb
374459 makedev: uses chown as a conditional, runs set +e
388508 makedev: Please add support for /dev/snapshot
394576 makedev: devices not being made
476226 Device files ahead of time
496287 removes from read-only /dev/.static/dev/
645555 makedev: MAKEDEV generates incorrect DVB device nodes
708278 /sbin/MAKEDEV: don't know how to make device "tty0"

Package: gsm-utils
106180 gsm-utils: Option FirstFone and GSMlib not working together
520000 Premature check for $RUNGSMSMS in /etc/init.d/gsm-utils

Package: ncurses-base
106454 ncurses-base: linux console should have smkx/rmkx entry
515609 moreinfo/ncurses-base: in linux terminfo data, smacs and rmacs are incorrect
647323 ncurses-base: /etc/terminfo/README is ambiguous

Package: isdnvboxserver
106788 no english documentation; can't get it to work
184059 <E> In standard.tcl (line 40)

Package: bind9
106789 PIC static libs needed
145288 bind9: rndc-confgen fails with the -t option
146170 bind9: assertion failure when including directory [configuration error]
150165 unreproducible/bind9 dies from a failed assertion
150583 bind9: bind should fail a lookup if there is no route to the hosts to be forwarded to
150744 bind9: named-checkzone does not recognize comments in named.conf
156349 bind doesn't follow logging commands properly
156460 bind9: assertion failure ((query) != ((void *)0)) && (((const isc__magic_t...
158516 bind9: named-checkzone hangs on directories
161093 bind9: does not allow running as non-root
163537 sid jessie/bind9: forward zones not working
163727 bind9: unclean upgrade from bind to bind9
164167 bind9: BIND9's rndc fails on a system with lwresd installed
168931 bind9: bind is unable to open/create pid file as non-root
169278 Add "mk_chrooted_bind9" script to ./examples in package
169401 memory leaks in bind 9
170872 moreinfo/bind: default config makes NXDOMAIN error on localhost?
173679 sid jessie/bind9 blocks at halt or reboot time
175965 bind9 refuses to honor allow-transfer ACL if it listens to an ipv6 address
190577 dnsutils: nsupdate name conflict?
193690 bind9: bind silently aborts when its logfile gets too big
197669 woody/bind 1:8.3.3-2.0woody1 lacks nsupdate manpage
198575 bind9: incorrect mention of /etc/rndc.key in manpage rndc.8
199252 bind: named.conf(5) doesn't talk about mixed comments
200450 patch/bind9: Initscript should not report error on stop if no process running
204824 bind9: dies silently if /var/cache/bind/named.run reaches 2GB
212625 Please add the "disckheads" patch or equivalent
213706 bind: apt-get install -y bind < /dev/null fails if /etc/named.conf exists
234167 bind: named went bezerk and filled up my entire system disk with log messages
242579 bind: Bind Upgrade removes named.conf.local
244026 bind9: README.Debian uses old URL for chroot howto, should mention doc package
248193 bind stuck not resolving debian.org
248270 sid jessie/bind9: user 'bind' not found during system startup (exists as NIS user only)
248664 bind9: named-checkzone doesn't check serial anymore
251877 bind9: exiting (due to assertion failure)
253600 Improper start order in init.d
256956 bind9: no startup script installed for runlevel 2
257509 rndc: Better verbose option -v (de facto)
260759 bind: named(8) and named.conf(5) reference wrong filename.
260915 Sarge errors - DNS resolver
264130 bind9 crashed with strange error
273640 bind9: [manual] named-checkconf SEE ALSO should mention named-checkzone(1)
273641 bind9: [manual] named-checkzone SEE ALSO should mention named-checkconf(1)
274910 bind9: assertion failure in ifiter_ioctl.c:236: REQUIRE(iter->pos < (unsigned int) iter->ifc.ifc_len)
280955 bind: fails to load large zones
281509 Example: updating forwarders on PPP up (Wishlist)
282423 bind9 docs/proposal for a little addition
285763 bind9 can't send transfer requests from port 53
296169 bind9: named exits "due to fatal error in library"
305164 bind9: assertation failure (task.c:395)
310772 sid ipv6 jessie pending upstream sarge/bind9: unexpected error @ client.c:1325 stops IPv6 responses
316241 maintainer scripts mishandle /var/cache/bind permissions
319714 bind9: db.local should be renamed
322459 bind9: assertion failure at rbt.c:1704
324612 bind9 won't restart gracefully
327714 bind9 README.Debian inaccuracy concerning interface rescan
332988 bind9: dnssec-keygen ignores -n options
335469 bind9 quitte sans prvenir
336614 ipv6/bind9 ipv6 bug - uncached queries are slow
351168 bind9: nsupdate breaks with views
372083 bind9 (stable) terminates due to assert at client.c:205
372126 bind9: Memory explosion or race condition on delete of 20'000 records.
372591 bind fails reading from files it can read thanks to ACLs
384074 bind9 dies with assertion failure (rdata.c:287)
386517 bind9: startup links disappeared after upgrade
390849 bind9: starts on upgrade even if it was stopped before the upgrade
395168 bind9 dies with invalid opcode
402231 bind: man pages but no programs
402232 readinfo.1: NAME cut off?
409145 bind9 assertion failure (mem.c:628)
411842 bind9: rndc misses file LC_MESSAGES/libisc.cat
412468 moreinfo unreproducible/New version drop support for WKS records
414317 bind9: named dies with assertion failure in mem.c
426693 mem.c:628: INSIST(((unsigned char *)mem)[size] == 0xbe) failed
434955 bind9: Failes to listen to specific IPv6 addresses from within a chroot
436702 bind9: unresponsive /usr/sbin/named process on amd64 arch
440600 named: *** POKED TIMER ***
445781 bind9 dies with assertion failure (adb.c:914)
490371 bind9 - fails requests if it is not able to bind a socket but does not log anything
492754 bind9: setsockopt(45, IPV6_RECVPKTINFO) failed: Protocol not available
492901 patch/please suppress the edns-disabled log category
495200 etch/bind9: performance issue on high-traffic recursive servers
500743 Segmentation fault in running bind9
504618 bind9 can't find ns2.enovus-hebergement-web.com: NXDOMAIN
509957 bind9 (sdb) and ldap doesn't work together
511797 bind9: all queries denied since last update
512051 No proper logging for broken DLV zones
513376 Please include patch for OpenLDAP-%-bug
514006 rndc(8): Typo
515146 bind9: default config is not as documented
516552 offer bind9 version 9.6.0 in unstable / experimental
518129 bind9 hangs: NXDOMAIN for recursive requests but serves authoritative zones
520179 bind9 keeps dying on ia64
528772 pending/bind9 fails to build from source
536488 bind9 startup should use `bind' user by default
545808 bind9: Binding to specific Ipv6 address does not work with chroot (-t)
556404 Avahi has a problem with bind9 db.local-file and the localzone in named.conf
561997 bind9: intermittent hang of ‘named’ during heavy traffic
575871 patch//usr/share/doc/bind9/FAQ.gz: s/from a title/from a terminal/
575918 Do states, in an example section of man{5,8}/rndc.*, the default values for the tokens in rndc.conf.
581857 "order random_1" brokeness
586188 bind9: Bind complains: named binary missing - not starting
586335 bind9: 9.6-ESV-R1 fails to resolve
590608 debian bind9 problem after upgrading from etch to lenny
595155 PIDFILE variable in /etc/init.d/bind9 and bind chrooted server
595891 bind9: causes 3 minute boot delay
598398 Build fails if libdb4.2 is installed
598434 patch/bind9: Improve detection and handling of recursive 'include' statements in configuration files
599081 wontfix/watch file for bind9
600499 bind9 dies in zt.c due to assertion failure
606767 patch/bind9: man pages and doc files wrongly use /etc/ instead of /etc/bind/
610055 patch pending/bind9: diff for NMU version 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1.1
612748 Fails to start if $OPENSSL_CONF is set
612786 bind9: bind goes insane the moment a machine on the network is upgraded from lenny to squeeze
619956 please build next upload with libdb5.1
625988 pending/bind9: New upstream version 9.8.0-P1
630733 bind9: segfault when dnssec-lookaside auto enabled
632274 [bind9] squeeze: managed-keys-zone ./IN: loading from master file managed-keys.bind failed: file not found
636935 init script fails if multiple instances are running
637728 Misleading error message for dynamic DNS update on wrong zone
637729 bug script should hide secrets in named.conf
642181 Bind9 fails to start when "-u bind" is present as an OPTION in /etc/default/bind9
645699 bind9: Synthesizes multiple bad CNAME in response to possibly bad DNAME
649331 BIND9 Performance
649988 bind9: rndc-confgen fails due to libssl dependency problem
650030 bind9: constant high CPU load
651483 bind9: /etc/bind/rndc.key has wrong selinux context after install
656150 patch/bind9: provide support for isc-dhcp
668952 named dies with "initializing DST: openssl failure"
678605 patch pending/bind9: diff for NMU version 1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4.1
678799 bind9: please label /run directories for SE Linux after creating them
679015 squeeze/bind9: crashes with an assertion in mem.c
679189 upstream/bind9: Subject to CVE2012-1033, new version available to correct
680212 bind9 fails to start at boot: /sbin/ipconfig fails, reports "no networks configured"
684016 sysvinit script for bind9 will not print warning or failure when some zone file contains errors
688048 Subject: bind9: logs different for adding and deleting RR
689755 bind9: memory leak in named
690569 DNS wildcards fail to resolve with DNSsec enabled
692072 patch/README.Debian is misleading about no script to update options when ppp comes up
692123 bind9: refuses to load zones signed with algorithm 5 or 7 (NSEC3)
693587 bind9: stop resolving
694947 moreinfo/bind9: package upgrade overwrites gid owner of /etc/bind/named.conf.local
695037 bind9: /etc/init.d/bind9 startup script broken on HURD platform
695264 managed-keys-directory issue causes 100% CPU usage
702850 bind9 failed to start if cache file has "\-ANY" (NXDOMAIN) records
711940 Zone file not written after expired zone is transferred
713027 dnssec-settime does not print timing information
718807 bind9: Bind crashes with assertion failure view.c:467
722591 patch/bind9: Bind RT #32329 - accept duplicate singleton records in a DNS query response
726364 bind9 dies with assertion failure task_api.c:84
726476 upstream fixed-upstream/Ignores my RFC 1918 reverse zones by default
729562 ipv6/bind9: named silently dies at boot
736875 Subject: bind9: On "etc/init.d/bind9" exist "/sbin/resolvconf" but not found on system
741674 patch/Include DNS Dampening to mitigate effects of DDoS using DNS Amplification
744304 bind9-resolvconf.service immediately stopped after starting

Package: imaptool
107300 upstream unreproducible/imaptool: blank image in window

Package: gsfonts-other
107670 gsfonts-other: NMU 5.10-2.1
117430 gnumeric: Gnumeric crashes if font "Bitstream Charter" is selected.
155830 gsfonts-other: package registers non type1 fonts as type1 via defoma
157366 gsfonts-other: empty FontBBox in Hershey fonts
269463 gsfonts-other: Wrong Family for Bitstream Charter
379294 Font path for gsfonts-other

Package: mtools
108128 mtools: mformat ignores flags -r and -c
187940 mtools: mformat should say when it limits cylinders to 1024
261145 mtools: using both -m and -s options with mcopy gives target directory wrong date
279719 mtools: must use drive letters
280937 mtools: mformat -C does not accept filename
309265 mtools: mzip cannot do anything when a protected ZIP disk is inserted
335152 upstream confirmed d-i/ignores failure conditions
513224 mtools: Missing manpages for mclasserase and amuFormat.sh
513225 mtools: Executable scripts should not include a language extension (amuFormat.sh)
518125 mtools: mcopy does not preserve long filenames
539117 mtools: [mlabel] Manual page not in Unix standard format
539120 mtools: mlabel manual page - option -v not explained
542635 mcopy does not respect input from /dev/null
563751 minfo say there is a label, mlabel -s denies it
563753 mlabel: must set both serial number and label at the same time
594448 mtools: mpartition -B mbr.bin fails with silly error message.
618741 mlabel doesn't write both labels for FAT32 partitions
699236 /usr/bin/mtools: cannot access disk drive with mtools
712210 mtools: uz -- Please add -h help option
712211 mtools: lz - Please add -h option
712213 mtools: tgz - option -h causes invoking compression
712216 mtools: mxtar - 22: shift: can't shift that many
727290 patch/mtools: run dh-autoreconf to update config.{sub,guess} and {libtool,aclocal}.m4

Package: smpeg-plaympeg
108390 plaympeg does not exit on a particular file
163419 smpeg-plaympeg: package segfaults at the end of most mpgs

Package: hfsutils-tcltk
108743 upstream/xhfs doesn't handle special chars in directory names
421457 moreinfo/hfsutils-tcltk: xhfs crashes on format and open

Package: dict-gcide
108947 Definition of "octothorpe"
266773 dict-gcide: No pronunciation guide
276604 moreinfo/dict-gcide: What is "enthalpy"?
343846 moreinfo/dict-gcide: multiple definitions returned
352817 dict-gcide: nonpareil entry
364314 moreinfo/dict-gcide: proscenium
673024 dict-gcide: investigate gnu.org gcide version bump
714239 dict-gcide: misspelled word in "hurdy-gurdy" definition
740962 patch/dict-gcide: Wherefrom typo

Package: wdm
109712 wdm: VNC localhost connection fails with pipe read error
203350 wdm: button "Go" on wdm login screen should be same as pressing return
216703 wdm pam auth broke on update
292849 l10n/wdm: string areas are fix and not take care of the real length of strings
490113 moreinfo/fingerprint reader 100% busy after loggin in with wdm
729825 wdm: lacks integration with consolekit

Package: eterm
110298 Eterm is slooooow to open because of font caching
112915 eterm: Terminal\Keys\Backspace/Delete menu entry does not work
112919 moreinfo unreproducible patch help/Eterm fails to start if remote server have no multybyte font available
115687 moreinfo unreproducible help/eterm: Esetroot not working
138162 eterm: back line buffer displays large blocks of empty lines
144528 eterm: Slow start, slow menus, wrong term settings, problems with themes
152440 eterm: Package upgrade overwrites changed theme configurations without prompting
171268 wontfix upstream/eterm: core-dump if `type' not specified in the `image' context
175095 Eterm 0.9.2 segfault
189420 Eterm SIGSEGV's with change_font() warning
225451 mc: Mouse don't work with Eterm
233770 eterm: -I option doesn't work for titlebars
239220 eterm: Eterm is not grouped in Gnome's taskbar
241911 unreproducible/eterm: Eterm dies on ``echo "^[[?5h^[[?5l^[[?5l"'' (revervse-video normal-v. normal-v.)
244808 wontfix/CAN-2003-0021, CAN-2003-0068 Arbitrary command execution a.o. via escape sequencies
256257 eterm: Closing fails to signal child application
264029 eterm: Eterm destroys fonts
291456 eterm: Left mouse button exhibiting middle mouse button behaviour
292979 pseudo transparency broken on ppc
295082 strange behaviour with false config
296091 eterm: Slow Start
299283 eterm: [manual] Insufficient manual pages
336223 eterm: Home and End keys are not working in VI
403331 kEsetroot: passes NULL parameter to imlib2
410854 eterm fails to paste via X to openoffice
420166 eterm: Freezes when using 'auto' as 'mode' in the 'image' context
429754 Bug
439558 it is not possible to get eterm to work with fluxbox grouping
448184 Eterm and UTF-8
457646 eterm: ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :
533514 eterm: cut and paste not working right recently (maybe libc changed under?)
547363 eterm: Eterm makes Xorg take 100% cpu on character input
549994 eterm: No dependency on k14 fallback font
583726 Eterm: error with -e for command starting
728813 patch/eterm: Esetroot on PseudoColor visual
737491 eterm: takes 100% CPU time

Package: opensp
110300 sp,opensp: architecture processing badly documented
110302 sp,opensp: docs and examples use 8.3 filenames (.htm, .sgm)
115042 move and register unicode catalog
225375 opensp: Error messages charset must not be related to document charset
262073 osx does not handle SDATA entities in a useful way

Package: courier-imap-ssl
110620 mkimapdcert should use /dev/random, not /dev/urandom
150781 courier-imap-ssl: Should not automatically build certificate
215038 courier-imap-ssl: Comments in /etc/courier/imap-ssl are out of place relative to the options they describe
228372 no error message given when attempting to use expired imap cert
232681 unreproducible moreinfo/courier-imap-ssl: tls support no longer works
239199 courier-imap-ssl: Automatically created certificate break evolution
278993 courier-imap-ssl: ssl certificate is always created with same serial number -- mozilla complains
305707 imapd-ssl: 1 active connections. not ignored
336136 courier-imap-ssl: update fails: /usr/lib/courier/imapd.pem: Too many levels of symbolic links
364450 courier-imap-ssl: TLS/SSL session caching conflicts with widespread MUAs
385006 courier-imap-ssl: starts on wrong port due to /etc/services
426062 courier-imap-ssl: Uses /etc/courier/imapd.pem and not /usr/lib/courier/imapd.pem
427756 courier-imap-ssl: Logins fail after apt-get dist-upgrade this morning
428377 courier-imap-ssl: Enable IMAP_TLS_REQUIRED by default
450435 courier-imap-ssl: Config option TLS_PROTOCOL meaning change breaks server by default
482127 Client connect issue with courier-imap-ssl 4.3.1
502361 courier-imap-ssl package breaks SSL on upgrade; hashed certs culprit.
502944 Very, very slow on large Maildirs.
630166 courier-imap-ssl: imapd-ssl crashes/closes connection when fetching headers
691507 courier-imap-ssl: Please clarify description in regards to TLS
705925 courier-imap-ssl: fails to bind on ipv6 address "::" (error imapd-ssl: bind: Address already in use)
710371 courier-imap-ssl: Use of STARTTLS should be indicated on "imapd: LOGIN" line
741620 upgrade broke starttls?

Package: xrootconsole
111222 xrootconsole: with fvwm xrootconsole stays over other windows
473714 wontfix/xrootconsole doesn't play nice with openbox anymore

Package: newt
111468 confirmed/newt: should handle SIGWINCH somehow
529626 Print black-and-white rather than colour on serial console
557122 Strange colour scheme when running in screen

Package: libglide3
111530 Libglide3 package doesn't work with banshee cards and X4.1.0 in unstable
340074 libglide3: libs can't be found in this location
706293 libglide3: /usr/lib/libglide.so.3 symlink disappears during package installation

Package: net-acct
112696 doesn't write out ta while lck remains set - data loss happens

Package: ripperx
112888 ripperx: Text doesn't fit with large font
221517 ripperx does not inform the user of a missing 'lame' script
337782 ripperx: Second instance in PATH is cumbersome
377594 improve cdparanoia CD-ROM access error dialog
383317 moreinfo unreproducible/ripperx hangs at cdparanoia/modprobe
440067 upstream/ripperx: Doesn't support extended latin alphabet
486661 Plugin processes are left hanging around after main ripperX process is finished
501676 pkg-config: Variable 'libdir' not defined
512898 ripperx crashes after pressing the go button
516319 unreproducible moreinfo/ripperx do not write the files in the target directory and crashes
567780 upstream/RipperX complains it cannot write to dir when a column ':' is in a filename
691056 [ripperx] "OGG" completely capitalized in extended description
691058 [ripperx] Quietly encodes broken MP3 files by default
716600 [Mayhem] Bug report on ripperx: ripperX_plugin-toolame crashes with exit status 139

Package: nn
113800 help/nn: possible 32-bit-isms in source
144356 upstream help/nn: Problems with digest mode are still there
267668 confirmed help/nn segfaults when /etc/hostname is wrong.
335791 upstream help/nn requires "domain" line in /etc/resolv.conf
361720 upstream help/nn: save-files no longer works
491700 upstream ipv6 help/not IPv6 capable
508625 upstream confirmed help l10n/nn is not utf-8 compatible

Package: grub
114414 grub: configuration files should go into /etc
158901 grub: Manpage for grub-install lacks examples of install_device specifications
167616 SCSI and IDE BIOS device numbers
222737 misleading error message (grub-install)
249253 grub should report errors in menu.lst
257616 generates extra menu.lst item without a kernel version
260356 The md5crypt command appears to generate invalid encrypted passwords
261136 grub: disk geometry incorrectly recognized
264506 grub-install looks for stage1 in the wrong dir (?)
271269 grub: /etc/kernel-img.conf hooks should be added by package's post-install script
272625 Debian Installation Report - using installer - GRUB failed; using LILO
272979 grub: Grub splashimage doesn't work with nvidia 440mx
276725 grub: Fails to timeout
282063 0.95: --no-floppy doesn't prevent probing of floppy
282127 grub-install fails with "mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2"
282661 grub with more than eight disks
284112 installation-reports
285872 update-grub script should check for infinite loops.
294898 After installing with Sarge-Netinst-RC2(i386) all i get is GRUB GRUB GR GRUB
295504 grub-install: fails to notice a segfault in $grub_shell
299072 grub: Grub cannot read ext2/3 on whole disk
306447 inconsistancies in info page
315061 grub: Command-line completion does not work
315774 patch/segfault when running grub from grub-install, then bad error handling
318743 grub-md5-crypt creates wrong md5 keys
322547 Error with a old hd (nodma) after install debian sarge
333058 Debian sarge install, grub fatal error with sata drive...
333720 grub: Has shift primary partition table 16 bytes
341535 grub 0.97 doesn't work on IBM ThinkPad T23
344121 grub: no troubleshooting info for failed stage 1 loading
356863 Sometimes the system doesn't start and the message is "grub is initializing ... Error 18".
360849 grub-install: /dev/evms/newroot does not have any corresponding BIOS drive
362028 patch/grub-install [partition] fails first time, but succeeds when run again (reiserfs or jfs)
369868 Error 25 when using savedefault
378243 grub-reboot does not work without default saved
378388 grub-install: should check & report partition type <> mount type
379007 update-grub updates default index incorrectly when one kernel version is a prefix of another
381146 does not work with partitionable RAID
381576 [gpt] Fails on MacBook Pro
381737 update-grub: incorrect regex discards some kernels
385814 patch/Include patch for GNU GRUB bug #14407, partition table offset not reset when changing to CD
388597 upgrade didn't preserve all kernel parameters
391303 grub error 25 after shuting down from kde
393079 grub: "default saved" is broken by the new patch
397016 adding rescue boot menu entry for backup initramfs
402338 Mixes PAE kernels with non-PAE hypervisors and vice-versa
410451 grub doesn't boot into the selected OS from the KDM menu
412652 Etch: grub-reboot is working, but does not save the topmost menu.lst entry from being used
413837 [update-grub] default dom0_mem parameter in menu.lst
415164 patch/grub: GRUB tries to read past end of device in LBA mode if a file is at the end of the device.
416224 Package doesn't purge or reinstall /boot/grub/*
419994 patch/Missing memory in Xen due to wrong detection of e820 memory map in grub
425375 grub fails to set exit status on error
426447 grub-reboot and savedefault need better documentation
428094 patch/grub: "mem_lower" patch is needed for some machines to boot
432873 update-grub doesn't reset GREP_OPTIONS and fails
433478 update-grub problem parsing menu.lst with comments after default option
434543 grub can't boot because it mixes up devices
434596 grub-reboot gets stuck on its entry and doesn't revert back to default
437265 grub: Grub loading very slow when using uswsusp
439903 update kernel in encrypted root on lvm -> wrong menu.lst
440154 grub fails to boot from the menu
440732 grub: update-grub hardcodes menu entries to Debian
445425 grub: Sort order of menu items is incorrect
445963 grub: doesn't find the Xen 3.1 hypervisor
447450 grub: dist-upgrade from etch to sid caused (hd0, 0) replaced with (hd1, 0) in menu.lst, which didn't work
451710 grub: "No setup signature found" error message not shown on serial console
455706 update-grub doesn't include xen menu items for 2.6.23
479478 patch/grub: Xen kernels not included in menu.lst
479646 grub: savedefault settings keep getting reverted
482199 grub: Grub may fail to boot after using 'savedefault --once'
482345 grub-install fails to read /boot/grub/stage1
484501 patch/grub: Really odd code in savedefault.diff
487044 patch/Add a "make grub beep" example
488124 grub: segmentation fault on setup (hd0)
491140 grub: fails with divide error when installing on an image file on amd64
494533 update-grub : removes comments in "magic section" of menu.lst
497403 grub-install does not work on SD/MMC cards
498114 patch/update-grub: generates wrong path to splash.xpm.gz
498242 PAE/non-PAE kernel-hypervisor-pairings in menu.lst
499176 should fail verbosely when root device cannot be found
502544 upstream patch/INT13 handler misbehaviour
504444 grub: broken detection of supported Xen hypervisor versions
505060 update-grub enters a xen entry for a non-xen kernel
507501 grub-common: silent fail when devices.map is wrong (patch)
509639 grub: splashimage shows stripe pattern and shifted colors in boot menu with correct xpm image
510223 linux-image-2.6.26-1-686: upgrade from etch to lenny fails in postinst
511121 wontfix patch/grub legacy does not support ext4
511587 grub: update-grub fails on Xen DomU with no whole block device
513815 grub: Cannot boot XEN Hypervisor + Linux : Error 19 or Error 20
515983 grub: splash screen does not appear when hiddenmenu enabled
520164 grub: Error 13 for x2v-pae.gz (Microsoft Hyper-v)
520221 In the GRUB menu, "single-user mode" is misleading (and so is "recovery mode")
524010 upgrading kernel makes system unbootable, because of invalid grub entries
524463 grub fails to boot if an usb mouse is plugged during the 5s of menu
526941 grub: Splashimage fails to load when xpm has DOS line-endings
531765 /usr/sbin/update-grub: Doesn't use new kopt options when menu.lst is changed and update-grub is run
532781 patch/grub: Build fails with spaces in user or group name
534905 grub: fails to detect FreeBSD and disk geometry after kernel-update
539781 grub: Please consider using NEWS.Debian instead of debconf note
542053 linux-image-2.6.26-2-686 and -1-686 freeze on accessing initrd
542277 grub: fails to find configfile on hard disk
552815 upgrade-reports: Upgrade of Lenny 5.0 -> 5.03 rendered system unbootable by incorrectly updating grub menu.lst file
559046 update-grub fails on grub-probe
580604 /usr/sbin/update-grub: update-grub does not append default kernel options console=... (i.e. console=ttyS0, 115200n8) to memtest86+ kernel entry
581594 upstream wontfix/grub: doesn't show boot menu, "error 17"
585715 [grub] Grub fails to recognize other installed operatingsystems on the first run
591571 Bogus warning related to dm-crypt when upgrading
596391 grub: Grub2 cannot boot on JFS partition of / (root) !!
597751 sid jessie/linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub exits with return code 139
605253 update-grub cannot finish job because of grub-probe segfault
606698 grub: failed re-installing GRUB in recovery mode
610202 grub fails to boot from degraded RAID5 array, "Error: file not found."
628651 pending/VCS reference is incorrect
628900 grub: upgrading to 1.99-6 broke my system
645533 GRUB installation and re-installation bug in Debian LINUX Squeeze i386 ...
694503 grub: "sudo update-grub" detect the image but grub not displaying it
697592 squeeze/grub-update does not update device.map when hdd was replaced

Package: gnats
114964 gnats: Does not detect PR tags in MIME-encoded subjects
186114 gnats: gnatsd will segv
190406 Missing 'databases' file when installing
190407 Missing files in /etc/gnats/defaults after install
280493 help/Problems with edit-pr while using Gnats' emacs interface (gnats.el)
309881 delete-pr parsing of arguments incorrect
334837 upstream/gnats databases aren't listed without default database
442221 gnatsd: no PRs match with 'view' access level
442227 gnatsd: connection refused for 'localhost' in 'gnatsd.host_access'
702784 Use of nested functions in configure check
716139 [Mayhem] Bug report on gnats: queue-pr crashes with exit status 139

Package: mit-scheme-doc
115450 mit-scheme: Too many Scheme sections in the info directory

Package: r5rs-doc
115453 r5rs-doc: Too many Scheme sections in the info directory

Package: gdb
116035 gdb: does not work with UTF-8 strings
136128 Segmentation Fault in gdb
154154 gdb: bad backtrace with interrupted write call
180764 gdb has some odd behaviour with integer math on ia64
180843 gdb: cannot quit gdb after killing threaded child
188627 gdb: problems demangling vtable symbols
224014 gdb: reports incorrect argument values for function calls
225481 gdb: Breaking on trivial class's constructor asks me which one I want
286813 'next' command does not work on mips/mipsel
305439 confirmed/gdb: tab complete does not escape spaces
322966 gdb somehow gets suspended [by bash?]
341617 gdb often fails to debug firefox: thread_db_get_info: cannot get thread info: generic error
344930 IA64 /build/buildd/gdb-6.3/gdb/doublest.c:662: internal-error: floatformat_from_type: Assertion `TYPE_CODE (type) == TYPE_CODE_FLT' failed.
352657 gdb incorrectly caches shared library symbol information
368719 gdb: Hangs when debugging a threaded program (sshfs)
385425 gdb does not manage SIGWINCH apparently
411244 wontfix/killall -s SIGINT gdb doesn't interrupt anymore
416466 Subject: gdb segfaults on command in tui mode
419798 gdb is not computing the array indexes correctly
421427 gdb: crashes when using a pending library load breakpoint
422595 gdb: Program received signal SIGPWR, Power fail/restart.
428761 gdb: cannot print global variables while debugging fortran 90 programs
432461 broken function handling on powerpc
436892 gdb: Java is completely broken
438912 gdb: unable to set breakpoint if path to source file contains parenthesis
454135 man page should be improved concerning gdb -tui / gdbtui
461815 gdb: refcard.dvi display can be truncated because of lack of papersize hints
485904 gdb: segfault when setting watchpoint on remote amd64 kvm kernel
485955 gdb: completely fails to detect frames
491609 gdb: single stepping fails "Cannot access memory at address 0x7c8"
493017 iceweasel-dbg: debugger crashes on iceweasel -g
500804 gdb: broken conditional break point
519522 gdb: setting breakpoint in constructor fails
519525 gdb: TAB expansion for class members does not work
534108 fixed-upstream/gdb: crash when resolving a breakpoint in operator()
570049 gdb/breakpoint.c:5989: internal-error: expand_line_sal_maybe: Assertion `found' failed.
579021 gdb fails with Cannot find new threads: generic error when linking with libdbi
586484 gdb: Please make "edit" use sensible-editor
589002 gdb: Dynamic linker debug symbols mismatch when debugging 32-bit executables
592475 gdb: crashes while debugging python (virt-manager)
617269 gdb: [regression from lenny]: mess up when two source files have the same name
619622 gdb: Internal Error
619647 upstream/gdb produces internal error upon run of program.
624452 gdb(1) man page should say that the run command starts the program in a shell
624465 gdb shows incorrect prototype in backtrace when using GCC's cleanup attribute
630931 gdb: inspecting struct gives wrong pointer
644357 gdb segfaults in xstrdup
652889 gdb: During startup program terminated with signal SIGKILL, Killed.
666216 gdb: p omits trailing 0 when printing a range of chars
681533 Better available documentation for use of Python gdb module for scripting
696197 gdb: provide debugging package
696203 upstream/gdb: (tui) null pointer dereference in tui_set_disassem_content at ./tui/tui-disasm.c:196
705719 gdb: Doesn't handle complex numbers
713804 gdb loops after client disappeared
714230 GDB changelog lists latest release as UNRELEASED
729018 gdb doesn't breaks on breakpoints anymore against non suid bin unless privileged
730022 gdb: does not handle window resize correctly
730444 gdb: Can't attach LWP 658225882: No child processes
730630 Line number 16 out of range; d2.c has 11 lines.
738331 gdb should not misuse the version field to encode the distro name
738702 gdb: run warning: can't load shared library symbols from linux-vdso.so.1
740329 gdb=7.6.1-1: doesn't close core file when out of disk-space
744204 pending patch/gdb: Upgrade 7.7 for ppc64el enablements and add patch

Package: sfront
116351 sfront: strange envelope behaviour

Package: pdmenu
116599 pdmenu: Console resize causes lock up
145617 pdmenu: doesn't accept ISO-8859-5
238171 sid jessie/pdmenu: Doesn't redisplay where it left off in long menus
319200 pdmenu: Does not respond to control-Z
464028 FWD: Pdmenu bug report - "double free or corruption"
510846 pdmenu: Input fields (edit,setenv) should be editable using the arrow keys

Package: gnome-vfs
116857 wontfix/gnome-control-center: "file type and programs" ignores /etc/mailcap
187533 libgnome-vfs-common: gnome-config doesn't list vfs
207820 patch/gnome-vfs-sftp: sftp://foo locks nautilus
358725 gnome-vfs: want to stop using volume.label for desktop name
365486 gnome-vfs: connection to ftpd with auth shows empty directory
581634 gnome-vfs: Gnome trash always empty when using GlusterFS as home filesystem
624042 gnome-vfs: Uses deprecated _set_priority GnuTLS functions

Package: gramofile
117436 patch/Bug#117436: Missing clearscreen, erratic terminal emulation.
298672 patch/gramofile: Undiscriminating "6. Play a sound file" is blind to file formats
421788 Gramofile does not have a means of selecting which sound card to use
645161 gramofile: 'copyright' file upstream URL outdated.
708825 upstream/gramofile does not recognise any sound source

Package: libnss-ldap
118607 wontfix/libnss-ldap use library in /usr/lib
122794 libnss-ldap: asks debconf questions twice
206948 moreinfo/cron: ldap causes a signal death?
218958 libnss-ldap - host resolution hangs on Linux 2.6.0-test8/test9
267548 confirmed help/sysvinit: halt segfaults or hangs for ever due to incomplete name service configuration
375069 /etc/libnss-ldap.conf: User settings are not preserved. The way how debconf values are written is flawed.
376277 libnss-ldap: upgrade to version 251-5 breaks cyrus-imapd-2.2
380078 moreinfo/libpam-modules: pam_unix fails to call helper "unix_pwdchk" when used with libnss_ldap > 246
387467 libnss-ldap: "tls_cacertfile" is being ignored
391785 libnss-ldap: host option causes SSL/TLS to hang, uri does not
393513 process 23446 exited, signaled to death by 6
403212 Trouble with SSL and certificates
408450 unreproducible moreinfo/Sporadic abort() when using libnss-ldap
409342 missing "DNS" in nsswitch.conf brakes libnss-ldap service
415576 libnss-ldap broken during install
416664 libnss-ldap: If nsswitch.conf already configured with ldap, installation breaks and leaves system broken
419519 No good upgrade path with tls
441458 boot failure (using local files) if ldap unavailable
454556 libnss-ldap: Questions in debconf with unnecessarily elevated priority
455907 errors since libnss-ldap update (dsa-1430)
458138 nss_ldap upgrade overwrites conf file without question
465185 libnss-ldap: crashes bash when try to tab complete ~<userid>
470288 ldap.secret rename breaks compatibility with webmin
490869 libnss-ldap: etch->lenny upgrade problems, uri/ssl behavior changed
499798 libnss-ldap: Setting the TLS cipher suite no longer works
500479 moreinfo/'id' hangs forever: libnss-ldap getting whole tree instead of ldap search for group.
505129 libnss-ldap: tries to connect to server before networking is started
513301 Attempts SSL on unix domain sockets
536729 libnss-ldap: SRV records not used correctly when using nss_srv_domain
543519 bug 391167 is alive
553339 libnss-ldap: setgrent fails for non-local files
567904 nss-ldap: many undocumented parameters
572524 patch/libnss-ldap: Broken Kerberos keytab support
628814 URI ignored in /etc/libnss-ldap.conf, host must be set
732077 libnss-ldap: Fails to install via chroot

Package: openssh-client
118615 ssh: ssh-add doesn't check validity of file
127426 ssh_config "Protocol (A),(B)" B is ignored if only one key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
144579 wontfix/ssh: scp does not deal with spaces in remote file names
211424 sftp ignores .ssh/config settings
212518 upstream/"Add correct host key" message should say "delete the host key" instead
222135 ssh: be case-insensitive to addresses in ssh_config
241119 ssh-keyscan exits upon failure of single acquisition
250311 ssh: pubkey auth fails between 3.8.1p1-3 and 3.4(woody)
303168 experimental/ssh has poor -h|--help option parsing
311689 ssh-krb5: bad error reporting for ticket acquisition failure
314596 Cannot ssh OUT from host as non-root user
326027 l10n/ssh: sshd server does not encode banner in ISO-10646
331133 seems to get confused with certian /etc/hosts settings
335531 openssh-client: Automatic connection caching broken after SIGKILL
337484 openssh-client: ssh-add displays password with bad permissions on /dev/tty
341042 ssh: Slow Connections Due to Bogus IPv6 name resolution
343896 no longer works with HP iLO
348741 patch/does not fork into background with -f when reusing master connection
351440 upstream/scp unprepared for missing ":"
351489 upstream/openssh-client: fails to RSA authenticate between distinct remote hosts
374980 ssh-keyscan does not exit in case of failure
379736 patch/invalid reference to nc's proxy feature
384530 openssh-client: Debug output uses DOS line endings
387386 patch/openssh-client: ssh-add(1) prints error message to stdout
387669 forwarded connections disappear
390344 patch/ssh-copy-id: Should specify that the remote command must be ran with /bin/sh
391964 warn if client-requested locale not available on server?
393704 interactive client dies on ill-timed SIGWINCH
397339 openssh-client: Drops SIGWINCH events when 'tail' is running
413846 openssh-client: post-4.3p2-6 openssh gets kerberos-related hang (non-root only)
414324 ssh client: poor handling of invalid known_hosts files
415697 openssh-client: portforwarding with either -R or -L fails with module tun loaded
420452 /usr/bin/ssh-agent: -a option does not support filenames with spaces
420829 ssh-add: please check file type and test if it's actually a [private] key
428632 openssh-client: please reject extra commandline arguments
429645 ssh-add: man page is not clear about passphrase querying
440757 openssh-client: ssh-copy-id should use the actual key comment, not the key file name
445584 openssh-client: known_hosts searching not functional?
448589 moreinfo/scp: Segfaults when recursivly transfering files from a La Fonera (running dropbear)
471849 openssh-client: drops connections with "Corrupted MAC on input." errors when loads of data get transferred
481235 HostKeyAlias does not work as expected
482025 openssh-client: Hashed keys by ssh-keyscan are not accepted by ssh client.
483663 upstream patch/openssh-client: quiet mode isn't quiet with -O
486287 openssh-client: no progress bar shown when using scp remote to remote
490175 openssh-client: ssh -X can remove :0 entry from .Xauthority
496746 pubkey auth non-functional on testing?
496914 Issue with current openssh-client and linuxlogo package display over the network.
500568 sid squeeze ipv6 wheezy jessie/improper IPv6 address matching for known_hosts
507478 ssh-client: ssh-RSA-auth-keys larger than 4609 bits fail to authenticate.
509028 openssh-client: ssh-keygen -l on known_hosts file does not display hostnames for lines with comments
509229 patch/openssh-client: ssh-agent man page describes wrong (and insecure) forwarding behavior
513071 Regression: for some hosts etch can connect but lenny can't (password auth)
514585 openssh-client: scp .bashrc fails
526904 /usr/bin/ssh: ssh fails to execure command on remote side.
527288 openssh-client: Incorrect "Is a directory" error
536772 openssh-client: often, "Read from remote host ????: Connection reset by peer"
539412 patch/ssh -oExitOnForwardFailure=yes -R... -f fails too late
544334 openssh-client: Crazy design/processing of tun-related options and some flaw in man pages
556142 Move openssh-client recommendation of xauth to an X related package
558171 openssh-client: some LC_LOCALE settings make ssh fail to open a shell
562432 ssh-keygen -r refuses to read keys in "known hosts" format
573317 openssh-client: ssh_config(5) man page correction ("For each parameter, the first...")
573739 openssh-client: GSSAPIDelegateCredentials no longer works
579186 squeeze/openssh-client: Tunneled X clients slow to start
583339 openssh-client: shared connection freezes until master is restarted
595311 openssh-client: untrusted X11 forwarding broken
598641 openssh-client: scp progress output formatting is incorrect
599017 upstream/openssh-client: Global "User" setting in .ssh/config fails
607267 squeeze-ignore//usr/bin/scp: fails to notice close() errors
611380 openssh-client: sftp's put -r fails with "Unable to canonicalise path"
612607 sid jessie/Connecting to older ssh version has cipher negotiation problem
614818 openssh-client: ssh(1) man page should note id_rsa encryption now uses AES, not 3DES
616369 /usr/bin/sftp: sftp interactive does not work correctly with multibyte charachters
616610 sid ipv6 jessie/openssh-client: ssh config does not like IPv6 link local address as hostname anymore (worked before today's update)
618863 upstream//usr/bin/ssh: insecurely verifies host key with VerifyHostKeyDNS option
619568 ssh: broken and unsufficiently-documented handling of "command" arg
625662 sftp doesn't allow non-ASCII input
626864 openssh-client: false claims of "something nasty" when using -o HostKeyAlgorithms
638940 openssh-client: Regression from 5.5p1 to 5.8p1 - unable to connect to servers
639376 wheezy/ssh key exchange blocked by checkpoint firewall
643606 ssh-keygen: `-V' relative end-times -- implementation doesn't match manpage
659289 openssh-client: ControlMaster not honored when Hostname refers to a previously defined machine
661585 openssh-client: ssh client no longer asks for key-file's password on command line
664969 openssh-client: ssh sigsegv to Sun_SSH_1.1.1 server
667671 patch/ssh_config(5): can't break line, spaces at end of line, and after sentences in the manual
673004 sid wheezy jessie/does not connect to HP iLO 2
691444 make sure the warning also says how to add the key!
698669 Access to escape functions with ControlPersist
698794 upstream/openssh-client: Uses ECDSA but does not understand SSHFP records
702708 openssh-client: ssh-agent aborts quietly when ssh-askpass is not installed
706194 openssh-client: Does not respect $HOME
708372 don't say "100%" until the file is really fully transmitted
709493 openssh-client: [ssh-keygen] -r always gives same answer
711215 patch/openssh-client: ssh-copy-id improved
720940 ipv6/openssh-client: cannot bind to single IPv4 and single IPv6 address
728391 No diagnostic for missing private key file (!)
733573 ssh: Doesn't use the key from -i when using an agent.
734386 /usr/bin/scp: Hosts from .ssh/config recognized on source or target but not both
734553 ssh-agent: monotonic clock for key lifetime produces unexpected results on laptops
740307 openssh-client: Fails to connect to cisco router
741344 ssh-copy-id: Could not resolve hostname :: Name or service not known
743203 Address canonicalization is suboptimal
743624 openssh-client: CanonicalizeHostname and GSSAPIDelegateCredentials
743972 openssh-client: ssh reprocesses configuration files even when CanonicalizeHostname is not set

Package: yaboot
118894 wontfix upstream/yaboot: little Mac icon shows up in wrong colors while booting MacOS
149946 upstream wontfix/yaboot: halt command doesn't work correctly
495930 yaboot fails on LVM
641852 d-i/yaboot: Add support for VIOS v-scsi used in IBM LPARs
697813 yaboot: Yaboot does not allow TFTP transfers above 16MiB
719479 d-i/yaboot: generic initrd.img is too large for yaboot to load at boot

Package: gnome-dev-doc
119252 wontfix/gnome-dev-doc: GnomeMessageBox docs for function gnome_message_box_set_default refer to wrong function

Package: iceape-mailnews
119681 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: Sent and Drafts folders can not be stored on IMAP server.
139040 confirmed upstream/mozilla-mailnews: invalid quote detecting algoritm
151756 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: Unicode setting will eventually need a restart of mailnews program
154025 confirmed upstream/mailnews: Export of more than one mail message not possible
164350 confirmed upstream/mozilla: Milti-line pasting into subject box in new message
168060 upstream confirmed/mozilla-mailnews shows limited amount of headers
170076 upstream moreinfo/After changing mail folders three times, Mozilla doesn't display messages or new headers in subsequent ones
175482 moreinfo upstream/mozilla: Mozilla is very slow at checking my local IMAP server
185212 confirmed upstream/mozilla: mail: mails with empty subject line should not form a thread.
185288 mozilla-mailnews: Password prompts inconsistent in WM decorations
187376 moreinfo/mozilla-mailnews: cannot add a new mail filter on ia64
189132 upstream confirmed/mozilla: '?' in folder names
200431 upstream moreinfo/mozilla: If a signed message arrives to any folder, mozilla marks the current message signed.
212299 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: Mozilla sometimes doesn't update the preview display
217207 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: KeepMailOnServer /w RemoveRemoveWRL, msg not RR when filtered.
266672 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: Response news-postings are attached to the wrong posting in a thread
300392 confirmed upstream/mozilla-mailnews 1.7.5-1:Priority is lost when saving a composed email in Drafts
300393 confirmed upstream/mozilla-mailnews 1.7.5-1: "Return receipt" flag is lost when saving a composed email in Drafts
318116 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: checking of POP mailbox fails after some hours until mailnews restarted
322673 moreinfo upstream/mozilla-mailnews: 'get mail' crashes intermittently, requiring closing/restarting mozilla
378087 mozilla-mailnews: two context menus with one right-click in message list or folder pane
403071 sarge/mozilla messes up mailbox, loss of mails
412686 iceape-mailnews: shows an empty mail window when decryption fails
623049 iceape-mailnews: Iceape mail-news will not import already-existing e-mail accounts from Icedove. The screen asks to import from "Thunderbird" then displays a blank screen indicating the items being imported, but nothing is listed. When "next" is selected, nothing happens and the empty window sits there.
638282 middle click on scrollbar opens selected message in a new tab

Package: esound-clients
122152 esddsp: does not work with realplayer
254987 patch upstream/esound-clients: Doc problems -- formatting, conventions, and content
266515 moreinfo/esound-clients: all sorts of creative failures playing back WAV files
290627 /usr/bin/esdrec: esdrec: pathetic documentation
462176 esound-clients: esdmon(1), esdfilt(1) have badly formatted option lists
498751 /usr/bin/esdplay: Fails to play /usr/share/sounds/warning.wav unless pwd is /usr/share/sounds
627189 /usr/bin/esdplay: esoundplay does not work as root or in sudo contest

Package: cfingerd
122771 cfingerd: "Remote console location" is wrong
381611 cfingerd: SIGABRT when line in config is too long
487892 cfingerd: Fails to install if DebianNet.pm is not available
640215 patch/userlist: Incorrectly shortened locale field.

