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O: teamspeak-client -- VoIP chat for online gaming

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Package: wnpp; Maintainer for wnpp is;

Reported by: Ana Guerrero <>

Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 09:36:55 UTC

Severity: normal

Fixed in version 2.0.32-5+rm

Done: Debian FTP Masters <>

Bug is archived. No further changes may be made.

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Bug#673967; Package wnpp. (Tue, 22 May 2012 09:36:57 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

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New Bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to, (Tue, 22 May 2012 09:37:06 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

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From: Ana Guerrero <>
Subject: O: teamspeak-client -- VoIP chat for online gaming
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 11:36:13 +0200
Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

The current maintainer of teamspeak-client, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) <>,
is apparently not active anymore.  Therefore, I orphan this package now.

Maintaining a package requires time and skills. Please only adopt this
package if you will have enough time and attention to work on it.

If you want to be the new maintainer, please see for detailed
instructions how to adopt a package properly.

Please, also notice this package is in *non-free*

Some information about this package:

Package: teamspeak-client
Binary: teamspeak-client
Version: 2.0.32-3.1
Maintainer: Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), libx11-dev [i386], libjpeg62-dev [i386] | libjpeg-dev [i386], libsm-dev [i386], libice-dev [i386]
Architecture: i386 amd64
Standards-Version: 3.7.3
Format: 1.0
 9196001fb8f3d0d2fc4c9a3b2efe65c5 1249 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.dsc
 328c9a473bc7fb2a9f021933039dff92 7929231 teamspeak-client_2.0.32.orig.tar.gz
 ac16970dfe4fb05d2975b69423d3fca9 11746 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.diff.gz
 6df629a9eeeaa25f413e08d52fa254a1cea4418b 1249 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.dsc
 b22401382246b964dfb6830eef3d32fc7f1b3d00 7929231 teamspeak-client_2.0.32.orig.tar.gz
 ce353a160c73a51d8beef9bd048ecaf9b90fa29b 11746 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.diff.gz
 60e40a87a46e11f01eda701a23d675e48f840af2c8df10ed197f6bebe64c62f0 1249 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.dsc
 61abdcfc458b1f52792ce58b01eafe14a57acf02734e5f36e5ba0f8e06568c63 7929231 teamspeak-client_2.0.32.orig.tar.gz
 1e6b615004847a1c5f8cf66be50298e473600dc50531cafd88dc0cb90aeb9347 11746 teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1.diff.gz
 teamspeak-client deb non-free/net optional
Directory: pool/non-free/t/teamspeak-client
Priority: source
Section: non-free/net

Package: teamspeak-client
Version: 2.0.32-3.1
Installed-Size: 14359
Maintainer: Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) <>
Architecture: amd64
Depends: ia32-libs
Description-en: VoIP chat for online gaming
 TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak
 with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and
 server software. The server acts as a host to multiple client connections,
 capable of handling literally thousands of simultaneous users. This results
 in an Internet based teleconferencing solution that works in a variety of
 applications such as team mates speaking with one another while playing
 their favorite online game, small businesses cutting costs on long distance
 charges, or for personal communication with friends and family.
 This package contains the graphical TeamSpeak client.
Description-md5: 99cc6b98b2f017b4c24e7c2d17526465
Tag: interface::x11, protocol::voip, role::program, uitoolkit::qt,
 use::gameplaying, works-with::audio
Section: non-free/net
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/non-free/t/teamspeak-client/teamspeak-client_2.0.32-3.1_amd64.deb
Size: 7379314
MD5sum: b8e4ff92f8c064fbb94e3dceba6dff17
SHA1: 54524c1dd5b4a58e860741bf9b7e80a493e5b1c4
SHA256: 0dcc436c76e2736c32c2a8c3817cded19af31b7764ea16e6a5e16ed58edfa488

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You have taken responsibility. (Wed, 05 Feb 2014 21:45:39 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

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Bug acknowledged by developer. (Wed, 05 Feb 2014 21:45:39 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

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From: Debian FTP Masters <>
Subject: Bug#735029: Removed package(s) from unstable
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 21:41:54 +0000
Version: 2.0.32-5+rm

Dear submitter,

as the package teamspeak-client has just been removed from the Debian archive
unstable we hereby close the associated bug reports.  We are sorry
that we couldn't deal with your issue properly.

For details on the removal, please see

The version of this package that was in Debian prior to this removal
can still be found using

This message was generated automatically; if you believe that there is
a problem with it please contact the archive administrators by mailing

Debian distribution maintenance software
Ansgar Burchardt (the ftpmaster behind the curtain)

Bug archived. Request was from Debbugs Internal Request <> to (Thu, 06 Mar 2014 07:40:05 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available.

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