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RFP: c-graph -- Visualizing Convolution

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Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 20:12:02 UTC

Severity: wishlist

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From: Adrienne Thompson <>
Cc: David Bremner <>
Subject: RFP: GNU C-Graph 2.0 -- Visualizing Convolution
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:01:36 -0500
Package: wnpp

Version: N/A

Severity: wishlist

* Package name: GNU C-Graph

  Version: 2.0

  Upstream Author: Adrienne Gaye Thompson <>

* URL:

*  License: GPL v3 or later

Programming Language: Fortran

Description: GNU C-Graph is an interactive package that demonstrates the 
Convolution Theorem fundamental to engineering systems and signals 
analysis. The package is written in Fortran. " C-Graph" is an 
abbreviation for "Convolution Graph".


GNU C-Graph is a novel tool for visualizing the mathematical operation 
of convolution underlying natural phenomena susceptible to analysis in 
terms of engineering signals and systems theory. "C-Graph" is an 
abbreviation for "Convolution Graph". The package is derived from the 
BSc. Honours dissertation in Electrical Engineering "Interactive 
Computer Package Demonstrating: Sampling Convolution and the FFT", 
Adrienne Gaye Thompson, University of Aberdeen (1983).

The package computes the linear convolution of two signals in the time 
domain then compares their circular convolution by demonstrating the 
convolution theorem. Each signal is modelled by a register of discrete 
values simulating samples of a signal, and the discrete Fourier 
transform (DFT) computed by means of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).

GNU C-Graph is interactive, prompting the user to enter character or 
numerical values from the keyboard, dispensing with the learning curve 
for writing code. The software is an excellent tool for lecture 
demonstrations and lab work in the teaching of signals and systems theory.

C-Graph is written in Fortran. Adrienne Gaye Thompson is the sole author 
of GNU C-Graph.



I hope you enjoy reviewing C-Graph. Please advise me should you need any 
further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne Gaye Thompson

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