Package: crashme
123272 wontfix upstream/crash segfaults on wrong command line input

Package: libsocks4
123827 libsocks4: uses obsolete, superseded version of BSD license
146020 libsocks4: bug in Raccept (when using acrobat plugin)

Package: bzip2
124098 bzip2: bzless: behaves differently as less (as documented)
197829 upstream/bzip2: round and round when following instructions with bzip2recover
223153 bzip2: bunzip2 -tv doesn't show the compression ratio
269613 /usr/share/man/man1/bzdiff.1.gz: bzless manpage could do with further explanation
271832 bzip2 --keep complains of hard links.
293532 bzip2: Hangs when trying to open fifos
357682 bzip2: bunzip2 --force fails on pipes, *unlike* gunzip
366123 bzip2 -d on empty file gives confusing errors
532953 bzip2: doesnt update cleanly
563157 bzip2: library version suffix mismatch
620772 bzgrep can't use stdin
636184 [bzip2] extended description claims bzip2 is "around twice as fast at compression and six times faster at decompression"

Package: heroes-data
124735 heroes-data: Spelling error in description
529115 heroes-data: please upgrade your watch file

Package: tiger
125738 tiger: Reports multiple UID 0 on NIS systems
174920 help/Tiger does not understand NIS? [haase@msg.ucsf.edu: tiger always reports "no password" with NIS]
247879 unreproducible/tiger: reports are missing some section headers
316654 tiger: bogus complaint about /etc/ftpusers?
317618 tiger: does not distinguish disabled password from disabled login
384111 tiger: Tiger_Listening_ValidUsers and Tiger_Listening_ValidProcs do not support multiple values
388974 confirmed/tiger: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)
392636 tiger triggers chkrootkit warning
432918 Doesn't grok shadow passwords? [pass013w] Username `gwb' is not using an acceptable password hash (x).
445833 relative pathnames in sudo(tiger?)?
498204 moreinfo/tiger: 'recognized' mis-spelled as 'recognised' in gen_mounts
505906 patch/tiger: deb_checkmd5sums does not report file changes if prelink is installed
511791 Misleading explanations
511964 missing explanations
524784 lastlog: Failed to get the entry for UID 65534
535903 tiger: "Updating for (arch)..." in cron emails
553518 tiger: check_lilo doesn't include grub2
659055 tiger: check_exrc runs find without -x
675468 tiger: E-Mail-reports FROM-address should use FQDN, not just hostname
693707 tiger complains about /usr/local's default group and permissions
699607 tiger: check for /etc/ftpusers is useless (at least for vsftpd)
716246 [Mayhem] Bug report on tiger: realpath crashes with exit status 139
716297 [Mayhem] Bug report on tiger: md5 crashes with exit status 136
722629 tiger: why is Tiger_Check_TRUSTED set to Y per default?
723101 tiger looking for boot.conf instead of boot.cfg
724328 tiger: perm023a alert when setuid/setguid is set to default permissions
724334 tiger: When /var/mail is a logical volume, it should ignore kis008w
724335 tiger: misc021w is telling me no umask entry for /etc/init.d/rcS but umask already defined
724504 tiger: lin001w is warning me about packages that are generated on the install of the kernel
725100 tiger: dev003w is thrown on a stock debian install.
725190 tiger: getting misc020f after adding procs to tigerrc
740625 tiger: Filesystem 'hugetlbfs' used by 'hugetlbfs' is not recognised as a valid filesystem

Package: mirrors
126041 HTTP downloads of gzipped files are sent as 'text/plain' with encoding 'x-gzip'
219982 disk images (*.img) are typed as text/plain
430155 sid squeeze ipv6 wheezy jessie/ipv6 mirror list
502942 mirror listing update for kebo.vlsm.org
503679 moreinfo/mirror listing update for russell.cs.bilgi.edu.tr: dns name changed, ftpsync, upstream mirror choice
531154 rsync mirrors network vulnerable to corrupted file
545966 mirror listing update for kambing.ui.ac.id
559355 mirrors: http://www.debian.org/mirror/list pushed unofficial mirrors not recognized
612774 upstream/ftp.sun.ac.za not consistent
612854 About 1/7 of entries not working
613542 mirror listing update for ftp.linux.org.tr
652080 mirrors: please, provide https mirror
653851 UK iso code wrongly used instead of GB
657029 apt-get update does not understand content negotiation
674659 mirrors: mirror.peer1.net Translation-en: Hash Sum mismatch
687838 mirror listing update for ftp.caliu.cat
689728 mirror listing update for debs.pelotas.ifsul.edu.br
692645 mirror listing update for lug.mtu.edu
695813 moreinfo/mirror submission for
702122 mirrors: add debian-mirror.sakura.ne.jp to syncproxy leaf
711525 moreinfo/mirror listing update for debian.mirror.utn.edu.ar
714233 mirrors: debootstrap with ftp.au.debian.org tries to download some old packages
714968 moreinfo/mirror listing update for debian.xfree.com.ar
717387 mirrors: Primary Debian mirror site DOWN of Mexico
725488 pending/ftpsync update retries print file path instead of retry count
731932 mirrors: ftp2.fr.debian.org Hash Sum mismatch on *_Translation-en files
737000 ipv6/general: Most used german debian mirror (ftp.de.debian.org) has no IPV6
739382 mirror listing update for mirrors.ece.ubc.ca
739541 (no subject)
742773 mirrors: ftp.fr.debian.org has many new versions from untrusted source
743614 mirror listing update for debian.asis.io
744816 mirrors: fail to fetch package list for jessie main
744873 mirror listing update for debian.gnu.gen.tr

Package: sqwebmail
126735 sqwebmail: Does not provide installation instructions
137317 sqwebmail: gpg: Sorry, no terminal at all requested - can't get input
138278 sqwebmail: LDAP address books do not seem to work
151191 sqwebmail: Trash folder can be used to bypass maildirquota
151193 sqwebmail: Deleting a folder does not properly recalculate maildirquota
179896 sqwebmail: IE5.5 can't display or download attachments
196160 sqwebmail: upgrading sqwebmail should not silently replace templates, ispelldict nor
198880 patch/ldapsearch: should try -x when no auth-info available
215360 sqwebmail: does not work with boa webserver
218148 patch/sqwebmail:sqwebmail.c/scriptptrget(): missing '/' before authentification
241515 sqwebmail: templates should be under /usr/share
310839 sqwebmail: [CAN-2005-1308] Cross site scripting
315636 fixed-upstream upstream patch/sqwebmail: Doesn't parse out extra data in the comments field of /etc/passwd
317942 sqwebmail doesn't work with "The webmail system is temporarily unavailable. An error occured in function write: Transport endpoint is not connected"
327770 sqwebmail: Faulty HTML centering too much text
327771 sqwebmail: Squashed 822 message headers when viewing messages
589225 patch/[sqwebmail] Nested multipart attachments are not displayed
641876 fails to display messages
677992 sqwebmail: Parses Qmail date-headers wrongly

Package: urlview
127090 unreproducible/urlview: Long urls are cut off (don't know if its mutt or urlview)
316120 unreproducible moreinfo/In unicode locale urlview does not show correct links
353451 quoted-printable messages confuse urlview
631481 urlview: wrap doesn't work as advertised
690405 urlview: segfaults when searching for invalid regexps
692881 urlview: buggy debian/watch
693785 /usr/share/doc/urlview/README.Debian: Mentions mimedecide which has been removed

Package: mailcrypt
127259 gnus: gnus + mime + mailcrypt cannot decrypt incoming message
314516 mailcrypt: mangles signatures when signing UTF-8 and language-environment is UTF-8
694977 mailcrypt: Spurious warnings from mail-mode-hook

Package: hpsockd
127720 hpsockd: missing man pages
481348 Init.d script does not stop daemon
533731 patch/hpsockd: FTBFS on Debian GNU/Hurd [Patch]

Package: plan
127762 plan window close itself
146948 The icon for Schedule window has no pix

Package: cdrdao
127850 ERROR: Cannot determine disk status on every write with PlexWriter 12/10/32S
146785 cdrdao: can't handle spaces in cue file track names
185551 cdrdao: gives real time shceduling failure warning too late
208246 cdrdao: on the fly copy doesn't work
214655 cdrdao: removes toc files although writing failed
215304 cdrdao: Problem with blanking a disk!
245706 cdrdao: incorrectly insists that blank disk is not empty
273054 k3b: Can't burn data CDs
370605 cdrdao prematurely terminates "scanbus" when it fails to open a device
465316 cdrdao: the -v option doesn't check its parameter for validity
478978 [cdrdao] O_EXCL patch introduced regression
483552 /usr/bin/cdrdao: cdrdao read-toc silently drops index marks when creating table of contents
504300 Segfault in i_cblock_destructor with cdrdao read-cd
589003 cdrdao deletes cue file
655392 cdrdao lacks documentation for noburnfree
655739 Language codes not documented in cdrdao.
656000 CD-TEXT supported on HL-DT-ST, DVDRAM GU10N
724534 upstream/cdrdao: Typo in informational log message.

Package: xcircuit
127963 xcircuit: Button 1 click causes loss of video signal
172982 confirmed/xcircuit does not correctly treat connectivity of four-way join.

Package: reportbug
128092 reportbug: should redisplay on WINCH signal
265554 confirmed/reportbug: on receiving SIGTERM, should also signal child processes
431402 patch/reportbug: Installed but not installed?
500276 confirmed/reportbug: Needlessly escapes brackets to \( in realname
502860 use python-apt instead of dpkg for pkgs info
532150 reportbug: [regression] no longer supports custom mua commands
539157 direct SMTP send violates RFC1652 and sends unencoded 8-bit data
539737 reportbug: RFC-1522-encoded headers for mutt
544485 special-case for severity of reports on linux-2.6
544624 reportbug: orphaned test has really low accuracy rate
546914 reportbug: Copies sent to: shows mangled/encoded name
548533 reportbug: Ctrl+c doesn't exit until after pressing enter
564112 Checking status of source packages with many binaries can be slow
577278 reportbug: Attach options (-A) is not safe for UTF-8 content
579324 reportbug: doesn't cope with tr_TR locales
590214 support for submitting bug reports via http
590242 should always write realname/email on --configure
612712 reportbug complains about unicode conversion error
630086 reportbug does not sign attachments
639527 Use PTS SOAP API
639698 reportbug: STARTTLS failure - continue without TLS
640191 Complaint about non RFC 2822 compliancy
642096 Unable to create configuration file (UnicodeEncodeError)
642414 moreinfo/reportbug GUI hangs
646573 UTF-8 characters in subject are passed to MUA encoded
648185 reportbug: ftp.debian.org RM bugs should get X-Debbugs-CC: maintainer
649441 reportbug: sends multiple mails if first SMTP connection attempt failed
649777 reportbug: high cpu load when displaying progress bar (like sending mail or retriving bugs)
650386 reportbug: reports against src:binarypackagename
651590 help/reportbug: Reportbug doesn't have a GTK3 interface yet
653738 Configuration routine not run if a package specified on first run
657066 patch/reportbug: Cannot provide extra information for ITP bug reports
659214 reportbug: does not report build-dependencies of source packages
664213 Please preserve the order of attachements
665348 reportbug: RESOLVED information can be hidden due to truncation
666116 reportbug: Exception when using french characters in name (like "")
668838 reportbug: wrong message when quitting without sending the bug
669022 reportbug doesn't support configuration files with a space in the filename
669038 confirmed/GTK+ doesn't handle bug scripts asking questions
671398 reportbug: Does not complain when file for attachment is not found
672487 l10n/reportbug tells UnicodeDecodeError: codec can't decode byte 0xd0 'ascii'
673270 patch/reportbug: Use a future-proof URL for the rc_policy.txt document
675735 reportbug: GTK UI proposes two buttons (Quit and Apply) in the final screen
676326 reportbug: Version check via madison seems to pick up hurd-i386 versions on i386
679907 reportbug: Attachments silently dropped when not using internal MUA
680465 reportbug: crash if tilde ("~") is used in output file path -- data lost!
682105 reportbug: Shold not offer ROSRM as an option for bugs to ftp master
683116 reportbug: Fails to include description in wnpp bugs
683277 reportbug: typo s/vesion/version/
683325 reportbug: Gnus is called Gnus, not GNUS
683951 reportbug crashes unless ran from the terminal.
684227 reportbug: --source command-line option does not work
685825 reportbug: too noisy even when asking it to be --quiet
685826 reportbug: --tag=security can't be set even with --mode=expert
685828 reportbug: package version can't be left blank
685829 reportbug: setting the security tag *always* results in a prompt, even with --template or --print
686068 reportbug crash if run as domain user authenticated via winbind
686165 pending/reportbug: Please update the emacs*-bin-common suggests
686168 pending/reportbug: Says "e to edit" but pressing e does not edit.
686922 reportbug crashes when using the '--paranoid' option
687679 reportbug: eliminates all but the last Control: pseudo-header
690169 reportbug: incorrectly labels a binary package choice as "Source:"
690537 reportbug: Package list does not specify arch
690759 /usr/bin/querybts: querybts does not respect BROWSER if xdg-open (xdg-utils) is installed
690882 reportbug: Fails to configure the user name for the FROM address if the user contains accents
694161 reportbug: fails to add patch tag to existing bug (plus one cosmetic issue)
694634 reportbug dies on "Querying Debian BTS ..." in case of server error
695219 reportbug incorrectly says "Report has not been sent yet" after SIGINT sent to process group
695220 reportbug stores empty bug reports in the --draftpath directory, text is lost
695887 reportbug locks terminal, refuses echo, requires "reset" after viewing followup
698331 reportbug: Pressing enter after starting reportbug causes a gtk warning
700046 reportbug: Traceback with OSError ENOENT despite file existing, on attach+send
702107 reportbug failed (my error) saved report in /tmp; no obvious way of resending report
702177 [reportbug] Crash before creating report !
702521 patch/urwid interface Cancel button doesn't cancel bug reprot
702991 reportbug wirh bug
703678 reportbug is not derivative-friendly, at least not when using a web bugtracker
704824 reportbug: submitting a followup to a "templated" bug should not ask the questions again
705172 reportbug doesn't run first-time configuration when started with a package name
707296 Please detect keywords that indicate a likely attachment, and warn if no attachment exists
708066 reportbug: doesn't always preserve the bug title
709862 reportbug: GTK interface crashes on continue from package selection
711404 reportbug's GTK interface crashes if spelling dictionaries for the current locale are missing
711583 reportbug: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path:
712066 patch/reportbug: Add documentation on resending saved reportbug files to man page
712415 reportbug doesn't notice installed foreign-architecture packages
717563 reportbug: web access thru proxy not available
720083 reportbug: Gtk interface, when gathering system information, has prompts in the terminal causing hang
721212 Thinks that packages don't exist
722226 reportbug: HTTPError 500 Internal Server Error
729415 reportbug: yesno/getkey helper functions assume console
730236 reportbug: After initial config, reportbug should remember its old command options
732334 reportbug: after viewing configuration file there is no way to proceed
735952 reportbug: The search feature is almost unusable
736214 reportbug: SMTP transmission issues can cause complete loss of bug report
739507 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character
740124 Reportbug: Unable to send report via SMTP Yahoo server
741369 --bugnumber option does not work, but -N does

Package: binstats
128536 binstats: false unused reports regarding link targ libs
693840 binstats: bad SIGINT handling

Package: bfbtester
129014 bfbtester gives wrong (?) results
152092 bfbtester: doesn't kill sub-processes

Package: wwwconfig-common
129161 help/horde: Cannot install with PostgreSQL when the database is remote
131988 horde has bad error message
236263 wwwconfig-common getwwwconfig handling
317017 New postgres packages break wwwconfig-common
359125 wwwconfig-common: pgsql-exec.sh fails to detect failure

Package: global
130091 global: The function `event-point' is not known to be defined.
182188 Wrong expansion of `reserved_begin' in `htags'
212040 gtags: sometimes skips symlinks when scanning the directory hierarchy
218111 global: both no-init-file option and no-site-file option should be used when byte-compiling sources
306085 global: no Emacs load path element
587489 global: missing icons break "htags -i"
590053 global.cgi fails to work with id-utils extension.
613011 patch/1. /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gsearch.cgi fails with missing /usr/bin/btreeop + 2. htconfig fails to find id when --xhtml option is used with htags
661550 global: Typo in man page
669617 cannot install in lxc
715980 [Mayhem] Bug report on global: gozilla crashes with exit status 139
716006 [Mayhem] Bug report on global: gtags crashes with exit status 139

Package: slib
131129 schemers: please support slib
641063 [slib] slib 3b1-3.1 install is broken when used with mit-scheme 9.0.1-1+b1, manual fix included
641368 [slib] hardwired package search path is wrong
641369 [slib] incompatability with mit-scheme, please update to upstream 3b3.
641370 install process should include call to mklibcat to generate package catalog
652340 slib: file missing in binary package: /usr/share/slib/grapheps.ps

Package: freetype2-demos
131137 confirmed fixed-upstream/freetype2-demos: missing manual pages

Package: python-glade2
131798 python-glade: Unable to load some .glade files
452711 python-glade2: Error message while installing

Package: icewm-gnome-support
131840 upstream/icewm-gnome: is not gnome compliant any more
158331 icewm-gnome: GNOME themes appear to be ignored
160142 icewm-gnome does not register any config tool in gnome-control-center
172272 upstream/Average rate (network) calculation wrong after WM restart
196914 sid jessie upstream/icewm-gnome: windows resizing after switching between virtual desktops
708042 jessie sid/icewm-gnome-support: depends on libgnomedesktop2 which is going away
716629 [Mayhem] Bug report on icewm-gnome-support: icewm-menu-gnome2 crashes with exit status 139

Package: sdf
132013 sdf: missing man pages
382158 sdf: hangs generating pdf output

Package: xfig
132070 xfig: Backslash key does not work in text edit box.
196354 xfig: invisible font in some edit dialogs
210362 unreproducible help/xfig: Symbol font does not display correctly
233591 xfig: hangs if you try to insert a control point on a rectangle
242350 Gridlines in printout don't correspond to those in the drawing
254803 wontfix/package dependency for transfig
256556 xfig: consumes excessive cpu power while saving
283630 xfig: Problems with large fonts, zooming and units
292755 xfig: xfig says: very old or no app-defaults file
295271 xfig resolution seems to be wrong
296613 Xfig segfault on including eps file (powerpc).
296703 Small dialog boxes will not reappear, cause xfig to hang
297768 xfig: "Save as" over an old .fig complains if that .fig happens to be empty
300436 xfig input file which makes xfig fail
314820 xfig: manual page: -startgridmode documentation incorrect
318884 xfig: Xfig draws a figure 5 times on start-up
322562 xfig: crashes when resising a dialog window
327596 xfig: incorrect grid lines
329621 Bottom and right toolbars disappear after extreme resizing
387296 xfig: zooming with the scrollwheel to 0.2 aborts xfig
387298 xfig: crash when tracking the horizontal ruler
395328 l10n/xfig: doesn't work as expected with utf8 locale
427616 xfig: Screen organisation is messed up when resizing
429489 xfig crashes upon clicking on character map
433655 xfig: export as combined ps/pdf/latex duplicates text
482412 Problem with pspdftex
491284 Segfaults when changing fill intensity
494790 patch/desktop file for xfig
509470 moreinfo unreproducible/xfig: consumes 100% of cpu when opening the save dialog
537470 xfig fails to start
565339 Crash in case resize pressed during drawing manipulations in progress
565341 Fix for CVE-2009-1962 misses one hunk
568640 xfig: Try to draw a circle or an ellipse crashes X
571230 xfig: does not export all arrow types
656560 l10n/xfig text input of German umlauts does not work with UTF8
722321 xfig: Crashes upon start when using two displays of different width

Package: netselect
132602 moreinfo wontfix/netselect: http and ftp proxy support missing
407767 ipv6/netselect don't know from IPv6

Package: doc-central
132756 doc-central: access control, local only by default
364683 doc-central: output of contents.cgi should be cached
478137 patch/doc-central: NMU diff for 1.8.2+nmu1
522343 doc-central: does not work with thttpd
669767 doc-central: transition towards Apache 2.4
674774 doc-central: requested URL was not found on this server.
731442 doc-central 404 when opening http://localhost/dc

Package: dnsutils
132872 host utilities crash
153178 dnsutils: the nslookup manpage is completely bogus
165278 woody/dnsutils: nsupdate manpage in stable is too recent
189601 dnsutils: nsupdate(8) barfs on inadequate newlines
213732 /usr/bin/dig: dig -n switch returns IP6.ARPA instead of IP6.INT as documented
218299 dnsutils: host -l fails when dealing with large TXT records
232006 dnsutils: "dig -- --.fi" does not recognize "--" as end-of-options
236900 dnsutils: runidn man page but no script/binary
245729 dnsutils: dig does not query all servers as manpage says
248403 dnsutils: nsupdate's zone command broken?
278213 dnsutils: no support for DNSKEY, RRSIG and NSEC?
280915 nsupdate -k <key> is broken on 2.4.27-grsec
325697 unreproducible moreinfo/dig crash in dnsutils
417653 dig dies with an segfault when passing +nssearch option
431663 dig can be made to crash using -f, named pipes, and signals
454075 dnsutils: abort with +nssearch +vc
460209 dnsutils: dig +noall still shows output
498907 cannot deal with unicode domain names
532256 dnsutils: nsupdate fails to update a reverse PTR record
532737 /usr/bin/dig: dig crashes on recursive PTR lookups for classless addresses
596334 dig: segfault while trying to find a RRset of type DS for zone: org.
608571 nsupdate reads from wrong file for -k
629908 dnsutils: Wrong error message: RFC 3568 has no section 2.2.1 (typo?)
667667 ipv6//usr/bin/dig: dig -6 not working with zone indice of IPv6 link addresses
692116 /usr/bin/nsupdate: nsupdate: wrongly escapes semicolons in updates
704859 dnsutils: dig segfaults when proxied via tor
712747 dnsutils: dig +trace makes norecursive NS root query

Package: snort
133049 snort has endianness issues on ARM
222584 snort: unnecessarily complains that no IPv4 address is assigned
311617 unreproducible moreinfo/At install, wrong owner for /var/log/snort
377749 snort: `Unterminate rule' error on a long `content' option.
377946 `fragoffset: 0' doesn't catch some packets.
388961 snort: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)
460436 snort: upgrade oddities
462992 snort: "flowbits" warnings logged on startup
519590 snort: Snort now uses all available CPU cycles contiuously
633066 ipv6 patch upstream/snort: Decoding raw packets assumes IPv4 packet
697043 Misconfiguration in snort.conf can result in a segmentation fault

Package: xfsdump
133615 upstream/xfsdump: xfsrestore interactive mode 'ls' can't be paged/limited
305722 xfsdump reports ERROR: does not identify a file system
415080 Poor error message from xfsdump for incorrect args
415081 xfsdump doesn't accept relative pathnames to mountpoints
415123 -R option can't append to a plain file
420451 option -d only works for tapes on Linux
661494 xfsrestore of xfsdump with inaccessible files fails. corrupt extent header

Package: screen
133807 upstream wontfix/screen user must own pty (breaks with 'su')
202342 patch/screen: terminals which utilize \E]n;...\a xterm escape sequence not recognized (Eterm/kterm)
210975 upstream/screen as default shell causes problems with rsync, unison, etc
212849 screen: Screen doesn't support CP866 (CP855, CP852 etc) encoding
242510 screen: spins when pasting
273816 squeeze upstream confirmed/screen blocks the output in copy/scrollback mode, leading to denial of service
310448 Konsole termcapinfo fix causes failure to correctly line wrap when connecting via PuTTY.
317450 upstream wontfix/key indications on license screen are confusing
331457 screen: Cannot use in Shift_JIS xterm
351844 upstream/any command line options should override .screenrc
354709 screen corrupts my display when viewing certain spam mails (via mutt)
385737 screen: Screen not properly redrawn when viewing Devanagari script in mutt
409398 Starting screen with 'screen -dm' gives a crippled TERMCAP
428305 all running screens froze, clients fail to attach
439628 upstream patch wontfix/screen: convert program source code to UTF-8 encoding
440066 screen: man page says -wipe checks hostname, but it does not
461958 screen: Can't press ctrl+pgup/dn to change tabs in vim
468427 unreproducible/screen: ncurses applications not drawn inside screen until terminal is resized
471763 moreinfo patch//var/run/screens permissions inconsistency causes screen to refuse to start up
484655 confirmed/timestamp given by "screen -ls" is not always the same
492741 screen is unable to set parity or stop bits when attached to a serial console
496180 screen: hardstatus causes trouble after window resize
496971 screen: resize notification
502360 Race conditions with 'screen -X cmd' and 'screen cmd' cause logging to file to fail
507817 screen -r still sometimes fails with "WriteMessage: Bad file descriptor"
524304 screen in screen results in corrupted display for ncurses apps like vim
541730 upstream confirmed/screen: documented ‘defzombie’ command no longer recognised
545182 Remove the /var/run-cleanup part from /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup
549272 screen -r with a name beginning with numbers doesn't work.
557092 screen: verticality
563715 screen 'no screen to be resumed' after, if the distant PC crashes
575057 screen -x occasionally hangs when attaching
575088 upstream confirmed/screen -dm -c alternate-screenrc should report errors if something goes wrong
600649 confirmed/screen: resize says "resize # lines" even if the window is split vertically
605641 screen: emacs BACKSPACE not working [^H instead of ^?]
609656 squeeze's screen doesn't like $TERM=rxvt-256color
609985 ipv6/screen: Incorrect formatting of IPv6 entries in utmp
610201 moreinfo/Issue under X11, of not working screen :(
611228 confirmed/screen(1) contains duplicate sentence "Permission is checked for initiator..."
618332 rxvt-unicode: screen contents not restored when detaching a "screen" session
619581 Debian's screenrc screws up backscrolling
622265 TERM=screen.mlterm breaks dircolors
626526 screen fails to run commands in multiuser session
640765 screen: -U even with UTF-8 locale results in garbled ncurses apps
645202 how to freeze screen in four simple steps
648511 screen: fails to install
655589 confirmed/screen: corrupt display due to the U+200F character (RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK)
665662 upstream confirmed/screen: Add C-a c to help screen
677203 screen fights with mutt over term title?
681572 confirmed/Resizing of regions with 'altscreen on' causes segfault.
684929 Screen corruption when switching windows on Linux console
688031 confirmed/screen -rd fails with segfault (sometimes)
689079 screen: Documentation about "focus" without subcommand no more uptodate
691632 moreinfo/screenrc not working with ~
694178 screen: Automatic setting of $TERM not consistently documented
702827 screen: Cursor not repositioned properly after launching altscreen application and resizing the terminal
706617 upstream/screen: No error thrown when hardcopydir is not available
707044 upstream confirmed/[screen] "hardstatus" + "maxwin" in .screenrc caused segfault on Debian 7.0
707308 screen's terminfo file does not provide erase_chars
713919 screen: Window exit hangs when fd 0~2 are open in a backgrounded process
715146 screen: immediately terminates
719577 upstream/screen: clock in status line stops working if system time has been set to an earlier time
726567 base: same pty allocated to multiple processes
741141 manpage: typo in description for -T option

Package: libgpm2
133972 patch/aumix-gtk: aumix (console) - Segmentation Fault when stopping gpm

Package: tcpdump
134090 upstream/tcpdump: Prevents udhcpc from operating correctly
230389 upstream wontfix/tcpdump sends packets when stdout and stderr are closed
281731 upstream ipv6/manpage: "proto ip6" - Multiple discrepancies in ipv6 docs
499385 upstream/tcpdump: misleading output on RPC/NFS parsing
655519 tcpdump: expression "vlan" / "ip" have different results for "-i if-name" and "-r file"
700727 tcpdump: mark binary package tcpdump as Multi-Arch: foreign
705224 manpage: tcp section problems

Package: jvim-doc
134400 jvim-doc: Vim is only a cron editor?

Package: www.debian.org
134606 devel/people: Please provide one id/name by maintainer
147164 www.debian.org: DDP: DDP policy is too out of date
197392 www.debian.org/News is the only sub-tree starting with a capital N.
270772 http://www.debian.org/support - order of entries makes no sense to me
354432 l10n/www.debian.org: [debian-i18n] Incorrect Quote in paragraphs with different language
388141 sid jessie/www.debian.org SPI copyright claim not legally valid until all contributors are contacted for relicensing
422074 confirmed/packages.debian.org's changelogs for bin NMUs are broken
439674 Way too difficult to find if some license is DFSG-free at all
440628 confirmed/packages.debian.org Search for parts of paths does not work anymore
442083 patch l10n/packages.debian.org: [i18n] several i18n related issues
451646 packages.debian.org: list of files link generates error when testing and unstable versions are the same
480183 packages.debian.org: highlight of results is always case sensitive
490848 confirmed/Please include changelog and copyright after securiy uploads
495329 confirmed/ftp.debian.org: (un)availability of package changelogs
514658 sponsor recognition on packages.d.o
517139 www.debian.org: DSA should be marked outdated when a later DSA is issued
546793 confirmed/packages.debian.org: displays removed packages
548024 squeeze-ignore wheezy-ignore/packages.debian.org: mirror doesn't close old databases
550383 packages.debian.org: "keyword too generic" warning even without any found package
569136 outdated pages on Chinese (zh-*): missing automatic rebuild
573797 packages.debian.org: http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/i386/unison/filelist shows wrong list
574175 packages.debian.org displays non-suiting source download links
575760 x86 architecture names are confusing
578242 packages.debian.org: package information pages never expire (w.r.t. HTTP Time-Stamping)
591702 www.debian.org/devel/#projects: Merge with/link to Teams wiki page
594868 packages.debian.org: Broken handling of dependencies on virtual packages in lenny-bpo
599425 confirmed patch/packages.d.o: do not say 200 OK on errors
604716 sid squeeze wheezy jessie/packages.debian.org: download page broken for non existing package (http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/libprotobuf3/download)
607193 document/link to non official images including non-free firmware
608400 confirmed/re-organize how to contribute documentation "per-profile"
611830 [www.debian.org] please update /ports/ WRT to amd64 ("EM64T") and ppc64
612208 review of the new website style
612244 www.debian.org: home banner kerning wonky
612274 confirmed/www.debian.org: RSS feed for News contains same timestamp for multiple entries posted on the same day
612442 www.debian.org: limit maximum width of text
612444 peoples names on planet hard to read
612468 packages.debian.org: minor issues with the new theme
612577 confirmed pending/*.debian.org: history/navigation bar always lowercase
613594 planet.debian.org: Folding only applies to first article by an author
613598 planet.debian.org: large images can overflow into the sidebar, obscuring its content
613821 packages.d.o: Similar package link should not leave suite
613832 www.debian.org: Debian sister association in the merchandise page
614233 www.debian.org: Debian = "Debian GNU/Linux" + "Debian GNU/kFreeBSD"
616656 patch/www.debian.org: [patch] Typos in the debian.css
620976 www.debian.org: search shows non-existing packages
621490 packages.debian.org: information missing http://packages.debian.org/sid/deroff (debports pkg)
622274 blends linked from the main debian page
623160 same packages reapearing many times in newpkg RSS feed
623586 www.debian.org: new style sheet - line/item spacing is too big
634986 /donations.html: Please link to debian.ch for donations in CHF
634995 www.debian.org: please add a link to the Debian Constitution in the front page
645709 d-i/www.debian.org: Debian “squeeze” Installation Information , errata outdated?
647688 packages.debian.org does not handle QA debtags very well
652631 www.debian.org: please clarify the distinction between 'events@d.o' and 'debian-events-*@lists.d.o'
657647 /devel/people should be improved, e.g. with UDD
657938 Please, update w.d.o/intro/search
659066 www.debian.org: [fr] inconsistent capitalization of 'Dveloppeurs', 'Contrat social' and 'Comit technique' in the Social Contract
670507 confirmed/p.d.o: section tasks is missing
671030 inconsistent writing of {32,64}{-, ,}bit on the ports page
672305 packages.d.o: how to manage archived suites ?
674069 confirmed/packages.debian.org: new archive sections education, introspection missing in the sections list
680103 www.debian.org: "Debian testing security team" apparently inactive
680109 patch/www.debian.org: CD Vendor List: Missing note that e-mails to debian-www@lists.debian.org are published
684118 debports only packages have broken source package links
685772 www.debian.org: Please clarify official/unofficial status of resources under http://www.debian.org/support
689756 Logos page refers to "The Debian logo"
696873 Better place for "download debian" button
700192 [www.debian.org] Debian New Members Corner: claims every member "has upload permissions for all packages"
703237 packages.debian.org: Inverted 'experimental' and 'rc-buggy'.
705021 [www.debian.org] References to undefined "Stable Release Team"
705576 patch/www.debian.org: intro/about needs updating
709685 l10n/[www.debian.org] Reporting.fr.html: "Setting Forwarded" translated to "Configurer le transfert"
720742 [www.debian.org] Confusing qualifiers for people on intro/organization ("current" *and* "member")
720989 www.debian.org: unexperienced users fail to download installation media especially for usb drives
721116 [www.debian.org] /doc/: half-broken link to refcards.com
721307 [www.debian.org] Refers to prospective members as "prospective developers"
721384 patch/[www.debian.org] officiallogo.svg can't be opened in inkscape
721687 l10n/[www.debian.org] French: "Release Info" translated to "Dernire version"
723069 [www.debian.org] /misc/children-distros: broken link to Impi Linux
727738 Updates for http://www.debian.org/devel/people page
735553 packages.debian.org: unreleased, debports architectures make packages.d.o confusing
739280 packages.debian.org: changelog/copyright link results in 404 on package wheezy/file

Package: bsign
135666 patch/bsign_0.4.4 (unstable): doesn't seem to be i386 only
184512 patch/bsign: syntax error in scripts
184664 bsign goes into a loop while attempting to sign a file
252771 FTBFS: wrong architecture
257088 bsign: FTBFS(hurd-i386): `PATH_MAX' was not declared in this scope
553471 bsign: depends-on-build-essential-package-without-using-version g++ [build-depends: g++]
587145 Subject: bsign: Typo in manpage on check-hash switch
715696 [Mayhem] Bug report on bsign: bsign crashes with exit status 139

Package: openjade
135753 openjade: same dtd public-ids as jade, different content
145245 openjade: "node-list-error" shows wrong location
168072 openjade: TeX backend breaks with link inside score
187561 openjade: should be priority "extra"
489482 openjade: Segmentation fault
521148 openjade: Segfault on Kerneldoc from 2.6.29

Package: gtkam-gimp
135875 gtkam-gimp interface bug (and crash) when d/l-ing images from camera
231813 gtkam-gimp only shows first thumbnail in each directory

Package: dvifb
137270 dvifb: no keys work
245399 should print an error if generated fonts cannot be written
245941 upstream/dvifb: Eats all available CPU time
709085 dvifb suffers total font failure

Package: lrzsz
137897 lrzsz: rz/sz doesn't work from screen
156249 lrzsz: shows wrong package number if receiving a big file
206499 patch/lrzsz: man page claims YMODEM-g support, but nowhere to be found
206639 lrzsz: package version is wrong
618357 moreinfo/lrzsz: sz -TT doesn't

Package: xtell
138293 security/New XTell package still vulnerable
656209 xtell: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8)

Package: xdelta
138462 xdelta does not remove temporary files when processing gzipped inputs
145370 xdelta: fails completely on large files, ignores -m option
205112 xdelta fails -- 2 GB file size limit?
212189 Xdelta returns 0 or 1 for success
236140 xdelta support for deb
289054 xdelta: info file missing
402051 underquoted aclocal m4 file
471099 xdelta: Wrong tag: interface::x11
633194 xdelta: Getting rid of unneeded *.la / emptying dependency_libs
640290 patch/xdelta: FTBFS on hurd-i386
691335 xdelta: debian/copyright upstream site ut of date (now code.google.com)
691336 xdelta: update old 1.1.3 (2001-09-23) to 1.1.4 (2007-01-01)

Package: bind9-doc
139115 patch/bind9-doc: ARM not registered with doc-base

Package: tkcvs
139192 upstream/tkcvs: erroneous message on update
139224 upstream/tkcvs: inexact help
504591 tkcvs: Missing arrows in the logviewer
519983 unreproducible moreinfo/tkcvs: freezes upon first interaction
565777 tkcvs: When merging, edited tags are ignored
725768 sid jessie/tkcvs: depends on tk8.4|tk8.5 and calls /usr/bin/wish

