Release-critical bugs status

Sat Apr 19 06:00:00 UTC 2014

Total number of release-critical bugs: 1630
Number that have a patch: 255
Number that have a fix prepared and waiting to upload: 43
Number that are being ignored: 170
Number concerning the current stable release: 364
Number concerning the next release: 409

Graph of RC bugs

Other graphs:

The red line graphs all bugs with release-critical severities; the green line graphs the number of bugs that are actually a concern for the next release (excluding ignored bugs, bugs on packages not in testing, and bugs whose tags and/or versioning information indicate that they don't apply to testing), and the blue line graphs the number of bugs that are a concern for the current stable release.

Recent changes

3 release-critical bugs were closed and 1 were opened.

Closed/downgraded release-critical bugs

Opened/upgraded release-critical bugs

Detailed lists of RC bug reports:

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