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O: opendict -- computer dictionary for several dictionary formats

Package: wnpp; Maintainer for wnpp is;

Reported by: Ricardo Mones <>

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 10:33:16 UTC

Severity: normal

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From: Ricardo Mones <>
Subject: O: opendict -- computer dictionary for several dictionary formats
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 12:32:16 +0200
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Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

The current maintainer of opendict, Kęstutis Biliūnas <>,
is apparently not active anymore.  Therefore, I orphan this package now.

Maintaining a package requires time and skills. Please only adopt this
package if you will have enough time and attention to work on it.

If you want to be the new maintainer, please see for detailed
instructions how to adopt a package properly.

Some information about this package:

Package: opendict
Binary: opendict
Version: 0.6.3-3.1
Maintainer: Kęstutis Biliūnas <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 6.0.0), quilt (>= 0.40)
Build-Depends-Indep: python-all-dev (>= 2.3.5-11), python-central (>= 0.5)
Architecture: all
Standards-Version: 3.8.0
Format: 1.0
 c092eaa6fef2878fbb2c469208079609 1812 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.dsc
 2426a1de1131d0279dcea0cded43b063 132515 opendict_0.6.3.orig.tar.gz
 16511c06301d3db7eeaf60bbc45f5e73 25683 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.diff.gz
 6772a7cddc6fb8509a4ad3d6992dc1241f4e2700 1812 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.dsc
 fca2857fe9a764d7b5b07ebd6eb069494e6b3768 132515 opendict_0.6.3.orig.tar.gz
 c926aa88f7410726d62f69b7bd1bc1d1b9abd127 25683 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.diff.gz
 ffc9952ee9494218854d341ca47945780493801a114127feda9ef073ad1f4c54 1812 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.dsc
 dad7723512768aeae65fead0f06a3c973b161a86658b94a66c4945beb12f45dc 132515 opendict_0.6.3.orig.tar.gz
 5d72882b0d472a34b40fe3b47bc15c4cd5872ba51f474c165c882476503565fc 25683 opendict_0.6.3-3.1.diff.gz
 opendict deb text optional
Python-Version: all
Directory: pool/main/o/opendict
Priority: source
Section: text

Package: opendict
Version: 0.6.3-3.1
Installed-Size: 431
Maintainer: Kęstutis Biliūnas <>
Architecture: all
Depends: python, python-central (>= 0.6.11), python-wxgtk2.8
Suggests: dictd, festival
Description-en: computer dictionary for several dictionary formats
 OpenDict is free cross-platform dictionary program. It works with
 DICT, Slowo and Mova dictionaries. It also supports plug-in
 dictionaries that may be created for almost any data source.
 OpenDict is a client for DICT servers.
Description-md5: 6ccd1bbbd605d45d4a3e4fc5cb539e89
Python-Version: all
Tag: accessibility::speech, field::linguistics, implemented-in::python,
 interface::x11, network::client, role::program, scope::application,
 sound::speech, uitoolkit::gtk, uitoolkit::wxwidgets, use::browsing,
 use::editing, use::learning, use::searching, works-with-format::TODO,
 works-with::dictionary, x11::application
Section: text
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/o/opendict/opendict_0.6.3-3.1_all.deb
Size: 146532
MD5sum: 9fc07547f5c55eeabf85e0fdc4a66c92
SHA1: 487a8311535096644d0829ead8855a4a6b774b1d
SHA256: 0dfecbd44c6a661183a7c79b59d98fac7a2ff7f3e3358277212538c4d1ba90bb

 Ricardo Mones, on behalf of Debian QA/MIA team
 «Never send a human to do a machine's job.» ~ Agent Smith
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Message #10 received at (full text, mbox):

From: Joost van Baal-Ilić <>
Subject: Re: [wnpp] opendict has been orphaned
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 05:40:07 +0200
I am interested in comaintaining the opendict package.



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