Package: cdparanoia
139453 cdparanoia: switch clustering fails silently
245167 patch/cdparanoia: minor memory leak
361176 cdparanoia TOC: "Invalid track number", but cdda2wav works
393132 unreproducible moreinfo/cdparanoia: Track #1 does not exist
401243 cdparanoia: --never-skip=x only works if x is divisible by 5
415619 cdparanoia: man page vague about '-z' switch parameter syntax.
415621 cdparanoia: Surplus parameters should cause an error.
421874 cdparanoia: -X -B <last>-<last> causes endless loop on read error
427363 cdparanoia crash
439651 PX-40tsi read failure with jack ripping tool
469252 cdparanoia: span argument fencepost error: "1:[.1]-[.1]" is different from "1:[.1]-1:[.1]"
558609 unreproducible moreinfo/cdparanoia no longer works, should retire
644637 patch/cdparanoia: needs option to limit retries
663018 cdparanoia never sets external USB LiteOn DVD to any speed over 1x

Package: libgnome32
139836 wontfix/gnome-libs-data: GNOME Print vulnerability to /etc/paper.config

Package: pdl
139895 pdl: use PDL; doesn't play nicely when exporting symbols
611959 non-free documentation in the package?
729220 pdl: problems upgrading from wheezy due to triggers
735623 pdl: FTBFS on mips, powerpc, s390x, sparc, (ia64): testsuite failures

Package: wnpp
140577 RFA: knews -- Graphical threaded news reader
141693 RFA: gmod -- Module player for Ultrasound and SB AWE soundcards
248397 RFH: grub2 -- GRand Unified Bootloader
278442 RFH: athcool -- Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
332498 RFH: openssl -- Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools
354174 RFH: nas -- The Network Audio System
365427 O: apt-build -- frontend to apt to build, optimize and install package
374643 O: htdig -- web search and indexing system
375010 RFA: iripdb -- Generates the DB files for the iRiver iHP-1xx
388365 O: libifp -- communicate with iRiver iFP audio devices
390833 O: wdg-html-validator -- WDG HTML Validator
392266 RFH: openscenegraph -- 3d scenegraph
404376 O: texmacs-extra-fonts -- extra fonts for the mathematical text editor TeXmacs
416281 RFA: cvs-syncmail -- Notification program for CVS checkins
418965 RFA: confluence -- language for synchronous reactive hardware system design
419090 O: libjconv -- charset conversion library - binaries
419334 O: cdtool -- text-based audio CD player and CD-ROM control commands
419523 RFH: libreoffice -- office productivity suite
422162 O: pbbuttonsd -- PBButtons daemon to handle special hotkeys of Apple
433319 ITA: xfonts-bolkhov -- Cyrillic fonts for X
433320 RFA: xfonts-cronyx -- cyrillic BDF fonts
433326 RFA: cbedic -- Text-mode Bulgarian/English Dictionary
434099 O: djtools -- Tools for HP DeskJet printer
446449 RFA: dc-qt -- GUI frontend for the dc protocol
447393 RFA: bins -- Generate static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags
450876 O: ara -- utility for searching the Debian package database
454456 O: zipper.app -- Tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive
457131 O: mp3wrap -- Utility for MP3 wrapping (rolling multiple MP3s into one)
459899 O: libpam-foreground -- create lockfiles describing which users own which console
460390 O: libytnef -- improved decoder for application/ms-tnef attachments
465917 ITA: libdockapp -- Window Maker Dock App support (shared library)
466330 RFA: markdown -- Text-to-HTML conversion tool
466580 RFA: lsadb -- Utility to scan devices on the ADB bus
469388 O: pyao -- A Python interface to the Audio Output library
469791 O: libmimedir -- A library to parse RFC 2425 Directory Information blocks
470185 RFH: jove -- Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful editor
470187 RFH: nn -- Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
471251 O: gnuift -- GNU Image Finding Tool - index and search
472602 RFA: ttt -- A standalone program for local traffic-monitoring
474018 O: festvox-suopuhe-lj -- Finnish female speaker for Festival
474019 O: festvox-suopuhe-mv -- Finnish male speaker for festival
474528 O: mffm-timecode -- c++ hierarchy which controls and describes time code
475089 O: libnss-lwres -- NSS module for using bind9's lwres as a naming service
476707 O: aterm -- Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
478218 O: cvs-buildpackage -- A set of Debian package scripts
479159 O: utf8-migration-tool -- Debian UTF-8 migration wizard
479397 RFA: gutenprint -- printer drivers for CUPS
483064 O: tla -- GNU Arch revision control system
483247 O: grepmail -- search mailboxes for mail matching an expression
483479 O: ddccontrol -- a program to control monitor parameters
483480 O: ddccontrol-db -- monitor database for ddccontrol
484545 RFH: mediawiki-extensions -- set of extensions for MediaWiki
485646 O: socks4-server -- SOCKS4 server for proxying IP-based services over a firewall
485647 O: xlbiff -- X Literate Biff. Displays From and Subject lines of your new mail
485996 O: ircii -- Internet Relay Chat client
486763 O: mpage -- print multiple pages per sheet on
487125 O: apt-rdepends -- Recursively lists package dependencies
488006 O: wvstreams -- C++ network libraries for rapid application development
488007 O: xplc -- Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) generator
492497 O: libast -- the Library of Assorted Spiffy Things
496905 RFH: gnat-gps -- co-maintainer needed
501257 O: cvsps -- Tool to generate CVS patch set information
509644 O: mgp -- MagicPoint- an X11 based presentation tool
511461 RFA: lprng -- lpr/lpd printer spooling system
512360 RFH: openldap -- OpenLDAP server, libraries, and utilities
516501 RFH: libapache2-mod-python -- Python-embedding module for Apache 2
519175 RFH: proftpd-dfsg -- versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon
519388 O: canna -- Japanese input system (server and dictionary)
521391 ITA: ifrench -- The French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version)
521925 ITA: tofu -- high-level network game engine for Python
521927 O: editobj -- Python object editor
521932 O: songwrite -- guitar tablature editor and player
522256 RFA: ctwm -- Claude's Tab window manager
522263 RFA: vtwm -- Virtual Tab Window Manager
525314 O: fte -- Text editor for programmers - base package
527579 RFA: gimp-dimage-color -- GIMP plugin to convert Minolta DiMAGE pictures to sRGB colour space
528926 O: pmidi -- A command line midi player for ALSA
529348 O: intlfonts -- International fonts for X
530280 RFH: pyro -- distributed object system for Python
532093 RFA: alevt -- X11 Teletext/Videotext browser
532097 RFH: cups -- Common UNIX Printing System
534999 RFH: libcap2 -- support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabilities
539562 RFH: gnat-4.8 -- help needed to execute test cases
539944 RFH: logcheck -- mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
540561 O: docbook-website -- XML Website DTD and XSL Stylesheets
540567 O: xmms2tray -- systray integration for XMMS2
540583 O: apachetop -- Realtime Apache monitoring tool
540591 O: sweep -- Audio editor and live playback tool
540593 O: xenwatch -- Virtualization utilities, mostly for Xen
540843 ITA: abcmidi -- converter from ABC to MIDI format and back
540897 O: debsig-verify -- Debian Package Signature Verification Tool
540914 O: myspell-sl -- Slovenian dictionary for myspell
541001 O: nictools-pci -- Diagnostic tools for many PCI ethernet cards
541016 O: auto-apt -- package search by file and on-demand
543238 O: toshset -- Access much of the Toshiba laptop hardware interface
543592 O: makedev -- creates device files in /dev
543821 RFA: fusesmb -- filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol
543847 O: libcdaudio -- library for CDDA playback control
543880 O: pyneighborhood -- PyGTK2 SMB browser
543925 O: opencryptoki -- PKCS#11 implementation for Linux (daemon)
544056 RFA: bglibs -- BG Libraries Collection
544057 RFA: matrixssl -- small SSL library optimized for embedded systems
547107 O: radiusclient -- /bin/login replacement which uses the RADIUS protocol for authentication
547348 O: apt-move -- Maintain Debian packages in a package
549475 RFA: docbook-to-man -- converter from DocBook SGML into roff man macros
550777 RFA: core++ -- C/C++ library for robust computation
553077 O: pythoncard -- wxPython-based GUI construction framework (meta-package)
553187 O: netstat-nat -- A tool that display NAT connections
553393 O: colrconv -- Convers client with curses color support
553425 RFA: vm -- A mail user agent for Emacs.
553505 O: gtk2-engines-magicchicken -- Magic Chicken themes for GTK+ 2.x
553654 O: gcb -- Utility to calculate long and short path to a location
553655 O: glfer -- program for reception and transmission of
553657 O: gpsk31 -- A gtk based psk31
553996 ITA: nec2c -- translation of the NEC2 FORTRAN source code to
554254 O: sgmltools-lite -- convert DocBook SGML source into HTML using DSSSL
554255 O: shhmsg -- library for displaying messages - runtime
554256 O: shhopt -- Command line option parser - runtime
554285 O: xchain -- A strategy game for 2-4 players
554899 O: xdemorse -- GTK+ Morse Code Decoding Software
555148 O: yagiuda -- software to analyse performance of Yagi-Uda antennas
555823 O: gnats -- The GNU problem report management system (client tools)
556010 RFH: link-grammar -- Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English
557878 O: mtink -- Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers
557892 RFH: hfsprogs -- mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems
561919 ITA: mrtg-ping-probe -- Ping probe for MRTG 2.x
562128 RFA: pearpc -- PowerPC architecture emulator
564018 O: purity -- Automated purity testing software
565156 RFH: fbcat -- framebuffer grabber
565361 O: openslp-dfsg -- OpenSLP server
565754 O: python-contract -- Programming by contract for python
565925 RFA: duma -- library to detect buffer overruns and under-runs in C and C++ programs
566149 O: fortunes-ru -- Russian data files for fortune
566364 O: doc-central -- web-based documentation browser
566381 ITA: podracer -- podcast aggregator/downloader
567954 RFH: debtags -- Enables support for package tags
567955 RFH: apt-xapian-index -- maintenance tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
569076 RFA: tetradraw -- ANSI drawing and viewing utility
569345 ITA: regexxer -- A visual search and replace tool
570267 O: libcdk5 -- C-based curses widget library
572371 O: acorn-fdisk -- Partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
572372 O: wdm -- WINGs Display Manager - an xdm replacement with a WindowMaker look
572659 O: squid-prefetch -- Simple page-prefetch for Squid web proxy
573407 O: blackbox -- Window manager for X
573466 O: dvbackup -- backup tool using MiniDV camcorders
573876 O: xpp -- X Printing Panel
574013 O: ccontrol -- Compilation controller
575515 RFA: distmp3 -- A Perl client and daemon for distributed audio encoding
575848 RFA: dh-kpatches -- Debhelper script to help packaging kernel patches
576170 O: perl-byacc -- The Berkeley LALR parser generator, Perl version
579612 RFA: pydirector -- pure Python TCP load balancer
579616 RFA: nss-updatedb -- Cache name service directories in DB format
581365 O: awffull -- web server log analysis program
583826 RFH: chromium-browser -- Chromium browser
583866 RFA: asterisk-prompt-se -- Swedish voice prompts for Asterisk
584108 RFA: libopenusb -- alternative userspace USB programming library
585423 O: autounit -- C unit testing framework interfacing well with autotools
586412 RFA: primaxscan -- Primax Colorado Direct scanner software
586413 RFA: tightvnc -- virtual network computing server software
586414 RFA: vnc4 -- Virtual network computing server software
586415 RFA: tightvnc-java -- TightVNC java applet and command line program
586416 RFA: vnc-java -- VNC java applet and command line program
586418 O: lightspeed -- Shows how objects moving at relativistic speeds look like
587063 O: libvigraimpex -- C++ computer vision library
589106 O: seyon -- Full-featured native X11 communications program
590773 O: reinteract -- Worksheet-based graphical Python shell
590774 ITA: robocode -- Java programming game based on battle tanks
590778 O: trac-spamfilter -- Spam-prevention plugin for Trac
596674 RFA: scalable-cyrfonts -- free Cyrillic PostScript fonts for X and TeX
599164 O: gpointing-device-settings -- configuration tool for pointing devices
599584 O: startupmanager -- Grub, Usplash and Splash screen configuration
602197 O: launchtool -- command launcher and supervisor
603611 RFA: axe -- An editor for X
604614 O: freeimage -- support library for graphics image formats
604988 O: beecrypt -- open source C library of cryptographic algorithms
605299 O: gadmin-bind -- GTK+ configuration tool for bind9
605301 O: gadmin-openvpn-client -- GTK+ configuration tool for
605302 O: gadmin-openvpn-server -- GTK+ configuration tool for
605306 O: gadmin-samba -- GTK+ configuration tool for samba
605308 O: gadmintools-meta -- GTK+ server administration tool
605968 RFA: lire -- full-featured log analyzer and report generator
606085 O: wmii-doc -- lightweight tabbed and tiled X11 window manager, version 3 (documentation)
607322 ITA: crossroads -- open source load balance and fail over utility for TCP based services
607323 O: glhack -- Fullscreen SDL/OpenGL version of NetHack
607543 O: rapidsvn -- A GUI client for subversion & Subversion C++ library
607912 RFA: redhat-cluster -- Red Hat cluster suite
608853 RFA: granule -- flashcard program for learning new words
608854 RFA: libassa -- object-oriented C++ networking library
610028 O: partimage -- disk cloning/backup utility
610031 O: partimage-doc -- documentation for partimage
611552 RFA: ensymble -- developer utilities for Symbian OS
612460 O: xresprobe -- X Resolution Probe
612902 O: arpalert -- Monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks
613706 ITA: dmraid -- Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool
614213 O: piespy -- An IRC bot to visualize social networks
614271 O: gdesklets -- Architecture for desktop applets
614275 O: decibel-audio-player -- simple and nice music player for
614803 O: xtermset -- change the characteristics of an xterm
615551 O: sysv-rc-conf -- SysV init runlevel configuration tool for the terminal
615576 O: snappea -- development files for SnapPea hyperbolic 3-manifold tool
615970 O: micro-inetd -- simple network service spawner
616447 RFA: fyre -- interactively renders Peter de Jong maps (chaotic functions)
616450 RFA: libweather-com-perl -- CPAN's Weather::Com module for fetching data from weather.com
618849 O: ifrit -- a powerful tool for visualizing 3-dimensional data sets
618938 O: ferret -- CASE tool for data model editing
619357 O: redir -- Redirect TCP connections
619743 O: gkrellmitime -- Internet time plugin for gkrellm
620025 O: librcd -- Library for autodection charset of Russian text
620027 O: ntfs-config -- Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices
620067 O: python-pipeline -- iterator pipelines for Python
620507 O: eterm -- Enlightened Terminal Emulator
621911 O: wmifinfo -- Dockapp that shows information for all interfaces
622167 O: webissues-server -- a network system supporting team
622191 O: z88 -- Finite Element Analysis Program
622960 ITA: freemind -- Java Program for creating and viewing
623270 O: twisted-web2 -- An HTTP/1.1 Server Framework
623271 O: slides -- Python-based Slide Maker
623685 O: pygresql -- PostgreSQL module for Python
623982 RFA: camorama -- gnome utility to view and save images from a webcam
624100 RFH: cardstories -- Find out a card using a sentence made up by another player
624768 O: libnss-db -- NSS module for using Berkeley Databases as a naming service
625952 O: maximus -- Automaximizing window management tool
628062 RFH: freeipmi -- GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol
628157 ITA: worklog -- Keep Track of Time worked on Projects
628474 O: libofa -- Library for acoustic fingerprinting
628848 O: libpam-unix2 -- Blowfish-capable PAM module
628923 O: buddy -- Binary Decision Diagram library
628924 O: changetrack -- automatic log book, recording what files were changed
628939 O: neko -- Virtual machine (byte code), interpreter and compiler
628942 ITA: sml-mode -- Emacs mode for Standard ML programming
628948 O: haxe -- Compiler for the Web-oriented haXe programming language
629013 O: skyeye -- Embedded Hardware Simulation
629014 O: fortune-zh -- Chinese Data files for fortune
629015 ITA: zh-autoconvert -- Chinese encodings auto-converter
629016 O: unicon -- Chinese Input Method Library
629017 O: yiyantang -- Terminal-based Chinese automatic encoding converter
629177 ITA: gamera -- framework for building document analysis
629179 ITA: ocr4gamera -- toolkit for building OCR systems
629605 O: nitpic -- simulator for the Microchip PIC16C84 microcontroller
629606 O: photopc -- Interface to digital still cameras
629687 O: ample -- A simple MP3 server easy to use
630121 ITA: phoronix-test-suite -- comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform
630920 RFH: rng-tools -- Daemon to use a Hardware TRNG
632411 O: pidgin-audacious -- pidgin integration with Audacious
632412 O: pidgin-mpris -- sets your available message to your currently playing track
632414 O: upse -- unix playstation sound emulator
632877 O: wmcdplay -- A CD player based on ascd designed for WindowMaker
632989 O: mirage -- fast and simple GTK+ image viewer
632991 O: moodle-debian-edu-theme -- Skolelinux theme and skin for moodle
632998 O: efte -- Advanced lightweight configurable editor
634067 O: cbios -- open source MSX BIOS roms
634068 O: pasmo -- An easy to use Z80 cross-assembler
634187 O: discus -- pretty version of df(1) command
634190 O: python-kinterbasdb -- Python DB API 2.0 extension for Firebird and Interbase
634211 O: pyxine -- interface to the xine media player for Python
634213 O: svnmailer -- extensible Subversion commit notification tool
634229 O: python-daap -- DAAP client implemented in Python
634230 O: python-dhm -- collection of Python utilities / helper
634757 RFA: lyx -- document processor
634759 RFA: dvipost -- Post processor for dvi files supporting change bars
634917 O: mouseemu -- Emulate mouse buttons and mouse wheel
636019 RFA: galax -- XQuery implementation with static typing
636021 RFA: pxp -- OCaml library that implements an XML-1.0 validating parser
636404 O: adjtimex -- kernel time variables configuration utility
636406 O: autoclass -- automatic classification or clustering
636407 O: autoproject -- create a skeleton source package for a new program
636409 ITA: emacspeak-ss -- Emacspeak speech servers for ...
636411 O: gpstrans -- communicate with a Garmin Global Positioning System receiver
636734 O: systune -- kernel tuning through the /proc file system
638319 O: bhl -- Wiki-alike system for generting HTML and LateX in Emacs
639083 O: l7-protocols -- protocol definitions for the Linux layer 7 packet classifier
639719 RFA: ezmlm-browse -- Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives
639782 ITA: codelite -- Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE
641060 O: libvisual-plugins -- Audio visualization framework plugins
641955 O: spectacle -- RPM Spec file generator and management tool
642372 RFA: dar -- Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
642906 RFH: balsa -- An e-mail client for GNOME
644202 O: devilspie -- find windows and perform actions on them
644288 RFA: nlpsolver -- "Solver for Nonlinear Programming" extension for LibreOffice
644555 RFA: pysieved -- managesieve server
644559 O: python-uniconvertor -- Universal vector graphics translator
644612 O: flowscan-cuflow -- A CGI interface for flowscan-cuflow
644757 O: ocaml-book -- English book: "Developing applications with Objective Caml"
645076 RFA: coinor-flopc++ -- Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++
645078 RFA: coinor-dylp -- Linear programming solver using the dynamic simplex algorithm
645079 RFA: coinor-csdp -- A software package for semidefinite programming
645082 RFA: coinor-vol -- Coin-or linear programming solver
646214 O: klone -- embedded web application development framework
646216 RFA: preload -- adaptive readahead daemon
646384 O: vbrfix -- corrects MP3 files that have incorrect VBR information
646655 O: libvisual -- Audio visualization framework
647716 O: xmltoman -- simple XML to man converter
647913 O: boa-constructor -- RAD tool for Python and wxWindows application
650271 O: rlplot -- Generate publication quality graphs
650287 O: tunapie -- Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast
651141 RFA: python-lightblue -- cross-platform Bluetooth API for Python
651929 O: weathermap4rrd -- script that generates picture network links utilization
652029 O: ddns3-client -- Issues dynamic DNS v3 requests
652225 O: zvbi -- Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) utilities
652289 O: magicfilter -- automatic printer filter
652727 RFA: simhash -- generate similarity hashes to find nearly duplicate files
653951 O: cal3d -- Skeletal based 3d character animation library - API documentation
653973 O: libmodelfile -- library to handle Quake .md3 files - runtime library
653974 O: libwfut -- WorldForge Update Tool (libraries)
653976 O: sage -- Supports OpenGL in SDL applications
653980 O: hannah-foo2zjs -- Graphical firmware downloader for the foo2zjs package
654116 RFH: screen -- terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
654322 O: tcpspy -- Incoming and Outgoing TCP/IP connections logger
654650 O: ygraph -- plot and animate data sets
654940 RFA: initz -- Handles the switching of various initialization files of emacsen
654941 RFA: liece -- IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs
654944 O: riece -- an IRC client for Emacs
654945 RFA: lsdb -- The Lovely Sister Database (email rolodex) for Emacs
655253 O: gtkam -- application for retrieving media from digital cameras
655254 O: audacious-dumb -- audacious plugin for MOD playback via libdumb
655257 O: gnomint -- x509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME
655258 O: kvkbd -- Virtual keyboard for KDE
655259 O: mknbi -- Create tagged images for Etherboot or Netboot
655260 ITA: tkgate -- Event driven digital circuit simulator with Tcl/Tk
655264 O: zshdb -- debugger for Z-Shell scripts
655265 O: isdnactivecards -- ISDN utilities - active ISDN card support
655266 O: vusb-analyzer -- tool for visualizing logs of USB packets
655889 RFH: munin -- please help keeping munin 2.0 in shape
656100 O: fsvs -- Full system versioning with metadata support
656361 O: kmldonkey -- KDE GUI for MLDonkey
657083 RFA: aspic -- Line art generator
657240 RFA: movabletype-opensource -- A well-known blogging engine
657333 O: envstore -- save and restore environment variables
658774 O: openhackware -- OpenFirmware emulator for PowerPC
658886 O: proll -- JavaStation PROM 2.x compatible replacement
658918 O: catwalk -- model management interface for the Turbogears web framework
658921 O: python-tgext.admin -- user management controller add-on for TurboGears
658922 O: python-toscawidgets -- Python framework for building reusable web components
658923 O: python-webflash -- Portable flash messages for Python WSGI applications
658924 O: sprox -- Python library to generate web widgets from database schemas
658925 O: tg.devtools -- developer tools for the TurboGears web framework
659023 O: bochs -- IA-32 PC emulator
660220 O: gramofile -- Transfer sound from gramophone records to CD
660317 O: docvert -- converts word processor files to HTML
660443 ITA: libextractor-java -- extracts meta-data from files of arbitrary type
660444 O: libextractor-python -- extracts meta-data from files of arbitrary type
660494 O: ears -- collection of Last.fm clients and CD-ripping tools
660496 O: 9wm -- emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2
660497 O: aewm -- minimalist window manager for X11
660504 O: mnemosyne-blog -- Maildir-to-blog compiler with XML templating and Python extensions
660506 O: py-libmpdclient -- Python interface to MPD
660512 O: xcolorsel -- display colors and names in X
660679 RFA: gurlchecker -- graphical websites checker
660683 RFA: xmlroff -- XSL formatter mainly for DocBook
660684 RFA: cvsweb -- CGI interface to your CVS repository
660685 RFH: gnupg -- GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
660687 RFH: xml-core -- XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support
660855 O: qtsmbstatus -- graphical user interface for smbstatus
661110 RFH: isdnutils -- ISDN utilities
661454 O: mazeofgalious -- The Maze of Galious
661455 O: fracplanet -- Fractal planet generator
661459 O: ttf-radisnoir -- Font inspired by Universal de Bayer and Bauhaus
661460 O: unmo3 -- Uncompress and extract samples from MO3 modules
661461 ITA: unadf -- Extract files from an Amiga Disk File dump (.adf)
661490 O: ttf-engadget -- Modern font from John Stracke
661880 O: proxsmtp -- multi purpose SMTP Proxy
662637 RFA: php-suhosin -- advanced protection module for php5
662779 O: sclapp -- framework for Python command-line applications
663405 RFH: gpa -- GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA)
663577 RFH: irssi-scripts -- collection of scripts for irssi
664092 ITA: blt -- the BLT extension library for Tcl/Tk - run-time package
664094 O: pilot-manager -- PalmPilot PIM, UI, and Conduit Manager
664097 O: wmppp.app -- PPP dial control and network load monitor with NeXTStep look
664098 O: wmrack -- Combined CD Player + Mixer designed for WindowMaker
664099 O: xarclock -- reversed xclock
664570 ITA: greekocr4gamera -- toolkit for building OCR systems
664595 RFH: php5 -- server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language
665748 O: pidgin-openpgp -- OpenPGP plugin for Pidgin
665954 ITA: emacs-jabber -- Jabber client for Emacsen
666899 O: python-repoze.what -- authorization framework for Python WSGI applications
666900 O: python-repoze.who -- identification and authentication framework for Python WSGI applications
667574 RFA: bzr-loom -- Focused patch plugin support for Bazaar
667637 RFA: bzr-xmloutput -- XML Communication plugin for Bazaar
668115 RFA: bzr-pipeline -- Bazaar plugin for managing a pipeline of changes
668201 O: php-elisp -- emacs support for php files
668914 ITA: gl-117 -- An action flight simulator
668992 O: bzr-fastimport -- Fast-import/fast-export plugin for Bazaar
669390 O: ppmd -- fast archiver program with good compression ratio
669614 O: lomoco -- Logitech Mouse Control for USB mice
670062 RFA: fofix-dfsg -- rhythm game in the style of Rock Band(tm) and Guitar Hero(tm)
671049 O: gnome-dvb-daemon -- daemon to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG
671206 O: mpc123 -- Command-line Musepack audio player
672846 RFA: wmifs -- WindowMaker dock app for monitoring network traffic
673203 O: snd -- Sound file editor
673231 O: aaphoto -- Auto Adjust Photo
673652 O: pwauth -- authenticator for mod_authnz_external and the Apache HTTP Daemon
673653 O: libbash -- a tool that enables bash dynamic-like shared libraries
673654 O: libapache2-mod-authz-unixgroup -- access control based on on unix group membership for Apache
673655 O: libapache2-mod-authnz-external -- authenticate Apache against external authentication services
673750 O: gnade -- GNat Ada Database Environment
673872 ITA: museek+ -- Client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer network
673944 O: aqualung -- Gapless Gtk-based audio player
673945 O: bkhive -- Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive
673949 O: ink -- tool for checking the ink level of your local printer
673950 O: ripole -- Extract attachments from OLE2 data files (ie, MS Office docs)
673952 O: libinklevel -- development files for libinklevel5
673953 O: qink -- Simple printer ink level monitor based on libinklevel and Qt4
673959 O: cobalt-panel-utils -- System utilities for Sun Cobalt's LCD and LEDs
673960 O: leds-alix -- Source for the LEDs driver of PCEngines ALIX 2/3 boards
673962 ITA: pythondialog -- Python module for making simple Text/Console-mode user interfaces
673963 O: samdump2 -- Dump Windows 2k/NT/XP password hashes
673964 O: stymulator -- Curses based player and converter for the YM chiptune format
673977 O: weplab -- tool designed to break WEP keys
674835 RFA: fuzzyocr -- spamassassin plugin to check image attachments
674866 O: analog -- web server log analyzer
674868 O: devil -- Cross-platform image loading and manipulation toolkit
674871 O: galib -- C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components
674873 O: gnurobots -- Program a robot to explore a world
674875 O: gtkglextmm -- C++ bindings for GtkGLExt (Shared libraries)
674882 O: libircclient -- C library to create IRC clients
674884 O: libview -- VMware's Incredibly Exciting Widgets
674886 O: plib -- Portability Libraries: Run-time package
674887 O: vbetool -- run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state
674916 ITA: s3cmd -- command-line Amazon S3 client
675322 ITA: at -- Delayed job execution and batch processing
675764 O: xcb -- Pigeon holes for your cut and paste selections
675769 O: gpcl -- general polygon clipper library
675784 O: sysprofile -- Modularized system wide shell configuration mechanism
676314 RFH: spamassassin -- seeking co-maintainers
676535 O: rbbr -- a browser for Ruby classes and documentation
676574 O: htp -- html simple command line pre-processor
677174 O: python-minimock -- simple library for Python mock objects
677302 O: gresolver -- graphical tool for performing DNS queries
677708 O: flexbackup -- Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations
677709 O: gambc -- Gambit-C Scheme interpreter and compiler
677750 RFH: gnokii -- Datasuite for mobile phone management
677761 ITA: powerpc-ibm-utils -- maintenance of IBM PowerPC
677766 O: cutter -- disconnect routed IP connections
677768 ITA: ethstatus -- console-based ethernet statistics monitor
677769 O: hfsplus -- Shared library to access HFS+ formatted volumes
677770 O: hfsutils -- Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes
677771 O: iroffer -- IRC file distribution bot
677783 O: tdfsb -- 3D filesystem browser
677785 ITA: zorroutils -- Zorro bus utilities for Amigas running 2.1 and later kernels
678382 RFH: libept -- High-level library for managing Debian package information
678401 RFH: openvanilla-modules -- libraries of openvanilla input method
678862 O: anubis -- SMTP message submission daemon
678863 O: clamfs -- user-space anti-virus protected file system
678864 O: esekeyd -- multimedia keyboard daemon for Linux
678867 O: rabbitsign -- application signing system for the TI-73/83+/84+ calculators
678868 O: skinedit -- skin editor for TiEmu
678873 O: tfdocgen -- TiLP framework documentation generator
678874 O: elfrc -- convert arbitrary files into elf objects
678876 ITA: sysadmin-guide -- The Linux System Administrators' Guide
679249 RFH: libburn -- library to provide CD/DVD writing functions
679254 RFH: libisofs -- library to create ISO9660 images
679265 RFH: libisoburn -- command line ISO-9660 and Rock Ridge manipulation tool
679703 O: libxcrypt -- Crypt library for DES, MD5, and blowfish
680459 O: python-unac -- Library to remove accents from string or character
680774 O: libcorona-perl -- Coro based PSGI web server server using Coro
681042 O: ladr -- the LADR deduction library, development files
681043 O: otter -- resolution-style theorem prover
681044 O: prover9-manual -- documentation for Prover9 and associated programs
681045 O: tcpser -- emulate a Hayes compatible modem
682305 pending/ITA: libphp-pclzip -- zip archive manager class for PHP
683115 O: subcommander -- Graphical client for Subversion
683666 RFH: gradle -- Groovy based build system
685225 RFA: xmotd -- a message of the day browser for X
686007 RFH: php-horde-core -- web-based groupware and other applications
686996 ITA: arpwatch -- Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
688442 O: pyrite-publisher -- Convert html and text documents to palm DOC format
688443 O: tkdesk -- Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
688530 O: refit -- graphical boot menu for ia32 and x64 EFI systems
688532 O: sane-backends-extras -- API library for scanners -- documentation and support files
688533 ITA: wmacpi -- ACPI battery monitor for WindowMaker
688535 O: cldump -- Clarion database files extractor
688537 O: airport-utils -- configuration and management utilities for Apple AirPort base stations
688538 ITA: forked-daapd -- media server with support for ...
688541 O: libantlr3c -- ANTLR v3 parser generator C runtime [development files]
688542 ITA: xsane -- featureful graphical frontend for SANE
688553 O: wmbatppc -- Battery monitor for Apple G3/G4 ibooks/powerbooks
688555 O: arcload -- bootloader for SGI/ARCS machines
688556 O: sane-frontends -- scanner graphical frontends
689563 O: pdnsd -- Proxy DNS Server
689854 RFA: pmount -- mount removable devices as normal user
689879 O: sysfsutils -- interface library to sysfs
690140 O: lockout -- A self-imposed discipline and productivity enforcer
690518 O: openclipart -- Open Clip Art Library
691126 O: openclipart2 -- Open Clip Art Library
691199 RFA: ksh -- Real, AT&T version of the Korn shell
691265 O: gnome-alsamixer -- ALSA sound mixer for GNOME
691726 O: inform-mode -- Emacs mode for editing Inform files
691817 O: adplay -- console-based OPL2 audio player
691819 O: aclock.app -- Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep
691823 O: wmhdplop -- hard drive activity monitor dockapp
691824 O: unmass -- Extract game archive files
691825 O: gridlock.app -- A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep
691826 O: mm3d -- OpenGL based 3D model editor
691828 O: ree -- Extract ROM extensions
691831 O: talksoup.app -- IRC client for GNUstep
691832 O: volumecontrol.app -- Audio mixer for GNUstep
691834 O: kic -- Enhanced KIC layout editor
691835 ITA: powder -- Graphical dungeon crawling game
691843 RFA: lfhex -- large file hex editor
692105 O: c-cpp-reference -- C and C++ programming reference
692465 RFA: aiccu -- SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility
692907 ITA: ulatency -- Daemon to minimize latency on a linux system using cgroups
693230 ITA: multimail -- Offline reader for BW, QWK,OMEN and SOUP
693231 O: uqwk -- Offline mail and news package creator (NNTP version)
693749 O: wpp -- The Web Preprocessor - a Perl script to preprocess HTML files
694118 O: gplcver -- Verilog simulator
694603 O: bio2jack -- oss/alsa to jack porting lib - development files
694604 O: gsetroot -- a C/Gtk-based front-end for Esetroot
694605 O: idesk -- Program to show icons on the desktop
694608 O: vdesk -- manages virtual desktops for minimal window managers
694609 O: xzoom -- magnify part of X display, with real-time updates
694990 RFA: sandboxgamemaker -- 3D game maker and 3D game design program
695125 ITA: oidentd -- replacement ident daemon
695126 O: mpt-status -- get RAID status out of mpt (and other) HW RAID controllers
695127 O: blktool -- tune low-level block device parameters
695129 O: snooper -- Captures communication between two external serial devices
696137 ITA: libtie-cache-perl -- perl Tie::Cache - LRU Cache in Memory
696548 RFA: ghdl -- VHDL compiler/simulator using GCC technology
696888 RFA: pconsole -- parallel console shell for administering clusters
697137 ITA: whohas -- query multiple distributions' package archives
697287 O: cdrdao -- records CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode
698081 ITA: texi2html -- Convert Texinfo files to HTML
698272 ITA: eggdrop -- Advanced IRC RobotControl
698278 ITA: fortunes-br -- fortune cookies in Portuguese
698378 RFH: libvorbisidec -- Integer-only Ogg Vorbis decoder, AKA 'tremor'
698980 O: inform -- story file compiler for the Inform interactive fiction language
698981 O: gdome2 -- DOM level2 library for accessing XML files
698982 O: libdumbnet -- A dumb, portable networking library
698983 O: mrxvt -- lightweight multi-tabbed X terminal emulator
698986 O: mt-st -- Linux SCSI tape driver aware magnetic tape control
698988 O: nvi -- 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi
698994 O: ike-scan -- discover and fingerprint IKE hosts (IPsec VPN Servers)
699036 O: qmtest -- Testing Framework (part of the Quality Management Toolset (QM))
699114 O: libnss-ldap -- NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
699116 O: libpam-ldap -- Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP
699766 O: wmfrog -- dockapp for graphically indicating the weather
699949 O: tagtool -- Tool to tag and rename MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files
699950 ITA: festival-doc -- Documentation for Festival
700405 O: ale -- synthetic capture engine and renderer
700407 O: gambit -- Game theory analysis software and tools
700412 O: kst -- A KDE application used for displaying scientific data
700415 O: t1lib -- Type 1 font rasterizer library - debugging runtime
700484 O: amanda -- Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
700549 ITA: python-libpcap -- python libpcap wrapper
700553 O: python-pysearch -- Python module for the Yahoo Search Web Service
700554 ITA: python-socksipy -- adds support for connection through a SOCKS proxy server
700556 O: wapiti -- web application vulnerability scanner
700883 ITA: ncmpcpp -- ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
701029 O: dds2tar -- Tools for using DDS features of DAT drives with GNU tar
702300 ITA: rdflib -- RDF library containing an RDF triple store
702591 O: libcgi-untaint-perl -- process CGI input parameters
702596 O: gwhere -- Removable media catalog manager
702599 O: cairo-clock -- analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
703256 RFH: gridengine -- Distributed resource management
703278 RFA: ap-utils -- Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux
703649 RFA: esperanza -- XMMS2 client which aims to be as feature-full and easy-to-use as possible
704010 O: libdca -- decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
704035 O: tuxcmd -- twin-panel (commander-style) file manager using GTK+ 2
704036 O: tuxcmd-modules -- VFS modules for tuxcmd file manager
704330 ITA: twitter-bootstrap -- HTML, CSS and JS toolkit from Twitter
704331 O: wraplinux -- Utility to wrap a Linux kernel and initrd into an ELF or NBI file
704968 O: ispell-lt -- ispell dictionary for Lithuanian (LT)
704970 O: opendict -- computer dictionary for several dictionary formats
705169 RFH: iproute -- networking and traffic control tools
705207 O: pythonqt -- Dynamic Python binding for the Qt framework
705208 O: pylibtiff -- wrapper to the libtiff library to Python using ctypes
705275 O: python-django-contact-form -- extensible contact-form application for Django
705277 O: python-django-formfieldset -- fieldset rendering mixin for Django-based forms
705278 O: python-django-tinymce -- replacement text widget for Django web framework
705767 O: pycocuma -- Pythonic Contact and Customer Management
705769 O: pppconfig -- A text menu based utility for configuring ppp
705824 O: spamprobe -- Bayesian spam filter
705938 O: premail -- An e-mail privacy package.
706289 O: fts -- Modular TFTP/Fuse supplicant
706616 ITA: rzip -- compression program for large files
706710 RFH: parmetis -- Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Tests
706711 RFH: openmx -- package for nano-scale material simulations
706886 O: dawgdic -- C++ library for DAWG dictionaries
706894 O: libb64 -- base64 encoding/decoding library
707112 O: elilo -- Bootloader for systems using EFI-based firmware
707122 ITA: hsqldb -- Java SQL database engine
707574 O: ko.tex-extra-hlfont -- Korean TeX: Extra HLaTeX fonts
707575 O: ko.tex-unfonts -- Korean TeX: Base fonts
707576 O: ttf-alee -- free Hangul TrueType fonts
707697 RFA: el-get -- install and manage elisp code for Emacs
708544 O: python-byteplay -- Python bytecode manipulation library
708545 ITA: python-xmp-toolkit -- Python library for XMP metadata
709821 O: zapping -- television viewer for the GNOME environment
710151 O: acheck -- Check common localisation mistakes
710152 O: acheck-rules -- Basic rules for acheck
710153 O: acheck-rules-fr -- French rules for acheck
710154 O: ddtc -- Deal with ddts mails
710908 RFA: azureus -- BitTorrent client
710999 O: mozplugger -- Plugin allowing external viewers to be launched inside Mozilla
711285 O: flam3 -- render and animate FLAM3s and manipulate their genomes
711562 O: rafkill -- vertical shoot'em-up similar to Raptor: Call of the Shadows
711828 RFA: gtkaml -- XML application markup language for GTK+ and Vala
711829 RFA: gphoto2 -- The gphoto2 digital camera command-line client
711831 RFA: libgphoto2 -- gphoto2 digital camera library
711833 RFA: postr -- upload photos to Flickr
712937 RFA: olive -- console RSS reader
713004 ITA: ndisc6 -- IPv6 diagnostic tools
714059 O: webdruid -- Web server log file analysis tool
714060 O: arc -- Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program
714081 O: svtools -- Utilities for daemontools and multilog
714196 O: qwo -- An efficient input method for touch screens
714261 O: wmshutdown -- dockapp to shutdown or reboot your machine
714305 RFA: openinbrowser -- open files directly in the browser
714683 O: freewnn -- network-extensible Japanese/Chinese/Korean input system
714684 O: kinput2 -- input server for X11 applications that want Japanese text input
714685 O: wnn6-sdk -- network-extensible Kana-to-Kanji conversion system
714691 O: capi4hylafax -- Faxing over CAPI 2.0 device
714747 O: wmitime -- clock dock app showing time and internet time
714749 ITA: fcrackzip -- password cracker for zip archives
714799 RFA: windows-el -- window manager for GNU Emacs
715445 O: gfarm2fs -- FUSE program to mount the Gfarm file system
715446 O: gfarm -- Gfarm file system
715466 O: muse-el -- author and publish projects using wiki-like markup
716766 RFA: ilmbase -- several utility libraries from ILM used by OpenEXR
716768 RFA: openexr -- command-line tools and docs for the OpenEXR image format
716870 O: fbdesk -- desktop icons for window managers
717044 O: gtk3-engines-unico -- need new maintainer
717188 O: lout -- Typesetting system, an alternative to (La)TeX
717189 O: spellutils -- Utilities to spell-check selectively
717486 RFA: xfm -- X file and application manager
717786 RFA: camomile -- Unicode library for OCaml
717787 RFA: ocaml-http -- OCaml library for writing HTTP servers
719330 RFH: jmol -- Molecular Viewer
719337 O: cone -- COnsole Newsreader and Emailer
719539 O: hibernate -- utility which smartly puts your computer to sleep (suspend to RAM or disk)
719549 ITA: aafigure -- ASCII art to image converter
719550 O: syslinux-themes-debian -- collection of boot loaders (theme metapackage)
719624 ITA: xrdp -- Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server
719792 RFA: reconf-inetd -- maintainer script for programmatic updates of inetd.conf
719794 RFA: update-inetd -- inetd configuration file updater
720178 O: argyll -- Color Management System, calibrator and profiler
720540 ITA: simple-scan -- Simple Scanning Utility
721055 O: ifhp -- Printer filter for HP LaserJet printers
721057 ITA: miscfiles -- Dictionaries and other interesting files
721058 O: mmake -- Makefile generator for Java programs
721059 O: mmorph -- A two-level morphology tool for natural language processing
721060 O: psrip -- Extract images from PostScript files
721061 O: scm -- A Scheme language interpreter
721062 O: slib -- Portable Scheme library
721451 O: nagircbot -- IRC bot that announces Nagios status
721649 O: libpcapnav -- wrapper to libpcap
722182 RFA: bangarang -- Multimedia player with a lightweight interface for KDE
722717 O: adzapper -- proxy advertisement zapper add-on
722731 O: dump -- 4.4bsd dump and restore for ext2 filesystems
723097 RFA: ocrad -- optical character recognition program
723111 RFA: cuneiform -- multi-language OCR system
723594 RFA: aufs-tools -- Tools to manage aufs filesystems
723597 RFA: fatattr -- Utility to control attributes on a FAT filesystem
723598 RFA: logfs-tools -- Tools to manage logfs filesystems
723599 RFH: nilfs-tools -- Continuous Snapshotting Log-structured Filesystem
723736 RFA: lintian4python -- Debian package checker (for Python packages)
724068 ITA: slowaes -- implementation of AES in python
724346 RFA: pam-krb5-migrate -- PAM module for migrating to Kerberos
724961 RFA: gconf-cleaner -- GConf database cleaner
724983 O: pidgin-microblog -- Microblogging plugins for Pidgin
725346 O: dynagen -- Cisco 7200 Router Emulator Command Line Interface
725821 RFA: swapspace -- dynamic swap space manager
726249 O: snarf -- A command-line URL grabber
726262 O: m2crypto -- a crypto and SSL toolkit for Python
726361 O: kmfl-keyboards-mywin -- myWin Myanmar (Burmese) Unicode Keyboard
726542 O: pngphoon -- Creates a png file with the current phase of the moon
726543 O: rfdump -- tool to decode RFID tag data
726545 ITA: vimhelp-de -- Vi IMproved - Documentation files
726548 ITA: httperf -- An HTTP server performance tester
726554 ITA: userinfo -- display information about local users
726617 O: cminpack -- Nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems
726769 O: tslib -- touch screen library
726770 O: svn-buildpackage -- helper programs to maintain Debian packages with Subversion
728191 ITA: assaultcube-data -- data files and documentation
728193 ITA: assaultcube -- realistic first-person-shooter
728194 RFA: enemylines7 -- first person 3d-shooter game
728287 ITA: iwatch -- realtime filesystem monitoring program using inotify
728576 O: tvtime -- television display application
728818 O: scanbuttond -- Scanner button daemon
728867 O: penguin-command -- clone of "Missile Command" game
728868 ITA: black-box -- finding the crystals puzzle game
728935 O: bzr-email -- Notification email plugin for Bazaar
729207 O: qpid-python -- Python bindings for qpid/mlib
729380 O: notebook -- A GTK+ logbook editor
729382 O: directoryassistant -- small LDAP address book manager
729383 O: sawzall -- a compiler and runtime for the Sawzall language
729516 O: igraph -- library for creating and manipulating graphs
730084 O: python-irc -- Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client library for Python
730573 O: netplug -- network link monitor daemon
730664 O: obdgpslogger -- suite of tools to log OBDII and GPS data
730985 ITA: festival-freebsoft-utils -- Festival extensions
730987 ITA: sound-icons -- sounds for speech enabled application
730988 ITA: festvox-czech-ph -- Czech male speaker for Festival
730989 ITA: festvox-czech-dita -- Czech female speaker for Festival
730990 ITA: festvox-czech-machac -- Czech male speaker for Festival
730991 ITA: festvox-czech-krb -- Czech child speaker for Festival
730992 O: xprintidle -- utility to print user's idle time in X
730993 O: cl-mcclim -- Common Lisp graphic user interface toolkit
730994 O: cl-spatial-trees -- spatial trees Common Lisp library
730996 O: cl-flexichain -- an efficient gap buffer implementation in Common Lisp
730997 ITA: festival-czech -- Czech support for Festival
731511 RFA: xstrp4 -- camlp4 extension that expands brace expansions in OCaml string
731585 RFA: python-qrencode -- Python bindings for the Qrencode QR Code generator library
731586 RFA: facile -- functional constraint library implemented in OCaml
731590 RFA: ocaml-inifiles -- read and write .ini files for OCaml
731759 O: libnss-mysql-bg -- NSS module for using MySQL as a naming service
731792 O: gmorgan -- MIDI rhythm station emulator software
731839 ITA: libalberta2 -- Adaptive finite element library (shared libraries)
731877 O: handlersocket -- HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL
731911 O: pyplusplus -- OO-framework for creating a code generator for Boost.Python
731916 O: dbmix -- DJ mixer for digital audio streams
732011 O: gyrus -- GNOME tool for Cyrus-IMAP servers administration
732433 ITA: avarice -- use GDB with Atmel's JTAG ICE for the AVR
733101 RFA: apron -- abstract interpretation library
733143 O: mdetect -- mouse device autodetection tool
733233 RFH: software-center -- Utility for browsing, installing, and removing software
733321 RFA: cvs2cl -- CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
733528 O: buxon -- SIOC forums browser
733530 O: gaffitter -- File subsets extractor based on genetic algorithms
733533 O: pysesame -- Python wrapper for Sesame's REST HTTP API
733534 ITA: shell-fm -- console based player for last.fm radio streams
733536 O: sks-ecc -- Cryptographic tool based on ECC
733540 O: swaml -- Semantic Web Archive of Mailing Lists
733823 RFA: dxflib -- Library for reading and writing DXF files
734331 RFH: mg -- microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor
734348 ITA: libofx -- Open Financial Exchange programs
735288 O: winetricks -- package manager for WINE to install software easily
735882 RFA: ocaml-dbus -- OCaml bindings for the D-Bus API
735912 O: pam-shield -- locks out remote attackers trying password guessing
735913 O: joy2key -- Translate joystick movements into equivalent keystrokes
736380 RFA: paredit-el -- Emacs minor mode for structurally editing Lisp code
736605 ITA: graphviz -- rich set of graph drawing tools
736699 O: diakonos -- Customizable, usable console-based text editor
736700 O: rant -- Flexible, Ruby based make
737285 ITA: tetzle -- Jigsaw puzzle game
737290 O: cricket -- Program for collection and display of time-series data
737292 O: django-authority -- more powerful permission system for Django
737293 O: django-notification -- user notification management for Django
737295 ITA: hexalate -- Color matching puzzle
737298 O: lua-augeas -- Lua binding to the Augeas C API
737299 ITA: lxctl -- Utility to manage LXC
737301 O: readline5 -- GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
737302 O: stopwatch -- Virtual stopwatch and timer
737303 O: tlslite -- a pure Python SSL/TLS library
737585 O: semanticscuttle -- Self-hosted and web-based social bookmark manager
737647 RFA: python-pefile -- Portable Executable (PE) parsing module for Python
737871 O: pristine-tar -- regenerate pristine tarballs
738092 O: sawfish -- window manager for X11
738096 O: rep-gtk -- GTK+ binding for librep
738097 O: librep -- lisp command interpreter
738098 O: grun -- GTK based run dialog
738100 O: pubtal -- Template driven website builder for small sites
738177 O: haildb -- Library implementing InnoDB-like database
738179 O: oscpack -- A C++ library for packing and unpacking OSC packets
738289 O: cakephp -- MVC rapid application development framework for PHP
738293 O: giftrans -- Convert any GIF file into a GIF89a
738296 ITA: jasmin-sable -- Java class (.class) file assembler
738297 O: mtpfs -- FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices
738298 O: pdfrw -- PDF file manipulation library
738299 ITA: python-django-debug-toolbar -- Embedded debugging toolbar for Django projects
738300 O: python-django-treebeard -- Efficient implementations of tree data structures for Django
738301 O: python-xmlrunner -- Python test runner that produces machine-readable results
738304 ITA: rst2pdf -- ReportLab-based reStructuredText to PDF renderer
738305 O: swi-prolog-doc -- Documentation for SWI-Prolog interpreter and XPCE
738307 O: pyprotocols -- Open Protocols and Component Adaptation for Python
738336 ITA: rotix -- A program to generate rotational obfuscations
738447 ITA: luakit -- A fast and small web browser extensible by Lua
738466 RFA: mod-authn-webid -- WebID FOAF+SSL authentication module for Apache
738469 RFA: twinkle -- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SIP Phone
738473 O: flpsed -- a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor
738474 O: swish++ -- Simple Document Indexing System for Humans: C++ version
738475 O: tex4ht -- LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext (HTML) - executables
738476 O: xautomation -- Control X from the command line, and find things on the screen
738869 O: orbit2 -- high-performance CORBA implementation - common libraries
738870 O: libidl -- library for parsing CORBA IDL files
738875 O: icon -- Interpreter for Icon, a high-level programming language
738876 O: dangen -- shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters
738878 O: tenmado -- hard-core shoot 'em up game in blue-or-red world
738879 O: xsoldier -- shoot 'em up game with the "not shooting" bonus
738883 O: scribble -- Popular crossword game, similar to Scrabble(R)
738884 O: signify -- Automatic, semi-random ".signature" rotator/generator
738888 O: libnbio -- non-blocking IO library development files
738889 O: timps -- Transparent Instant Messaging Proxy Server
738890 O: xlhtml -- A program for converting Microsoft Excel Files .xls
738892 O: criticalmass -- Shoot-em-up a la galaxian
738894 O: heroes -- Collect powerups and avoid your opponents' trails
738895 O: heroes-data -- Required data files for heroes
738896 O: heroes-sound-effects -- Optional sound files for heroes
738897 ITA: libsigc++-1.2 -- type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - development files
738898 O: heroes-sound-tracks -- Optional sound files for heroes
738900 O: musiclibrarian -- A simple GUI tool to organize collections of music
738901 O: urlscan -- Extract and browse the URLs contained in an email (urlview replacement)
738902 O: tse3 -- portable MIDI sequencer engine in C++ - development files
738903 O: dpkg-www -- Web based Debian package browser
738904 O: nap -- napster console client
738905 O: tclx8.4 -- Extended Tcl (TclX) - shared library
738910 O: 2vcard -- perl script to convert an addressbook to VCARD file format
738911 O: exifprobe -- Read metadata from digital pictures
738912 O: cadubi -- Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian
738913 O: qmhandle -- tool to manage the qmail message queue
738926 O: anon-proxy -- Proxy to surf the web anonymously
738928 ITA: rope -- Python refactoring library
738929 ITA: ropemacs -- Emacs mode for Python refactoring
738993 O: gimp-texturize -- generates large textures from a small sample
738994 O: minbar -- GNOME Islamic prayer times application
738995 O: cubictemp -- small, elegant, Python-specific HTML templating system
738996 O: ooo2dbk -- converts OpenOffice.org SXW documents to DocBook XML
739017 O: randomplay -- command-line based shuffle music player that remembers songs between sessions
739083 O: crashme -- Stress tests operating system stability
739086 O: w3c-dtd-xhtml -- W3C eXtensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) DTD
739087 O: w3c-sgml-lib -- w3.org DTD and catalog files
739088 O: w3c-markup-validator -- W3C Markup Validator
739225 O: binutils-m68hc1x -- binary utilities that support Motorola's 68HC11/12 targets
739226 O: gcc-m68hc1x -- GNU C compiler for the Motorola 68HC11/12 processors
739227 O: libtango -- The Developer's Library for D -- Headers
739228 O: simulavr -- Atmel AVR simulator
739232 O: spu-tools -- user space tools for the Cell broadband engine
739233 O: stdeb -- Python to Debian source package conversion utility
739815 ITA: signing-party -- Various OpenPGP related tools
739816 O: mailping -- monitor email service availability and functioning
739877 ITA: dot2tex -- Graphviz to LaTeX converter
740529 ITA: paste -- tools for using a WSGI stack
740531 ITA: pastescript -- serving web applications
740532 ITA: pastedeploy -- load, configure, and compose WSGI app
740533 RFA: pastewebkit -- port/reimplementation of Webware WebKit in WSGI and Paste
740534 ITA: python-tempita -- small text templating language
740580 O: fbset -- framebuffer device maintenance program
740622 O: libtirpc -- transport-independent RPC library
740678 RFA: abiword -- efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
740793 RFA: x-tile -- tile selected windows in different ways
740921 O: ffe -- Tool for parsing flat and CSV files and converting them to different formats
741022 RFA: kupfer -- fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher
741089 O: apparix -- console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation
741090 O: ksshaskpass -- interactively prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add
741093 O: diffmon -- Tool for reporting changes in system configuration
741094 ITA: pysvn -- A(nother) Python interface to Subversion
741256 O: flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound -- Adobe Flash Player platform support library for Esound and OSS
741278 O: java2html -- Highlight Java and C++ sources for WWW presentation
741279 O: micro-proxy -- really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
741473 O: gnupod-tools -- command-line tools for the iPod family of portable music players
741474 O: osspsa -- Abstraction library for the Unix socket API
741475 ITA: xsd -- XML Data Binding for C++
741633 O: apf -- Server for Active Port Forwarding
741634 O: fileschanged -- command-line utility that reports when files have been altered
741655 O: dvbcut -- Qt application for cutting parts out of DVB streams
741872 O: tkinfo -- Tcl/Tk Info browser
741911 RFH: mysql-utilities -- collection of scripts for managing MySQL servers
742022 O: avbin -- cross-platform media decoding library
742601 O: feed2omb -- Announces new articles in a feed to an open microblogging service
743176 RFA: wide-dhcpv6 -- DHCPv6 server/client/relay agent
743212 RFH: libteam -- library for controlling team network device
743268 ITP: crystfel - Suite of programs for processing "serial" diffraction data "snapshots"
743303 RFH: pulseaudio -- PulseAudio sound server
743304 RFP: node-lodash -- Lo-dash is a utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
743443 ITP: xbase64 - xbase compatible C++ class library
743509 O: afpfs-ng -- Client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) (development files)
743514 O: firmware-crystalhd -- Crystal HD Video Decoder (firmware)
743610 O: crystalhd -- Crystal HD Video Decoder (development files)
743714 O: guile-gnome-platform -- Guile bindings for GLib
743767 O: hotot -- lightweight microblogging client - metapackage
743829 RFA: attic -- deduplicating backup program
743876 ITP: llvmmath - LLVM math library
743877 ITP: numba - NumPy-aware optimizing compiler for Python
744140 RFH: scilab -- Scientific software package for numerical computations
744362 ITA: cil -- command line issue tracker
744363 ITP: ruby-entypo-rails -- rails asset pipeline plugin and CSS mappings for the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce
744706 O: wxmaxima -- GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
744738 O: eqonomize -- personal accounting software for the small household economy
744997 O: firedns -- Runtime libraries for firedns, an asynch. dns resolver library
744998 O: firestring -- Runtime libraries for firestring, a string handling library
744999 O: getstream -- DVB streaming application
745000 O: paris-traceroute -- New version of well known tool traceroute
745001 O: pxe -- free PXE daemon
745011 O: minit -- Small but powerful init system
745024 O: VolView -- Advanced volume visualization tool
745170 O: vgabios -- VGA BIOS software for the Bochs and Qemu emulated VGA card

