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unblock pyxplot/0.8.3-1

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Reported by: Stuart Prescott <>

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 12:36:02 UTC

Severity: normal

Done: Julien Cristau <>

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From: Stuart Prescott <>
Subject: unblock pyxplot/0.8.3-1
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 13:17:52 +0100
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Severity: normal
Usertags: unblock

Dear release team,

I think my original request got caught in a race condition between me drafting 
it, getting the package uploaded (three weeks ago), letting it age and you 
requesting that all unblock requests go via the bts rather than directly to 
the mailing list.

My original request was at:

but is included below for your convenience. I hope that the extra delay in 
making this request via the bts isn't problematic.

many thanks

-------- 8< -------

Dear release team,

I would like to request a freeze exception for version 0.8.3-1 of pyxplot to 
enter squeeze. It is primarily a bugfix release from upstream with a couple 
of slight changes to functionality. It would be great if squeeze users could 
have 0.8.3 rather than 0.8.2 to both fix these bugs and also to ensure that 
documentation on upstream's website is consistent with the behaviour in the 
Debian package in the case where functionality has changed. The package has 
gracefully aged in unstable for 13 days now.

Thanks in advance for considering!


Upstream changelog:

2010 Sep 15: PyXPlot 0.8.3
   - @ macro expansion operator implemented.
   - assert command implemented.
        - for command behaviour changed such that "for i=1 to 10" includes a 
          iteration with i=10.
   - Point types rearranged into a more logical order.
   - Improved support for newer Windows bitmap images.
   - Bugfix to the 'set unit preferred' command.
   - Binary not operator bugfixed.
   - Bugfix to handling of comma-separated horizontal datafiles.
   - Mathematical function finite() added.

Debian changelog:

pyxplot (0.8.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream (bugfix) release
  * Add additional copyright holders to debian/copyright
  * Set DM-Upload-Allowed: yes

 -- Stuart Prescott <>  Sun, 03 Oct 2010 
13:04:39 +0100

Non-documentation diffstat:

$ debdiff --exclude doc pyxplot_0.8.{2,3}-1.dsc | diffstat
 28 files changed, 379 insertions(+), 122 deletions(-)

(this would be less if it upstream weren't so keen on $Id$)

Stuart Prescott       
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