Package: evolution
140937 evolution: IMAP, uw-imapd at server, folder with subfolders, error about unselectable folder
174885 confirmed upstream/evolution: Odd behavior in selecting messages in Folder
188773 confirmed/Errors in Task compononent when switching categories
197103 evolution should default to using /etc/papersize
197933 confirmed/Threading+find next unread problem
217046 moreinfo/evolution: Incomplete fields in the Calendar files
233224 upstream/evolution: address book presentation form of postal codes is potentially wrong
234741 evolution: doesn't save thread state of messages
235894 confirmed upstream/evolution: send & receive mail dialog should be minimizeble
237316 sid jessie moreinfo/evolution: Single clicks sometimes seem to get picked up as double clicks
256179 confirmed/evolution: vfolder does not have a rule for "specific header" as filters do
259594 moreinfo unreproducible/evolution1.5: Almost no icon is properly displayed
266757 evolution1.5: "New" button flat not 'rounded' looking until fly-over with Crux theme
269431 evolution1.5: Fortune signatures not always displayed
269439 experimental/nntp needs some sort of a timeout
270576 evolution1.5: scrolling in month view with scrollbar is discontinuous
272874 evolution: Cutting and pasting of nested lists does not work correctly
276855 confirmed/evolution: Unclear how to post to usenet
278706 confirmed/evolution: Signatures from revoked keys should not be trusted
280249 confirmed/evolution: webcalendars cannot be added when located on https instead of http
283497 evolution: importing appointments from a palm pilot triggers 33 popup windows
283599 confirmed/evolution: Evolution 2.0/ Amaranth GNOME theme glitch
284256 evolution: doesn't allow maildirs and Unix mailboxes in the same directory
286615 evolution: Double click on folders behaviour changed with new upgrade
291627 evolution: don't translate attribution line for quoted text
293736 evolution: Repeatable events may trigger a enormous amount of notifications
297193 evolution spews warnings
298542 evolution: the filename of some attachments is displayed as a http-link
303815 evolution: errors in console: camel_provider_get: assertion `url_string != NULL' failed
304553 evolution: ASMPT over SSL doesn't work after upgrade from 2.0.4 to 2.2.2 (see #304083)
306662 evolution: various problems displaying Unicode(?) characters
306818 evolution doesn't check for spam mail coming from one's e-mail address
308570 unreproducible/evolution: typo on nntp account dialog
308573 evolution: when sendmail selected, inconsistency in gui
310501 evolution: Fails to display image attachment unless attachment viewed separately
315367 evolution: Edit menu inconvenience
315626 evolution: Save Task dialog text is selected by tab
315627 evolution: task list scrolls by half a page
317867 evolution: Cannot forward original attachment
325198 evolution: ECalendar conduit crashes gpilotd when syncing for the first time
326994 upstream/evolution: Does not select today by default for task due and start dates
326999 upstream/evolution: Scrolls to start of tasks when one is marked completed
327757 confirmed upstream/evolution: Signature does not change when selected with scroll wheel
330106 gnome-pilot: Sync with evolution drops location field on thungsten e
341575 evolution: ordering of folders differs with user locales
345886 evolution: Freezes for inordinately long while syncing large IMAP directory
346595 Page Up and Page Down don't work after selecting a task
346600 Page Up and Page Down do not scroll months
346601 Tasks summaries containing "<a" are not displayed correctly
347223 moreinfo wontfix/evolution: Lost feature since a few upgrades
352720 l10n/evolution: Wrong locale for e-mail dates
358315 confirmed moreinfo/evolution: does not crosspost
358507 saved passwords are world-readable
372832 Junk detection has to be retrained between upgrades
373597 evolution: Pinging imap server causes problems
375147 evolution ignores header folding
382108 evolution: <hr> in HTML signatures gets a <br> added when editing and when message is sent
383631 evolution: [ro_RO] bad translation on message "error while receiving mail"
387906 experimental/evolution-data-server: EDS from experimental causes evo from unstable to crash
389446 evolution: fails to import IMAPv4 configs from version 2.6
401690 unreproducible/evolution: Evolution crashs while trying to show ASCII-warped gpg-encrypted message
402590 evolution: message synopsis doesn't match message body
403065 evolution: Error opening openoffice file when openoffice is open
405430 evolution: Light colors for Memos makes it impossible to read in themes with white fonts
407908 evolution: alarm-notify crashes after typing in the notify window
411136 l10n/evolution: mail date displayed wrongly
414148 confirmed/evolution: webcalendar events appears twice
417094 Doesn't show contents of encrypted and signed message, if signing key not known
425410 Unable to retrieve message: Interrupted system call
426485 HTMLFrameset.c crash in calc_dimention at line 131: problem displaying HTML formatted email in evolution 2.6.3-6
430078 evolution: Web calendars broken for timezone
432125 evolution: SIGPIPE after entering password for e-mail account
432278 evolution: can't delete nickname with LDAP
432980 evolution: sends each message in a separate SMTP session
433098 evolution: "delete message" should work also for deleted messages
434910 evolution sporadically becomes unresponsive, uses all CPU
434911 evolution: folder selection pop-up window has move disabled
436791 evolution: Mailbox location dialog does not allow a directory to be selected
437856 evolution: Some phone entries of VCARDs are not displayed and not searched
439722 mesages with animated gifs get reset to top of message
444206 Wrong icon on send/receive dialog
444401 Evolution hangs when clicking on birthday calendar
445521 evolution: Can't select file as path for local delivery
445788 evolution: Crashes when reading old autosave files
445968 evolution: known certificates not bound to mail accounts/hostnames
446575 evolution: Some way to get rid of the Junk folder
449327 evolution: contacts cell width has offensive results in german
450699 evolution: Evolution crashes when sorting contacts by categories
453679 l10n/evolution: Weird line in the Swedish translation of the comment to the toolbar icon
455755 evolution: Evolution 2.12.2 changed sorting via subject to non-sensical sorting
460905 Account settings needs a "no authentication" option for NNTP servers
461971 evolution: Bad case of memory leak
462972 Does not ask for LDAP password using DN login
463000 evolution: pop-up doesn't stay up under KDE
465306 evolution: "show the photograph of sender" preference is inverted
469229 Problem with search : evolution mail module stuck
469323 evolution: strange commands
470514 evolution: "Birthdays & anniversaries" unreliable and causes hang
470939 mail comoposer: editor content is not fully refreshed after applying line breaking on selected text
470964 Problem (and repeatable crash) in Folder Subscription dialog
479801 evolution: Upgrade to 2.22 switched spam filter preference
481486 evolution: Bogofilter plugin seems inactive until valid email is classified as non-spam
482318 evolution: Memo palm conduit only copies first ~4k of messages
484156 evolution: timeout for pgp key import to short
485915 evolution: text/calendar attachment not displayed
486458 evolution: Evolution Calendar drawing is extremely slow
489397 [evolution] Moving mail to a folder leaves a copy in Trash
491431 evolution: sometimes freezes when switching to calender and showing birthdays is enabled
494698 [evolution] Calendar event invitations are not recognized by Outlook
496251 [evolution] evolution query password on startup when switched to offline mode
497094 evolution: Should go to created folder after creating in folder selection dialog
497412 [evolution] Starting second instance of evolution superseeds manually set network status
498949 evolution: Context-menu created with keyboard not working in Calendar
500153 evolution: Renaming IMAP-folders with subfolders causes errorneus subscription
502152 Junk folder retains total when cleared
502841 evolution: Recurring events problem after importing iCal mail
504811 Putting a Copy rule after a Move rule in message filters results in fail
505249 evolution: silently fails to completely copy calendars
510250 moreinfo/evolution: does not comply with xdg_config
519227 Specific maildir folders not visible in vfolder
519272 evolution: week view: appointments overflow into next day
519740 evolution crashes at saving a task after editing its title
519989 evolution: Post-to menu item greyed out
521803 evolution: overwrites font preferences
521919 evolution: segfault when starting in calendar mode
525987 evolution: Expunging a folder crashes the email reader thread so no more mail is read from the server
526215 evolution: vFolder "Unread" Misses Mails
526766 evolution: Repeated Appointments are sometimes hidden
527029 [evolution] error while installing scrollkeeper
529176 evolution: Compose window disappears every so often in the middle of editing
529382 evolution: Cannot open URL in email message
531437 evolution: errors about offline journal
531838 moreinfo/evolution: unusably slow since upgrading to 2.26
531880 evolution: Trash doesn't show all mail that should be there.
535953 [evolution] Child windows open slowly when Aspell configuration and personal word list files exist
536399 evolution: drag and drop together with keyring unlock popup locks up X session
541985 evolution: Crashes very often when retrieving mail from /var/mail/<user>
542757 evolution: "Save All" does not function
544163 [evolution] freezes on startup
545957 evolution: infrequent crashes when switching local folders
546494 evolution: Camel warnings
547689 Evolution doesn't "purge" messages (headers) that have been found to be spam by the news provider.
547985 evolution: Evolution Crashed
548223 [evolution google calendar] if it exceeds the 4 lines does not insert any description in google calendar
548784 evolution: imports/exports ical VEVENTs with more than one DESCRIPTION property
549451 upstream sid squeeze wheezy jessie/impossible to override offline mode when using network-manager
549459 evolution: Cannot delete mail
550195 evolution: Contacts on WebDAV don't work
550275 evolution: inconsistent behavior when viewing new mail attachments
551116 [evolution] filter does not run program anymore
551832 [evolution] evolution fails to show images
552274 evolution: Blocks while formatting e-mail
553379 evolution: No such message
557022 evolution: error while converting a mail database while upgrade from lenny to sid version
560707 evolution: segfault adding task from list view
561867 evolution: Attachment icon is not always shown for concerned emails
567838 evolution: Signature deleted on update
568059 evolution: import of CSV made from outlook for calendar items arent working at all !
571513 segfault in get_folder_info_offline
576031 evolution: crashes on startup with SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception
577495 evolution: calendar does not recognise appointments with summertime correctly
578866 l10n/Subject: evolution: Syntax error in Russian
579473 sid jessie/evolution crash while I am not interacting with it
579480 sid jessie/evolution crash while I am not interacting with it
580023 evolution appears twice in the application menu
580849 squeeze/evolution looses adressbook.db in .evolution dir
582026 Doesn't use correct icon name for "mark mail as no junk"
582688 evolution: Segfault when trying to use a mail template
582939 Search Folders shows Unmatched messages when none exist
583669 Subject ordering fails
583722 evolution: Paste fails with "e_composer_paste_uris: assertion `uris != NULL' failed".
583723 evolution: Does not copy Greek characters from address bar correctly
585682 evolution: Crash in imapx/imap+ backend (in imapx_command_sync_changes_done)
585720 Contacts: Export to VCF file impossible
585985 evolution: general settings not respected / lost
586001 evolution: can't set calendar time format to 24
586174 evolution: printing appointment from calendar puts date and time in white
586176 evolution: week, month, list calendar views show broken times
586754 evolution: Mail Preferences font specification not honoured for
588552 evolution-alarm-notify does not start automaticly anymore
592031 confirmed/[evolution] Unprintable characters in message body when creating new mail via gvfs-open
592276 evolution: Evolution crashes when importing large mbox
592402 evolution: Bug with active window while accessing LDAP Adressbook
594039 evolution: [REGRESSION] selecting a text box just puts the cursor there and does not highlight the text in it
596092 evolution: making filter via the context menu
598796 evolution: hangs on startup while "migrating folders"
599630 got errors while upgrading evolution from lenny to squeeze
599826 Evolution 2.30 has no support for synchronization
601692 evolution: Please build with gnome-pilot support
602947 moreinfo/evolution mailto: ... problem with contacts
610088 Evolution crashes now and again
610162 patch upstream/WebDAV address books do not work with HTTP, do not work with non default port, and the UI is broken !
610758 mail indexes went missing on upgrade from lenny
614769 upstream/evolution: wrong colour in some overdue tasks
615973 evolution: 2.32.2 - mails have to be deleted twice before going to imap trash
618861 unreproducible/evolution: hangs 0% complete on retrieving message, refreshing folder, checking for new mail
619161 Evolution asks for charset on startup
619799 upstream squeeze moreinfo lenny l10n/evolution: Evolution randomly freezes when composing E-mail with Hebrew text
620166 imap+ Unable to retrieve message
620407 evolution: Impossible to migrate from lenny to squeeze
624718 evolution: Warns it cannot save into /var/mail/USER/...
627322 Error refreshing folder(You must be working online) I am online
630513 two Inboxs for imap, messages not staying marked read
631197 [nautilus-sendto] mail not sent with evolution
631558 evolution: Autogenerated signature doesn't update when "From" account is changed
636902 evolution: hangsup when in time of open/modifing contacts
638930 evolution: When upgrade to 3.x milestone, '.' is converted to _ in folder names.But filters is not upgraded.
638936 evolution hangs after upgrade
640043 missing dependency libcanberra-gtk-module
640046 FAILED message when Migrating local user data
640079 evolution: clicking on one of my contacts freezes gnome
643590 evolution: "Match all" vfolder misses some mails for IMAP
646714 Evolution internal bug report system
646904 upstream/evolution: creates MH folders, but needs restart to update folder list
647609 Evolution LDAP adressbook
652654 After update to 3.2.2, not all messages show in Unmatched search folder
652704 [evolution] No Groupwise support in 3.2
652870 d-i/evolution: Evolution depends on gnome-keyring
653392 evolution: upgrade to 3.2.2 broke imap email
658323 evolution: calendar doesn't show appointments (google calendar)
658543 evolution on armel without gles
659053 upstream/evolution crashes when publishing calendar
665409 upstream/evolution: The setup assistant asks me to click the non-existent "forward" button
665996 evolution: evoltion crash on trash folder redirection
668991 evolution: Wrong date when opening a day in calendar
673180 evolution: caldav-based calendars are not working properly
674026 Evolution no longer opens links in browser
674131 evolution hangs when trying to synchronising with imapx server after suspend/resume
685598 evolution: Window snap-in effect doesn't work for the left or right half of the screen
686409 evolution: Google Contacts doesn't work in evolution 3.4
690853 evolution: Setup requires username and password entered repeatedly
696750 evolution: Evolution does not start... with error: /usr/bin/evolution: cannot execute binary file
699501 evolution: racy tooltip handling leads evolution to segfault
703493 evolution: Evolution hangs on start, windows appears but nothing works
704430 evolution: segfault at startup when run with --express option
704628 evolution frozen
704868 evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in _cogl_pipeline_fragend_arbfp_end()
706452 evolution shows no calendars
710219 evolution: segmentation fault
710828 upstream/evolution: When gnome is running from remote client x2go, vnc etc, after upgrade to wheezy evolution not start
716692 upstream/evolution: Evolution closes suddenly
717084 evolution: Segmentation fault when sync with GMail.
718718 evolution: Don't scroll the message body using the mouse wheel
719657 evolution mailto: and nautilus sendto never end
720771 "missing" phone numbers after vCard import
721312 evolution will not start
721475 evolution: screen blackout, imapx broken
721535 evolution: Please don't ask submitter to report bug upstream
722905 can't click phone numbers in address book
723191 evolution v3.4.4: activated imap+ account lets evolution crash
724635 evolution: new IMAP folder gives 'no such folder' error
724884 patch/evolution: Evolution Spamassassin integration doesn't detect system spamd
725235 evolution: [3.8] fails to connect to GMail: invalid password
725941 upstream/evolution: (some) appointments are not shown in calendar
727546 evolution: At the setup identity entry the "continue button" is nothighlighted to press it
728836 evolution: imapx messages vanish
729213 evolution: does not issue notifications on one machine
729299 upstream/evolution: Crash when trying to send E-mail (libgobject-2.0.so.0.3200.4)
730024 fails to start when icons are missing
730256 evolution: Evolution crash at startup
734065 evolution: empty trash do not work on imap trash folder
740033 upstream/evolution: Flushing Outbox after re-opening failed message changes From: address to default account
740257 security/evolution: Evolution takes over host name from backup file
740911 WebDAV: Evolution sends invalid REV field, DAViCal expects timestamp
742883 evolution: A css themeing issue with evolution-alarm-notify
742938 evolution: Data source does not support OAuth 2.0 authentication
742998 evolution: Random time /date change

Package: links2
141383 upstream/links-ssl: Ability to spawn $EDITOR
150960 links-ssl: No manpage for links.cfg
158967 upstream wontfix/'links2: is blank on startup without parameter'
160336 upstream/'links2: * command not accessible via menu, z comand not documented in man-page'
410102 l10n/links2: rtl text (such as Hebrew) in Unicode is mistakenly displayed ltr
410953 l10n/links2: auto-written links.cfg fails to get read back in some locales
440122 some options not configurable from within links2
497081 upstream confirmed/links2 sends Connection: keep-alive on -dump
589770 upstream confirmed/links2: Still doesn't support UTF-8
694658 security/SSL certificate handling should be documented better

Package: interchange
141744 Cronjob doesn't remove the files in the catalog tmp directories
157786 unreproducible/makecat dies when trying to mkdir
174546 interchange: Package dash is incompatable with interchange, usage of dash forces request to enter password when starting services.
246361 interchange: Wrong PID in pidfile, it is one too fue.
296670 interchange: makecat fails with apache2
331155 Component editor removes [no-match] section
349277 QuickBooks generate_new_iif.html fails on NULL in the transaction deleted field
377876 confirmed upstream/Nested elsifs with named parameters
378238 IC is very particular with SQL-statements inside a [query] tag
388908 interchange: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)
410297 More lists doesn't work with [loop object=`$Scratch->{result}`]
429953 Inconsistency DBI class / SHADOW class tables

Package: xfsprogs
141754 wontfix/please rename the library package name, and please provide shared version of libraries
144876 xfsprogs: Please don't package it as a native package
293276 wontfix/xfsprogs: xfs_check in /usr, making xfs_check /usr impossible
465733 upstream/xfsprogs: xfs_check SEGV
470706 xfsprogs: xfs_repair crashes during attempted repair
518637 xfsprogs: xfs_admin -c1 fails with unhelpful error message
525132 forced fsck did not find and repair FS problems
525880 xfsprogs: xfs_repair enters livelock and makes no progress
528356 xfsprogs: xfs_admin assumes that xfs_db is in the PATH
533254 'xfs_db -c frag' segfaults on some de-fragged partitions
549381 xfsprogs: xfs_db -c frag fails with "xfs_db: out of memory"
570704 duplicate /usr/share/doc/xfsprogs/changelog{,.Debian}.gz
584256 xfsprogs: xfs_repair -n segfaults after "This is a bug"
598908 xfs_growfs: -I is an option in the help but if used "Invalid Option" is returned
634952 xfsprogs: xfs_quota commands are internationalized
638158 xfsprogs: Damaged filesystem causes xfs_repair to sometimes (but not always) segfault
661580 mkfs.xfs fails to detect correct sector size
664550 xfs_quota: "report -p" doesn't show all projects
694624 /usr/sbin/xfs_freeze: freezes under lying (root) filesystem if mountpoint is not currently mounted
695640 xfs_quota: cannot find mount point for path: Success
695875 patch/xfsprogs: Build-Depend on libreadline6 rather than libreadline5
705483 xfsprogs: xfs_quota misinterprets usernames with leading digits
713994 upstream/xfsprogs: Failure to allocate new space, potentially after an xfs_grow, to existing files
725971 patch/xfsprogs: run dh-autoreconf to update config.{sub,guess} and {libtool,aclocal}.m4

Package: ircd-ircu
141992 ircd: Segfault on join (ppc-only?)
150722 ircd: IRCD doesn't autoconnect to hub?
152176 ircd listens on afs3-bos(7007)/udp - collision with openafs-fileserver
481010 sid squeeze ipv6 wheezy jessie patch/ircd-ircu: Incorrectly masks IPv6 addresses causing connection refusal
545121 ircd-ircu: getcwd install script error
578038 ircd-ircu fails to start, MAXCONNECTIONS too large

Package: w3m-img
142058 w3m-img: Overwrites other X windows
528395 w3m-img: distorted colors
590668 w3mimg_fbopen.c: support fbterm (as well as jfbterm).
674437 w3m-img: Doesn't work when running gnome-shell: no images shown

Package: cthumb
142434 Special characters (e.g. &ccedil;) in AlbumTitle and page title are printed literally in html output
260059 cthumb: missing recommends/suggests on jhead
260062 patch/cthumb: mogrify fails on read-only files
395777 cthumb: missing build target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)

Package: gnome-breakout
142568 unreproducible/gnome-breakout: Ball got stuck in undestructible brick
316754 gnome-breakout: incorrect bouncing

Package: xfonts-kapl
142775 xfonts-kapl are mislabeled as iso8859-1

Package: criticalmass
143223 criticalmass: immortal enemies
580729 patch pending/criticalmass: diff for NMU version 1:1.0.0-1.3
599061 Please update the package to dynamically link to the system curl
608440 man page for criticalmass
640930 criticalmass: crash radeon_mipmap_tree.c:420: migrate_image_to_miptree: Assertion `mt->mesaFormat == image->base.TexFormat' failed.
672902 criticalmass should build-depend on libpng-dev (and possibly others)
675893 Fails to run if previously run at a no-longer-available video resolution
689043 critter(6) should proceed even when no audio device is available
733474 patch/criticalmass: use autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for new arches

Package: pgdocs-pdf-a4
143274 Broken PDF file
225012 pgdocs-pdf-a4: pdf is badly positioned on A4 page

Package: lilypond
143709 lilypond: Wrong instruments in MIDI with RhythmStaff
335828 wontfix/Lilypond needs to be moved from 'tex' to... oh, I don't know...
437267 fixed-upstream/Buggy handling of dynamics in MIDI output
492603 lilypond: search path overrides implicit path
562727 unreproducible moreinfo/[lilypond] Problem with Unicode UTF-8 character " (not a quotation mark).
594409 lilipond gets confused by LC_ALL=C
653263 wontfix/lilypond: list lilypond-doc as suggested, not recommended, package
684192 lilypond-book: not running due to python problem

Package: emacs-goodies-el
143750 moreinfo/emacs-goodies-el: highlight-current-line doesn't work with iso-8859-15 input on a TTY
253137 all: does not seem to work at all
353766 emacs-goodies-el: projects.el: wrong buffer name after dired-do-rename
354106 emacs-goodies-el: projects.el: wrong buffer name after C-x C-w (write-file)
495989 csv-align-fields vs. multibyte chars
553401 emacs-goodies-el: sys-apropos.el missing perl and "["
581238 emacs-goodies-el: highlight-completion.el vs find-file in emacs23
590741 emacs-goodies-el: pod-mode.el not for emacs21
590994 emacs-goodies-el: (show-ws-highlight-tabs) from show-wspace breaks M-x list-colors-display
591432 emacs-goodies-el: emacs-goodies-el info manual ccmode xref
592018 emacs-goodies-el: graphviz-dot-mode.el missing `provide'
611919 emacs-goodies-el: M-x dict reports bogus errors
613063 cyclebuffer busted
634130 Incorrect fsf addresses
638688 emacs-goodies-el: eproject-extras.el vs emacs21 no ibuffer.el
639221 emacs-goodies-el: In folding.el, movement commands don’t work in visual-line-mode.
639222 patch/emacs-goodies-el: Typos in folding.el
644903 fixed-upstream/emacs-goodies-el: "q" key go out of control on emacs+ddskk+markdown-mode
653763 emacs-goodies-el: eproject.el vs M-x locate
655754 emacs-goodies-el: `diminished-minor-modes' setting doesn't "just work" (with fix)
672304 emacs-goodies-el: Typo in docstring
687177 emacs-goodies-el: depend on emacsen-common?
692060 emacs-goodies-el: shell-command-completion-mode breaks shell-command tab completion
714575 emacs-goodies-el: graphviz.el customize-mode
718028 emacs-goodies-el: dict.el changes kill ring
719172 emacs-goodies-el: graphviz-dot-mode quote compile-command filename

Package: mpg321
144191 mpg321: Mono files play back wrongly on stereo device
168615 mpg321: Plays video data
181963 mpg321: Problems playing a 96 kHz stream (from DVB): breaks, double speed, ..
198642 mpg321: Uses far too much memory for large files
272750 mpg321: believes 'stat' at beginning of playback
306989 mpg321: does not work in a UTF-8 locale
329827 mpg321 only displays the tags of the first file
559241 mpg321: Displays wrong bitrate for variable bitrate files.
685679 mpg321: New buffered output feature makes mpg321 unusable
687182 program seg faults on armhs
687847 mpg321: CPU uses to be reduced

Package: cricket
144386 security/cricket: collect-subtrees should place its lockfiles somewhere other than /tmp
211029 cricket: Doesn't draw area with negative data
247297 moreinfo/cricket doesn't graph data when no view is defined in a datasource
660132 cricket: "Values at last update" empty after upgrade to Squeeze.
669736 cricket: transition towards Apache 2.4

Package: xfrisk
144419 xfrisk: Segmentation fault if message cannot be received
164233 xfrisk: ai should use SO_REUSEADDR
219536 xfrisk: Ordinateur does not exchange cards when destroying enemy
221193 xfrisk: Dices don't refresh properly when moving other window down
222818 confirmed upstream/xfrisk: closing any window kills the program
485978 xfrisk: friskserver should have an init script
528058 xfrisk: does not start: Can't find the font
588191 [xfrisk] Homepage broken
710552 xfrisk: Segmentation fault when trying to remove bot from player list (100% reproducable)

Package: courier-imap
144503 patch/courier-imap: should start daemons using start-stop-daemon
167766 courier-imap: Missing doc file INSTALL
175125 Courier-IMAP -- README.Debian missing
185041 upstream/courier-imap: UIDNEXT response not always correct
238299 courier-imap: presents *.ev-summary folders to clients
241299 courier-imap: OS X Mail loses sight of folder contents
255046 long running build cycles in courier-imap
287549 courier imap - courierimapkeywords not deleted after message has been expunged
294656 malloc: Input/output error with IDLE and Thunderbird
304825 courier-imap: does not chdir / when daemonizing
313284 Long delays in Sarge courier-imap response
344025 OUTBOX doesn't work with direct /usr/bin/imapd invocation
357769 courier-imap: suspected fam subscription leaks
366622 courier-imap: Maildir ACL performance problems
379806 unreproducible moreinfo/courier-imap: startscript fails reproducible
409860 imapd hangs if it's initial connection to portmap is blocked
423875 courier-imap: IDLE support: gamin times out (FAMPending)
429376 Courier-imapd and courier-imapd-ssl segfault
430880 courier-imap: IMAP_UMASK is ignored
436266 courier-imap: Do not purge messsages from trash by default
438993 UID validity not preserved when first folder access is EXAMINE
443195 courier-imap: Can't run in chmod +t directory
457066 courier-imap: All mail messages appear blank
460888 courier-imap: sometimes forgets messages' read status when closing a mailbox
464016 clients will truncate on bad multipart/digest RFC822.SIZE
490372 mutt: new message count still broken for IMAP folders
599682 courier-imap: Filesystem notification error (FAM/Gamin library)
619024 courier-imap: aborts connection when timestamps of created files are offset to system time
625748 courier-imap/-ssl: please add logcheck rule for imap: ... starttls=[01]
647467 imapd: *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/imapd: double free or corruption (fasttop)
669146 upstream/courier-imap: Since last update (20' ago) I can't connect anymore
675346 courier-imap reports LOGINDISABLED when IMAP_TLS_REQUIRED is set in /etc/courier/imapd-ssl

Package: courier-authdaemon
144505 courier-authdaemon: should start daemons using start-stop-daemon
208265 courier-authdaemon bug in sarge
256231 sarge/PAM session module not called, or doing chdir too early
268226 moreinfo/courier-authdaemon: can not log in after update
394326 courier-authdaemon with-authvchkpw
426716 courier-authdaemon --force-confnew did not create new configuration files
540374 upgrade fails if courier-authdaemon is not running
546163 patch/authdaemond ignores /etc/courier/authdaemonrc for pid file location
580187 security/pid file attack can be used to kill arbitrary processes
729900 patch/courier-authdaemon: Postfix - SASL authentication failure

Package: iptraf
145564 upstream/iptraf: on SIGUSR1 the /var/run/iptraf/* files are left
145729 moreinfo upstream/iptraf: Outgoing Traffic (kb/s) is wrong calculated
184251 upstream/iptraf: doesn't see outgoing traffic on ISDN ippp interfaces.
231644 upstream/iptraf doesnt hang up properly
234304 upstream/iptraf doesn't account udp fragments correctly
382188 upstream/iptraf: bonding + vlan doesn't work
413314 upstream/Iptraf doesn't generates log when called from command line
415219 upstream/Add filter Filter dialog appears but is empty
499756 iptraf doesn't show traffic on tun device
511476 Directory /var/run/iptraf not removed when the package is purged.
514073 patch/iptraf: most services don't work when a port filter is applied
515755 IPtraf adding bonding support
531969 iptraf: refuses to sniff bridge interface
535146 /var/logrotate.d/iptraf not removed when package is removed
609888 iptraf: does not truncate long interface names
710483 patch upstream/iptraf: -h switch should work without root rights

Package: gtk-engines-begtk
145685 gtk-engines-begtk: fg[PRELIGHT] can't be set outside "default" style

Package: cdecl
145931 cdecl: Can't handle char const * a;
148994 cdecl fails to explain output of declare
153185 cdecl: uses noalias instead of restrict
431027 cdecl: Cannot handle structs.

Package: xscorch
146274 xscorch: bug when one tank moves on top of another

Package: fetchmail
146306 upstream/fetchmail: so called "bouncing" of mail is braindead
150137 upstream confirmed/Fetchmail does not use smtphost on bounces
389270 moreinfo/fetchmail: DNS problem in daemon mode
390861 upstream confirmed/fetchmail: Daemon Mode: Can't work with encrypted user private keys
475239 upstream confirmed/fetchmail: Decoding of character sets within headers
502381 upstream/--idle should care about expunging.
531589 upstream/fetchmail: --idle does not react well to an IP address change
541440 upstream wontfix/fetchmail: Delivers partial messages
597607 upstream/fetchmail -q should check if it will kill a fetchmail instance or something else
632479 upstream/fetchmail: accept -f and --pidfile option even when background running
694048 systemd: Fetchmail restart failed
700266 upstream confirmed security/fetchmail: --sslfingerprint uses MD5
706776 upstream confirmed fixed-upstream/fetchmail documentation typo
710318 fetchmail: fetchmail-mode.el buffer local comment-start
710319 patch/fetchmail: fetchmail-mode.el run-hooks last
723305 fetchmail link with -L/usr/lib
740373 fetchmail: Generated emails about authentication failure is missing message-id
744907 l10n/fetchmail should not localize header field names in authentication failure emails

Package: initscripts
146411 patch wontfix/sysvinit: Need to modprobe apm before performing poweroff
153743 wontfix/sysvinit: Coherent symlink numbering policy
275441 wontfix/initscripts: /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh should use use uids, not usernames.
326647 patch/initscripts: Should not fsck when laptop is running on battery
337444 help confirmed/initscripts: Boot process does not halt if both fsck and sulogin fail
353248 wontfix//var/forcefsck perhaps?
359717 initscripts: mountpoint: Please recognize bind mount points as mount points
386006 Cannot mount -o auto USB filesystems from /etc/fstab
386296 e2fsprogs: fsck prints it's version number in the boot sequence.
386660 sysv-rc: Configuration file `/etc/init.d/rc.local'
390067 initscripts: SELinux and log saving in /etc/init.d/check*.sh
394264 base: need stty sane after "boot single"?
397675 please do not check automatically ocfs2 filesystems
399523 rpc.statd[2058]: unable to register (statd, 1, udp).
403369 initscripts: boot messages not displayed on serial console with bootlogd enabled
405622 initscripts: /etc/init.d/mountnfs.sh fails to detect mounted files.
408954 checkroot.sh: should not skip running fsck with JFS root
416086 symlinks are not removed on uninstall/purge
422546 initscripts: /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs doesn't mount OCFS2 volumes
423132 initscripts: package scripts should not create directory in root
425199 Mounting local filesystems... Failed!
427889 skeleton "start" and "stop" return values not LSB compliant
430760 No NFS mounts after waking up server during client boot
431966 sysvinit cannot unmount cifs filesystems
434570 if-up.d/mountnfs doesn't work on nfs-root systems
434775 nfs-common: fails to mount nfs volumes when booted with ip= command line
440719 mount: swapon: /dev/hda2: Device or resource busy, not!
444262 Other dirs have to be unmounted during umountnfs.sh script
444276 initscripts: mount /lib/init/rw /proc and /sys with bad hours
444980 udev not restarted after exiting runlevel 1
450791 initscripts: checkroot.sh tries to activate loop-AES encrypted swap
460085 initscripts: checkroot.sh calls "reboot -f" instead of kexec
463175 initscripts: root filesystem is busy when it is un-mounted when doing shutdown
464418 initscripts does not wait for devices before swapon
470956 initscripts: checkroot.sh shouldn't fsck twice with /forcefsck
477498 smbfs: Shutdown & Reboot scripts try umount CIFS but CIFSD is killed first
478287 initscripts: support / union mounted from the network
481252 [initscripts] umountfs: network fs should be unmounted before network-manager is shutdown
482273 initscripts: mountall.sh doesn't wait for kernel to scan for USB storage devices
485659 initscripts: Non-NFS network filesystems are not mounted on boot
492176 initscripts: umountfs must not umount fuse file-systems with -f
496007 initscripts: if-up.d/mountnfs should not try to wait for all auto interfaces
503765 /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh: Misleading message if on battery and /fastboot or FSCKTYPES=none
503767 /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh: Should obey FSCKTYPES as checkfs does
504748 initscripts: mountall.sh must not mount ocfs2, gfs and gfs2
510367 initscripts: checkfs.sh runs before /etc/modules processed
510712 initscripts: inconsistent management of /etc/nologin file|symlink
516733 CIFS Server not responding errors at shutdown or reboot
521357 initscripts: /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs fails with slow interfaces (Token Ring)
524094 base: Sometimes usb disk fails to mount on boot
527973 initscripts needs a newish ifupdown else mountnfs fails
538725 checkroot.sh: fails if root not in fstab
540291 moreinfo/initscripts: fails to mount NFS shares at boot
544202 /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh: hanging after filesystem check if not running usplash and/or VERBOSE=yes
549260 /etc/init.d/{halt,reboot} need Required-Start: $all
549279 initscripts: mountall.sh uses locale before mounting /usr
549903 Checking file systems...fsck: No such file or directory
551555 mountnfs.sh: start should declare dependency on name resolver
552104 initscripts: sendsigs is executed before remote file systems (cifs) are disconnected
553325 Uses different PATH order to /etc/profile.
557011 mountall fails during boot when a device file doesn't exist even noauto is set
567703 [initscripts] Single User Mode is unusable if root login is disabled
568200 initscripts: fsck attempted on non-existent partitions
571241 checkroot.sh: should not try to fsck rootfs on ubifs
572733 support for mounting other kernel filesystems
575204 initscripts: grep complains about invalid back reference in umountfs
578247 mountnfs spams at bootup: if-up.d/mountnfs[foo]: waiting for interface bar before doing NFS mounts
583811 patch/initscripts: cleanup + suggestions
588675 / left as /dev/root with non-initrd kernel
602212 initscripts: NFS shares not mounted properly when using WLAN and NetworkManager
607177 mountnfs: nolock test for portmap seems not to be enough
608862 moreinfo/network-manager: automounted nfs volumes no longer mount when connecting with wireless
609959 initscripts: "too many loops!" when bootlogd is enabled
612519 initscripts: mountnfs ignore ASYNCMOUNTNFS=no for hotplug interfaces
616317 base: commit= ext3 mount option in fstab has no effect.
616330 /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs: mountnfs script stalls for 2minutes on boot when client moun$
616560 umountfs: nothing to unmount if / is on UBI volume
622595 mountpoint: fails for bind-mounts
627797 checkfs does not depend on mdadm-raid
628140 patch/initscripts: /etc/init.d/hostname.sh fails if /etc/hostname not present
632091 Please add an interface to disable use of the '-i' option.
633695 initscripts: umountfs should retain /var/lock and /var/run in protected mounts
636339 Missing directory structure in /var/run
643651 Automount of CIFS filesystems during startup
646182 can't upgrade initscripts when running systemd
649148 e2fsprogs: dpkg error when bootstrapping with the fakechroot variant
652168 don't run "swapoff -a" for lxc
653050 obsolete conffiles / symlinks not cleaned up for bootlogd split
653077 patch/initscripts: cleanup patches for /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs
653329 mountoverflowtmp forces reboot which should not be necessary
658374 initscripts: Inconsistent use of VERBOSE leads to incorrect information in boot log
659473 mtab.sh obsolete with /etc/mtab being a symlink to /proc/mounts
659937 initscripts: Wheezy on Dual boot configuration shows wrong time
665827 initscripts: be more strict about ischroot usage
669686 checkfs.sh causes boot failure due to crypt / lvm
670106 initscripts: please ignore noauto sysfs entries in fstab
670585 "ok hat location is writable"
671589 bootlog does not work if the kernel boot command line is too long
678674 initscripts: upgrade to Wheezy leaves obsolete configs
679977 squeeze security pending/[squeeze] urandom should be "started" in postinst
686442 initscripts: update fails, and stops the rest of the update with aptitude
686498 [initscripts] no more mouse and keyboard (#669949, #670156) has not been fixed
686499 initscripts: checkroot-bootclean.sh cleans /run/udev
686531 checkroot-bootclean.sh fails on read-only root
686895 confirmed patch/initscripts: /forcefsck: fsck -f undefined (e2fsck-ism)
687202 initscripts: /run/lock has perms 0755 instead of 1777
688412 initscripts: /tmp has wrong size
692271 Please migrate hwclock timezone setting when upgrade
692559 general: Information missing from man page for rcS
693132 initscripts: mountnfs fails at boot if $NFSHOST is present on /etc/hosts
693398 broken cleanup handling in *-bootclean
694986 squeeze-ignore wheezy-ignore/flash-kernel: postinst modifies /etc/default/rcS
696910 initscripts: cannot shut down when / on network - iscsi
697003 initscripts: postinst fails: mv /dev/shm/* misses dot (hidden) files
697487 initscripts: Rootfs is mounted twice
703844 initscripts: Should document NETDOWN in default /etc/default/halt file
704108 umountfs: cannot unmount unusual bind mounts
709478 patch/Merge init skeleton with dh-make
710519 patch//etc/init.d/skeleton: skeleton file uses internal API
711963 [initscripts] does not mount /tmp as tmpfs
712023 initscripts: wait for child to exit during shutdown/reboot
712425 initscripts: Document how to disable "concurrency" boot
714039 initscripts: Require-Start problem
717488 patch/Please always launch /etc/init.d/ups-monitor when halting the system
719249 initscripts: mount-functions.sh creates .tmpfs files even when mounting fails
720584 d-i patch/initscripts.postinst: wrong --compare-versions checks (causing debootstrap fakechroot failure)
724959 mount of rootfs fails
728305 initscripts: checkfs.sh fails trying to fsck an unavailable device
730824 initscripts: please document INIT_VERBOSE in /etc/default/rcS (and/or rcS (5) )
734423 initscripts: typos in /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs
735930 patch/initscripts: if-up.d/mountnfs fails to mount anything if /etc/fstab.d contains one or more .fstab files
738759 patch//etc/init.d/rc: adding/removing init scripts during runlevel switch results in double/no run for specific init scripts
738855 patch/initscripts: Skip killing root-owned process starting with @
741388 patch/initscripts: Properly mount GlusterFS as a networked filesystem at boot
743555 initscripts: command "halt" unintended changed behaviour
743743 initscripts: bootmisc.sh to use /run/nologin

Package: pychecker
147005 upstream confirmed/pychecker: spurious warning

Package: rat
147124 rat: IPv6 doesn't work (Can't resolve IP address for ...: No such file or directory)
716590 [Mayhem] Bug report on rat: rat crashes with exit status 139
740652 patch/rat: use autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for new arches

Package: postfix
147541 postfix-tls: configured to use sasl pam_start error and cannot auth
151692 wontfix/Postfix chroot
155070 woody/postfix: upgrade from potato to woody makes postfix output error messages like this: ug 1 04:01:57 zeraf postfix/postdrop[7561]: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/456109.7561: Permission denied
155248 sarge woody/Fails if tls_session_cache_database files do not exist
155664 unreproducible/postfix: /usr/sbin/sendmail exits with 0 status but does not actually send the mail
157427 upstream/Insufficient warning about bounced messages
163134 SASL broken after upgrade
164102 postfix-tls: Latest postfix packages logs: mysql plugin couldnt connect to any host
165227 wontfix/older postfix installs limit mailbox size
165244 wontfix/postfix: postfix refuses to deliver to e-mail address starting with a dash
177899 postfix-tls: Documentation on the update from postfix-tls (woody) to postfix-tls (sarge)
178933 postfix: Problems with upgrading from woody
200817 sid unreproducible jessie/postfix-tls uninstallable because lmtp diversion fails
208304 pcre doesnt work sometimes
210786 postfix-tls: no perms to use saslauthd
213703 hostname: Host name lookup failure
214741 patch/postfix: $myhostname not reading the FQDN correctly
217917 upgrading postfix with installed postfix-mysql fails due to restart problems
218251 moreinfo/postfix: not delivering locally
223965 postconf with postfix-tls
232302 moreinfo unreproducible/postfix: Uninstallable on new installs if debconf priority is low enough for "Local address extension"
232507 woody/postfix-tls: Conflict with postfix-doc for /usr/share/doc/postfix-tls/html/conf.html
232652 upstream/postfix does not add a missing From: as it should
239584 Postfix preconf in sarge failed!
240337 smtp crashes with postfix-tls installed
245200 sid unreproducible jessie moreinfo/postfix: Postalias fails - Postfix fails to start after install
246506 postfix: Mail to account "postfix" is not redirected in /etc/aliases
252419 sid unreproducible jessie/postfix: header_checks removed on upgrade, even if used
252810 woody/postfix-tls has a deb for sparc, but is not in the Packages-file
252837 postfix: Plain ssl relay fails with "no mechanism available" on upgrade
257096 postfix: noexec /var breaks postfix chroot
265372 sarge/postfix-tls: double depends on postfix
267840 wontfix/postfix: mail.conf for Debian should set myhostname = /etc/mailname
267845 postqueue: Add support for options -h and --help
270653 postfix-tls: please require: postfix
273426 wontfix/postfix-tls: Ask if SASL access should be enabled.
275699 wontfix/postfix: [manual page] postconf.5 improve description of 'defer_transports'
278530 postfix: chroot environment does not work with libnss-mysql-bg
281237 postfix: small mistake in html/OVERVIEW.html
283428 sarge/Please document nonstandard path in README.Debian
285717 postfix: postmap fails to find subdomain matches
290789 upstream/manpage for /usr/sbin/sendmail (/usr/share/man/man1/sendmail.1.gz) contains unescaped hyphens
291135 postfix: Postfix rejects mails as backup mx in nat environment
291203 Debian configuration of postfix fail on "Force Synchronous updates on mail queue"
292928 transport map affects all MXs?
293501 unreproducible moreinfo/postfix: Postfix 2.1.4-4 in unstable is an open relay unless relay_domains is explicitly set
294124 unreproducible moreinfo/error in Postfix - unallocated memory block?
303523 postfix-tls 2.1.5-5 not using correct SASL settongs
303678 moreinfo/gssapi kills smtpd
309807 postfix-tls: trace entry in master.cf added without leading linefeed
311804 using debug_peer_list screws up delivery via lmtp to cyrus
315058 postfix config hangs
317143 upstream wontfix/postfix: /etc/hosts ignored for transport after upgrade
319476 upgrade to 2.2.4-1 from TLS-enabled postfix 2.1.5-9 fails
339493 with grsecurity, postfix cannot handle mails smaller than message_size_limit (main.cf)
357999 strips ^Ms out of mails and replaced with with a douple new line
382097 postfix: logcheck configfile missing
382804 moreinfo unreproducible/postfix fails in /etc/init.d/postfix - options not understood by daemon
387253 unreproducible moreinfo/SMTP problem with postfix postfix_2.3.3-1_i386.deb
402047 XFORWARD extension does not works with IPv6 link local addresses
402086 postfix: AUTH=<> causes problems relaying to some ISPs
403020 Woody/Etch: Postfix fails to send message with delimiter sign in address
406348 wontfix patch/chrooted postfix doesn't copy /etc/ldap/ssl to enable secure ldap lookup for recipient or sender
420172 moreinfo/postfix: this version keeps crashing
434262 postfix cannot handle relayhost pointing to a CNAME
435473 postfix: strict_rfc821_envelopes allows MAIL FROM with trailing spaces
437841 moreinfo/Postfix SASL configuration file smtpd.conf is placed in the wrong directory
443089 unreproducible moreinfo/postfix: Postfix does not start because it lacks a file
450787 postfix: should handle hosts with non-existant FQDN better
457864 moreinfo unreproducible/postfix: Helper apps get killed due to 'bad command startup -- throttling' with no reason
470852 postfix: Wildcard virtual alias maps cause unwanted bounces
470916 postfix -main.cf.dist file not working
479064 postfix: auto-modified master.cf during upgrade sarge->etch invalid
482173 ipv6/Postfix rejects valid IPv6 addresses
483863 postfix: smtp transcript always sent to error_notice_recipient
494059 smtp_sasl_password_maps should be optional
504027 patch/postfix: Some chroot issues in init.d script (+ patch)
511933 init script fails to stop if /usr is a symlink
516208 the greylisting implementation supplied as an "example" with postfix no longer works
520674 splitting long lines in email messages, postfix + amavisd-new
520936 postfix: Default TLS setting need to be updated? (smtpd_use_tls / smtpd_tls_security_level)
523402 smtpd_sasl_local_domain cannot be changed
528839 postfix: please add dovecot to the deliverers in master.cf. patch included
537789 postfix: postmap crashes if networking is not configured
544453 patch/Change Email Submission Port to Comply with RFC 4409
544727 postfix: postinst is noisy
551307 CVE-2009-2939 is still affecting postfix in lenny.
559466 postfix: Error message from post-install
560051 pending/patched postfix-script does not take care of postmulti strategy : postfix-script, postfix-post-install, postfix-files move to /usr/lib/postfix
561807 postfix: sasl won't work in the sasl folder
573748 libssl0.9.8: unknown message digest algorithm error in postfix
575670 unreproducible moreinfo/postfix: Mutt says mailbox read-only; /var/mail group looks wrong, man?, drwxrwsr-x 2 root man 4096 Mar 27 20:32 mail
578188 Postfix installation fails due to bug in dialog "Bad recipient delimiter"
578862 postfix: Verify reports incorrect 'No such file or directory' on its database
597934 postfix reconfigure does not re-set current hostname to myhostname
601873 /usr/sbin/update-rc.d: Required-start is not applied
603780 network_biopair_interop: error reading 5 bytes from the network: Connection reset by peer
604521 postfix: service field in sender_dependent_relayhost_maps unknown
604707 postfix: permit_mynetworks doesn't override reject_unauth_pipelining
606007 GSSAPI: Modifications to chroot.
606926 postfix: Intermittent bounces: "This system is not configured to relay mail from" me.
614844 postfix: smarthost smtp.live.com:submission gets: ..warning: TLS library problem:..
620310 postfix: Certificate errors appear in /var/log/mail.info (not mail.err or mail.warn)
620543 upgrade from lenny to squeeze: mailbox_command changed
624023 postfix: redundant ldconfig in postinst and postrm
626928 fatal: getrlimit: Operation not permitted
627026 fatal: unable to determine open file limit
627570 postfix: Postfix does not stop via script, so upgrade fails.
629316 postfix: Does not copy certificated to correct directory in chroot
631665 postfix: Postfix has stopped sending mail
643022 pending patch/cpio output on startup
643319 postfix: postsuper man page does not make explicit how to restrict -d to named queues
652511 wontfix/postfix: Postfix fails to start after upgrade due failed `Running newaliases postalias …'
655068 postfix: Ifdown script race condition with systemd unit
656332 postfix: Please allow like exim to map system UID to root by default
665481 postfix: postlog segfaults on --help
670376 pending/postfix: please add dependency “Suggests: postfix-doc”
670864 security/postfix: CVE-2011-0411 is not fixed in any of Debian postfix packages
671235 inet_protocols can't be preseeded
674478 postfix: Postfix restriction class dont work (Postfix Per-Client/User/etc. Access Control)
675211 postfix flush when virtual (vpn) interfaces show
675730 postfix: smtp client ignores sasl settings
678808 postfix: no logs under rsyslog
682246 postfix: postsuper man pages needs update on -d example
685137 postfix: Won't send mails: "fatal: SASL per-connection initialization failed"
685718 [postfix] newaliases fails using static lookups thus package updates fail
685738 ipv6/postfix: mynetworks=[fe80::]/64 does not match ipv6 link local addresses
688907 postfix: Postfix ignores strict_8bitmime_body=no
693127 smtpd crash with signal 6 when using ldaps for domain maps lookup
694680 moreinfo/postfix: Doesn't set the correct SE Linux labels from maintscript
695172 postfix: myhostname cannot be set to /etc/mailname
703805 postfix: insserv cannot enable postfix if dnsmasq is disabled
704806 postfix: unused parameter: program_directory=/usr/lib/postfix
706505 postfix TLS vulnerable to CVE-2012-4929 ?
707835 postfix: "failure copying certificates" on Squeeze->Wheezy Upgrade
708420 moreinfo/postfix: With multiple instances, the init script does not start all instances
709859 postfix: relay fail after upgrade from 2.3
714770 saslauthd bind mount fails during boot
722251 IPv6 only relay_transport does not work
729188 openssl: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number:s3_pkt.c:337:
733123 postfix: Postfix fails to start because it cant build the chroot
734401 postfix: debconf settings don't reflect main.cf if altered manually (e.g. relay_host)
735857 postfix: init.d/postfix should include opendkim, policyd-weight, et alia in Should-Start
737801 postconf -m lists mysql when postfix-mysql is not installed
738314 init script short description should describe service, not script
738835 Satellite/null client settings
739371 postfix: warning: hostname localhost does not resolve to address ::1: No address associated with hostname
741368 'chown: cannot access `/usr/lib/postfix/dict_sdbm.so': No such file or directory'.
741888 patch security/postfix: vulnerability, remotely exploitable, spews DSNs

Package: argus-client
147613 argus-client: no manpages
316448 argus-client: ragraph broken with OpenBSD tcpdump/BPF output
379629 patch/argus-client: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
381479 argus-client: wrong timeSpecification in rahistogram -h
386602 argus-client: rahistogram does not return an error when the source file does not exist
716565 [Mayhem] Bug report on argus-client: ratop crashes with exit status 139
744254 Conflicting declarations of variables "ArgusTotalCount", "ArgusTotalBytes"

Package: icewm
147895 unreproducible upstream/Xnest dies on WM exit
152773 unreproducible upstream/icewm: icewm crashed when using remotely through an X terminal
160353 upstream/First click is not passed to emacs in icewm, when it is getting focus
174712 upstream/icewm: Taskbar is focusable, has a window border and is too high
178845 unreproducible/icewm: can't load fonts
187130 unreproducible upstream/icewm: doNotCover not availiable from window-menu
193412 upstream/Too verbose multibyte error messages, summarize better
202134 upstream unreproducible//usr/bin/icewm: switching between mozilla and shell window
214677 sid icewm update broke fonts
249293 icewm: no focus switch when choosing window from taskbar icon 'windows'
256081 statistics about which window was in the foreground would be nice
271012 icewmbg: "SupportSemitransparency=0" causes icewmbg to exit silently
289127 icewm: can't use multiple monitors with keyboard
290889 icewm: new windows are always opened on screen 0 using SmartPlacement and Xinerama mode
296889 icewm: minimized windows are placed out of workspace
298917 Show NetworkStatusDevice only for up and running Devices
305074 icewm: return focus after leaving xpdf
314587 icewm: Xmgrace windows can not be closed any more
316118 icewm: correctly shows status of not more than 3 network devices
318642 icewm: After moving a window to another workspace, nothing has focus
321517 icewm: letter navigation in menus
321639 icewm: active window gets hidden when a subdialog is closed (e.g. a find dialog)
341534 icewm: Logout does not close gdesklets correctly
348843 icewm: SmartPlacement is not smart in some cases
352736 icewm: maximized windows are restored with offset
382142 icewm: amsn interaction: Close Window to minimize only works 2nd time
398950 icewm: startMinimized:1 and allWorkspaces:1 in winoptions not taken into account
400880 icewm: systray icon not allocated enough space
404529 icewm: Hanging clients can hang entire window manager
416624 icewm: Pointer focus don't work, it used to.
434841 icewm: key gets stuck when switch workspaces
437312 icewm: "RaiseOnClickClient=1" doesn't work anymore
451307 hollow cursor after quitting with "q"
465301 Icewm - X shape extension problem
465500 blinking tab vs. ALT-TAB
474163 find fonts automatically like emacs and firefox
512109 icewm: cannot move window to secondary display when using extended desktop
523108 icewm: distorted background with ppm files
530648 unreproducible/icewm: Taskbar with autohide is not accesible
532141 icewm: toolbar item text not shown anymore
536059 icewm: Taskbar half invisible with two different-height screens
536251 icewm: IceWM fails to handle a secondary display above the primary screen
539490 icewm: tray problems
545176 imagemagick: import - SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) on drag region
547470 Javascript: windows still gain focus with raise and lower disabled
549303 icewm: Resizing jpeg images with display doesn't work
553278 icewm: Tray isn't being redrawn after restarting icewm
556469 icewm: Resizing images with Imagemagick fails
564296 icewm: Open window (tray: Exclusive): hidden taskbar shows up.
565420 icewm: exits immediately after background is drawn
567083 emacs -Q doesn't fit on the user's screen
580985 upstream/edge switch position not updated on screen resize event
605926 patch/icewm: Redundant desktop files.
611505 icewm does not unblock signals for reboot and shutdown command
628203 System load tooltip in panel displays wrong data
631176 unreproducible/drop down menu appears in the upper left corner
654161 upstream/icewm: should not show windows with _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR hint on the quick swith window
672402 icewm taskbar resets randomly
695035 icewm: tray messed up, 'dead' window instead
695040 icewm: tray window not working correctly, dead window appears
706697 icewm: menu configuration file is lost
720211 icewm + slim: no wallpaper working
721415 icewm: lock workstation not working witout .xlockrc
721416 icewm: "Lock Workstation" does not show has active
723844 patch/icewm: please apply workaround to fix JDK7 text field focus issue

Package: bsd-mailx
148071 unreproducible/mailx: edits to outgoing mail dropped when ~v to elvis is used as external editor
162333 mailx: d + RET skips message
198167 upstream/mailx: mail -f <&- wont give full summary
324981 /usr/bin/mail: saves only those displayed to spool
642940 Disappearing emails in bsd-mailx 8.1.2-0.200909
733040 bsd-mailx: exits zero even if it fails to send msg

Package: fdutils
148674 help/fdutils: autodetection fails

Package: slashem
148683 confirmed/slashem: no manpage for the config file provided
545495 confirmed/slashem: Provide a wizard user instead of root
611610 confirmed/slashem: panics when the god gives you the Holy Spear of Light

Package: libgtk2.0-dev
148766 wontfix upstream/libgtk2.0-dev: Warning with -Wstrict-prototypes
515722 libgtk2.0-dev: gdkspawn.h fails G_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES check "Only <glib.h> can be included directly."
582860 [libgtk2.0-dev] pkg-config requires too many libraries
621017 gtk-builder-convert: illegal property given used for GTKTextView conversion
660744 sid jessie/Out of date dependency for libpango1.0-dev in libgtk2.0-dev 2.24.9-2
689097 libgtk2.0-dev is not Multi-Arch compatible

Package: scite
148845 l10n/scite: i18n input does not work
211559 SciTE sometimes hangs when opening files
241230 patch/scite: LaTex missing in Lexer and latex.properties not included
266338 scite: editors with 1-pixel height don't get drawn; also applies to "output" view when 'hidden'
303749 moreinfo unreproducible/Scite does not start
309228 l10n/selecting a word including special chars fails
347307 l10n/scite: GLib-Warning when converting date and time to UTF8
378897 scite is SLOW since upgrade from sarge (1.63-1) -> etch (1.69-1)
390115 scite: Reverse direction do nothing in Replace
412270 Scite bad utf-8 encoding with illegal characters
454308 SciTE segfault when trying to open or save files !!!
456142 scite: Window positioning after "find"
476150 [scite] leaves /usr/share/app-install/desktop/scite.desktop even after purging
505104 scite: doesn't delete communication socket on SIGTERM
537250 scite: typo in r.properties
587229 [scite:2.03-1] pov.properties tries to launch pvengine.exe rather than povray
628090 scite: background colour is #00ffff
631721 scite: File Chooser dialog doesn't fit on screen
649125 scite: Crash caused by bug in CPP lexer
659513 scite: "open file" dialog box do not show file with extension .htm

Package: lwresd
149140 Bind 9.2.1 - lwresd man page incorrect
168659 lwresd binds to by default
192047 lwresd binds to in spite of man page
250219 process `lwresd' is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT
270231 lwresd: Running processes are nore cleaned at apt-get --purge remove
270233 apt: [apt-get] --purge remove does not kill running processes (lwresd)
365564 lwresd: permission denied errors
369103 lwresd: needs to be grafted into the resolvconf structure, or needs to detect when /etc/resolv.conf changes
393916 Creates debug file in /
429833 lwresd: host resolution isn't working when lwresd is running
687210 lwresd: failed to add lwres socket: address in use

Package: src:coreutils
149214 shellutils: stty flush undocumented and pointless on linux
721358 coreutils: use dummy man when cross build

Package: anacron
149431 anacron: documentation incomplete
270912 Job `cron.daily' locked by another anacron - skipping
565480 unreproducible/anacron: rule in pm-utils/power.d works the opposite way as it should
566281 anacron: clutters syslog with useless messages
619648 unreproducible/cron.daily doesn't execute scheduled scripts
630630 moreinfo patch/Anacron cross-building patch
666390 anacron: change default ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER to yes
672061 [anacron] Daily cronjobs in crontabs of users aren't ran by anacron.
709553 anacron: cron.daily jobs are not run after boot as planned
733299 update-rc.d: warning: start and stop actions are no longer supported; falling back to defaults
743448 patch/[anacron] Allow job serialisation to be customisable
744753 patch/anacron: Anacron not triggered when system resumes under systemd

Package: gnats-user
149513 gnats-user: /etc/gnats/databases missing
325838 patch/gnats-user: Error when choosing a database in Emacs interface
715954 [Mayhem] Bug report on gnats-user: getclose crashes with exit status 139

Package: ifmail
149694 help wontfix/ifmail: rfc822(1036?) violation

Package: bash
149722 confirmed/libc6: ldd: bogus check for read permission
267060 upstream/bash: completion error commands/directories conflict
293659 Bash: Problems with string evaluation??
299097 moreinfo unreproducible/netdiag: statnet consumes 90% CPU
306043 "bash doesn't complete executables with whitespace in their name"
310012 bash3: C-M-i binding changed by not documented
323300 upstream wontfix/bash: \kill not invoke /bin/kill
332881 bash sometimes loses output
335642 Memory leak in bash 3.0-15
336224 bash: trap with one command trashes exit status
337159 elinks: Does not recover from CTRL-Z
339114 bash: description of @(pattern-list) misleading in man page
341282 bash: EINTR kills redirection
343673 --rcfile description in bash man page is incorrect
343976 History file is saved with incorrect size
344625 bash: manpage inconsistency: MAILCHECK
344783 bash3: the random number generator seems to be reseeded when a subshell is created
345447 bash: job control messages not properly escaped
346215 bash: a kill -TERM causes the EXIT trap to be executed
360793 upstream/bash -c '. /dev/enoent; whoami' unhelpful error code
365193 bash: backslash quoting rules is too technical. Please provide examples
367012 bash: emacs command editor to launch gdb turns off echoing
368087 bash3: please make it easy for the user to get expected SIGINT behavior
368666 wontfix upstream/bash does not check $PATH if hash fails
368934 shell xargs too hard to write (please make a truly raw read -r)
370813 bash: DEBUG trap munges job title to trap command string, rather than job command string
374565 confirmed upstream/bash: printf from dlocate segfaults with fr_FR.UTF-8 locale
375849 apt: continue prompt occasionally fails to continue
377763 upstream confirmed/bash: here document fails with read-only root fs?
378275 Behavior of the shell when sourcing a FIFO
379696 ~/bin handled incorrectly in .bashrc and .bash_profile
382798 bash echo builtin fails on EINTR (I think)
383760 bash: XON/XOF flow control makes incremental search unusable
383978 bash: [EASY FIX!] Interpretation of HISTTIMEFORMAT changed w/o notice
384025 bash: Binding "\M-\C-i" results in broken binding, only "\C-\M-i" works.
387384 bash: cannot declare -f function-name-with-hyphens
387408 command completion not working with ACLs
395477 bash: Empty sub-string expansion bug
399076 time: Bad interaction with SIGSTOP/SIGCONT
400046 bash: man page tells me "typeset +r" will undo a "typeset -r" but it doesn't
403467 bash: Unknown part of script causes assertion failure
403676 bash: declare -ax SOMETHING within function leads to "unbound variable" later
413619 bash: process substitution doesn't work with 'source' builtin
417946 bash: dumps core while running parallel processes
420257 bash: redirection outlasts loop with failing brace expansion
420752 bash: Ignores ENV and BASH_ENV
421591 bash: test builtin (or [) does not behave correctly
423207 bash builtins should not kill script when they get SIGPIPE
423208 bash fails to report `Broken pipe'
423399 SIGPIPE on a process early in a pipe should not die with -o pipefail
423400 bash bizarre behaviour when redirecting fd 10
425100 Possible NULL dereferencing in string_to_rlimtype()
426990 upstream/bash: "help test" gives no hint of complicated precedence rules
431333 bash ignores ACLs
432078 bash: Mailcheck takes very long on large maildirs
434769 bash: caused me to have a zombie process as part of the foreground process group
440304 bash: innacurate command syntax specification in 'help for'
443506 upstream/bash: segfault in function with endless recursion
443685 bash: Quote removal happening too early
444133 bash: Export persists after function call
445453 builtin "read -a" adds junk to escaped strings
452922 bash: \C-@ does not work in a key binding; some key sequences require the longer Control-$key syntax
453037 Memory leak after repeated inclusion of function
454542 sh behaves differently if invoked from fish rather than from bash
458985 Should not end job control on SIGHUP
464210 bash dies when tab completing tilde paths via LDAP query
465979 moreinfo/bash goes into endless loop
469233 bash man page: confusion between commands and pipelines, associativity undefined
470811 manpage: definition of "words" lacks forward reference
477407 double loading of /etc/bash_completion makes that .bashrc does not load
478096 bash: local does not work for some Bash variables
479155 set expand-tilde off in ~/.inputrc does not work
483016 bash: wait builtin doesn't return immediately after CHLD trap is executed
484478 bash: man page does not mention wait builtin in jobcontrol or pipeline sections
484633 bash: program started from wrong path
485454 Debian package 'bash' dependency on package 'readline-common' is not documented.
486906 bash: \<newline> handling in here-documents might be broken
487387 bash: regular-expression comparaison (=~) no longer works
488666 bash 3.2 upstream version should have "dfsg" in it
488781 prompt customization does not work with new bash
490158 bash: history problem with long HISTIGNORE
495764 BASH_COMMAND not useable as intended in a trap handler
496577 Prompt acts wrong and the cursor goes to wrong positions
496740 script: cannot execute binary file, when file is a normal shell script
497627 bash: Parameter Expansion changed ${SHARE//\\\\//} (sarge: 2.05b-26) is now ${SHARE//\\//} (lenny: 3.2-4)
499438 bash: Default prompt does not work with LDAP users
499633 noclobber Error Message Inconsitancy
503697 confirmed/completing paths in cd with symlinks is not right
504559 [bash] manual page refers to regex(3)
504642 bash doesn't treat quoted "!" chars in ""-strings correctly
505188 bash shell is not giving proper output for my c program executable file.
506104 bash: Problem with Parameter Expansion ${param//patt/str} if str contains a single quote (')
506558 mention abs-guide package available
509270 Duplicate output for autocomplete on ~/ followed by make command.
509936 Typo in /etc/skel/.bashrc - HISTCONTROL
510089 bash: Parameter expension with negative offset does not work
510193 bash: Default .bashrc breaks mc prompt
510201 bash: command-not-found package should work out of the box
510622 bash doesn't add failed command with '!' symbol in command to history
511148 Crash with botched assertion on no completions with bash-completion
511215 process substitution without /dev/fd
512612 With set IFS no proper fields splitting.
514329 SIGPIPE trap problem
514391 bash: erasedups is ignored if edit-and-execute-command is used and command exits
514434 bash: Cannot directly work with names starting with non-unicode
514862 bash: POSIX conformance: set -e and $(...)
515234 bash fails to process files separately with for name in *
516019 bash weirdness when dealing with more
518219 bash does not track command history
519799 debian/rules patch does not work
520414 bash: --verbose is not documented in manpage
522160 bash: shopt -s extglob; var=hello; echo ${var//?(o)} should print "hell"
522849 Bash xrealloc randomly fails
525080 miscellaneous problems with the defualt bash config in /etc/skel
529627 bash: nounset treats empty array as unset, contrary to man. page
530782 bash: manual page doesn't match "declare ... -p ..." behavior
532379 malformed datestamp in bash history file hangs 64bit bash
532899 bash: problem with for loop in process substitution with function
534929 bash 4 outputs spurious ^C when sending SIGINT
535009 bash: inconsistent calculation of remainders when dividend begins with 0
538891 bash: completion incorrect with symlinks
547264 mixing coloured prompt and non-ASCII breaks newline at prompt
548364 trap RETURN defined in fuction overrides trap outside function
551487 bash: falsely claims to have new mail
553695 bash: associative array causes crash on assignment
558239 bash: Fails when i process a simple shell script with regular expressions in Lenny but not in Etch
565621 bash: ulimit -v documentation misleading
566641 bash: wait $pid exits before $pid has terminated
567307 bash: Bash crashes when changing directory to awkwardly formed directory name
573780 "trap - SIGNAL" should reset SIGNAL to SIG_DFL not to initial value
574396 please set enable-meta-key (_rl_enable_meta) sanely
576476 patch/base-files: Default root prompt breaks line wrapping in putty terminal
578193 bash: The nospace completion options does not work as advertised
579840 bash fails with colored prompt + multibyte UTF-8 characters
591321 error: "value too great for base" while comparing numbers more than 7 with leading zeros
595291 bash: Loses track of window size when running editor through sudo
596119 history-search-backward and operate-and-get-next do not cooperate
596362 bash: strange behaviour when typing long comands
598730 bash: outdated comment in /etc/skel/.profile about the default umask
599250 bash/README.Debian: doesn't explain how to customize /bin/sh (as promised in preinst)
600975 bash: Ctrl-s forward-search-history is not working
601042 bash: yank-last-arg in VI_COMMAND_MODE wrongly rings bell
601105 bash(1) manpage: "~/.bashrc and ~/.bashrc"
601409 bash: weird behaviour on long command with a custom PS1
601632 bash 4.0 breaks some completion scripts
602575 bash: Commands executed with $($prog) do not run properly
602630 bash: free: called with already freed block argument
602762 Unexpected behaviour of trailing spaces in .inputrc
603696 malloc: ../bash/alias.c:491: assertion botched ...during expansion
605398 bash: pipeline in an input-reading while loop causes premature termination
607079 bash: Problem with redirection from file descriptor >10
611417 can't turn off job notification in scripts
614714 patch/Corrupt display for history search in vi-mode, 256-color prompt
631169 bash prompts with newlines and hidden characters get confused
642056 Console is spammed with "Message from syslogd@meixian at Sep 19 12:03:07 ... such IMContext",when Pidgin IRC protocol is used.
642504 bash: file number exhaustion on certain redirections in loop: "Too many open files"
650297 memory leak at variable modification
652100 [bash] Does not handle Unicode properly anymore
656661 upstream/shell-expand-line incorrectly handles escaped strings in aliases
658436 Backgrounding editor launched to edit command line (C-x C-e) does not work well
660033 wontfix/bash: Initial space looses history
666492 upstream/bash && operator prevents backgrounding over ssh
666937 bash "source" not equivalent to "."
671133 bash: Incorrect treatment of \H in $PS1
677236 interactive bash sometimes ignores various signals
680007 upstream moreinfo/bash: man page description of parameter substitution incomplete (: optional)
680677 bash fails if PS1 has colour code
681001 bash: Bash does not like file starting with BOM character
681010 bash: simplyfy /etc/skel/.bashrc PS1 console_codes
686794 bash notifies of new mail on tab completion, does not wait for PS1
690883 l10n patch/bash: translation error in french manpage
692447 bash: Default value parameter expansion works incorrectly with $* and single null pos. paramter
694628 bash: behaviour of "|&" doesn't match documentation
698145 /etc/skel/.bashrc: "handy aliases" section: use of deprecated programs fgrep and egrep
698411 EXIT trap and pipeline and subshell
699248 bash: displayed completion does not match the words used to complete
700420 bash: cd wrong error message in POSIX mode
702559 how comes .bashrc is read in non-interactive mode?
702875 alias for grep breaks "grep bash"
704664 bash: erases history when disk is full
706409 changes in bash.bashrc get overwritten
708979 bash (readline): Something is wrong with binding keys to functions
712080 bash: substring expansion fails with "Bad substitution"
713051 bash: in /etc/skel/.bashrc, check if bash_completion has already run before
714568 bash: History is not saved when X session is exited
714743 [bash] wait: specify that you can only wait for child PIDs
719358 bash: Bash incorrectly handles trap when already within a signal handler
724461 bash: ulimit -T documented but doesn't work
725707 xmalloc: ../../../bash/lib/sh/stringvec.c:40: cannot allocate
734550 upstream/[bash] Misleading/incomplete documentation for BASH_SUBSHELL and SHLVL
735042 upstream/[bash] 0 is null (misleading test documentation)
735117 upstream/[bash] Variable assignment has no effect in asynchronous pipelines
736140 bash: set -v and appending to /dev/stderr in a file looses a little data
738457 bash: 4.3~rc2-1 login via ssh is very slow
738605 bash man page says can't break line
739853 bash: "hash -l" output not always reusable for input
740745 bash 4.3-1 uninstallable due to overwrite bash.html
740780 bash: basic bash completion is broken
740874 bash: history search broken in horizontal-scroll-mode
740971 bash: completion fails on file names that contain spaces or other special characters
740977 pipe causes bash to hang when DEBUG is trapped
741034 patch/bash: Array slicing broken
741292 bash: completion wrongly adds before $ when special characters follow
741402 [bash] Shell functions definitions may require parentheses despite function keyword
741699 patch/bash: internal function "time" doesn't use locale's decimal separator
741880 bash: completion bugs WRT directory names in variables and their subdirectories
741950 bash: histfilesize always 2000 lines
742006 upstream/[bash] Incomplete grammar in manual page (compound commands)
743944 bash: malloc error in parse.y:2314: assertion botched (realloc: start and end chunk sizes differ)

Package: gzip
149775 wontfix upstream/gzip --list gives wrong uncompressed file size for large files
189252 wontfix/gzip: z* should be in /usr/bin
255634 upstream wontfix//bin/zcat: handle non-gz's, like zgrep
287417 /usr/share/info/gzip.info.gz: Nulls, backspaces
294969 gzip -v -l : please declare if original name and timestamp is available
407278 patch wontfix/gzip: zless: make it work as a pipe command too
508771 zless wrong output on zero sized files
513754 wontfix/Shell which cannot use the type command
575884 upstream/Piping in to gzip -l produces broken stats output
589222 wontfix/possible FHS violation, as zcat and gunzip are not symbolic or hard links to gzip
604617 say exactly what byte the trailing garbage was encountered at
688958 gzip -9n produces different files on ia64
722529 zgrep on a directory silently fails
738546 typo in gzip(1) manpage: syncronizing -> synchronizing

Package: desklaunch
149780 wontfix/desklaunch: lots of confusion when running multiple desklaunch instances
163186 wontfix/desklaunch: Seg Fault when running in VNC

Package: mmv
149873 mmv: silently drops files which contain spaces

Package: pinball
150082 pinball: game unplayable on PII-400 system
442809 pinball: close button doesn't work
443493 When pinball is purged it does not remove directory /var/games/pinball
450763 Pressing insert during play causes immediate exit
642477 NMU

Package: madplay
150278 upstream/madplay leaks memory
425112 madplay on sgi mips64 big endian
549307 madplay: Unable to set hw params for playback: File descriptor in bad state
695931 madplay fails to play - device or resource busy

Package: cyrus21-admin
151295 wontfix upstream/sieveshell is horked

Package: fte
151475 fte: C code indent problem -- GNU style
650284 upstream/fte: Directory view is broken
715726 [Mayhem] Bug report on fte: cfte crashes with exit status 139

Package: gkrellm-volume
151769 gkrellm-volume: drops configuration if unable to open sound devices
356508 [patch] add a missing struct member initialization
367564 patch/gkrellm-volume: About tab reports version 2.1.12
430882 gkrellm-volume does not work with pax-enabled kernel
499412 [PATCH] fix slider name corruption
692143 gkrellm: Replaces config file symlink
712184 gkrellm-volume: does not unmute (Master or Headphone)

Package: epic4-help
151947 epic4-help: Help system is really bad

Package: tidy
152140 tidy: please also enable us to strip empty <a>
158015 tidy: How do you expect a big5 document to contain legal &#number; references?
354640 upstream/tidy -utf8 -raw or else wrapping wacko on wide chars
356926 tidy: Tidy complains about valid nested <q> tags
458373 formats <pre><code> with newlines, which subtly changes presentation
461655 wontfix/changelog important
506398 Tidy has a non-zero exit status when successful
512380 tidy ate newline which was a significant whitespace
529187 tidy: merge-divs and repeated-attributes
534158 upstream/tidy-mark default actually "yes"
562004 upstream/tidy -ashtml produces invalid output
607020 upstream/Error: <st1:personname> is not recognized!
607065 "tidy -asxhtml -utf8 --add-xml-decl yes" doesn't specify the encoding
607066 tidy should not generate entity references (except standard XML ones) for XHTML
624558 Malformed html file causing tidy to misbehave
628011 On empty list, tidy transforms a valid XHTML file into an invalid one
690039 Error: <fb:like> is not recognized!
712293 message line numbers jumbled
712295 nonsense line : column numbers
720615 -w acts different than -w 0

Package: freecraft
152311 sid jessie/Can't save user-created maps
186882 Crashes immediately on Alpha
202085 freecraft: No sound with alsa
225586 Unexpected burst fire with catapults
421116 freecraft: does not start on 1280x960 displays
442149 after system has been running a while freecraft will no longer run
688399 Conflicting declarations of variable siod_verbose_level
744762 freecraft: valgrind report invalid reads

Package: xli
152334 xli: -onroot with xinerama doesn't work properly
176365 upstream/xli: going from little picture to big doesnt readjust window
202140 upstream//usr/X11R6/bin/xli: adjusting gamma loses fullscreen
230887 upstream/xli: white flash upon p and n
282263 upstream/pnm defaults to wrong gamma
474934 Modification time: say UTC, or better yet say nothing
535482 /usr/share/man/man1/xli.1.gz: some file formats are not listed
595323 xli: package description does not distinguish from xloadimage
608986 -rotate only affects the first image, no matter what
628878 patch/png.c:278: pngLoad: Assertion `image->width * image->pixlen == png_get_rowbytes(png, info)' failed.
663938 patch/xli: -geometry with negative offset is broken
700774 Homepage do not exist anymore

Package: owl
152403 owl: @(@color(foo)) support broken

Package: fookb-plainx
152714 fookb-plainx: X app-defaults
408162 fookb-plainx: Menu item does not work by default.

Package: rxvt
152887 upstream/rxvt: font rendering problems, pixels stay behind
195843 rxvt fails to start when I add xfstt fonts to the fontpath under tightvncserver
279230 patch/rxvt: rclock icon geometry option broken
297926 rxvt: segfaults if hidden during redraw (virtual desktop switch)
303567 /usr/bin/rxvt-xpm: with pixmap like this : rxvt.stil.xpm; 1-0+0, rxvt will tile the image if it can display >10 images
347344 rxvt crashes when a parent rxvt window is closed via X window manager
353559 patch/rxvt: eats cpu when looses focus when obscured
465814 rxvt: 400 character width limit
564511 The executable file would be better located in /usr/bin/X11
577036 patch/rxvt: add selection TIMESTAMP support
613079 rxvt requires environment locale setup to allow input of non-ASCII characters
716576 [Mayhem] Bug report on rxvt: rclock crashes with exit status 139
725323 rxvt: -geometry setting not recognized by executed commands

Package: epic4
152996 epic4: Displayed STATUS_FORMAT doesn't match what it's set to
158527 epic4: encryption appears badly broken
495065 epic4: embedding perl needs PERL_SYS_INIT3()

Package: aboot
153176 upstream/aboot: Broken device translation
222904 upstream/aboot: can't read the configuration anymore
270801 netabootwrap creates unbootable images
480014 Swriteboot should be promoted more prominently

Package: icon-ipl
153197 icon-ipl: package should recommend icon-doc

Package: sasl2-bin
153915 upstream help moreinfo/sasl2-bin: saslauthd leaks memory using PAM
601627 upstream//usr/sbin/saslauthd: ldap connection shutdown problem
735325 [sasl2-bin] auth_rimap: unexpected response to auth request

Package: courier-mta
154018 courier-mta: makealiases doesn't make .courier file in /etc/courier/aliasdir
188116 Courier's sendmail wrapper doesn't play nicely with vacation
193949 upstream/violates RFC 2821 section
214860 courier-mta: courier expects sendmail in /usr/lib/courier/bin/sendmail
215384 sid jessie/courier-mta: sendmail occasionally breaks pipe (exiting on error?)
221747 security/courier-mta: SMTP AUTH Fails over SMTP when ESMTPAUTH is undefined
226141 unreproducible moreinfo/filter permission troubles
229287 courier-mta: /etc/aliases not imported or documented
238317 Error message in courier-webadmin
243416 sid jessie/courier-mta: makeacceptmailfor does not behave in the way the man page describes
254182 courier-mta: Courier destroys modified /etc/courier/aliases on upgrade
279721 Purging courier-mta leaves files in /var/lib/courier/tmp
296442 courier-mta removal leaves dangling man1 symlinks
336648 courier-mta: blacklisting does not work
338221 courier-mta: Cannot store record for - duplicate or out of disk space.
394959 courier-mta doesn't work as expected with maildrop
430166 GNU mailutils' mail can't send mail as root user with courier-mta, mail -> sendmail compat prob?
488200 courier-mta: aliasdir not created
556448 courier-mta: cannot use sendmail as root with stdout, stderr closed
612626 courier-mta: leavs empty files in ~/Maildir/tmp/, if user is overquota
692954 courier-mta: leaves diversion after upgrade from lenny
703570 patch/courier-mta: makealiases builds incorrect .xalias files
728747 courier-mta won't start randomly at boot

Package: nmap
154288 nmap: XML logging can produce files that aren't XML 1.0
195299 nmap: IPv6 mode doesn't seem to do ping tests properly
212438 nmap Strange read error from Transport endpoint is not connected
300969 Bogus warning about duplicate files
322137 patch/nmap: [manual] Rewrite option section to mention privileged users/normal users
396062 nmap does not work on distant host
411369 nmap: hangs if sigint during startup
436041 nmap: fails to ping-scan the network
486351 pending patch/nmap: script engine not ready for prime time
498020 pending/Some upstream files not shipped; breaks script engine
500048 pending/nmap: services file out of date, breaks new features
501371 unreproducible moreinfo/nmap: failed to determine route
527997 pending patch/nmap: links against embedded copy of liblua
529327 blackhole routes not handled
535441 nmap fails on large range scan
584301 fixed-upstream/nmap broken with resolver setting 'options inet6'.
593526 nmap: incorrect services listed for port numbers 9101-9107
647991 nmap fails to work with some interface labels
658586 nmap: citrix-enum-servers fails because of missing lua file
673337 patch/Subject: zenmap install should use DESTDIR instead of modifying prefix
691774 nmap: dependency on python is not needed
695113 /usr/bin/nping: nping crashes with "Bus error" on SPARC sun4u
714320 unreproducible/nmap 6.0 package excessive dependencies
724580 nmap: ncat segfaults when scanned with nmap --script 'ssl*,tls*'
737950 nmap: Unexpectedly heavy dependencies through liblinear1 recommending liblinear-tools (gnuplot/ghostscript/imagemagick/fontconfig/libx*/hicolor-icon-theme)
744938 nmap: manual page missing text

Package: mpack
154839 wontfix patch upstream/mpack: munpack problem with withespaces
211472 /usr/bin/munpack: tempdesc.txt: File exists messages
299057 mpack: Numbering for duplicate filenames isn't reset with multiple attachments
312171 hostname part of message-id not configurable -- incorrectly assumes mpack host is correct host
322492 munpack: strip carriage returns
361828 Does not let me send text/html
404864 munpack: QP/Base64 filenames
497527 mpack: Munpack fails on multipart MIME messages
509945 duplicates counter not reset: .1, .2, .3...
527555 munpack should return 1 on errors
547168 mpack: munpack doesn't extract headers from embedded email attachments
647180 mpack: munpack adds char 255(0xff) to output file(s) unpacking quoted-printable newlines
651866 mpack: munpack removes all carriage returns from a quoted-printable encoded file
686832 mpack strips "-" characters from lines
700635 Munpack adds "X" character at the end of extracted attachment file name

Package: mount
154978 wontfix upstream/misleading message "you must specify the filesystem type"
174603 wontfix upstream/mount: should ignore 'raid autodetect' partitions when searching for fs label
175367 wontfix upstream/mount: Please mention that vfat doesnt support ownerships and access times
181001 wontfix/mount: "only root can do that" message doesn't indicate what problem is
185059 wontfix upstream/mount: swapoff -a twice results in two calls to the swapoff(2) syscall
186161 upstream wontfix/mount with NTFS doesn't respect user option
244859 wontfix upstream/remouting with a different iocharset= leaves the previous value still reported
273762 wontfix upstream/mount failures are too verbose
279916 wontfix//bin/mount: user thinks file operations succeed
283398 wontfix upstream/mount: Command line help fails to mention -n option
335004 fixed-upstream/mount: man page: nosuid option, spacify "rather unsafe"
342360 moreinfo/mount: Missleading error message when trying to unmount a multiple mount point.
377273 mount: quotas for reiserfs not documented in man page
453863 fixed-upstream/Wrong description of devpts in manpage
481661 l10n/mount: Italian manpage lacks of some filesystem specific options
488312 pending patch/segfaults when create_mtab can't determine the fsname
493095 wontfix/aborted lenny upgrade with nfs mount
495261 mount: list of bind examples not uniform
506695 mount: inconsistent fstype auto handling
508412 fixed-upstream patch/sharedsubtree.txt has moved
527958 mount doesn't try libblkid's SEC_TYPE when guessing fs type
530681 patch/[mount] Typos in man page ("e.g,", ".B")
579365 mount option attrs not documented for reiserfs
580047 mount: man fstab(5): tab is also escaped in the second field (fs_file)
585376 thoughts and questions on the mount manpage
603096 pending/Fix for English in mount(8)
605439 patch/mount.preinst requires nfs-common for NFS-rooted system
634304 Seg fault when mounting tmpfs with SELinux enabled
635002 fixed-upstream/impossible to 'mount -at cifs' user mountable cifs shares without being root
639089 upstream/mount: man page: nosuid option, does not cover setuid/setgid directory case
642331 Must not stat mountpoint during force unmount
660131 fixed-upstream/mount mishandles backslash characters
663606 mount(1) does not make the default mount options clear
669169 mount -va incorrectly reports nothing was mounted
670273 patch/findmnt: mention the MAJ:MIN column in the manual
682842 mount: 'mount -a -t cifs' does not honor 'user(s)' option
702935 wheezy-ignore/'mount -f' does not update /run/mount/utab
711184 moreinfo/mount should not stat mountpoints on mount
732117 mount: loop mounting fails with LOOP_SET_FD failed
735280 mount(8) refers package smbfs which is no longer present in sid
736948 fixed-upstream/mount: typo in man page: "reatime"
742519 mount(8) refers to obsolete package smbfs

Package: glibc-doc
155100 glibc-doc: misleading definition of struct timeval from <sys/time.h>
196251 glibc-doc: info should describe about setpgrp() + _BSM_SOURCE.
311259 error and omission in documentation of LANGUAGE
651005 patch//usr/share/man/man3/pthread_cond_wait.3.gz: pthread_cond_wait documentation incorrect, does not allow for spurious wakeups

Package: gsfonts-x11
155169 gsfonts take over the system
191488 gsfonts-x11: Nimbus Sans L horizontally narrower when gsfonts-x11 installed
222459 /etc/X11/fonts/Type1/gsfonts-x11.alias: alias definition missing adstyl
278446 fontconfig: certain font weights/variants are listed but unavailable
298717 gsfonts-x11 crashes sun's java vm
499144 gsfonts-x11: debian/preinst may leave
540007 gsfonts-x11: Symbol Fonts are not available via pango.
618467 [gsfonts-x11] wrong case for "PostScript" in extended description
687232 patch/gsfonts-x11: Grammer Error in control file (package description) W/ Patch

Package: arpwatch
155182 arpwatch: Reports strange errors on arm
289135 patch/arpwatch: [patch] segfault when using '-z' without netmask
327226 arpwatch: Might disclose sensitive information in default configuration
334599 indefinite arpwatch manpage
406339 arpfetch - snmpwalk command and output format both incorrect
410008 arpwatch: override for flip flop detection
439015 Logcheck Warning: Cannot open `/proc/32595/stat'
480835 arpwatch reports bogons even with -N option
545669 patch/arpwatch: arp2ethers, sort does not work with "+2rn"
551350 patch/arpwatch: Should the restart option also apply after general errors?
577792 loops using all the CPU when the watched interface disappears
625796 upstream/arpwatch: VLAN-tagged packets generate "sent bad hardware format" syslog messages
667655 arpwatch: fails to start the first time
705894 patch/'*** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/sbin/arpwatch terminated' after wheezy upgrade
707477 massagevendor fails when not using gawk
707552 massagevendor fails to process http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt
715647 [Mayhem] Bug report on arpwatch: arpwatch crashes with exit status 139
728921 arpwatch: default ignore a network

Package: cdimage.debian.org
157014 Debian 3.0r0 Images are "unstable"
276480 cdimage.debian.org: README.txt mentions nonexisting directories
279987 Checking checksums fails for symbolic links on Windows
314399 cdimage.debian.org: debian-keyring.tar.gz missing
317313 sarge/"Official" README.* contains "unofficial" Last-Minute Notes
497471 squeeze-ignore wheezy-ignore sarge/sarge images have syslinux binaries without source
507706 squeeze-ignore wheezy-ignore/Missing sources for d-i components/kernel of etch-n-half images
538838 cdrom: Lenny:(xfce+lxde)i386 no kernel-image-686 offered to install
572382 cdimage.debian.org: 5.0.4 CD/DVD missing for arch not amd64/i386
609320 squeeze can't be installed if USB keyword is used
614556 cdimage.debian.org: menu option advanced>alternative desktops is hidden
647211 Mini image uses old kernel
672662 cdimage.debian.org: "gnome-screesnaver" starts at livecd boot
702196 cdimage.debian.org: possible problem with webserver configuration management
723842 cdimage.debian.org: debian-7.1.0-i386-lxde-CD-1.iso >> missing the folder .local and .config in the home directory.compare to the xfce.iso there isn't such a problem.
727204 cdimage.debian.org: unable to use e firmware file provided on a USB stick
729519 missing Master Boot Record
738618 cdimage.debian.org: new install CD unsuable on some hardware
740504 cdimage.debian.org: Released ISO images have invalid GPT tables
744959 installer amd64 cdimage fails to boot on Macbook 2,1

Package: etherape
157077 upstream/etherape: refuses interface ppp0
248158 upstream/etherape: CPU goes 100%
277703 upstream/etherape gives Gtk-CRITICAL warning messages
295983 upstream/etherape uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET)
360402 upstream/etherape: Premature preferences application
499080 etherape: Monitoring with "any" interface produces bogus data
566226 etherape: crashes at startup
733593 etherape: ctl+o stops traffic and open a capture file

Package: irssi
157153 patch/Fix default networks in .irssi/config
249789 unreproducible/Connecting to non-ssl server with ssl gives non-descriptive glib error
265774 irssi-text: ``21:06 -!- idle : 1 day*s* 1 hour*s* 1 min*s* 1 sec*s*''
344751 Error when starting irssi
365373 irssi-text: GLib related garbage when route is lost
368253 patch/when using UTF-8, nicknames that contain ISO-8859 characters don't display properly
383927 irssi: connect -ssl -ssl_verify does not verify CN/SubjectAltName
384872 irssi: with ssl eats up cpu and doesn't connect
395832 irssi: ignores SIGHUP
440055 irssi: sometimes forgets how to autocreate windows
463455 irssi: Lack of support for XTerm's modified keys
576766 upstream confirmed/irssi: /UPGRADE doesn't work with SSL connections
577202 irssi: "/unignore #not-ignored" results in "Irssi: is not being ignored"
583544 upstream/irssi only checks DNS entries in subjectaltname, not IP addresses
583548 upstream/please allow setting an "expected cert name" for servers
588181 irssi: "Hole" when long links are posted
595028 upstream confirmed/irssi: /msg goes to wrong network if irssi splits it up into two /msgs
609180 upstream confirmed/irssi crashes when PERL5OPT contains garbage
631731 configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --without-servertest, --enable-perl
637175 patch/irssi: negative files sizes in perl scripts
647838 irssi: alt-1 alt-2... not working although qwerty
658211 irssi infinite redraw
668929 irssi: cert validation requires reverse-lookup-found hostname to be in CN or subjectAltNames
678660 patch/Unknown option --usage
686826 patch upstream/irssi: don't corrupt UTF-8 every 32 kbytes
690970 upstream/irssi: scriptassist triggers deprecation warning: defined(%hash) is deprecated
696105 patch upstream/irssi: line highlights on -mask don't work
696963 /dcc get fails on cifs mount
700105 patch/irssi has no option to show server tag even for current server.
727292 patch/irssi: run dh-autoreconf to update config.{sub,guess} and {libtool,aclocal}.m4
740003 irssi: "critical irssi_bless_iobject: assertion '(type & ~0xffff) == 0' failed" after "/reconnect freenode"

Package: apache2.2-common
157299 upstream/apache2-mpm-prefork: README.shtml files in FancyIndexing are not passed SSI variables from HEADER.shtml
174028 upstream/apache2-common: sendfile failure isn't reported
400681 apache2.2-common: mod_authn_alias does not play well with mod_authnz_ldap
441404 apache2.2-common: SSLCertificateChainFile in virtual host context
497534 apache2.2-common: /etc/init.d/apache2 / apache2ctl not reporting error return code when apache2 segfaults
511094 apache2.2-common: Segmentation fault when accessing a file on SVN, file truncated
514008 wontfix/apache2: Alias for /usr/share/images missing?
533231 apache2.2-common: Seg fault at graceful restart (log rotation)
537922 apache2: mod_fcgid trouble since update from DSA 1834-1
565626 apache2.2-common: incorrect Content-Type and/or Content-Encoding based on file extension
573996 moreinfo/Lost recent reports in /var/log/apache2/ when restarting with /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.
578566 Apache process hangs when trying to authenticate against Fedora Directory Server LDAP using mod_authnz_ldap
588231 apache2: Haphazard permission check on symlinks (might be a Linux bug)
610297 apache2: Apache2 based applications relying on a DBMS might not start at boot time
663530 apache2.2-common: Spurious warning "NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts" in cron/logrotate output
666926 apache2: Error on graceful restart: "(9)Bad file descriptor: apr_socket_accept: (client socket)"
678504 apache2: "request failed: error reading the headers" with SSL and Firefox/13.0.1
679522 apache2.2-common: Apache Common and Combined definition Vs. documentation disparity
695587 apache2.2-common: apache2ctl fullstatus drops .elinks / .links2 dotfiles in current dir
707770 sosospider+gitweb caused apache memory use to balloon and not go back down
714083 patch/apache2.2-common: a2enmod does not prefix 000- to default-ssl site
714341 moreinfo/apache2: Disabled Sites Still Served
732930 apache2: upgrade squeeze->wheezy fails if httpd.conf file is missing in /etc/apache2 (was not in Squeeze)
733979 apache "a2dismod cgi" fails with mpm-worker and mod-fastcgi installed

Package: nowebm
157853 wontfix upstream/nowebm: htmltoc saying Unterminated <h3><A... is bad
218048 wontfix upstream/noweave -latex should quote _ in chunk names
537666 noweb: noweave -ascii, error, detex: command not found
537668 patch/nowebm: nountangle: cannot apply more than one "-filter"
537670 noweb: examples/whitespace: trailing white space in chunk name is not chopped

Package: privoxy
157854 privoxy: regetting http://config.privoxy.org/send-stylesheet on every connection
231964 privoxy: Not sutable for large or medium networks.
518006 silent failure from "invoke-rc.d privoxy start"
518010 privoxy: does not bind on when set up to listen on localhost
518012 privoxy: FAQ, documentation mistake, section 3.4
523857 doesn't support multiple HTTP range requests
535545 privoxy: default connection type is keep-alive regardless of client HTTP version
543811 init script is silent
544275 privoxy: "The specified module could not be found." error in browser
550370 privoxy: Forward to localhost only tries IPv6
575292 privoxy: Privoxy mangles http://www.bmo.com/home
668260 privoxy segfault
745274 patch security/privoxy: systemd runs privoxy as root and logs messages via syslogd

Package: cdebconf
157888 (c)debconf-copydb: do not handle --config=Foo:bar
184581 cdebconf/slang: Clears screen when skipping questions
201214 debconfclient.h macros waste space in binary
213482 cdebconf - allocate fd 3 always or use dynamicaly assigned fd
243085 back button looks out of place
244437 Choose-mirror: Sometimes shows country codes and not names
248638 partman: fatal error : OK - cancel ?
265517 newt frontend should delniate the contents of select lists somehow
316484 cdebconf's signal handling is dangerously wrong
316501 patch/cdebconf: trailing characters when displaying long multiline descriptions
350271 "E: Unimplemented function" breakage caused by specific files
374710 debconf-copydb: removes "Owners:" lines from templates.dat in target
383796 pass-through: Should allow to break of debootstrap on errors
430151 patch/cdebconf: multiple select is not right aligned in Hebrew
444453 "E: Unimplemented function" with large strings
470258 cdebconf: debconf/translations-dropped is set too early
537523 passthrough frontend and debconf-apt-progress needed to replace perl debconf
592048 d-i/cdebconf: unable to display "${something}"
600425 cdebconf: text frontend for selection isn't documented enough
608641 debian-installer: Debian installer lose its mind when doing again the process after an error in novice mode
615601 unable to override hw-detect/modprobe_error with preseed or kernel commandline
634077 cdebconf: [text] should at least provide an option to numerate per-line
666530 cups fails to configure under cdebconf
691079 pending/.dot percentage spelled
705802 installation-reports: installation for blind people
720339 Please add an option to make entered password visible when prompted

Package: gnuboy-x
158023 gnuboy-x: Launching with xgnuboy rom.gb fails with XCreateImage failed

Package: remembrance-agent
158062 help/remembrance-agent: checks obsolete Emacs settings for background mode
668683 remembrance-agent: removed but not purged .elc test
716146 [Mayhem] Bug report on remembrance-agent: ra-retrieve crashes with exit status 139

Package: suck
158563 upstream/suck: use /var/lib/suck for variable config
716448 [Mayhem] Bug report on suck: testhost crashes with exit status 139
716510 [Mayhem] Bug report on suck: rpost crashes with exit status 139
716606 [Mayhem] Bug report on suck: lmove crashes with exit status 139

Package: lire
158635 upstream/lire: ipchains lexer doesn't support REDIRECT target
311564 upstream moreinfo/lire postfix reports have no content
336059 upstream/limits problem with nested groups in reports
399731 lire: Lire dies in confusion when creating lambda-based reports from large logs
463992 upstream moreinfo/lire: spamassassin2dlf does not work with spamassassin's 3.2.3 logs
526180 lire: lr_log2report crashes with apache's access.log
570342 buggy regexp in config-spec/lire.xml
574148 lire: Wrong path configuration and missing dependencies for PDF reports
584299 lire: Perl problems with SQLite2::{st,db} in analyzing iptables
689359 paragraph-separating blank line in debian/control before contents

Package: a2ps
158638 a2ps: -=mail improper handling of continuation header lines
180236 a2ps is not unicode ready
189230 a2ps: --file-align=MODE problems
190593 a2ps: margins cut off in some layouts only
193531 a2ps: shouldn't be using -2 as default
214620 a2ps: Belorussian characters are printed incorrectly
247980 gzip-a2ps breaks headings options
255001 a2ps: --copies=NUM does not work
265608 psmandup: no backside output
267746 a2ps does not print cyrillic unless non-trivial configuration is done
282039 -2 screws up print of even pages
320374 a2ps: default should be stdout
329158 a2ps in unable to print footers
332383 a2ps: 'pdiff' docs and help are vague about output
388685 a2ps: hides multiple pages in a single DSC Page header
404056 a2ps: -=book does not work (with workaround)
407821 fails to give error message when options are ignored
412087 a2ps prints bitmap fonts from dvi
418470 a2ps: pdiff fails on files with # character in filename
427760 a2ps: Emacs startup file binds keys
433841 a2ps: segftaults when interrupted
435805 a2ps: Bad EOL handling of fixps introduces spurious characters
448473 a2ps: small doc problems
448474 a2ps: cannot pad a number with 0 on the left
533196 a2ps: integer padding with '0' impossible
628977 Package: a2ps; Problem: Print margin setting distrubance while printing
641390 a2ps should depend on cups-client, not cupsys-client
656463 a2ps ignores locale setting
660766 a2ps: segfault on --stdin=""
713011 a2ps: a2ps.el no filladapt by default in gnu emacs
713013 a2ps: debian-pkg-add-load-path-item
713014 a2ps: 50a2ps.el auto-mode-alist regexp \\'
717284 a2ps: a2ps.el provide 'a2ps
717290 a2ps: a2ps.el a2ps-check-buffer quote filename
744942 a2ps: ap2s reads init file from current directory

Package: mysql-server
158643 moreinfo patch/stack_size for mysql-server
294629 confirmed wontfix patch/mysql-server-4.1: chroot installation broken - preinst tries to stop external mysqld
321505 confirmed/mysql-server: charset and collation
360709 wontfix upstream confirmed/mysql-server: corrupted auto increment values are not repaired
381189 mysql_upgrade too noisy and probably executes unnecessary command
383543 Need to integrate better with Akonadi etc
407597 moreinfo/MySQL Server crash while SQL Query (mysql Error: 2013 (Lost connection to MySQL server during query))
412496 mysql-server: Need some way to undo the bind-address in /etc/mysql/my.cnf
417992 wontfix confirmed upstream/mysql-server-5.0: mysql_upgrade crash when passing -P without an argument.
419646 moreinfo/mysql-server-5.0: fails to start when 'mysql' uid is a NIS user
429014 mysql-server-5.0: Slave unable to connect over SSL when using yassl
430684 confirmed/"/etc/init.d/mysql start" timeout with large innodb_buffer_pool_size on X86-64 systems.
436468 mysql-server-5.0: Unnecessary chgrp of all DB files on package upgrade
444102 patch/mysql-server-5.0: bad argument handling in mysqld_safe:parse_arguments()
477480 wontfix/mysql-server: parameter max_connect_errors has no effect
484895 mysql-server: No good way to set mysqld command-line options
490969 patch/mysql-server-5.0: initscript should unset BLOCK_SIZE, too
491275 patch/mysql-server postinst should skip comments in debian.cnf
498407 On installing mysql-server with already existing mysql-server-5.0, db is not restarted.
500752 mysql-server-5.0 ships dir and deletes it in postinst
526343 confirmed/mysql-server-5.0: postinst config refers to nonexistant README.Debian
535493 patch wontfix/mysql-dfsg-5.1: Clearly indicate that running multiple instances of mysqld is not supported
535499 patch/mysql-dfsg-5.1: Clear out the second password when setting up mysql
538915 unreproducible moreinfo/upgrade fails if /var/lib/mysql a symlink
544013 mysql-server-5.1: logrotate script cannot handle stopped mysqld
550994 mysql-dfsg-5.0: Purging mysql-server-5.0 will stop a running mysql-server-5.1 DBMS
561999 mysql-server-5.0: "flush logs" corrupts mysql-bin.index
569930 mysql-server upgrade stop and restart a stopped server
590921 mysql-server-5.0: README.Debian should mention example my.cnf files which are more suitable for modern systems
594635 squeeze/mysql-server: upgrade from lenny to squeeze incomplete+broken
609537 squeeze-ignore patch//etc/init.d/mysql stop leaves a process but exits with 0 status
621020 confirmed/mysql-server-5.0: Init script should not 'set -e'
635838 patch/mysqldumpslow doesn't handle "...\\" correctly
644441 dpkg --purge mysql-server-5.1 after upgrading stops new server
649493 patch/mysql-client-5.1: location of logfile isn't found
661722 notifempty option is missing in logrotate.d config
663060 mysql-server-5.1: '/etc/init.d/mysql start' exits with status code 1 on success if debian-start prints nothing
663720 confirmed/mysql-server: problems upgrading packages that only suggest/recommand a database server
685382 mysql-server: bind :: results in listening to IPv6 only
693907 confirmed//etc/mysql/debian-start: obsoleted '--basedir' option
695089 mysql dns resolve doesn't work well with /etc/hosts
721487 mysql-server: standard mysql server installation does not listen on tcp6 protocol
727110 mysql-server config files problem with socket
731076 fixed-upstream/mysql-server: query cache not used when InnoDB tables and name with special chars
739970 MYSQL-SERVER bug while installing. Debian wheezy newest mysql server
742046 mysql-server: please add a debconf variable to identify root using the 'auth_socket' plugin
742900 No mysqld.service File
745071 mysql-server: MySQL not logging to syslog as intended

Package: libwww0
159067 libwww0: no title found for directory web/w3c
296788 /usr/bin/www: unnecessary second prompt

Package: macutils
159400 macunpack does not work at all
637335 lfs/macutils: macunpack fails on decompressing of large file
715683 [Mayhem] Bug report on macutils: binhex crashes with exit status 139
716051 [Mayhem] Bug report on macutils: hexbin crashes with exit status 139

Package: tuxtype
159436 upstream/tuxtype: tuxtype loses keystrokes
586509 upstream/doesnt pick up language from environment
604909 upstream fixed-upstream patch/tuxtype: missing German translation of desktop file
644621 tuxtype: impossible to type "" on a Swiss German keyboard in Fish Cascade

Package: oneko
159883 moreinfo/oneko: buttons don't work under Enlightenment
716161 [Mayhem] Bug report on oneko: oneko crashes with exit status 139
729402 confirmed patch/oneko: Resets cursor image to default X-shape on exit

Package: socks4-server
159982 socks4-server: /etc/inetd.conf not updated after installing package
401992 socks4-server: fails to use address of tun-interface for outgoing connections on multi-homed host

Package: apt-build
159997 wontfix/apt-build: doesn't handle well incompatible packages
176649 apt-build: Problem installing virtual packages as build dependencies.
180413 moreinfo/apt-build: can't detect Crusoe
311675 apt-build: Cant build x-window-system core
312934 apt-build upgrade says there is no package when apt-get dist-upgrade founds 7 packages
315237 apt-build: xfree86 is rebuilt even though it is already in repository
317734 apt-build install segfaults regardless of package name requested, and even if already installed.
333934 apt-build: Unable to find a source package for <empty>
334836 moreinfo/apt-build: doesn't build some packages that build with 'dpkg-buildpackage'
386521 apt-build: Doesn't apply new Debian diffs to existing sources when Debian updates
405629 moreinfo/"apt-build world" fails on acroread
434859 confirmed/apt-build doesn't handles correctly packages revision terminated with "+b1"
471446 Incorrect documentation for --source in manpage
495023 apt-build: does not handle multilib toolchains
525394 apt-build fails when aptget is set to anything other than apt-get
525434 apt-build manpage and help option don't list the find command
591880 apt-build: lmms fails to build
624383 apt-build: Ignores --remove-builddep option
672183 apt-build: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8)

Package: ibam
160091 wontfix/ibam: Plot needs annotation!
243259 unreproducible/ibam: Misbehaving
414560 upstream/ibam: Doesn't work with more than one battery
650377 ibam --plotdeviations causes a syntax error in gnuplot
656286 ibam FTBFS on armhf, architecture list mismatch in debian/control
700157 ibam: doesn't work if battery isn't BAT0
716598 [Mayhem] Bug report on ibam: ibam crashes with exit status 139

Package: ppthtml
160259 ppthtml: maybe the HTML headers produced should say this is a UTF-8 file
224418 ppthtml aast mit dem Speicher (unter htdig)
729279 security/ppthtml: CVE-2013-4565: heap-based buffer overflow

Package: wmrack
160495 wmrack: Incorrect sensing when DVD is in drive
647977 patch/wmrack: FTBFS on hurd-i386
716473 [Mayhem] Bug report on wmrack: wmrack crashes with exit status 139

Package: rsync
160982 upstream wontfix/rsync alphabetizes files
306253 Rsync files from woody to a sarge with ENOSPC eats unlimited RAM on the woody box
359043 rsync: does not gracefully handle desynced options
365735 rsync: performance problem
370799 rsync: [manual] option names should be listed alphabetically
409545 rsync: transfers file again and again, trashes destination time
417858 Strange time differential in the log
426191 rsync: description of --append confusing
431246 rsync writes log file entries too late, probably missing fsync() call
455733 problem when rsyncing to usbstick
458854 fails to create "partial" dir on full disk, then discards temp file
472767 rsync: manpage inconsistent regarding --delete
473811 rsync: Can't delete .~tmp~ files after first rsync broke down.
479805 protocol incompatibility
505108 rsync in some cases fails to detect disk full
506830 rsync --safe-links wacko
511542 rsync should ignore -z when not copying over the network
513442 patch/'rsync --hard-links --acls' throws sigsegv in server component
513450 rsync (pulling remote) is 500x+ faster when local --link-dest= is copied first?
518297 rsync "unknown option: -" fix for #493559 into lenny via proposed-updates?
528730 rsync: dies with "inflate (token) returned -5"
536078 rsync: log-file-format not working as expected with itemize-changes (%i) when deleting a file
537261 temporary filenames might exceed filesystem namelength limit
586667 sid jessie/rsync tab completion is slow
589529 rsync: [manpage] improve documentation of getting the deamon to start
595967 rsync not powerful enough with permissions
604398 rsync: hard links messed up on local to local copy
607234 Ignores failure to write, continues stupidly
622160 rsync: 65000 hard links => assertion failure
622855 rsync: connection unexpectedly closed
636416 upstream confirmed/rsync: truncates time fraction for local mirroring on ext4 filesystem
647145 patch/Simplify code in init script
649914 Please use posix_fallocate()
671008 rsync: transfer rate display errornous when using --partial
672614 patch/please include --drop-cache option
676755 rsync not reliable during copying
685026 upstream/rsync unlink failed - unable to delete directory
685861 Rsync: failing on a basic sync example (override plz)
699165 patch/rsync: debian/rules using ` instead of $(shell
700697 rsync: Man page does not give range or default value for --compress-level
708177 Rsync should default to ENABLE=TRUE and test for the existence of /etc/rsyncd.conf as it already does
714782 patch/rsync needs config.* update for arm64
730149 rsync: /etc/init.d/rsync should expect autofs
732228 rsync: fails to remove files with --remove-source when used with --copy-links
734508 rsync does not become aware if rsync server goes down
735107 --delete fails for peer running version 3.0.7
738708 patch/rsync: please include modern --noatime patch
741628 rsync dies with "inflate returned -3"

Package: plib
161040 Joystick not working with tux-aqfh
522551 libplib1 shouldn't conflicts/replaces plib1.8.4c2

Package: bonnie++
161102 dbench is not a system binary /usr/sbin -> /usr/bin
242878 bonnie++: bon_csv2html uses wrong attributes for CSS styles
319187 patch//usr/bin/bon_csv2html: bon_csv2html doesnt escape value of name field in html and regexes
323719 man page needs some examples
323720 should document defaults
500375 bonnie++ - Fails on short writes
587270 bonnie++: binaries in usr/sbin - for no appearant reason
631484 bonnie++: man page and program help text out of sync
639452 --help mentions "-c concurrency", man page does not
717285 upstream/bonnie++: "higher numbers are better"?

Package: mtr-tiny
161177 mtr-tiny: sometimes displays negative times
308743 mtr-tiny: mtr -l doesnt detect the destination correctly
319968 mtr-tiny: TTL of 30 is insufficient for some routes
321144 mtr-tiny: Fails to fall back on IPv4 when IPv6 is unavailable
329745 fixed-upstream/mtr-tiny: Contradictory output when there is a failure in name resolution
419485 mtr-tiny: --report cuts off IPv6 address
457638 confused by router that always responds as the destination host
500141 upstream fixed-upstream/mtr-tiny: "Couldn't get fd's flags: Bad file descriptor"
731799 Do not work with IPv4 only anymore

Package: apt-utils
161593 patch/[libapt-inst] Should support both BSD and SysV ar formats
176867 apt-ftparchive: missing overrides for udebs
207811 apt-utils: apt-ftparchive and apt-file disagree on Contents file syntax
228936 apt-ftparchive(1): meaning of section in "generate <config-file> <section>" is unclear
231260 debmirror: Doesn't work with two Filename: field in Packages
270301 apt-utils: Cache databases are always created mode 0644
285032 pathprefix does not work
299035 apt-ftparchive: Failed run does not exit with exit status !=0
317661 release action should not include Release
399622 apt-ftparchive: unable to specify pathprefix
424185 apt-utils: Invalid archive signature
433971 crazy error message when /proc/ not mounted
434824 /usr/bin/apt-ftparchive: apt-ftparchive: skips over .debs with tar warnings when using --db
490153 patch/apt-ftparchive: --help example from pre-pool era
490297 /usr/bin/apt-ftparchive: apt-ftparchive: segmentation fault when using overrides
544994 apt-ftparchive: "generate" fails with unclear error message when component is not found
545019 apt-ftparchive: manpage crucially lacking details of option processing
545020 apt-ftparchive: should issue warning/error when unknown option is passed through -o
552625 apt-ftparchive: Does not allow generation of multiversion Packages files
580871 patch/apt-utils: Large change to apt-ftparchive manual page, and small code changes.
608587 ftp.debian.org: truncated filenames in Contents-*
614259 apt-utils: hash changes
637484 /usr/bin/apt-ftparchive: apt-ftparchive doesn't create directories
671496 /usr/bin/apt-ftparchive: undocumented and unusable
675827 patch/apt-utils: apt-ftparchive.conf example file incorrect for apt-file friendly output
680240 apt-get remove/purge doesn't warn you adequately enough when tagets are dependencies of another package
694127 apt-utils: apt-extracttemplates is confused when RootDir is set

Package: html-helper-mode
161632 html-helper-mode: if one interrupts a minibuffer question, one gets mess in the html file
191585 upstream/html-helper-mode: quotes beyond one line aren't colored
254434 html-helper-mode: html-helper-mode interferes with c-mode
279860 html-helper-mode: jsp-html-helper-mode not found when opening a .jsp file
284678 upstream/html-helper-mode: <EM> highlighting
285250 upstream/html-helper: Note tag when prompting in minibuffer
306180 html-helper-mode: Wrong identation with dl/dt/dd
306823 html-helper-mode and develock-el combine to break xemacs
370051 html-helper-mode: Should add itself to `magic-mode-alist' too
384564 html-helper-mode: Warnings when compiling html-helper-mode.el
384978 html-helper-mode: error seen
386008 void-function php-html-helper-mode
386046 html-helper-mode: <em>...</em> must be on same line to get color
392499 html-helper-mode not ready for emacs-snapshot
446176 patch/Confused by filenames with newlines
450275 html-helper-mode: debian/watch fails to report upstream's version
507474 occur "&" vs. font-lock
507599 don't put hook into the same file
519901 html-helper-mode tempo.el overrides the default tempo.el from Emacs-22
569217 html-helper-mode: .el/.elc vs list-load-path-shadows
570292 html-helper-mode: auto-mode-alist regexps with "$"
589356 html-helper-mode: "Cannot open load file" after removing
603310 <a>text</a> not colored when spans newlines
682378 Error in post-command-hook (flyspell-post-command-hook)

Package: xlhtml
161862 ppthtml/xlhtml PATCH: date bugs, HTML-escape [<>&], other
188785 upstream/xlhtml: -dp doesnt make true utf-8
368782 l10n/xlhtml: hardcoded date format
404186 patch/xlhtml: Seg-fault on some documents

Package: unclutter
162032 unclutter: cursor appears when switching virtual desktops
227800 confirmed/libsdl1.2debian: penguin-command: randomly, mouse goes to screen centre
517271 unclutter: Blinking tooltips in GTK apps
597402 upstream confirmed/unclutter -keystroke does not work
639920 unclutter: Man page: Units for the -jitter option should be specified.

Package: tk8.4
162105 tk8.4: wish cannot start up if file descriptor 1 is closed
265402 confirmed/Tk aborts on exit when talking to X through PF_UNIX socket
295649 tk8.4: spinbox widget gets stuck in infinite repeat
342127 l10n/tk8.4: bind <Key> conflicts XIM when %A is in event
384720 patch/tk8.4: error messages with "wish -h"
695445 patch/tk8.4: Please apply patch to support cross-compiling
722848 tk8.4 link with -L/usr/lib

Package: parchive
162232 parchive: Bad handling of symbolic linked output files.
274442 patch/formatting error in the parchive.1 man page
396979 parchive: typo in package description

Package: xcb
162338 upstream/xcb doesn't like ISO-8859-15 locales

Package: gnumach-dev
162663 sid jessie/libc0.3-dev: depends on gnumach-dev which is priority optional

Package: fcmp
163139 fcmp: White lines through some icons

Package: logidee-tools
163184 logidee-tools: should issue meaningful error when requested CHARTE is inexistant
163211 logidee-tools: annoying rendering of <url>
164850 logidee-tools: <code> seems limited to 52chars width
165865 logidee-tools: should use standard xml:lang attribute instead of Makefile variable
166066 logidee-tools: message for disallowed sub*section is too terse
169605 logidee-tools: wrong rendering of <file> within module's title
171050 logidee-tools: <code> within <slide> is rendered as normal text

Package: bb
163185 bb: Sound does not work if /usr/lib/libaudiofile.so.0 exists
441011 bb: manpage of bb should reside in section 6
441518 bb: doesn't work correctly in utf-8 console
702467 Conflicting declarations of variables alfa, beta, gama

Package: iputils
163254 iputils won't build on native hurd-i386
732185 patch/iputils: FTBFS if MAKEFLAGS is set for parallel make

Package: nasm
163462 upstream/nasm: Preprocessor cannot handle "'"
163539 upstream/nasm: dd and friends mishandle $
716083 [Mayhem] Bug report on nasm: ldrdf crashes with exit status 139
716184 [Mayhem] Bug report on nasm: rdx crashes with exit status 139

Package: snort-common
163859 Snort IDs included in night report output.
193298 snort-common: tcpdump.log owned by root
270761 snort-common: default settings for flow-portscan preprocessor are foolish
709246 snort-common: man page for snort-stat references wrong filename for alert log file or alert should be named alert.log

Package: kinput2-common
164346 kinput2-common: Documentation of keybindings does not match default

Package: cloop-src
165203 upstream/cloop-src: cp from cloop-mounted image freezes parts of system
719128 jessie sid/Fails to build against Linux 3.10

Package: dh-kpatches
165505 dh-kpatches: Need a smarter (or overridable) EXTRAVERSION check
247437 dh-kpatches: Lack of exit message w/ no IDX leaves user guessing
355502 patch/dh-kpatches: dpkg --print-installation-architecture is deprecated, and APPLIED_<arch>_<patch> files handling inconsistency
359095 patch experimental/dh-kpatches: bugs in apply perl script
402888 patch/dh-kpatches: [patch] "Kernel-version: all" is not allowed
458586 patch/dh-kpatches: Creates applied-patches file in wrong directory
466169 patch/dh-kpatches: Creates (redundant) entries in debian/files
569813 squeeze sid wheezy jessie help/dh-kpatches: Can't fulfill its original purpose anymore (kernel-package dropped --added-patches)
637120 patch/dh_installkpatches: Fails to work with kernel branch 3.X version numbers

Package: debian-zh-faq-t
165792 debian-zh-faq-t: abisuite location now different?

Package: libmime-types-perl
165940 wontfix/MIME::Types hard-codes the list of types, instead of reading /etc/mime.types

Package: gtkam
166204 gtkam: change directory is not remembered
177479 gtkam: Seg fault when downlaoding images.
226228 gtkam: crash while attempting to download images
262526 experimental/gtkam loop or segdefault on crw
281141 gtkam: no thumbnail or exif data are saved
283253 gtkam: Saving images appears to do nothing
283369 gtkam: popup menu near bottom of screen is covered by scroll buttons
285392 gtkam: Can't add ttyUSB0 port
320985 l10n/gtkam does not work with scim in XIM mode
320989 gtkam stops working after downloading/deleting one batch of photos
368642 unreproducible moreinfo/gtkam not setting the date/timestamps correctly
376300 gtkam: Fails to recognize camera found at cli
384810 gtkam: Rescan locks up existing camera
400666 gtkam doesn't recognize my camera (ptp class device)
403757 gtkam: segv trying to save debug log
421827 gtkam: Thumbnails do not appear
440769 libgphoto2-port0: usbfs kernel message says: ... did not claim interface N before use
575695 Segfault closing program during expanding of the storeXXXXX tree
717612 gtkam: segfault detecting Nokia C5-00 in media transfer mode
729112 gtkam: Canon EOS350D - Could not list folders in '/'.

Package: courier-maildrop
166218 upstream/courier-maildrop: exits with temporary failure for nonexistent user
167640 upstream/courier-maildrop: When a user deletes ~/Maildir/new maildrop cannot deliver messages
193650 aenemic maildrop varient forced on me by sqwebmail
193651 cannot deliver to /var/mail
289091 courier-maildrop: symlinks to maildrop package maildrop instead of copy it
360246 courier-maildrop: maildrop/courier does not handle 'connection timed out' errors correctly
396989 courier-maildrop: More than 20 rules causes MDA failure and mail is queued for delivery
536253 courier-maildrop: maildrop filter tolower() and toupper() functionality get optimized out by gcc
567462 courier-maildrop is a code duplication of maildrop
596057 courier-maildrop: incorrect delivery when called with the user to setuid to
716252 [Mayhem] Bug report on courier-maildrop: reformime crashes with exit status 139
741899 d-i/courier-maildrop: maildrop fails to deliver to virtual user reporting "Invalid user specified."

Package: libterm-readline-gnu-perl
166987 debconf: Can't answer deb_get questions

Package: gworldclock
167339 display timezone abbreviations
239590 gworldclock goes haywire when removing a timezone
322574 gworldclock doesn't respect geometry
559663 Loran-C, GPS and TAI do not work
651129 memory leak in gworldclock
735396 patch/gworldclock: use autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for new arches

Package: tcl8.4
167435 wontfix upstream/strings over 2GB may cause problems on 64-bit arch
213631 tcl8.4: Compile with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
232593 tclsh8.4 unaligned data access on hppa
274212 output in latinX console drops all after last accented char
314224 expect: Tcl8.4 link problem
364176 wish8.4 sends extra CR's to terminal
404872 tcl exec and open cannot pass certain arguments
438680 patch/tcl8.4: Changes to /etc/resolv.conf are not handled
440683 unreproducible patch/tcl8.4 strtod + fixstrtod confusion leads to symbol clash
502304 patch/Tcl_Main should quit (exiting nonzero) if appInitProc fails

Package: pterm
167785 Default Colors are different from other terminals
252297 pterm: Window location ignored in -geometry
295605 pterm doesn't start with Unicode data in cut buffer ("Gdk-ERROR **: BadMatch")
313061 looking at /etc/fonts/fonts.conf makes pterm die with a BadName error
334303 patch/pterm doesn't seem to support input methods
538155 Change of scrollback not honored

Package: cvsutils
168095 cvsu does not work like 'cvs update' for individual files.
428720 cvsutils: Uninitialized variable warning
505456 cvsutils - cvspurge does not work at all

Package: libssl-dev
168201 wontfix/libssl096-dev: reads/writes of 0 bytes cause floating point exception (sig 8)
342236 upstream/openssl: <openssl/ossl_typ.h> polutes namespace
733644 openssl/opensslconf.h header missing

Package: detachtty
168380 detachtty: Interactive shell usage doesn't work
282640 attachtty --eval option
282641 command line arguments
298877 detachtty: Small manpage bug for --pid-file option description

Package: csmash
168574 unreproducible/csmash: after 4:1 who's next?
426411 csmash: when exiting fullscreen it crash X server
455411 gcc warnings: #define redefined

Package: libtowitoko2
168674 upstream/Cannot initialize Chipdrive extern 330
331110 libtowitoko2: doesn't purge /etc/reader.conf.d
414896 libtowitoko2: asks confusing debconf question
422308 pcscd: Cannot read card with kernel 2.6.20
603130 Towitoko SmartCard reader not working anymore
739786 libtowitoko2: unowned directory after purge: /etc/reader.conf.d/

Package: sudo
168966 reports wrong line number for error in sudoers
234146 wontfix/visudo doesn't check for commas?
273467 sudo: Warns me if my hostname only has an ipv6 IP
279172 upstream/sudo does not work correctly with multiple NSS services
283161 visudo: please use /tmp or other location for temporary file
507168 duplicate section in sudoes manpage
518464 sudo pam limits.conf
523882 sudo -i doesn't unset some environment variables
560215 segfaults with faulty module in pam stack
571621 sudoers grammar doesn't show that sudoedit takes an argument
574404 sudo: postinst uses prompting
582124 Sudo sends garbage mail
583979 sudo's pam config not including common-session modules
592302 list/-l output regression
596631 sudo: Argument list too long
598022 pod markup in sudoers(5) manpage
598519 cannot get a login shell if homedir doesn't exist
598567 squeeze/sudo requires reauthentication on each use, ignoring time stamp
600892 upstream/sudo: Breaks webmin: no useful debugging output.
601469 sudo not working with ircp
605576 wontfix/sudo: doesn't use debconf for prompting
612383 upgrade 1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.1 -> 1.7.4p4-6 overwrites /etc/sudoers
613448 pending patch/Use-after-free bug parsing wildcards in sudoers
619101 sudo: warning on apt-get dist-upgrade using sudo
620927 "sudo aptitude" or "sudo apt-get" can't use proxy settings due to env_reset
625515 sudoedit clears password/timeout ticket on debian 6.0.1
639323 sudoers unfortunate changes
641013 wontfix/upgrade-reports: ldconfig not found in path - start-stop-deamon not fount in path - dpkg error code (2) +++
641607 User limit 'open files' (and probably others) does not work properly with sudo
643311 secure_defaults affects BOTH sudo -i and sudo -iufred
645480 pam_mount tries to umount LUKS encrypted /home after sudo command
648066 security/sudo: calls pam_close_session without prior pam_open_session
650131 sudoedit doesn't properly handle SIGTSTP
659006 Please document (in the sudo manpage) why sudo sticks around as a parent process
659101 Manpage: incorrectly claims PATH is passed unchanged
660126 sudo: -A leaks zombies
660746 sudo: segfault when run with -i and -g but not -u
667625 sudo: "Libgcrypt warning: missing initialization" log message
669687 sudo does not call pam_end on authorization failure
678925 wontfix//etc/sudoers not cleaned up upon purge
687164 sudo calls pam stack with wrong requesting user
691913 change of sudo behavior when quoting commands
712839 security/sudo: /var/lib/sudo permissions
727720 sudo: wildcard in host fqdn does no longer work
731583 Compares hostname no longer using FQDN
734752 sudo, pam_limits, users with same UID
734968 sudo: This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.

Package: bind9-host
169098 glibc: odditity in resolv.conf search path
169200 bind9-host: host(1) does not set error code
176687 bind9-host: wrong command line brings up confusing error message
194928 bind9-host: Improper IPv6 lookup methods
197921 bind9-host: comapatybility problem: -t ns
283101 bind9-host: Spelling mistakes in executable & manpage
301172 bind9-host: Report screen too verbose when domain server specified
315329 host's -w option is broken
349789 bind9-host: MX lookup returns no result
383559 "host" timed out with empty "search" directive in resolv.conf
418294 bind9-host: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libbind9.so.0: undefined symbol: isc_net_pton
421203 bind9-host: host segfault when timeout occurs while looking for a SOA record
498906 cannot deal with unicode domain names
534851 moreinfo/[bind9-host] host -T fails with SIGABRT
541303 pending/bind9-host: please provide transitional host binary package
548740 /usr/bin/host: "not found" message error should go to stderr and not to stdout
563153 bind9-host: host -T fails if first dns is IPv6 and not accepting tcp requests
565292 bind9-host: host assert fails during host -l zone xfer/listing
607270 bind9-host: Security-Update not possible
647144 bind9-host: host issues stream of identical queries
648113 bind9-host: backtrace running with -l
648115 bind9-host: please explain how to build with debugging symbols
703939 bind9-host: >2 search domains results in last domain repeated not all domains searched
703940 bind9-host: Doesn't honour ndots (not does it use default ndots) from resolv.conf
729561 patch/bind9-host: unhelpful package description
741188 version skew with libisccc90 breaks host

Package: mason
169220 mason: Broken signal handling
178791 mason: Masquerading with iptables fails
517837 Stopping mason does not flush nat table

Package: barcode
169783 setting size of barcode in a table doesn't work
306789 patch/barcode: wrong image size w/ -E -g ...
708561 barcode: libbarcode is compiled without -fPIC option making it unusable in shared libs

Package: tf
169864 tf: Display is incorrect on MU*s that use ANSI codes
432184 tf: does not accept non-ascii input

Package: xmltex
170477 xmltex: can't make DVI/PS from DocBook orderedlist/itemizedlist
175878 upstream/xmltex: ampersands in XML attributes do not get quoted correctly
255241 ampersand entities in XML documents break pdfxmltex
310148 xmlto: pdf output fails with LaTeX errors
345637 xmltex: behaves as if --force-confold had been given
683163 xmlto fail to convert example docbook to PDF (LaTeX Error, missing \item?)

Package: mhc-utils
170501 mhc-sync emits an error when syncing

Package: lightspeed
170502 upstream unreproducible/lightspeed: Alpha: lightspeed crashes when animation is stopped

Package: libglib2.0-0-dbg
170726 wontfix/libglib2.0-dbg compiled without --enable-debug=yes

Package: bochs
170728 bochs: Execution error on PowerPC
174784 bochs: bochs loses fonts
184458 moreinfo/bochs: doesn't work for me with default conf
283363 bochs: configure channel ATA does not work
337398 Bochs crashes with Gdk-ERROR after update in testing
451329 bochs: bus error after short execution on sun4u
467402 bochs: Default configuration does not work properly with Debian i386 GDB package
715688 [Mayhem] Bug report on bochs: bochs-bin crashes with exit status 139
724673 bochs: Support for vga: extension=cirrus is missing

Package: penguin-command
171009 unreproducible/penguin-command has no sound
233431 confirmed/Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package penguin-command
337762 l10n/penguin-command: Japanese man page installed into wrong directory
672943 penguin-command should build-depend on zlib1g-dev (and possibly others)

Package: pentium-builder
171564 pentium-builder: cannot use two different versions for
185274 [Fwd: `apt-build' should provide `pentium-builder']
268842 upstream/pentium-builder: typo in "info::gcc-300::Command Options::Preprocessor Options"
271967 pentium-builder: may not always optimize correctly
311961 pentium-builder: does not apply to src-packages invoking "i386-linux-gcc"
319611 '-mcpu' deprecation warning with GCC 4.0
388191 pentium-builder: README vs. changelog discrepancy
487082 pentium-builder: "man gcc" gives incorrect man page (wrong version)
506630 patch/pentium-builder: Fixes for improved compatibility with i586 processors
590849 pentium-builder: -mcpu is depricated

Package: rlpr
171735 unreproducible/rlpr: can't send multiple files to ppr
318563 rlpr: should provide "lpr"
649467 Sets 25 s timeout without option and -1 does not work
716236 [Mayhem] Bug report on rlpr: rlprd crashes with exit status 139

Package: emacs21-common
171736 emacs21-common: custom-make-dependencies sort breakage
190591 emacs21-common: menu-bar-update-hook spontaneously becomes nil
243893 emacs21-common: movemail moves more mail than Emacs can handle
282421 RefTeX do not support LaTeX-package called multibib
319358 emacs21-common: compile-mode fails with error 129 on some ant compilations
320434 emacs21-common: etags man page breaks alternatives
360495 emacs21-common: smtpmail-open-stream does not use starttls properly
406546 emacs21-common: octave-mod.el conflicts with octave2.{1,9}-emacsen

Package: pure-ftpd
171899 pure-ftpwho not working
272527 wontfix/421 Unable to switch capabilities : Operation not permitted
296017 pure-ftpd: logging adds trailing whitespace to usernames
296111 Inconsistance between manpage and real behavior
313124 pure-ftpd: SSL Support Misrepresented
398821 Pure-ftpd : unnecessary conflict
413745 pure-ftpd: Server does not start with -Y 2 option specified.
425516 pure-ftpd: Create home dir (-j) not working
425561 pure-ftpd: Can't bind to IP address
499764 pure-ftpd: Command chmod break ftp control connection when file is still in transfer
566094 pure-ftpd: Pure-FTPd server does not start
579958 pure-ftpwho clients disapear
604046 pure-ftpd shows .doted files even when runs without -z and -D arguments
610315 pure-ftpd: differentiate binary packages description
620877 pam_access reports hostname as 'pure-ftpd' when unable to reverse lookup ip
657308 patch/Data corruption downloading files larger than 4GB
660792 pure-ftpd: multiple daemon support removed from debian packaging
682620 LIST command fails with blank characters in argument
684680 pure-ftpd: Unnecessary dependency on inet-superserver
696934 Missing pure-ftpd.conf file of pure-ftpd?
701070 patch/[PATCH] Support for TLSCipherSuite in pure-ftpd-wrapper
704260 5 users maximum is set, although I set 50 users (the default value)
732675 pure-ftpd: invalid PTR hostnames without corresponding A/AAAA forward entry in logfile

Package: findutils
172187 wontfix upstream/should not stat() excluded files
176442 patch upstream/findutils: updatedb stops on inaccessible smbfs in /etc/mtab
183086 findutils: thowing away all error messages the right thing to do?
247897 find does not work with ghosted automounted filesystems
303528 upstream//usr/bin/updatedb: kill updatedb process doesn't kill find process
316930 Updatedb doesn't run 'find' at the nice priority set in updatedb.conf
325005 findutils: xargs switch -n and -i
332739 debian packages are not safe to build on AFS, since find is typically used without -noleaf
336447 patch/findutils: Maintainence free variant of PRUNEFS
369823 find -printf ...%i... stats unnecessarily
372499 l10n/find: result depends of locales
393220 findutils: updatedb ignoring PRUNEFS and PRUNEPATHS
398406 findutils: [updattedb] Insufficient comment for PRUNEPATHS etc. in /etc/updatedb.conf
403002 findutils: Find man page mentions "metacharacters" but never defines them
406796 moreinfo unreproducible/xargs: should use safe defaults qua length/size of argument list
462675 lenny/locate command is destroyed when findutils upgraded
467554 "find . -type d -print" makes excessive stat(2) calls
471375 find -printf "%TT" displays fraction of the second
483121 findutils: duplicated cron.daily functions
487496 findutils: wrong use of quotes in the error message
537257 findutils: [mips] xargs fails with an assertion
659414 findutils: fstype wrong for /
698865 No updatedb binary in findutils package
699558 updatedb should not parse glusterfs filesystems
725392 findutils: xargs cannot be used with interactive applications effectively. -o parameter.

Package: jove
172206 help/Jove Needs jove.rc.rxvt and keychart.rxvt
322980 confirmed help/Function keys in Beginners menu don't work
678849 confirmed help l10n upstream/jove: Jove doesn't support utf-8

Package: synaptic
172762 synaptic cannot read sources.list
190779 synaptic: Using "[" in search filter causes troubles
206687 synaptic: could catch illegal command line args
219056 synaptic-debtags: distorted fonts on installation window
229830 synaptic: Trouble with dependencies
230897 "synaptic needs a way to better escape \" charachters"
256719 synaptic: Move download progress text out of progress bar
270183 synaptic: terminal output window should not color the text
276655 confirmed/synaptic: 'lock version' harmful; replace with dpkg holds
285270 synaptic: force version doesn't work with no feedback for a specific package
285338 segfaults when downloading changelog of obsolete packages
287470 unreproducible moreinfo/synaptic: Synaptic crashes reliably on my box
291931 synaptic: duplicated dependants
293259 synaptic: attempts to get erroneous URL for hpijs changelog
294508 forgets package to install when asked to mark all upgrades
299480 synaptic: Package/Configure... on package with no settings is confusing
301979 confirmed/synaptic: Changing repositories adds a line in /etc/apt/sources.list
305029 synaptic: remember column widths
309969 moreinfo unreproducible/debian.org> synaptic: segmentation fault
310791 synaptic: scrolling down the list of packages beyond the displayed ones doesn't scroll down
314708 "New in repository" diesn't become empty after Reload
320466 Warning messages from synaptic
320954 synaptic: Upgrade mode should default to 'Default' and choices be relabelled for clarity
323111 synaptic: after downgrade package is marked "to be upgraded"
332697 synaptic: Pinned packages show the installed version as the latest version.
332925 Synaptic sometimes crashes when closing the dialogue box
333236 base: Debian menu not automatically updated
334459 l10n/synaptic: i18n fix portuguese : Procurar -> Buscas(?)
339138 synaptic: main packages available in CD source displayed as not supported
339556 synaptic: quiet about debconf prompt during package configuration
349300 synaptic: Unable to view/alter repository list
355184 synaptic: Passes wrong frontend to listchanges
359704 moreinfo l10n/Synaptic won't start with LC_COLLATE=cs_CZ
361769 synaptic: Location of KDE menu item indicated in manual must have changed
364441 synaptic: 'lock version' feature should prohibit 'upgrades' to the same version as well
366452 synaptic: crashes reproducibly when applying any changes
368484 [synaptic] crash on execution of the Force version option
377072 Cannot sort package lists in Synaptic
381101 moreinfo/synaptic: segfaults on upgrading package hddtemp
382047 synaptic: Package update gives scrollkeeper warning
382973 synaptic: segfault when changing settings and clicking buttons too fast
388255 synaptic is unable to show changelog for bin-nmu'd packages
392343 synaptic ignores indication of version of suggestions
393696 synaptic keeps default system language even after switching to EN
399088 synaptic: Escape doesn't work in most/all dialogs
403835 l10n/synaptic: Downgrading details not shown (when using German locale)
403839 synaptic: Downgrading errors not shown
415408 synaptic fails to run from Gnome menu when gksu is not installed
419264 synaptic: libgnome2-perl not prerequisite - results in a lot of debconf warnings
419356 synaptic: built-in repository choices are outdated
419898 cannot start synaptic without root password
422427 patch/synaptic: Dialog frontend will not work on a dumb terminal, falling back to Readline
426146 l10n/synaptic: Error in swedish translation
429763 synaptic: Terminal output window misplaced
431108 synaptic: Search result dropped after action
434411 synaptic: Install process reports error "Unknown frontend: gtk"
436261 Applying Changes dialog forgets "Close this dialog ..." checkbox
437805 synaptic: Problem between theme and the upgrade.png icon
439265 automatically installed packages should be suggested for removal when dependent packages removed
448849 synaptic: missing icons
452377 unreproducible moreinfo/A package marked for reinstall, if conflicting, is removed *without warning*
461116 show diff in monospace font
462973 Synaptic needs to inhibit GPM from sleeping while downloading/installing packages
472475 Starts beneath other windows
477052 synaptic: Search results cleared by installing packages
478743 synaptic: Synaptic fails to prompt to change CD resulting failed installs from multiple CD and no network
481448 synaptic: Missing dependencies: menu
484671 [synaptic] Different behaviour with respect to apt-get
493249 synaptic: Repository configuration problem
496657 synaptic: Changes NOT successfully applied
505764 [synaptic] (synaptic:32371): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_unref_tree_helper: asserti...
505854 synaptic: When I confirm some change in setting window, the Synaptic gets stuck and occur 100 duty of CPU
507079 /usr/sbin/synaptic: synaptic crashes when clicking on column header
508305 l10n/Spanish translation 'es.po' update for version 0.62.2
509316 [synaptic] changing [font] settings resets [distribution] setting
512804 l10n/synaptic: "Search" (Ctrl-F) does not work with umlauts ()
515343 Synaptic doesn't show the synaptic icon on the bar
519185 [synaptic] Crash after updating repositories
519476 Height of package properties pane is not saved
520365 No policy-compliant means of configuring synaptic from another package
520726 [synaptic] glibc error with perl during update
523793 synaptic fails strangely under gksu
525055 Usability: package selection is lost far too easily
526381 unreproducible moreinfo/Fails to configure when install or upgrade packages
533248 synaptic: Window contents jump around during reload and other operations
535961 Search facility broken
547412 moreinfo/synaptic updates packages set on hold
551806 synaptic: Should trim blank spaces in proxy server input fields
559888 synaptic: Multiple media source (DVD, CDROM, etc) doesn't restart progress bar after media change
560424 [synaptic] Confused by APT::Default-Release vs synaptic->preferences->distribution
562041 synaptic: should retrieve changelog from packages.qa.debian.org
567868 synaptic: progress bar of individual files has no vertical-clipping
568085 l10n/japanese l10n broken
571329 l10n/synaptic: ukrainian translation has bad codepage
572903 apt-listchanges/apt-listbugs confirmation -> synaptic appears stuck "Perparing packages..."
573190 synaptic: Search function faulty in Synaptic
577027 squeeze/synaptic: Update Manager, when checking for updates, fatal error.
578336 sid squeeze wheezy jessie/synaptic: Stealing focus at "installing packages" dialog for no reason
583480 synaptic: couldn't download translations and fails installing
588961 Cannot open synaptic from the notification icon
589637 synaptic: Typo in stdout message during search
589694 change translation string "Show for individual files"
592888 Quick search field unusable
594204 [synaptic] some stock Custom Filters give no results (Upgradable (upstream), Community Maintained (installed))
594722 synaptic: fails with cache file corrupted error when run a second time after a system boot
595462 synaptic: adding a CD to the sources.list from the menu-bar fails
596470 [synaptic] wrong package sort by status (installed packages split by new packages)
599453 synaptic: During "reload" total number of files shown is always 1 higher than current file
607016 upstream/synaptic: Synaptic should have "text besides icon" by default like GNOME
607508 synaptic: missing dependency on lsb-release
607784 l10n/[synaptic] Wrong encoding for Spanish language in terminal
610324 Wrong suggested dependency in Synaptic
610815 synaptic: Quick Search "active" background color is hard-coded
610844 synaptic: Hangs when resizing to max vertically
614398 Adding a repository creates .save file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
616693 synaptic: does not start because of secret service operation failed
622766 synaptic: forced package versions are forgotten on reload
623772 d-i/synaptic: Doesn't allow to select a repository other than us.debian.org, even though "Choose a download Server" dialog works, but still uses us.debian.org
628599 l10n/synaptic: Danish translation shown instead of Norwegian
629943 synaptic: mistakes in history logs
632462 synaptic: Include a better resolution icon for GNOME 3 compatibility.
633825 synaptic: origin view incorrectly handles packages with multiple versions
633980 synaptic-kde.desktop doesn't allow unprivilege users to launch it
635831 l10n/synaptic: Synaptic dies when pressing Apply
637834 synaptic: Impossible to change the terms of a previous query
638410 squeeze/synaptic fails to terminate on shutdown
639740 synaptic: crashes on start with window error
645379 synaptic: Installing package, does not mark dependencies.
651561 synaptic: repositories dialog, can't change sources
657956 Synaptic crashes when using orca or Accerciser (accessibility enabled)
658274 synaptic: Update menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+U) not working; context menu OK
666872 l10n/synaptic: Partial Spanish translation in Configuration>Repositories dialog
674647 synaptic: Can't launch synaptic from non-root user and messages when launching as root
679076 synaptic - changes graphical theme
682020 synaptic: 'Find' dialog malfunction: previous search strings are unselectable in 'Search:' combo box
685865 moreinfo wontfix/mysql-server-5.5: Upgarding STILL..!! doesn't work, init script can't start/stop server...
693439 l10n/synaptic: Segfault when using Belarussian translation
695300 synaptic: fails to show help if any of "yelp", "konqueror" or "mozilla" is not found
700852 cppcheck bugs in synaptic
701665 patch/Add Help/Contents menu item to translation
701666 patch/Add "Visit Homepage" tooltip to translation
701669 Updated Russian translation
701821 synaptic: no accelerator key for "Origin" button in main window
702837 synaptic: software-sources-gtk from synaptic fails silently
705443 synaptic: uses "section" when means "component"
708294 synaptic fails to start after upgrade from squeeze to wheezy whith APT::Default-Release invalid
709846 synaptic: Download status column vanishes when downloads begin
709866 synaptic: Repositories window not opening
711568 synaptic: Freezes after mouse click, sometimes whole X
712678 Internal Error when try to reinstall initramfs-tools
719429 synaptic: locks up after a while when opened with gksu
719456 synaptic: can not drag and drop with touchpad
720437 moreinfo/synaptic: refuses to open source list, if the list has been modified using a text editor, like nano
721313 moreinfo/(software-properties-gtk:22398): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing markup: Error on line 3 char 78: Element 'markup' was closed, but the currently open element is 'i'
721378 l10n patch/Updated Russian man-page
724969 [synaptic] Applying Changes windows too small for debconf prompts
727178 [synaptic] Cannot Apply changes properly or download changelogs after creating broken packages
735385 synaptic: quick search / xapian not installed by default in jessie
736391 synaptic: Themes (in Xfce desktop) don't work
740804 unable to remove sections from software sources
741109 can not open synaptic package manager
742061 unable to enter text in proxy authentication field
742212 synaptic: Quick search field is missing
742443 synaptic: cancelling commands not correctly respected
742444 synaptic: package list reset for sub-window
742445 synaptic: breaks are shown twice
742837 [synaptic] Icons not showing in the contextual menu of packages
743771 l10n/synaptic: fix french translation : History > Historique des oprations
743995 libc-bin: Error using synaptic: GLib-CRITICAL **: g_child_watch_add_full: assertion 'pid > 0' failed
744091 synaptic: Synaptic can't use cdrom repositories, after installing ia32 package (on amd64).
744287 synaptic: Summary heading shown twice
744371 synaptic FTBFS on derivatives other than ubuntu.

Package: libsigc++-1.2-dev
172968 libsigc++-1.2: uses slightly fhs incompatible include paths
515979 conflicting priority breaks debootstrap

Package: pixelize
173372 pixelize: Algorithm coughs with large color patches
173373 pixelize: Entering parameters is confusing

Package: dxsamples
173709 dxsamples: some samples crashes

Package: rinetd
173801 confirmed/Never re-resolves hosts
406878 rinetd: manpage mistake about deny rules
681523 patch/rinetd: /etc/init.d/rinetd does not provide status
707480 rinetd: add missingok to rinetd's logrotate.conf

Package: wv
173915 upstream/wv: Scratch files should be in /tmp
197420 upstream/wv: no return values on some man pages
200955 upstream confirmed/wv: missing manual page: wvConvert(1)
220519 empty output for all RTF files through wvHTML
293386 upstream/wvHtml: confusing error message
382598 wv: Bad numbering in lists, and bogus PDF
393790 wvText: error messages say HTML
419921 wv: usage information outdated/inconsistent/incomplete
430619 wv: error message should go to stderr; should act as filter
451001 invalid UTF-8 in <DIV>
463004 no footnotes in LaTeX output
494567 wv: German quotes create Spanish question marks
537129 warn that package is considered deprecated in favor of using AbiWord

Package: trueprint
174057 trueprint: Doesn't print function index even when requested
175389 trueprint: only creates A4-sized printouts
213735 trueprint: Segfaults with pascal program
251034 l10n/trueprint: Only supports ASCII 7 bits.

Package: zangband
174374 zangband: window under X is too short
218123 zangband: Panic save happens when it tries to browse a stack of items
317752 zangband: segfaults when I do certain stuff
420579 zangband: High scores not updated the lib/apex on NFS.

Package: blackbox
174424 blackbox: detects wm on :0.1 when there is none
179191 cuts title strings on UTF-8 characters
263859 Users cannot hide menu entries
308193 blackbox: Menu from right-clicking title bar can extend below bottom of screen
308269 blackbox: Lowering a window doesn't give focus to the window that replaces it
310921 blackbox: Blackbox window titles are funky when locales are used
314920 blackbox: Update lose styles, bbpager and bbkeys
319826 blackbox: missing ability to retain a menu
334798 blackbox: interaction with firefox and x.org moves FFox to the center row
352447 blackbox: can't rename workspaces
359076 blackbox: window titlebar size (height) doubled between 0.70.1-1 and 0.70.1-1.1
375235 upstream/blackbox: Toolbar doesn't move when screen is rotated
412211 blackbox: segv (as soon as I enter entry field of OOo dialog)
443618 Blackbox renders Debian submenu as whole menu
480427 support for euro-symbol missing in terminals
600968 patch/blackbox crashes on certain applications that disable minimize/maximize
706412 apps don't run in blackbox over xdmcp

Package: libgl1-mesa-glx
175074 upstream help/xlibmesa-gl: contains non-PIC code on i386
640502 freecad: FreeCAD crashes when zooming out on large imported STL file
640799 confirmed/kwin: crashes on login (sandybridge/mesa7.11/blur effect)
685891 glXGetVideoSyncSGI fails to increment frame count when xrandr rotation is active
724576 libgl1-mesa-glx: libGL error: failed to load driver: nouveau
744387 libgl1-mesa-glx: the problem with failing to load nouveau/ati driver not fixed yet

Package: efax
175239 efax don't understand group 3 fax data from gs -sDEVICE=dfax(high|low)
185837 efax: "UNKNOWN" response using Class 1 Fax Modem
191715 efax: only last page of ps generated by efix prints with gv
270642 efax: `fax send 0123456 foo.ps` usually doesn't terminate after successfully sending a fax.
356802 help moreinfo unreproducible/efax: fails to make fax from text files with ``fax make'' command
366658 moreinfo unreproducible/efix throws floating point exception
378819 fax can't send if it can't write into the current directory
419503 patch/RTC byte stripping bug back in efax since dpatch migration
476736 patch//usr/bin/efix: efix segfaults on text file
513455 patch/fax: Can't Handle Filenames with Whitespace
577401 efax: fails to send ps file: can't read multi-strip TIFF files
601266 efax: depends-on-obsolete-package gs
636349 [efax] Files without .oox extension reproduce and cause error
642830 efax: Suggests obsolete package gs
715861 [Mayhem] Bug report on efax: efix crashes with exit status 139

Package: libmail-cclient-perl
175243 help/libmail-cclient-perl: imapdate contains undesirable \0 at end
468929 libmail-cclient-perl: test failures
742431 patch/libmail-cclient-perl: fails to build with clang instead of gcc

Package: francine
175356 sid jessie/francine: segfault on current sid
363419 Spelling mistake in package description

Package: libttf-dev
175459 libttf-dev: Problematic headers location when installed along libfreetype6-dev

Package: ttf-xfree86-nonfree
176149 ttf-xfree86-nonfree: defoma errors
197163 KDE and luxi fonts
377814 Ugly Luxi Fonts

Package: gs-esp
176181 upstream help moreinfo/gs-esp: fails to correctly rasterize postscript?
321484 help moreinfo/cupsys: No debug information logged from gs-esp
412584 confirmed//invalidfileaccess with relative paths
480700 moreinfo/gs-esp: Foreground and background colors are not honored when converting .eps to .pdf

Package: gkrellkam
176316 gkrellkam: Image resizing doesn't work

Package: dput
176409 wontfix/default config makes wrong uploads too easy
222975 stock dput.cf can confuse people with ~/.dput.cf
324715 wontfix/dput: Move /etc/dput.cf under /etc/<package>/
389908 dput: chmod after scp upload
503129 security/dput: the Python script in postinst could possibly be intercepted on a multiuser system
589913 wontfix/default ppa section in /etc/dput.cf should be like Ubuntu's
634184 patch/dput: stops uploading changes files after one that has already been uploaded
643599 dput: doesn't re-byte-compile Python modules after switch of default Python version
646839 dcut: incorrect default gpg key
687659 dput does not handle whitespace in path when validating gpg signature
702194 socket.error: [Errno 32] Broken pipe ; then Upload failed: 403 Forbidden
706607 dput: Invalid warning about orig tarball not being required
736859 dput: Please set the default transport to use ssh-upload

Package: deskmenu
176656 wontfix/deskmenu cannot display CJK text
429047 deskmenu windowlist empty
452404 patch/deskmenu: no mouse action
728060 patch/deskmenu: menu title with colon

Package: libwww-dev
176889 libwww-dev: wwwconf.h defines PACKAGE and VERSION
373608 Please enable WebDAV support

Package: apt-show-source
177260 apt-show-source: no need for more headers
230393 apt-show-source: does not handle package versions correctly
721028 patch/apt-show-source: Use of uninitialized value $value in substitution

Package: automake,emacs22
177536 autoconf/automake info-look information does not match current Debian autoconf/automake info document

Package: sweep
177695 sweep: does not work on big files ..
193893 upstream/sweep: Segmentation fault when "short fwrite in sweep_large_alloc_data: No space left on device"
214937 sweep: Can't open multiple files at once
221293 sweep does not remember well device buffering settings
539528 sweep: Sweep gives no clue to new users.

Package: whereami
177897 Triggers faultily. Conflicts with ifupdown
179096 whereami: testssid doesn't work on Aironet 352
264553 whereami: second testarping always fails
268390 whereami hangs if ping does not respond
339106 whereami: testap has inverted logic for madwifi test
347464 whereami: please add timeout for dhcpcd (patch)
384867 whereami: bad wep activation
391213 whereami: add possibility to blacklist certain APs.
422494 testmii does not wait for interface to come up
455715 testdhcp should not bring the network interface down
461108 patch/whereami: testmii doesn't bring down interface

Package: gphoto2
178249 woody/gphoto2: debian woody on sun blade 100 - Step #2 of initialization failed!
242849 upstream/gphoto2: failure to create new images with empty memory on camera
242850 gphoto2: wrong recognition of last file on camera
246266 upstream/does't check for failure to read input from user
251934 upstream/gphoto2: Canon Powershot S45 image download failure: "gp_port_read() returned error (-34) or no data"
286886 gphoto2 can no longer delete photos
292032 upstream/gphoto2: saves wrong date on movies
295098 upstream/gphoto2: --get-all-audio-data doesn't (on Canon A60 at least)
310891 upstream/gphoto2: The first --get-all-files attempt always fails on Canon A80
319582 upstream/gphoto2: lock keys failed error with Canon PowerShot S1 IS
342168 upstream/gphoto2: can't turn off debugging
385725 upstream/gphoto2: Timeout for delete-all-files operation for HP Photo Smart C20 to short
400561 'gphoto2 --filename=%Y%m%d-%H%M%S-%03n.%C' is broken
429421 upstream/gphoto2 holds each downloaded object fully in RAM before writing to disk
462447 gphoto2 detects Canon PowerShot G3, but gives Error (-114: 'OS error in camera communication')
545757 gphoto2: in shell mode ls and tab-completion use different sorting
585719 gphoto2 does not respect umask
593847 gphoto2 could not claim the USB device
610207 gphoto2: Error (-60: 'Could not lock the device')
667959 gphoto2: Downloading from Canon Powershot G5 no longer works (but does in stable)
683110 fixed-upstream patch/gphoto2: gphoto fails on USB 3.0 port
690035 gphoto2: Wrong date and time stamp on downloaded images
696547 moreinfo/mounts wrong device when multiple devices connected
704280 upstream/Fails to import photos from Galaxy Nexus (maybe fixed upstream in 2.5?)
727219 smbnetfs mountpoints incorrectly listead as a device

Package: less
178276 patch/gzip: zless seems spew raw gzip to output for empty files
197456 upstream/gzip: zless doesn't work on a pipe
243370 moreinfo/Less does not properly format perldoc output
343067 "home" and "end" don't work in less
397856 less and wy60 terminal
399848 With -R, less should support ^N (smacs) and ^O (rmacs)
400915 less and lesskey file not functioning
403612 "less -R" doesn't take rmacs into account (regression)
432947 less is ignoring utf-8 in environment variables
454125 less man page doesn't accurately describe the v command (editor)
459278 less: Search highlighting bold/underlined characters highlights preceding non-matched character
459335 less: drawing errors with -g
460171 less -g/-w searching for text in file with long lines yeilds corrupt display
473227 less: Prints UTF-8 Byte order mark
476188 less: displays UTF-8 character incorrect
478487 less: ti termcap strings used too often?
489908 First line not output correctly
500092 Shouldn't less be in /bin/ ?
508919 LESS=F ruins less +G
540715 less: display of shorter line preceeded by longer line is padded with longer line
571090 mention s: make log file, on help screen
580844 less -F doesn't work well with -c
583477 less: Show column headers (useful eg. for CSV output)
594260 less: Options -i -I do not work for 8 bit characters
597918 upstream/less should support new Unicode characters (> 5.0.0)
609738 less: Can't set a binding for BACKSPACE
615031 less should wait for its children (zombie child)
626348 less -l, segfaults
631091 less: Incorrect line width for man pages
632981 less: man page oops, missing period
650337 upstream//tmp\ is a directory
654416 less: fails to show characters with accent
682033 Display of wrapped very long lines is insanely slow
687482 `less +q` should be equivalent to `less +gq`
693676 "less -V" output change confuses xzless
694051 less: leaves alternatives after purge: pager /usr/bin/less
706074 less: Incorrect hilighting of search results
707824 moreinfo/less: crashes with multiple group regex
712099 upstream/less: try to do a backward search, get forward search instead
720520 lesspipe advises using missing mkisofs package
723107 upstream/less: search history no longer contains new blank entry from current search
734415 ...|cpio --to-stdout -i file.txt|less +/string

Package: solarwolf
178487 wontfix/solarwolf breaks FHS
405339 Solarwolf font error
497974 patch/solarwolf: When SFX are disabled, game start sound plays
637601 solarwolf: source package lacks GPL licensed sources for the graphics
686765 solarwolf.desktop is not compliant with XDG standard (missing trailing semicolon

Package: oroborus
179189 unreproducible/cuts the Title strings on UTF-8 chars
218218 wontfix/oroborus does not handle fullscreen correctly
463631 oroborus: Unmapped windows don't get MapNotify event
497645 Manual page for oroborusrc does not provide a list of possible entries
497646 Configuration files for oroborus are not in the /etc directory

Package: slirp
179458 moreinfo/slirp: Out of date; incompatible with pptpd

Package: mingw32
179760 wontfix upstream/C++ link failure
281030 help/mingw32: libstdc++.la contains strange dependency_libs
317146 fixed-upstream patch/Regression: mingw-4.2 requires shared lib{gcc,stdc++} for cross-dll exceptions
351790 mingw32: astray man link
403720 mingw32: Oddity in package description
404116 binary without free documentation
470574 installs into non-policy-compliant /usr/libexec
470873 mingw32: obsolete lintian overrides
484299 Can not use powf and sinf in the same project.
498400 typo, somewhere in the package that the submitter doesn't bother to indicate ...
525016 mingw32: multiple definition of _powf
583262 mingw32 contains broken symlinks

Package: man-db
179998 man-db and multiple hosts.
199112 man-db: mandb fails to recreate corrupt index
209185 man-db in cron.daily fails
374708 unreproducible upstream/man-db: *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x080decf8 ***
385138 moreinfo/man-db: segfault with -a
507735 man-db: postinst triggered discards errors from mandb
549197 man-db: man command show empty pages, with zsoelim signal 11
622883 man-db: stale entry in cache is confusing
666253 Please drop redundant cron jobs in favor of dpkg triggers
676637 man-db: man -f (--whatis) doesn't support subpages
691643 patch upstream/man-db -p's mtime check fails and man-db readds man pages needlessly
692765 upstream/Weird table rendering in translated page
700465 man-db: "man main" gives a bizarre result
709405 man-db: bad man page information for "man setrlimit"
725156 man-db: Arrow keys do not work in man
726266 patch/man(1): Some formatting improvements for the manual
735589 man-db: Allow MANPAGER to take pipes

Package: rrdtool
180283 rrdtool: CDEF function PREV(name) timesteps far too mauch
261370 rrdtool graph scale bug
467342 [rrdtool] enable optimization on arm again
499305 moreinfo/munin: Segfault reported in syslog in librrd.so.2.0.8
503196 rrdgraph: Truncated strings not marked as such.
552813 rrdtool: glibc "free() invalid size" error with long RPN expressions
558402 rrdtool: --logarithmic and --base don't work together
600844 fixed-upstream/rrdtool resize corrupts the original file
603507 rrdupdate: manpage contains twice "When using negative time values, ..."
686825 patch upstream/rrdtool: invalid JSON output from "rrdtool xport --json"
715220 rrdtool: Segfault on data in far futur
721975 HURD support, build fails, maybe an easy fix [patch]
736333 patch pending/rrdtool: diff for NMU version 1.4.7-2.1

Package: foomatic-filters
180552 foomatic-bin: foomatic-kitload does not work out of a 'sudo'
226437 multiple pages per sheet
240226 foomatic-filters: should not send jobs to printer in case of failure
264875 cupsomatic filter doesn't append UEL for PJL controlled jobs
279623 foomatic-filters: debug mode: doesn't generate a logfile
286759 foo-rip: PPD: *Include directive ignored?
430480 Hint about firmware loading necessity
442127 foomatic-filters: Printing pdf with image fails with '/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed'
450896 foomatic-filters: cups/foomatic fails with copy-protected files
473076 foomatic-filters: /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed
484554 foomatic-filters: Cancelling of job form CUPS doesn't kill the gs process sending the data to the printer
504774 cups: Bundled Brother HL-1430 Driver Does Not Print
507435 foomatic-filters: can't print .dvi files
522722 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstopdf) stopped with status 1! (/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstopdf) stopped with status 1!
543341 foomatic-filters: overrides options when used with CUPS and Samba
566797 foomatic-filters will wait forever to finish jobs
656660 foomatic-rip: dying with "Cannot find a writable temp dir"
712105 foomatic-filters: foomatic-rip fails when using bjc250gs driver

Package: maelstrom
180684 upstream/Doesn't flush keyboard buffer after ESC is pressed.

Package: xscreensaver-gl
180775 confirmed/xscreensaver-gl: Starwars does not show accentuated letters
581640 xscreensaver-gl: manpage for glmatrix mentions -phone option, but that option isn't supported
688955 slide show fails to display due to invalid parameter attributes (X_PutImage/BadMatch)
695132 glslideshow: zoom=100 has no effect

Package: aiksaurus
180980 libaiksaurusgtk-bin: Dialog has no close button.

Package: pptpd
181005 upstream/pptpd failures with ipmasq and kernel 2.4
334775 pptpd: insane 'JCPU' time is shown in 'w' printout
338562 pptpd fails to correctly handle multiple connections from same ip address with same login/password.
493829 pptpd: NTLM authentication broken since samba 3.2.0-4
700868 confirmed patch/pptpd: no need to explicitly stop in rc0/rc6

Package: w3m
181033 edit source keybinding doesn't seem to work
186420 woody/w3m: No warning if server returns error when downloading a file
221043 w3m: Fails to display images which require auth: <img src="http://login:pass@url">
268211 w3m: more info on configuration required
275820 w3m has potential symbol conflicts with libncurses
279221 should transcode characters from utf-8 if the terminal is not utf-8 capable
285251 w3m: .txt vs -cols
290460 w3m: div inside a tags...
366640 w3m -o options arguments aren't checked
372171 unreproducible help moreinfo/w3m: searching without migemo causes segfault
373270 seems to discard keystrokes while loading a page on startup
374044 w3m status bar not charset-aware
377912 w3m: Unicode entities vs. big5
380560 w3m: forgot simplest example
383884 w3m: [console + gpm] Mouse only works when prompt is active
383890 w3m: [Colors] For fg=black, bg=white, some text is invisible
385702 w3m rejects valid cookies based on false assumptions
398989 w3m: wait for the user to notice $EDITOR failure message
403634 man w3m: add a FILES section
406563 w3m C-k: cookie dates mangled
406564 w3m -M vs. input fields
413708 w3m: ugly when rolling mouse wheel back and forth
451695 w3m: Please include a doc-base registration file
466799 calls Gpm_Open once per keystroke
475624 PRE rendered just like P
475627 <I> ignored
476548 don't break lines at "/"
476550 million deep directory tree
478917 w3m: [manual] Explain how to use proxy
490802 w3m: syslogs complaining about lack of /dev/gpmctl
532521 security/predictable random number generator used in web browsers
551316 w3m didn't precent decode the password section in environment http_proxy
575032 meta refresh URL=?.. loops
622609 unreproducible moreinfo/Option display_link in /etc/w3m/config not working,display_link_number OK
657315 w3m -dump_head http://xyz/abc.zip complains about non-ZIP structure
662683 w3m: incorrect URLs for GET forms with a fragment identifier
667741 w3m stuck in a loop in an xterm
670410 w3m -6 should only use IPv6
681212 w3m doesn't truncate downloaded files to Content-Length value
693367 w3m: segfaults often on armhf
717904 w3m: doesn't support IPv6 link-local addresses
720620 <TH> rendered as <TD>
742304 unreproducible/w3mman creating broken <b> tags
742455 w3m: Gopher support not working

Package: apt-zip
181043 apt-zip: cant write lock files on read-only medium
218380 apt-zip: chmod +x fetch-script-wget-*
223017 apt-zip: return error upon failure
259287 patch/XSI:ism in debian/rules + wishlist fixes...
261267 sid jessie/apt-zip fetch script shoud store the file in same directory
334077 wontfix/apt-zip-list invokes apt-get -y without --force-yes option
624368 Updating the apt-zip Uploaders list
638840 apt-zip: wrong checksum: checksum calculation broken
718376 apt-zip: Most deb data.tar member files are unsupported

Package: lv
181405 lv: option -E very broken
181790 gnome-terminal: Terminal effectively locks with non-ASCII characters on default coding
504768 lv: grandchild lv breaks terminal emulator when terminated

Package: pppoe
181523 pppoeconf: stops working on interface irlan0
227226 A conflict with /etc/logrotate.d/ppp about /var/log/ppp-connect-errors?
287081 IPTABLES for PPOE
298185 pppoe-server: invalid option -- k
298202 pppoe-server: leaves spurious children behind
309384 pppoe: die if mtu badly set
353775 pppoe-server: Segmentation fault on EM64T.
407552 please provide example configuration files for rp-pppoe (server)
444821 patch/pppoe: Source address patch forces promiscuous mode
446491 pppoe: ppp_on_boot does not work as described in documentation
626944 pppoe: /etc/network/if-up.d/* run before IP link is up

Package: gmt-doc
181557 upstream/gmt: man and html doc ugly

Package: diffmon
181689 diffmon: /etc/diffmon/diffmon.cf is not crafted for Debian at all.
181700 diffmon: Package is incomplete
221882 diffmon: password-diffmon-reports not allowed by sendmail
246464 diffmon should not complain on absent files
495855 package deviates from standard mail-transport-agent dependency.

Package: wmaker
181735 upstream/wmaker: Disregards window placement rules when placing window in non-active workspace
182863 wmaker: loosing input focus on min/max gnome-terminal
193315 wmaker: Keyboard Shortcut for window x allways refer to the same window
281937 wmaker randomly switches workspaces instead of resizing windows
312541 confirmed/wmaker: Wmaker doesn't work properly with Dual-Head but no Xinerama
316240 confirmed/xvnc4viewer: input focus not set to password dialog
411977 wmaker: exitscript is not called when an signal 11 occur
698849 [wmaker] After upgrade can't switch between Workspaces with keyboard & mouse wheel

Package: icebreaker
182070 icebreaker: Buggy line placement clears more area than it should
505804 [icebreaker] makes a horrible noisy sound
512676 icebreaker: invalid menu icon

Package: latex2rtf
182075 latex2rtf: doesn't handle TEXMF paths

Package: tmake
182213 tmake: qt include dir is incorrect
356513 should be "arch: all"
529141 tmake: please upgrade your watch file

Package: gnat-4.8
182360 upstream/GNAT.OS_Lib.Close ignores return value
666106 kfreebsd-i386: Exceptions with tracebacks in task rendezvous cause STORAGE_ERROR
673772 mips: ATC with syscalls not working
687642 armel armhf: gcc -shared reads libgnarl.a instead of .so
717014 on some archs, a library using Elementary_Functions needs -lm

Package: src:openldap
182536 wontfix/libldap2: cannot unmount /usr
202635 ldap.conf(5) mis-documents TLS_REQCERT
212883 sid jessie/libldap2: failed to get attributeTypes when connected to ldaps
236584 patch/please add a filtering capability to the shell-backend
256289 patch/Several uses of XSI:isms and bashisms
264278 libldap2 only needs to be Priority: standard
273620 moreinfo/libldap2: Auth using ldap randomly fails,
319652 failed assertion
330695 libldap2: /etc/ldap/ldap.conf breaks multiarch and on soname change
351897 libnss-ldap and pam-ldap extreemly slow if ca-certicates installed
358829 plans to package ldapcpplib/libldapcpp?
407516 weekly Samba/ldapsam failure serving files to a busy win2k client
421649 Strange behavior using libldap2 with gnutls
482575 libldap2 is deprecated but not in oldlibs
482684 installation of libldap2 with apt-get attempts to uninstall essential packages
499523 false dependencys from libldap2 in many packages
693971 openldap FTBFS on hurd-i386
706123 openldap: should build-conflict with libkrb5-dev
742841 moreinfo/src:openldap: openldap implicitly build depends on libldap2
745231 openldap: Consider switching to gnutls3

Package: libpam0g
182605 upstream confirmed/prompt missing fflush
490266 libpam0g: bad interaction between PAM_IGNORE and default=done
635465 libpam0g: need documentation, shlibs bump (?) for multiarch

Package: statserial
182794 upstream/statserial: -n puts so many VT100 controls etc. that one often sees nothing
183083 upstream/statserial: why different values than /proc/tty/driver/serial
364480 statserial.1.gz vs. usage: Default device
364481 statserial: overboard with curses

Package: libwmf-dev
182993 libwmf-config has no manpage

Package: cmucl
183235 upstream/Error using foreign symbols in compiled code
658630 cmucl: Shell scripts fail in 20c
665896 cmucl: Compiler gives incorrect error if T clause in case construct is not last one
683398 patch/FTBFS: build-indep needed for binary-arch
723679 cmucl: segfault

Package: bbdb
183338 upstream/bbdb: should canonicalize encoding of names stored in database
185247 bbdb: mail alias prejudice against .mailrc vs. bbdb
190640 bbdb breaks VM (vm-mail)
198382 bbdb-ignore-some-messages-alist doesn't work
200132 upstream/bbdb: BBDB has changed on disk; revert? (yes or no) not clear
200136 upstream/bbdb: BBDB has changed on disk; revert? (yes or no) wont accept no
200137 upstream/bbdb: plow thru queries
246503 bbdb-print: fails to handle some (ASCII) characters
279499 bbdb: raw chars seen in indexs
311987 bbdb: bbdb with gnus does not address properly
325694 bbdb: [FIX] Gnus summary line address extraction improvement
366642 bbdb: change name to same name?
443094 .bbdb encoding disagreement: emacs22 wants mule-utf-8, bbdb wants iso-2022-7bit
563138 when: Lisp nesting exceeds `max-lisp-eval-depth'
572550 walk-windows: Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size
653942 upstream/bbdb-submit-bug-report sends bug report by mail to list with members only posting
708257 bbdb cannot handle full german phone numbers ("phone number unparseable")

Package: lilo-installer
183366 moreinfo/lilo-installer: Installation fail to boot on machine with HD on hdd
243011 lilo-installer does not support non-chainloaded OSes such as linux and the hurd
283427 moreinfo sarge/Lilo installation failed
380416 lilo fails to install when using XFS root partition on AMD64
412166 Suggests to use MBR on a strange disk
428329 issues setting up crypto with GPT disk label
451121 lilo-installer: doesn't show descriptive error messages

Package: uw-imapd
183408 upstream help/uw-imapd loses uidvalidity on folders at the drop of a hat
202581 upstream/uw-imapd: at login whole home directory is searched
234715 Logcheck ignore.d.server and ignore.d.workstation files have the same contents
234769 uw-imapd forgets inbox mail message statistics at server reboot
276866 uw-imapd: imapd updates mail folder's ctime when selected
277095 help/uw-imapd-ssl fails with >=2G files
300615 uw-imapd: suggest in README some way to extend one year limit expiration of self signed certificate.
306329 uw-imapd: Confusing debconf message
335458 patch/uw-imapd: Please document how to use "real" SSL cert (patch included)
343132 uw-imapd: /dev/stderr is only present with login shells
355097 uw-imapd: Serious SSL problems
382408 uw-imapd autologou problem
416369 uw-imapd: SSL detection not working with IPv6
432742 uw-imapd: man imapd should reference correct location for md5.txt
450665 uw-imapd: suggests chmod 01777 /var/mail
461046 ipv6/uw-imapd: SSL/TLS certificate detection broken with ipv6
461075 security/uw-imapd: world-writable tmp files
464699 uw-imapd: UIDPLUS is broken when copying message from unix mailbox to mbx mailbox.
507623 patch/logcheck/ignore.d.server/uw-imapd doesn't cover host=SSH_CLIENT=<ip>
557103 uw-imapd occasionally corrupts /var/spool/mail/[user] and ~/mbox
569193 uw-imapd causes installation to hang

Package: libfreetype6-dev
183687 confirmed/Autoconf freetype2.m4 version checking
451660 libfreetype6-dev: Please register the rest of the documentation with doc-base
642354 upstream wontfix//usr/bin/freetype-config: freetype-config --libs adds standard x86 multilib path library path

Package: chrony
183745 chronyd doesn't see any of my sources
240528 not suitable for wireless connection (+ suggestion)
252131 chrony: should not assume that any ppp link is the means of connecting to the internet
268289 offline user says goodbye to raw IP addresses!
287759 chrony: off by one when reporting Invalid host/IP addresses
312092 chrony: nothing installed in /etc/network/if-{up,down}.d
344412 chrony: does not handle ip aliases
397180 extraneous arch files in /usr/share/doc/chrony/examples/
399148 chrony: misplaced colon in connection errors
415729 /usr/share/doc/chrony/faq.txt.gz is not a text file
463518 patch/chrony: does not see any sources when started without network connection
568492 upgrading chrony throws away old chrony.drift
583115 No sources right after boot
590963 Use debconf instead of mail to inform user in postinst
633422 chrony: Should add hooks in /etc/pm/sleep.d
680498 chrony postinst fails to recognize UTC hardware clock
688971 chrony: shouldn't run as root by default
712850 chrony: Name of file in /var/lib/chrony incorrectly calculated.
726817 pending/chrony: GPL-2-only program linking GPL-3+ libreadline6 on amd64

Package: beep
184055 beep on sparc sounds very bad
348982 confirmed patch/beep -s does not work with -n (or even |)
364855 Frequency wrong
630161 [beep] "pc" not capitalized in short description

Package: tar
184090 upstream/Invalid IOCTL command send to tape-driver
193182 patch wontfix/tar: Tar complains about changed file on a smb mounted filesystem
236323 tar comparison output: trailing '/' missing for directories
240170 moreinfo/Cannot utime: Operation not permitted
261852 tar should quit restore when out of space
290435 security/rmt filename support makes tar vulnerable to "phishing" attacks
302886 tar info page has contradicting information
310323 tar: non error messages send to stderr since 1.15
310511 'tar --keep-newer-files' deletes old/extracts new files
332416 tar: dumps core with --delete -j
355152 GNU Tar Invalid Headers Buffer Overflow
377785 tar: some symlinks are not extracted properly
391060 tar: --null doesn't work together with -C and -T
448598 moreinfo/tar -C foo -c . | tar -C bar -x ends up with nothing on read errors
524819 tar: manpage has no title
541615 tar: does not recognise xz compressed archives automatically
565898 tar: --checkpoint-action dot option does not work
575474 /bin/tar: Segfault with both --exclude-caches and --exclude-tag=TAG
597577 tar cannot smoothly handle weird filenames
602898 tar: manual - Missing information for multiple --verbose option use
602927 squeeze upstream/tar does not set permissions correcly nor create symlinks when interrupted
605425 tar overwrites permissions of ./
607150 tar fails to copy symlinks from hfsplus
655895 tar: Tar ignores --exclude= option
659046 tar: incremental backups broken
693174 tar null pointer deref. segfault
693535 tar: Adding --numeric-owner option comand line is blocked
711725 errors upon man tar
711726 mention the Info URL
720877 patch/manpage glitches
729980 [tar] Incomplete description for "-s" flag
737226 tar --sparse silently corrupts files on filesystems where non-empty files may have zero blocks

Package: axe
184198 help/Keyboard Macros are broken
528866 please add info-dir-section to your info files

Package: fontconfig
184475 fontconfig: /etc/fonts/fonts.conf marked conffile when its not
243468 fontconfig: Misleading sub-pixel rendering instructions
254787 fontconfig: Doesn't substitute Courier New for Courier when "prefer_outline" enabled
286942 substitutes old "currency" symbol for U+20AC EURO SIGN in Myriad font family
299697 fontconfig: Default font configuration changed in 2.3.1-1
302025 REGRESSION: fontconfig: local.conf overrides ~/.fonts.conf
303634 fontconfig: true type fonts are squashed vertically since last upgrade
307937 fontconfig: fc-cache hangs (if .t1a file is present?)
311995 fontconfig: Some fonts too heavy at large px sizes
343040 fontconfig: Fontconfig produces error messages after upgrade
352378 fontconfig selects Japanese bitmap fonts instead of Bitstream Vera Sans for sans-serif
370738 fontconfig: Does not detect fixed-with Type 1 fonts
411466 fontconfig: Regular style matched as "Bold Oblique"
427123 Document $HOME/.fontconfig/* and how to clean up
451474 zh firefox ASCII 4
452137 ttf-dejavu changes the default Arabic font
488866 fontconfig: 2.11.0-2 segfaults
493880 xfonts-100dpi: Helvetica from this package is reported by fc-match to beantialiased
498039 /usr/bin/fc-list: "fc-list ... charset" output is not inteligible
506868 iceweasel: LCD, ugly font, fontconfig
517800 fontconfig: Does not respect differing x and y DPI
531187 fontconfig: Subpixel rendering vs. xrandr
563145 fontconfig: upgrade to 2.8.0 and fixed got changed to something strange again
603834 upstream/fontconfig: Hinting/Subpixel rendering errors — even with correct DPI settings / fonts.conf / etc.
607802 lfs/fontconfig: 65-nonlatin.conf incorrectly lists serified Chinese fonts such as "ming" under sans-serif section
612713 cacti: After upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze Cacti graphs display too slow
626832 Abiword fonts Chinese garbled
642520 l10n patch upstream/fontconfig: Please add conf file for Japanese PDF that created by TeX
645876 patch/fontconfig: Nimbus Sans L condensed only in libreoffice 3.4
655989 patch/fontconfig: memory leaks detected
657818 fontconfig: A strange bug in font rendering
669003 fontconfig: TEXMF fonts status and activation
671139 Secondlifr viewer crash at init, when initializing fonts
672533 fontconfig: Weezy upgrade failed: 'rmdir: failed to remove `/var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d/': Directory not empty'
683192 fontconfig: Default font and/or fallback font selection algorithm fails for non-latin fonts
709077 upstream/fontconfig: common realloc mistake (leaks on error)
714321 fontconfig spams the console on every program start
717114 fontconfig: warning "Having multiple <family> in <alias> isn't supported"
717688 fontconfig: Multiple values in <test> at /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-droid-sans-fonts.conf
722300 fontconfig fails to upgrade: undefined symbol: FcConfigEnableHome
726985 fontconfig: Fontconfig error: out of memory
729583 fontconfig: Unable to display space characters when using a <prefer> directive in <family> tag
734196 /usr/bin/fc-cache: Segmentation fault caused by font Aharoni Bold (ahronbd.ttf). Works in Wheezy, doesn't work in Jessie.
735570 Should stop listing /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts as a fonts location

Package: scrollz
184634 moreinfo/scrollz: message starting with a long word diplay an empty line first
624050 scrollz: Uses deprecated _set_priority GnuTLS functions

Package: anon-proxy
184674 proxytest regularly exits silently
215987 anon-proxy doesn't work on debian/ppc
265395 anon-proxy: Huge memory consumption 335 Meg (memory leak?)
467643 anon-proxy: doesn't set http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY variables
669394 anon-proxy: typo in german package description
729456 anon-proxy causes apt, aptitude, and synaptic to be unable to reach http locations in sources.list

Package: floppyd
185801 floppyd locks drive after reading crashed
715910 [Mayhem] Bug report on floppyd: floppyd_installtest crashes with exit status 139

Package: apt-src
186005 patch/apt-src: goes nuts when aborting installation of build-deps
208659 apt-src: does not upgrade, if only debian package version differs
283464 apt-src: Does not handle version epochs
290443 patch/apt-src: does not recognise installation succeeded when unpacking to APT::Src::Location
303004 if remounting /usr partition read-only fails, apt-src gives error message
339488 apt-src: Needs to install build-deps before clean
344848 patch/APT::Src::RootCommand does not work as advertised
348461 "apt-src build" says "E: Not installed" instead of downloading and then building source
368009 apt-src: Apt-src install fails
377125 apt-src fails with NFS $HOME with no file locking
388051 apt-src: Builds wrong version if source already exists
500073 apt-src: should install unmet build dependencies without recommends
519329 apt-src: Doesn't recognize codenames (e.g. lenny), but only suites (e.g. stable)
522688 apt-src: Problems dealing with multiple levels of dependencies
684350 patch/apt-src: --help for apt-src wrong spelling

Package: ddd
186089 sid unreproducible jessie/ddd: Just invoking ddd causing Segmentation fault.
217517 ddd: Major opcode of failed request: 45 (X_OpenFont)
226218 ddd: Warnings on startup
235868 ddd should not assume A4 paper size
267866 ddd: DDD data display broken
274601 ddd: submenus are drawn incorrectly
276694 ddd gets SIGSEGV when started via ssh session with X11 forward
310683 DDD 3.3.9 (i386-pc-linux-gnu) gets `BadWindow' error
383636 moreinfo/Does not handle missing xterm in a good way
399683 preferences window seems to be missing text/selection fields
399684 ddd using ugly font
416288 ddd: SIGSEGV if CTRL+C over ssh-session with X11 forwarding
451036 ddd: Copy and paste displayes cause crash
511463 [ddd] ddd: Symbol `_XmStrings' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
514883 [ddd] Unable to run a (perl) program
604170 Assumes latin-1 in source files, despite locale

Package: debianutils
186153 help/savelog: killing causes data loss
493269 /usr/bin/which does not expand "~"
499901 debianutils: savelog doesn't remove old versions when using -d
664723 debianutils: ischroot returns 0 in cowbuilder chroot
685034 debianutils: ischroot fails to detect if it is running in a chroot
690839 run-parts: By default the umask is set to 022
703010 patch/debianutils: ischroot can no longer detect vservers
709944 debianutils: Minor issues in savelog(8) man page

Package: autoproject
186278 autoproject: C++ language bindings fail
200624 autoproject does not like standard options without a flag

Package: manpages
186282 upstream confirmed/environ(7): BROWSER not documented
232996 upstream moreinfo/manpages: wrong information in packet(7)
285444 moreinfo upstream help/manpages: unicode.7 is out of date
298259 upstream/base: Suggest improvement to man pages for resolv.conf and hosts
320180 man operator.7
485990 help moreinfo/ascii.7: Apostroph is accent in UTF-8 environment
511422 upstream/errors in manpages for resolv.conf(5)
528015 patch/manpages: securetty(5) is not only used to restrict root login
588484 regex(7): incorrect semantics for backslash + ordinary character
612156 section 4 Linux-specific
658285 wontfix/manpages: package has man-browser only in suggests
666972 upstream/manpages: proc(5): /proc/partition block size and count method undocumented
669866 patch/manpages: New manual page: hostname(5)
741360 upstream/statm "share" badly described
743525 upstream confirmed/symlink permissions misdescribed

Package: jython
186476 jython: Global registry settings not recognized when jython is lo aded from BSF
620841 jython backtraces

Package: libc0.3-dev
187391 patch/libc0.3-dev: sockaddr_un.sun_path can't be assigned a "const char *" when compiling with g++
190367 libc0.3-dev: fcntl F_GETLK not implemented (ENOSYS)
288105 wontfix/ioctls.h: ioctls.h does not define _IOT__IOTBASE_void on Hurd
413734 Hurd doesn't permit non-constant structures as ioctl parameter
545888 pending/libc0.3-dev: struct ether_addr defined twice

Package: mailsync
187513 New version of mailsync doesn't work reliably
215572 mailsync: absolute path to msinfo file gets misinterpreted
222153 mailsync: aborts with the "-t md5" option
246340 INBOX synchronization between IMAPS and local fails (5.1.1-4)
257418 mailsync: manual password doesn't remain stored in memory since 5.2
288755 no mail deletion on sync if .msinfo in mbx format, copied over again
325475 mailsync blocks forever
446024 mailsync: undocumented server config item; wrong? behaviour
716531 [Mayhem] Bug report on mailsync: mailsync crashes with exit status 139

Package: wml
188353 wml: wml::des::navbar pos argument has no effect
408401 patch/wml: href breaks xhtml -- creates a 'border="0" attribute' for images
705597 confirmed/wml: gfont missing (by wml::des::gfont)

Package: mailman
188549 mailman: Clarification required: 'Header added...' is not mail header
203752 Mailman replaces non-ascii chars by question marks in downloadable verions of archives
209350 confirmed/mailman treats confirmation as pre-confirm subscription request
218983 mailman: qrunner makes system far too slow
235597 mailman: editting preferences with a long password results in 'you must enter your password to unsubscribe'
257102 unreproducible/mailman: bad url in private archive index page
275866 moreinfo/does not gate news from comp.lang.c++.moderated
280926 patch/mailman: install change_pw in /usr/sbin and ship manpage
290519 Bounce handler error: TypeError: Expected list, got <type 'str'>
298753 unreproducible l10n/non-ascii passwords in montly password reminders html-encoded
299032 mailman adds extra space into mime headers (fwd)
315901 mailman: file permission problems in archives not handled correctly
316391 Error: Unknown virtual host:
319075 mailman: Digest number not always bumped
320296 mailman: mails with implciit destination should be cofnigurable and subject to filtering
323717 mailman dies on 100% full file system with no log or warning
329351 mailman: postrm blocks on invoking ucf
329584 Create List Causes Crash
339059 mailman: Mailman/debconf forgets answer to language list question at install time
342645 Mailman: header sanitizing
346413 upstream/mailman: news gateway breaks threading
355637 upstream/mailman: Stale lock files break administrative web interface
398684 mailman: Hostname settings are ignored when generating admin emails
417295 fix_url ignores DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN in mm_cfg.py. need to edit Defaults.py instead.
420309 Wrong charset for German messages
424620 mailman: error.log not re-opened on log rotation
425981 unreproducible/mailman: public list archive has invalid URL, only private URL works
426744 Cronjob senddigests reports ValueError: timestamp out of range for platform time_t
443069 mailman: senddigests cron job: "TypeError: iso-8859-1"
445019 Pipermail doesn't like MIME parts with implicit content type
446250 mailman: Auth.py simply slaps the footer links onto the end of admlogin.html, producing broken HTML
491847 generating templates does not enforce an appropriate umask
494065 unreproducible moreinfo/mailman: Incorrect properties of symbolic links makes it crash hard on startup
502263 mailman: policy violation (9.1.1): writes to /usr when config changes
505638 mailman: Mailman dies on log rotation
511523 mailman: subject_prefix with non-ascii characters and trailing space does not work
516300 mailman: AvoidDuplicates handler incorrect header rewrite
523680 mailman: moderated users can't post
524662 unreproducible moreinfo/mailman: after the 17/4 update mailma does not longer accept messages even from wgitelisted users,
549116 File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/OldStyleMemberships.py", line 114, in __assertIsMember && OutgoingRunner dies
562700 postfix-to-mailman.py does not handle mailman-loop@domain
578986 patch/postfix-to-mailman.py bug
596668 mailman: newlist crashes
598509 Invocations of "/etc/init.d/mailman start" spawns multiple instances
603904 patch/Fresh installation of mailman has wrong permissions, causes archiving to fail
604522 mailman: Archiver splits messages on certain 'From'-initial lines; cf. GNU Mailman bug #620539.
611804 moreinfo/Astonishing header mangling
614218 mailman: Aborted without showing the debconf question mailman/queue_files_present on upgrade to 1:2.1.11-11+lenny2
614364 mailman: show_qfiles does not work (for messages left by Lenny's mailman)
616701 ImportError: No module named header (after upgrade to Squeeze)
618406 mailman: Listinfo premature end of script since update to squeeze
643713 mailman: newlist should check for required priviledges before commiting changes
656807 mailman debian logo broken if changing image path
693172 patch/mailman: should Depend: httpd-cgi instead of httpd
698861 mailman: Please link list_owners in /usr/sbin
718284 postfix-to-mailman: can't run genaliases properly (maybe doc bug?)
732741 upstream fixed-in-experimental l10n/mailman: Please backport upstream fix for TypeError in sync_members
732932 mailman: Mailman upgrade squeeze->wheezy fails because /var/lock/mailman dir does not exist
732933 mailman: squeeze wheezy upgrade fails if turkish is selected as language
732934 mailman: On upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy install fails because /var/lock/mailman does not exist.
732935 mailman: Upgrade squeeze to wheezy, install fails if TUrkish language is present. dpkg returns -1
733134 mailman wrapper script runs as group "daemon" instead of "Debian-exim"
733475 mailmanctl dies silently, messages delayed until intervention
734180 mailman: missing dependency on lsb-release for test suite (debian/tests/control)

Package: gconf2
188742 upstream/gconf2: Error messages in utf-8 in a non utf-8 locale
252480 moreinfo unreproducible/gconf2: gconfd exits when Conglomerate starts
270967 moreinfo unreproducible/gconf2-common fails to purge when /etc isn't removable
517333 gconf2: Stops working after a while
552055 Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/sbin/update-alternatives line 264
593849 gconf2: gconftool-2 uses up all my ram during package upgrades
605572 postinstall script hangs
614717 unreproducible/Installation hangs at 'gconf-schemas --register-all --no-signal'
678013 gconf2: Gconf may crash Sun JVM running Eclipse
712443 gconf2: Update hangs E: Internal Error, No file name for gconf2:amd64
714479 gconf2: gconftool-2 warning due to unset $DISPLAY

Package: libgnome-dev
188824 wontfix/libgnome-dev: Conflict between gnome-i18n and gettext
445593 libgnome-dev: libtool la file refers to -L/build/buildd/gnome-libs-1.4.2/libgnomeui/../libgnome

Package: zephyr-clients
188927 zephyr-clients: one-line patch to fix misalignment on ttymode zwgc

Package: libnet-snmp-perl
189263 libnet-snmp-perl: Module treats counter32 values as signed integers, produces wrong results.
321787 libnet-snmp-perl: Adds spurious spaces to OIDs
584421 libnet-snmp-perl: Get_entries : not all the results given
726584 libnet-snmp-perl: Deprecation warnings with perl 5.12

Package: openssh
189425 moreinfo/PrivSep option doesn't work on GNU/Hurd (pending patch)
258131 openssh: intermittant failure with GSSAPI authentication
423855 patch/openssh: tty modes not set or checked properly

Package: courier-webadmin
190725 sid jessie/courier-webadmin: INSTALL file not included
269320 courier-webadmin: got error when follow "Mail server name and local domains" url
296039 patch/courier-webadmin: virtual domain accounts incorrectly check uniqueness
406877 courier-webadmin should use LDAP_URI instead of LDAP_HOST and LDAP_PORT in /etc/courier/authldaprc
427061 courier-webadmin: stable deb install fails; can't write file
478102 courier-webadmin: Forgets port of webserver for non-standard port

Package: dvisvga
190917 dvisvga: Can't find pk files and other odd behaviours

Package: sympa
191086 Init script doesn't check PID file settings
233448 Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package sympa
236836 patch/Add full names of subscribers in reviewbouncing table (patch included)
288306 sympa reply from web (mhonarc) don't respect thread
299701 sympa logs way too much
320681 upstream/sympa: The Web interface lacks accessibility
420788 moreinfo/wwsympa: wws/which page not linked from the web interface
420789 wwsympa: unify subscriptions only available if at least already registered to one list ?
466154 /etc/apache2/conf.d/sympa opens web services
592973 Please add man page for queue, bouncequeue and famillyqueue
594579 Sympa crashes after install if the database already exists
615867 Duplicate mail aliases in /etc/aliases and /etc/mail/sympa.aliases
631162 sympa: Package will not configure if dbconfig-common is not used
651942 upgrades fails while using sympa with postgresql
671644 can't register after installing
673972 sympa: unowned directories after purge
676708 wrong owner of incoming messages in /var/spool/sympa/msg
682562 sympa: mod_fcgid fails with "Premature end of script headers: wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi"
714082 Apache restart fails, manually killing sympa necessary
715051 sympa: fails to send messages
726392 sympa: Sympa may not depends on more than one DBD driver
728114 Sympa depends on non-existent package (sysklogd)
737621 sympa uses /bis/sh which causes errors on upgrading
741979 sympa: Missing it.mo file

Package: vdesk
191875 gqview + vdesk problem

Package: cvsps
193462 cvsps numbering is unstable
312334 cvsps: filename with semi colon in repository breaks usage
358654 cvsps: The '-d' flag silently misinterprets date strings
369028 cvsps: outputs erroneous branch ancestry
369597 cvsps: offsets tag to wrong position on file deletion
369872 upstream/cvsps: need to take into account phantom commits added by recent cvs 1.12.x
422004 patch/cvsps should ignore changesets newer than starttime - timestamp_fuzz
427217 cvsps: rlog on old servers can't handle ".", use "" instead
512211 patch/Moving of a complete cvs repository to git fails
571960 cvsps: Segfaults after unable to find a revision.
609028 cvsps: Typo in man page line 14
697163 cvsps reports wrong ancestry (patch fixing problem is available)...
701605 cvsps: New upstream maintainer, website, and version
715770 [Mayhem] Bug report on cvsps: cvsps crashes with exit status 139

Package: nas
193668 nas: Noise in sound from both auplay and mplayer (not tested any other)
285300 nasd hangs when opening snd dev
288341 stopping the nas daemon doesn't remove the sockets
305379 nas port not in /etc/services
438557 nasd segfaults after connect

Package: xtightvncviewer